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MessagePosté le: Dim 30 Aoû - 08:47 (2015)    Sujet du message: SUPPRESSION DE LA LIGNE TEL-AVIV - PHILADELPHIE : DECISION POLITIQUE OU ECONOMIQUE? Répondre en citant


Le boycott contre Israël continue...

27 août 2015 |

Semaine dernière, on apprenait qu’American Airlines supprimait sa ligne Tel Aviv-Philadelphie, l’unique vol direct de la compagnie aérienne vers Tel Aviv. La compagnie aérienne a déclaré que la décision était financière, mais beaucoup s’accordent de penser que la décision est plutôt  politique. Le journal économique The Marker a rapporté que la route Philadelphie Tel Aviv était rentable, mais que cette décision tendait plus à consolider les liens d’American Airlines avec les compagnies des pays du Golfe, comme Royal Jordanian ou Qatar Airways.


La compagnie américaine prétend qu’elle a perdu 20 millions de dollars sur cette destination l’an dernier et que la ligne n’a jamais été rentable, qu’elle n’a jamais réalisé de bénéfice annuel depuis son inauguration en 2009 par US Airways qui a fusionné depuis avec American Airlines. Bon nombre de compagnies, comme AirBerlin, Iberia, Royal Jordanian, British Airways, maintiennent des vols réguliers à destination et en provenance d’Israël.

Selon le journal Haaretz, pour le ministre  des Transports israélien la decision est politique et ce dernier souhaite faire revenir la compagnie sur sa décision..

Les derniers vols d’American Airlines entre Philadelphie et Tel Aviv sont prévus pour le debut janvier. Les autres liaisons directes entre les Etats-Unis et Tel Aviv sont assurées par Delta Air Lines (New York-JFK), El Al (Boston, Los Angeles, JFK, Newark) et United Airlines (Newark).

Source Air Journal –


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MessagePosté le: Dim 30 Aoû - 08:47 (2015)    Sujet du message: Publicité

PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?
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MessagePosté le: Mar 1 Sep - 12:16 (2015)    Sujet du message: 17 CARDINALS AND COUNTING Répondre en citant


Cardinals, agents of the papacy and the devil. Can you trust them?
The October Synod on the Family to seduce the nations about the secret LGBT agenda and the obligation for all to submit to the catholic Sabbath under the disguise of the importance to take time with your love ones, your family. This will bring the final assault on christianity. Are you prepare to stand for Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior and His Holy Sabbath? Are you ready to die for your faith? Be prepare, the last Babylonian Empire of Rome is coming after you and me.

Connection between the Jesuit order and the Vatican

gnatius Press, named for Saint Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit Order, is a Catholic publishing house based in San Francisco, California, USA. It was founded in 1978 by Father Joseph Fessio SJ, a Jesuit priest and former pupil of Pope Benedict XVI.[1] In an interview in 1998, Father Fessio said, "our objective is to support the teachings of the Church".


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESRoPMGNUwE


Seventeen prominent Cardinals from around the world address problems concerning marriage and the family in a series of new books prepared in advance of the October Synod on the Family

Contact: Kevin Wandra, 404-788-1276, KWandra@CarmelCommunications.com

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 31, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Synod of Bishops on the Family will meet in October to discuss marriage and the family, two hotly debated topics that have caused a crisis in the Catholic Church. In preparation for the highly anticipated event, seventeen prominent cardinals from around the world have written powerful essays for a series of books to be released in September through Ignatius Press.

 The first book will be ELEVEN CARDINALS SPEAK ON MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY, which addresses some of the problems that will be discussed at the Synod:

 •        the challenge of providing adequate marriage preparation in a secularized world;

•        the need for evangelization and conversion;

•        the relationship between charity and truth;

•        the situation of divorced and civilly remarried Catholics; and

•        the demands of authentic pastoral care.
The second is titled CHRIST'S NEW HOMELAND – AFRICA, and is written exclusively by African prelates, seven of which are Cardinals. In this book, this coalition of African bishops demonstrates that despite some comments coming out of last year's Synod, that the African voice will have a number of contributions to make against any proposals that suggest a deviation in the Catholic Church's long-held teachings on divorce and same-sex unions.
The third is titled GOD OR NOTHING, and is an autobiographical interview hosted by French journalist Nicolas Diat with Robert Cardinal Sarah, an African cardinal who leads the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of Sacraments. Vatican insider John L. Allen says of this book, "If you want to understand the forces shaping the Church's future, you need to read this book."
The contributing Cardinals to ELEVEN CARDINALS SPEAK ON MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY include Robert Sarah, Carlo Caffarra, Baselios Cleemis, Paul Josef Cordes, Dominik Duka, Joachim Meisner, Camillo Ruini, Antonio María Rouco Varela, Willem Jacobus Eijk, John Onaiyekan and Jorge L. Urosa Savino.

 The seven Cardinals who contributed to CHRIST'S NEW HOMELAND – AFRICA are Sarah, Francis Arinze, Philippe Ouedraogo, Christian Tumi, Theodore-Adrien Sarr, Jean-Pierre Kutwa and Berhaneyesus D. Souraphiel.
ELEVEN CARDINALS SPEAK ON MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY and CHRIST'S NEW HOMELAND – AFRICA are scheduled to be released Sept. 15, 2015, but are available for preorder now. GOD OR NOTHING is available now.
For more information, to request a review copy or to schedule an interview with commentators on these books, please contact Kevin Wandra (404-788-1276 or KWandra@CarmelCommunications.com) of Carmel Communications.


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MessagePosté le: Ven 4 Sep - 05:57 (2015)    Sujet du message: KENTUCKY CLERK IN JAIL FOR BEING A SALTY CHRISTIAN. IS SHE JUSTIFIED? Répondre en citant


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Bm4Ef84IlM

Prime example of Christian persecution because of the gay marriage ruling.



"In his own dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas argues that "the majority’s decision threatens the religious liberty our Nation has long sought to protect."

Mike Huckabee just said this...quote...."I spoke with Kim Davis this morning to offer my prayers and support. I let her know how proud I am of her for not abandoning her religious convictions and standing strong for religious liberty. She is showing more courage and humility than just about any federal office holder in Washington.

Kim is asking the perfect question: "Under what law am I authorized to issue homosexual couples a marriage license?" That simple question is giving many in Congress a civics lesson that they never got in grade school.

The Supreme Court cannot and did not make a law. They only made a ruling on a law. Congress makes the laws. Because Congress has made no law allowing for same sex marriage, Kim does not have the Constitutional authority to issue a marriage license to homosexual couples.

Kim is a person of great conviction. When people of conviction fight for what's right they often pay a price, but if they don't and we surrender, we will pay a far greater price for bowing to the false God of judicial supremacy. Government is not God. No man - and certainly no unelected lawyer - has the right to redefine the laws of nature or of nature's God. Five unelected lawyers have abused their power by ruling in favor of a national right to same-sex marriage with no legal precedent and with nothing in our Constitution to back it up. They have violated American's most fundamental right guaranteed by our Constitution - religious liberty.

I stand with Kim Davis and every American of faith under attack by Washington elites who have nothing but disdain for us, our faith and the Constitution."

Pres Daniel Ott

Hillarys comment on the clerk in Kentucky who was arrested for not issuing gay marriage licenses. Hillary wants everyone else to obey the law while she commits every crime on the books. Would "upholding the law" include sanctuary cities and immigration enforcement?

God Created, Natural Law, God Created Male and Female ,and All Things..

Anything outside of God's Law's ,are a perversions, and a abomination to God and Nature.!!.

Only a marriage between one man and one woman can be blessed by God..

It is God's Design..!.... to ignore God's law, is a Sin..

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MessagePosté le: Dim 6 Sep - 01:58 (2015)    Sujet du message: UN PASTEUR POURSUIVI AU ROYAUME-UNI POUR AVOIR DIT QUE L'ISLAM EST SATANIQUE - IL PERSISTE Répondre en citant


1er paragraphe : ...Allah, était le dieu lunaire qui maria une déesse solaire. Ensemble, ils ont produit 3 déesses qui furent appelés les filles d'Allah. Ces trois déesses furent nommées : Al-Lat, Al Uzza et Manat.
2e paragraphe : L'Encyclopédie des religions mentionne que "'Allah' est un nom pré-islamique correspondant au Babylonien BAAL."

2e paragraphe : ...Helena Petrovna Blavatsky affirme : Maintenant, nous devons nous rappeler que Siva (Shiva) et le BAAL Palestinien, ou Moloch et Saturne sont identiques...


in Christianophobie, Islam, Société / by Emilie Defresne / on 28 juin 2015 at 22 h 33 min /

« L’islam est païen, l’islam est satanique, l’islam est une doctrine engendrée en enfer ».

Le pasteur James McConnell, âgé de 78 ans, était jusqu’à l’année dernière le pasteur de la congrégation du Tabernacle de Whitewell en Ulster. Dans l’un de ses derniers sermons, il avait déclaré : « L’islam est païen, l’islam est satanique, l’islam est une doctrine engendrée en enfer ».

Son sermon ayant été diffusé sur les réseaux sociaux, le parquet l’a inculpé. Le pasteur est cité à comparaître devant un tribunal le 6 août 2015. Il risque une peine d’emprisonnement de 6 mois. Bien qu’âgé et en mauvaise santé, le Révérend McConnell s’en moque :

« Je n’ai aucun regret de ce que j’ai déclaré. Je ne hais pas les musulmans, mais je dénonce l’islam comme doctrine et je n’ai pas d’excuses à présenter pour cela. Quand je serai dans le box des accusés, en août prochain, je plaiderai “non coupable».

L’avocat du pasteur McConnell Joe rice a juré de se battre « bec et ongles » pour ce cas.

Il a révélé ses projets pour transformer ce cas particulier en procès historique au cours duquel il appellera une gamme de témoins politiques, religieux et universitaires à travers le Royaume-Uni à témoigner pour « la défense de la liberté d’expression et la liberté de religion ».

Le pasteur ajoute que:

« la décision de le poursuivre, lui chrétien, et non les prédicateurs extrémistes musulmans qui officient en Grande-Bretagne, démontre que les chrétiens sont «persécutés» par les autorités. »

« je soutiens avec les fonds de la paroisse des soins médicaux pour 1 200 enfants musulmans au Kenya et en Ethiopie, » at-il dit. «Je n’ai pas de haine dans mon cœur pour les musulmans, mais je ne m’arrêterai pas de prêcher contre l’Islam. »

Le pasteur McConnell a été inculpé en vertu de la loi de 2003 sur les communications, selon laquelle « l’envoi, par l’intermédiaire d’un réseau public de communications électroniques, d’un message est gravement offensant ».

Le pasteur a également déclaré : «Je risque au maximum six mois de prison et une lourde amende pour avoir dit ce que je crois . »

« Si je dois aller en prison, tout ce qu’il me faut c’est ma tablette, mes lunettes de lecture et des livres de la bibliothèque. Si je suis envoyé en prison, je vais utiliser mon temps à lire et à écrire. Ma femme est âgée de 79 ans et en mauvaise santé aussi. Mais elle a toujours été mon rocher et nous allons passer cela ensemble. « ,  » Aux premiers siècles, les apôtres ont été emprisonnés pour prêcher l’Evangile. Les premiers chrétiens ont été bouillis dans de l’huile, brûlés sur des bûchers et dévorés par des bêtes sauvages. S’ils ont fait face et ont conservé leur foi, je peux facilement faire six mois de prison. »

M. Rice, son avocat, a déclaré: « Je ne suis pas d’accord avec tout ce que dit le pasteur McConnell , mais ces poursuites représentent une menace pour la liberté d’expression et la liberté de religion. », « Si nous entrons dans une société véritablement pluraliste, ces libertés doivent être étendues aux chrétiens autant qu’aux autres. »

M. Rice a déclaré que la Couronne avait prévu d’appeler huit témoins dans la poursuite du pasteur McConnell:

« Soyez assurés que nous allons appeler beaucoup, beaucoup plus. Ce sera un cas historique avec des personnalités politiques, religieuses et universitaires témoigner ». « Je pense que le procès devra être déplacé vers la Haute Cour, car les tribunaux locaux ne seront pas assez grand pour l’accueillir. »

Il a ajouté:

«Selon toute logique, la décision de poursuivre le pasteur McConnell signifie que de nombreux clercs – y compris des prêtres catholiques et autres pasteurs évangéliques – peuvent désormais se retrouver sous enquête pour avoir prêché avec conviction. (Source de l’info)

Il est en plus particulièrement outrageant qu’en pays de civilisation chrétienne, le christianisme n’ait pas des droits particuliers.

Et en définitive, ce pasteur ne fait qu’énoncer une vérité de base de la Religion chrétienne.  Donc ce que la « justice » anglaise entend ici condamner, ce n’est pas seulement  un homme, mais bel et bien la doctrine chrétienne, se faisant ainsi complice de l’islam.


Dernière édition par maria le Dim 6 Sep - 03:21 (2015); édité 1 fois
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MessagePosté le: Dim 6 Sep - 02:49 (2015)    Sujet du message: « MEDIRE, C'EST DU TERRORISME » AFFIRME LE PAPE Répondre en citant


L'autorité suprême de Rome vient de criminaliser la liberté de la pensée et la liberté de s'exprimer, en disant que la paix est l'oeuvre de Jésus. Certes, la médisance est une chose mauvaise dans la bouche de celui qui prend un malin plaisir à détruire, mais ici nous parlons d'un contexte tout à fait différent car nous défendons justement cette paix donnée par le Créateur en dévoilant les oeuvres du malin. Donc, maintenant et à partir de ce jour, les insoumis à ce Nouvel Ordre Mondial satanique conduit par l'Empire de Rome et qui donnent leur point de vue et qui dénoncent les oeuvres du diable sont maintenant considérés comme des terroristes. C'est clair et sans ambiguïté. Préparez-vous donc spirituellement car notre ennemi juré est prêt pour la grande destruction et pour la criminalisation de tous les opposants.

Le pape désapprouve ceux qui sèment la haine et la division. Il appelle à « se convertir » et à œuvrer pour la paix.

Rome, 4 septembre 2015 (ZENIT.org) Marina Droujinina 

« Médire est du terrorisme, parce que celui qui médit est comme un terroriste qui jette une bombe », affirme le pape François. Il a consacré son homélie du vendredi 4 septembre à « une maladie » de l’Église qui consiste  à « semer la haine et non la paix ».

Le pape condamne celui qui médit, qui « détruit avec sa langue », qui « ne fait pas la paix ». Les chrétiens sont appelés à être « les hommes et les femmes de la paix, les hommes et les femmes de la réconciliation », affirme-t-il.

Le pape invite à se poser une question : « Est-ce que je sème la paix ? Par exemple, avec ma langue, précise-t-il. Je sème la paix ou la zizanie ? Combien de fois avons-nous entendu dire d’une personne qu’elle avait une “langue de vipère” ?, continue-t-il. Ceci est une maladie de notre Église : semer la division, la haine et non la paix. »

Cependant, « la paix est l’œuvre de Jésus », affirme le pape en citant saint Paul, dans son commentaire de la lettre aux Colossiens. « Quand nous parlons de paix et de réconciliation, de petits pas et de petites réconciliations, nous devons penser à la grande paix et à la grande réconciliation » que « Jésus a accomplies », dit le pape. « Sans Lui, la paix n’est pas possible. Sans Lui, la réconciliation n’est pas possible », affirme-t-il.

Être « des hommes et des femmes de paix », c’est « notre devoir, au milieu des guerres de la haine, mais aussi dans les familles », continue le pape. Ce n’est pas facile. « Si une personne durant sa vie ne fait rien d’autre que réconcilier et pacifier, on peut la canoniser, elle est sainte », note-t-il avec l’humour.

« Mais nous devons croître (…), nous devons nous convertir : jamais une parole qui divise, jamais, jamais une parole qui porte la guerre, même des petites guerres, jamais la médisance », s’exclame le pape.

Il donne un remède très simple. « Chaque fois que dans la bouche vient une parole qui sème la zizanie et la division… mordez votre langue ! » lance-t-il.

Le pape termine son homélie par une demande adressée au Christ de donner aux chrétiens « la grâce de pacifier, de réconcilier ». « Tu as versé ton sang, donc, que je ne me soucie pas si ma langue gonfle un peu, si je me mords avant de parler derrière les dos des autres », a conclu le pape.

( 4 septembre 2015) © Innovative Media Inc.


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MessagePosté le: Dim 6 Sep - 02:53 (2015)    Sujet du message: LEGALIZED PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS - ITS HERE! Répondre en citant


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23hzZpcyIMU

The Lord Jesus said in Matthew 12:30 "He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattered abroad." There is no middle ground." There is a choice to be made choose one or the other. Compromise will lead to destruction. "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" Mark 8:36

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Le leader de l’État islamique demande aux chrétiens de signer un contrat stipulant leur statut d’infériorité (dhimmi) en échange d’une ‘sécurité’ conditionnelle

September 3, 2015 Comments Off on Abo Baker al- Baghdadi gives conditional “safety” for the Christians of al- Qaryatian and makes a contract with them after a year and half of making another one with the Christians of al- Raqqa

SOHR received a copy of the Dhimma contract ( it is the infidels endorsement of their disbelief under the condition of paying Jizya and the commitment of the provisions of Islam) issued by “Islamic State” for the Christian people in the IS-held city of al- Qaryatain in the southeast of Homs.
The text of covenant stated, “this is what Abdullah Abo Baker al- Baghdadi Amir al- Mueminin gives to the Christians in Damascus State – al- Qaryatin sector, where he guarantees their money, souls, not to force them to change their religion and not to harm anyone of them.
The text of covenant added some conditions on the Christians in the city of al- Qaryatian that are:
  • Not to establish any church, monastery and hermitage.
  • Not to show a cross or anything from their books in Muslims roads and markets, and not to use amplifiers when they perform their prayers.
  • Not to make Muslims hear the recitation of their books and sound of their bells, and to use the bells only inside the churches.
  • No to do any aggressive acts against “Islamic State” such as hiding spies and the wanted, and if they know that there is conspiracy against Muslims they have to reported that.
  • To commit themselves not to show something of their rituals of worship.
  • To respect Islam and Muslims, so not to vilify anything in their religion.
  • The Christians must comply with paying Jizya (a religiously required per capita tax on non-Muslims under Islamic law) that is 4 golden dinars (the dinar here means the golden dinar that was used in transactions because it has fixed amount that is 4.25 gm of pure gold) paid by the rich, half of them paid by the middle class and half of that on the poor, and they can pay them in two installments a year.
  • They cannot have weapons.
  • Do not trade in the sale of pork or wine with Muslims or in their markets and do not drink wine in public.
  • They have their own cemetery as usual.
  • To commit themselves of regulations imposed by “Islamic State” like modesty in wearing clothes and regulations of buying and selling etc.
The statement concluded, “if they comply with these conditions, so they have are safe in their lands, money and souls, and they are not going to pay one-tenth except they bring money to trade from outside the IS territories not oppressor nor oppressed. None of them is going to be punished under a sin committed by another else of them. In case they violate the conditions of this writ, then “Islamic State” is going to deal with them as they deal with people of war (warriors).
It is noted that reliable sources informed SOHR yesterday that IS received money in the last 48 hours from Christian clerks from the city of al- Qaryatain in the southeast of Homs, where IS imposed Jizya (a religiously required per capita tax on non-Muslims under Islamic law) on the Christians in the city of al- Qaryatain after agreeing with them and making them to choose among paying Jizya, entering into Islam or leaving the city. Meanwhile, IS is still keeping the Christian citizens’ IDs. The sources reported that most people of the city are going leave after taking their IDs.
In August 20, “Islamic State demolished a monastery belongs to the Christian people in the southeast of Homs. SOHR knew that IS destroyed the monastery of Saint Elian in the city of al- Qaryatayn seized by IS in August 6, where they pulled it down using bulldozers claiming that “the monastery is worshiped beside Allah”, coincided with carrying out 20 raids by the regime warplanes on the city.


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MessagePosté le: Dim 6 Sep - 06:27 (2015)    Sujet du message: ALERTE USA! CHRETIENNE EMPRISONNEE POUR REFUS DE DELIVRER DES LICENCES DE MARIAGE AUX HOMOS Répondre en citant


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LnK4zHNfT0

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MessagePosté le: Mar 8 Sep - 03:22 (2015)    Sujet du message: OBAMA TARGETS LAWYER HELPING CHRISTIANS PERSECUTED BY MUSLIMS Répondre en citant


Posted on August 30, 2015 by creeping

Source: Obama has new target on persecuted Christians

Living as a Christian in many parts of Iraq or Syria has become impossible – a one-way ticket to martyrdom at the hands of ISIS – yet it remains a near-impossible feat for these persecuted religious minorities to find refuge in America.

But if you can get to America and get your case in the hands of Robert DeKelaita, your chances are greatly improved.

As it turns out, this high-powered Chicago attorney may have been a little too successful. He’s gained asylum for thousands of persecuted Christian from Iraq, Syria and Egypt, and that caught the attention of the Obama Justice Department, which is known to be no friend of Middle Eastern Christians.

DeKelaita, 52, grew up in Kirkuk in the heart of Assyria, a portion of northern Iraq that is home to one of the world’s most ancient Christian communities. Legend has it that the Apostle Thomas evangelized the long-pagan area shortly after the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. The Christians there still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus.

After Saddam Hussein took power, DeKelaita’s family emigrated to the U.S. in 1973 and settled in the Chicago area. He was just shy of 11 years old at the time. He excelled in school, became a lawyer and vowed to use his legal skills to help his people escape religious persecution by the majority Muslims.

He’s helped reunite hundreds of families in the U.S., most of them since 2003 when the U.S. invasion and overthrow of Saddam unleashed a wave of Islamic terror against Christians that far exceeded anything that was seen under the secular Baathist regime.

The Obama administration moved against DeKelaita in September 2014, raiding his office and scooping up whatever “evidence” they could find against him. He was indicted on charges of falsifying the asylum applications of 12 clients over a 10-year period, allegedly concocting “phony claims” of religious persecution. The government has delayed his trial twice while it seeks to firm up witnesses who will testify against him.

Each count of immigration fraud carries a maximum of 10 years prison and a $250,000 fine.

DeKelaita has been a pillar in the Assyrian Christian community in Chicago, founding the Ashurbanipal Library and donating to projects that celebrate Assyrian art and culture.

“Robert has been a very successful immigration lawyer for our people,” said Ramon Michael, a fellow Assyrian Christian whose family came to the U.S. about the same time as DeKelaita’s.

“I’ve known him since high school,” Michael said. “He has a passion for what he does.”

Some find it ironic that the Obama administration is going after a lawyer who helps persecuted Iraqi Christians gain asylum while it welcomed and granted cart blanch asylum for more than 68,000 unaccompanied alien children from Central America last summer.

At the same time Central Americans are being greeted with a “catch and release” policy at the border, a group of 27 Assyrian Christians who made it to the border earlier this year are being detained indefinitely.

“The way that some of our federal judges view the plight of Christians in Iraq and the way some of the adjudicators view them, you would honestly think ‘what is wrong with these people?’” DeKelaita, who lives in a suburb of Chicago with his wife of 25 years, Ester, and two sons, told WND. “Why can’t they see what the rest of the world sees?”

He said one judge told him: “To argue that Christians in Iraq are being targeted for their religious beliefs is to appeal to either ignorance or emotion.”

“That is absurd,” DeKelaita said.

Though he’s had his share of wins, it’s the losses that stick with him.

Like the case in Detroit a few years ago.

“It was very disappointing to hear that judge, on Christmas Eve, deny your client asylum after his brother had just been killed in Baghdad,” DeKelaita said. “He’d owned a CD store and the Muslims felt, you know, that’s a sin, so they blew up his store and they killed several others with him.”

But the judge ruled that because one Muslim had also died in the attack that there was no targeting of Christians. It didn’t matter that seven Christians died and the owner of the store was a Christian selling Western-style music, which Muslims detest.

“I didn’t know what to say to my client,” he said. “We wished the judge a merry Christmas and just walked out of the courtroom.”

Meanwhile, the slaughter continues in Iraq and Syria. Another 220 Assyrian families were kidnapped just last week in Syria and fears are growing that the men will face beheading, the women a life of servitude as sex slaves. Bishops in Syria and Iraq have put out desperate pleas for help, saying they feel abandoned by the West.

While it detains Iraq Christian asylum seekers, the Obama administration has been welcoming thousands of Muslim refugees from jihadist hotbeds in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, despite warnings from House Homeland Security Chair Michael McCaul, R-Texas, that some of these refugee programs may become a “jihadist pipeline” into the U.S.

DeKelaita, after his indictment, learned that the FBI had been investigating him since 2008, soon after Obama took office.

“It seems like they have more leeway and power to do what they want and so they can,” his old high school friend, Michael, said.

He points to the Obama administration’s attempt earlier this year to block an Iraqi nun from entering the country to testify before Congress on the issue of Christian persecution in the Middle East. After coverage by WND and dozens of other news outlets created a public outcry, Obama relented and issued the visa to Sister Diana Momeka.

WND also reported on Aug. 3 that the Obama-led Department of Homeland Security has detained 27 Iraqi Christian asylum seekers in California for six months, despite the fact that most of them have family who are U.S. citizens living in San Diego.

“Dangerous people are allowed to come in across our borders and these people, I’d let these people babysit my kids, that’s how much I fear these people,” Michael said. “Something is up. I don’t know what, but it seems to be very anti-Christian to me.”

One of DeKelaita’s biggest successes was in getting a judge to strike down an outdated and inaccurate report out of Europe that insisted there was no persecution of Christians in Iraq.

“This report was saying there is no persecution of Christians in Iraq and for many years they were using that to deny asylum and Robert was able to get that stopped, and that was when things started going bad for him,” Michael said. “He was able to make a pretty substantial impact if judges were no longer able to cite that report.”


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 10 Sep - 09:59 (2015)    Sujet du message: ADVANCING A MASS MOVEMENT FOR PALESTINE : 14th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF U.S. CAMPAIGN TO END THE ISERAELI OCCUPATION Répondre en citant


Still have any doubt about who is behind the war against Israel? Here some more proves : The Catholic church and Pax Christi, one of his warrior team.




Mobilizations around the world against Israel


Dernière édition par maria le Mer 25 Nov - 01:59 (2015); édité 1 fois
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MessagePosté le: Ven 11 Sep - 03:00 (2015)    Sujet du message: ACTIVISTS CALL FOR PROTESTS AGAINST NETANYAHU'S SCHEDULED VISIT TO UK Répondre en citant


Local Editor

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has called for a mass protest against the Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to London next week.

Tens of thousands of Britons have already signed a petition calling on British Prime Minister David Cameron to cancel the visit and to have the Zionist premier arrested on arrival, but the British government said that as a serving prime minister, Netanyahu has diplomatic immune.

"The British government's negative reaction to the petition which was signed by 90,000 people was shocking... But even if Netanyahu escaped this time from the British courts, this does not mean that he survived international justice for his crimes," member of the Palestinian Forum in Britain Ziad El-Aloul said, media outlets reported.

"I believe the number of signatories will exceed 100,000 which will turn the issue into public opinion for discussion at the British Parliament," El-Aloul added.

He pointed out that the protests are "a message not only against the visit of the war criminal, Netanyahu but also a letter of protest against the British government's position on this visit."

Netanyahu has been receiving powerful rejection in several world countries since his assault on Gaza Strip in Summer 2014, which killed more than a thousand Palestinians.

Source: Websites  
04-09-2015 - 17:54 Last updated 04-09-2015 - 17:56


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MessagePosté le: Sam 12 Sep - 11:53 (2015)    Sujet du message: KENTUCKY CLERK KIM DAVIS RELEASED FROM JAIL AFTER JUDGE LIFTS CONTEMPT RULING Répondre en citant



The real reason... The battle is not finish, it's just the beginning!

VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn3gUhQQBEU


Davis spent six days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples as her attorney says licenses provided by deputies ‘are not valid’

VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMO2KkI1OBY

Davis walked free from jail on Tuesday, soundtracked by Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger.

Tuesday 8 September 2015 21.22 BST Last modified on Wednesday 9 September 2015 15.51 BST

A Kentucky county clerk emerged from jail on Tuesday, six days after a federal judge put her behind bars for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, as her attorneys reasserted their argument that licenses issued in her absence are “not valid”.

With tears in her eyes, and having taken to the stage to the tune of Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger, Kim Davis thanked a crowd for their support.
Kim Davis draws rebuke from Eye of the Tiger band after song plays at rally

“I just want to give God the glory,” she said. “His people have rallied and you are a strong people. We serve a living God who knows exactly where each and every one of us is at. Just keep on pressing. Don’t let down. Because he is here; he is worthy; he’s worthy. I love you guys. Thank you so much.”

In an order issued on Tuesday, US federal judge David Bunning, who remanded Davis to US marshals during a high-profile hearing last week, ordered the Rowan County clerk released from jail on the condition she doesn’t interfere with efforts by her deputies to issue marriage licenses.

“If Defendant Davis should interfere in any way with their issuance, that will be considered a violation of this Order and appropriate sanctions will be considered,” Bunning wrote in the two-page order.

Davis left the Carter County detention center shortly after 2.30pm local time, flanked by her husband, Joe Davis; her attorney; and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who was in town to attend a rally in support of Davis.

Standing next to Davis outside the detention center, Huckabee said the clerk demonstrated more courage than any politician he knows.

“If somebody needs to go to jail, I’m willing to go in her place, and I mean that,” Huckabee said. “I’m tired of watching people being harassed because they believe something of their faith.”

Matt Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a Christian non-profit representing Davis in the case, told reporters Davis had “no idea this was coming”.
js-tweet tweet a écrit:

— Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) September 8, 2015

I was honored to meet w/ #KimDavis. A woman of such strong faith and conviction. #ImWithKim #ReligiousLiberty pic.twitter.com/RhcaENaA6i

Underscoring a significant dispute in recent days over Bunning’s order, Staver said the licenses issued by Davis’s deputies over the weekend were provided “without her authority”.

“They are not valid,” he said.

Davis has no intention of resigning and plans to return to work “later this week”, Staver said.

Asked about her time in jail, Davis said: “All has been well.”

The order from Bunning came as a surprise to observers, as Davis, in court last week, rejected an offer from the judge to remain free after her deputies agreed to comply with his order and issue marriage licenses. Davis said she wouldn’t authorize them to do so. Bunning then remanded her to the custody of US marshals indefinitely, until she agreed to abide by his order, or if the judge found the circumstances appropriate to lift her sanctions.

Earlier on Tuesday, attorneys for the plaintiffs who sued Davis – alleging they were wrongly refused marriage licenses by Davis’s office, following the US supreme court’s 26 June decision to legalise same sex-marriage – filed a status report with Bunning showing their clients obtained a marriage license.

Bunning said he was therefore “satisfied that the Rowan County Clerk’s Office is fulfilling its obligation to issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples”.

He also ordered the court-appointed attorneys for the five deputy clerks who said they would issue marriage licenses to file a status report every 14 days “on their clients’ respective compliance” with the judge’s order “requiring them to issue marriage licenses to all eligible couples”.

The order came just hours ahead of a planned rally outside the Carter County detention center, where Davis has been held since 3 September. Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Huckabee met with Davis, a Democrat, on Tuesday afternoon.

Florida senator Marco Rubio told reporters on Tuesday that the government should not force Davis to sign same-sex marriage licenses and allow her to instead deputize someone else to sign on her behalf.

“My argument is that she should not be forced to do it,” Rubio said after a town hall in Keene, New Hampshire. “If she personally doesn’t want to sign it, then she should allow someone to be deputized to sign on her behalf who doesn’t have that objection.”

“That doesn’t give anybody the right to shut down the entire office,” he added.

VIDEO : http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/video/2015/sep/04/kentucky-county-same-s…

Initially, the plaintiffs in the case requested a financial penalty to coerce Davis into compliance, after the US supreme court denied the clerk’s request for a stay on the judge’s order. Bunning, an appointee of George W Bush, said he wasn’t convinced that would suffice. “I’m not going to put a deadline on it,” he said last week of her incarceration.

The saga of Davis – a longtime bureaucrat and native of Morehead – attracted increasing attention last month, when a federal judge ordered her to abide by the supreme court’s June decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Kentucky governor Steve Beshear, a Democrat, has also ordered county clerks across the state to fall in line with the ruling.

Tension heightened after Davis continued to refuse licenses to couples. A federal appellate panel of judges denied her request for a stay of Bunning’s order; soon after, the supreme court followed suit. Last week, Davis reiterated her stance that marriage was “a union between one man and one woman” and said she wouldn’t allow licenses to be issued without her approval – in defiance of Bunning’s order. The judge held her in contempt, sent her to jail, and ordered her deputies to begin issuing marriage licenses on Friday, despite the objections of Davis’s attorneys.

In a statement on Tuesday, William Sharp, legal director of the ACLU of Kentucky, which represents plaintiffs in the case, echoed remarks of same-sex marriage proponents in Kentucky, expressing confidence that Davis’s office has appeared to turn a corner.

“This case was brought to ensure that all residents of Rowan County, gay and straight, could obtain marriage licenses,” Sharp said. That goal has been achieved.”

The ACLU is relying on the representations of Kentucky’s attorney general and Rowan County attorneys that marriage licenses issued henceforth are legal, Sharp said.

Chris Hartman, director of the Fairness Campaign, a Kentucky LGBT civil rights group, said it’s “great” that Davis has been released and that he agrees with Bunning that her deputies have “appropriately fulfilled his requirements, which is to issue marriage licenses”.

“I think if she actively obstructs the practice in which they’re already engaging, it [would show] a deep contempt for not just the federal courts ... but also for the Constitution of the United States and the highest court in our land, the supreme court,” Hartman told the Guardian. “I expect marriage licenses will continue to come out of Rowan County to all eligible couples, and Kim Davis will be relegated but a footnote in the fight for full LGBT equality and civil rights.”

Davis, an Apostolic Christian who earns $80,000 annually as Rowan County’s elected clerk, has said that issuing a marriage license to a gay couple would violate her conscience.

She is one of three clerks in the state – including Casey Davis of Casey County and Kay Schwartz of Whitley County – who are still refusing to allow same-sex marriages.

Casey Davis, who is not related to Kim Davis, told attendees of the rally on Tuesday he was pleased she was to go free.

“We’ve not prevented anyone” from getting a license, Davis claimed; he accused Kentucky governor Steve Beshear of being a “warrior against Christianity” for refusing to convene a special session of the Kentucky legislature.

Casey Davis told the Guardian last week that state legislators are ready to support a bill that would exempt county clerks from playing a role in marriages, if they cite a sincerely held belief.

After delivering a speech on Tuesday, Beshear told reporters that he “took no joy at all in the fact that the clerk was in custody, but that was a matter between the judge and the clerk.”

“Hopefully we can move forward now,” he said. “We need to be thinking about so many things about the future of Kentucky.”

The governor objected to claims that Kentucky’s religious freedom restoration act had been violated by Davis’s brief incarceration.

“What you had here was a public official who voluntarily ran for election to that office, who is being paid $80,000 of taxpayer money, and the statute set out the duties of that office,” Beshear said.

“But then she decided she could pick out the duties she would perform, and not perform some of the others. And I don’t think the religious freedom law was ever passed to allow public officials not to do their job.”

Additional reporting by Sabrina Siddiqui in Keene, New Hampshire.


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MessagePosté le: Dim 13 Sep - 04:29 (2015)    Sujet du message: VOUS ÊTES EVÊQUES, MÊME POUR CEUX QUI ONT CLAQUE LA PORTE ! Répondre en citant


Soyez "des guides spirituels et des missionnaires", même pour ceux qui sont "partis en claquant la porte", demande le pape François aux évêques récemment nommés.

Rome, 10 septembre 2015 (ZENIT.org) Marina Droujinina 

« Vous avez reçu la prédication de la réalité qui soutient tout l'édifice de l'Église : Jésus est ressuscité ! » : c’est avec ces paroles joyeuses que le pape François a salué les évêques nommés dans l’année qu’il a encouragés à être présents auprès de ceux qui sont « partis en claquant la porte ».

Il les a reçus ce jeudi matin 10 septembre au Palais apostolique du Vatican, lors d’une rencontre promue par la Congrégation pour les évêques et la Congrégation pour les Églises orientales.

« Vous êtes donc témoins du Ressuscité. C’est votre tâche première et irremplaçable », a affirmé le pape.

Le pape a invité les nouveaux évêques à être « missionnaires », « à la recherche de ceux qui ne connaissent pas Jésus ou qui l’ont toujours refusé ». « Allez dans leur direction, arrêtez-vous et regardez, sans peur ni crainte, sur quel arbre ils ont grimpé », a dit le pape en évoquant l’histoire de Zachée : « N’ayez pas peur de les inviter à descendre tout de suite, parce que le Seigneur veut entrer, précisément aujourd'hui, dans leur maison. »

Il a constaté que ce n’était pas « une proclamation évidente ni facile » : « Le monde est content de son présent, au moins en apparence. » Les hommes ont « oublié » (...) « toute l’éternité », beaucoup « sont devenus indifférents », « imperméables à la possibilité même de la vie qui ne meurt pas », a-t-il fait observer. Cependant, toute personne est confrontée aux questions « dont les réponses ne peuvent venir que de l'avenir final », a continué le pape : l’évêque est appelé à donner la réponse à ces questions.

« Comment pourrions-nous donner au monde ce qui est le plus précieux, a interrogé le pape, comment serions-nous en mesure de nous rappeler la grandeur de la destinée humaine, si le courage de soumettre notre vie à l'amour qui ne meurt pas s’estompe en nous ? »

Le pape François a tracé les lignes directrices qui peuvent aider les évêques à accomplir leur mission. Il les a appelés à être « des éducateurs, des chefs spirituels et des catéchistes » capables de guider les fidèles « à la connaissance du mystère…, à la splendeur du visage divin caché dans la Parole qu’ils sont peut-être paresseusement habitués à entendre sans remarquer son pouvoir ». « Retirez délicatement la cire (…) qui s’installe lentement dans leurs oreilles », a recommandé le pape. Cette cire « les empêche d'entendre Dieu qui atteste : "Celui-ci est mon Fils bien-aimé ; en Lui j’ai mis toute ma joie" ».

Le pape a appelé les évêques à être « mystagogues », capables de communiquer avec ceux qui « se sont détournés, déçus » de l’Évangile et avec « certains » qui « sont partis en claquant la porte » de l’Église.

« Soyez les évêques capables d'intercepter leur chemin, a suggéré le pape se référant aux disciples d'Emmaüs, en leur demandant ce qui est arrivé dans la Jérusalem de leur vie et en les laissant, discrètement, exprimer leur cœur froid. Ne soyez pas scandalisés par leur douleur ou leurs déceptions. Éclairez-les de votre humble flamme », et « réchauffez leur cœur par l'écoute humble et intéressée».

À la fin de son discours, le pape François a béni les cardinaux Marc Ouellet et Leonardo Sandri et les Congrégations pour les évêques et pour les Églises orientales qu'ils président.

Avec une traduction de Zenit

(10 septembre 2015) © Innovative Media Inc.


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MessagePosté le: Lun 14 Sep - 03:20 (2015)    Sujet du message: LE CHEF D'AL QAÏDA APPELLE A DES ATTENTATS EN OCCIDENT Répondre en citant


AL QAÏDA = CIA. Voilà quel sera le rôle des immigrants que le Pape considère pacifique. La CIA n'est qu'une des grandes organisation sous le contrôle des Jésuites et du Vatican et tous ces leaders religieux islamiques ne sont en fait que des agents au service du "bien commun".

Reuters – il y a 12 heures

Reuters/Reuters - Le chef d'Al Qaïda, Ayman al Zaouahiri, appelle les jeunes musulmans des Etats-Unis et d'autres pays occidentaux à mener des attentats dans ces pays dans un message audio enregistré

LE CAIRE (Reuters) - Le chef d'Al Qaïda, Ayman al Zaouahiri, appelle les jeunes musulmans des Etats-Unis et d'autres pays occidentaux à mener des attentats dans ces pays, dans un message audio enregistré qui a été diffusé dimanche sur internet.

"J'appelle tous les musulmans qui peuvent nuire aux pays de la coalition des croisés à ne pas hésiter", déclare Zaouahiri, en faisant référence aux Etats occidentaux.

"Nous devons désormais travailler à porter la guerre au coeur des maisons et des villes de l'Occident croisé et en particulier de l'Amérique", ajoute-t-il.

Ayman al Zaouahiri suggère aux jeunes musulmans vivant en Occident de suivre l'exemple des frères Tsarnaev et Kouachi, auteurs respectivement de l'attentat contre le marathon de Boston et de celui contre l'hebdomadaire satirique Charlie Hebdo à Paris. = le tout basé sur des false-flag 

On ignore quand ce message a été enregistré, mais les allusions à un mollah Omar (chef des taliban) encore en vie laissent penser qu'il remonte à au moins deux mois. La mort du numéro un des taliban afghans a été annoncée fin juillet par le gouvernement de Kaboul.

Ayman al Zaouahiri réitère sa position concernant le groupe djihadiste Etat islamique (EI), déjà énoncée dans un enregistrement diffusé mercredi, à savoir que ce groupe est illégitime mais qu'il est prêt à faire cause commune avec lui pour combattre les Occidentaux et autres éléments hostiles, en Irak et en Syrie.

L'ancien médecin égyptien appelle à l'unité entre factions combattantes en Syrie et en Irak, où la coalition internationale sous conduite américaine bombarde les positions des insurgés islamistes. Il reconnaît cependant que l'unité sera un but difficile à atteindre. Pour régler les contentieux, il préconise la mise sur pied d'un tribunal indépendant s'appuyant sur la charia (loi coranique).

(Ahmed Aboulenein et Omar Fahmy; Danielle Rouquié et Eric Faye pour le service français)


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MessagePosté le: Mar 15 Sep - 05:47 (2015)    Sujet du message: VISAS REFUSES, UNE CHORALE CHRETIENNE SYRIENNE PRIVEE DE FESTIVAL A STRASBOURG Répondre en citant


Par Culturebox (avec AFP) @Culturebox

Mis à jour le 14/09/2015 à 18H34, publié le 14/09/2015 à 18H32

Le choeur Saint-Ignace de la cathédrale grecque-orthodoxe mariamite de Damas
© DR - Les sacrées Journées de Strasbourg

Vingt musiciens syriens, membres d'une chorale religieuse gréco-orthodoxe de Damas, se sont vu refuser un visa pour la France et ne pourront donc pas se produire début novembre à Strasbourg dans le cadre d'un festival de musique religieuse, a-t-on appris lundi auprès des organisateurs.

Ces artistes âgés de 21 à 54 ans sont membres du choeur Saint-Ignace de la cathédrale grecque-orthodoxe mariamite de Damas. Ils devaient donner trois concerts à Strasbourg dans le cadre des "Sacrées journées", un festival de musiques sacrées qui réunit des fidèles de différentes religions, a expliqué à l'AFP son président, l'ancien pasteur Jean-Louis Hoffet.

Depuis Damas, les chanteurs orthodoxes se sont rendus en car à l'ambassade de France à Beyrouth pour y déposer leur dossier de demande. Ils étaient munis de billets d'avion aller-retour, d'une réservation d'hôtel et d'une attestation du maire de Strasbourg, dont la collectivité subventionne le festival. Mais leurs visas ont été refusés car leurs dossiers ont été jugés "pas fiables", a raconté M. Hoffet.

"C'est ahurissant ! Je suis outré, stupéfait qu'on puisse refuser un visa à des gens qui viennent chanter leur foi dans nos églises, alors même qu'on fait des grands discours sur l'accueil de 24.000 migrants !" s'est emporté l'organisateur.

Lors des "Sacrées journées" à Strasbourg, le choeur Saint-Ignace de Damas doit chanter en araméen et en syriaque, aux côtés notamment de bouddhistes tibétains chinois et indiens, de moines hindouistes et de musulmans soufis tunisiens. Parmi tous les artistes programmés, les membres de la chorale byzantine de Damas "sont les seuls qui se sont vu refuser leur visa", s'est désolé M. Hoffet.


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 17 Sep - 10:28 (2015)    Sujet du message: ISRAELI PRESIDENT RIVLIN'S ADDRESS TO LEADERS OF EUROPE'S BISHOPS Répondre en citant


"As a young child, I promised myself to fight with all my ability so that no one - Jew, Muslim, Christian, or other - would ever feel as I did; afraid to show their faith" = He should be afraid to associate himself with the one who persecute jews in the past.

Israel, September 16, 2015 (ZENIT.org) Staff Reporter 

Here is the statement of Reuven Rivlin, president of Israel, to the plenary assembly of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE), which concluded today after being held for the first time ever in the Holy Land.

The CCEE brings together the presidents of the bishops' conferences of Europe, representing 45 nations on the continent.

* * *

President Reuven Rivlin's Address

To the Council of the Bishops' Conferences of Europe

Wednesday, 16 September 2015 / 3 Tishrei 5776

 His Eminence Cardinal Peter Erdo, His Beatitude, FuadTwal, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, bishops, cardinals, distinguished guests, welcome to my home, welcome to Jerusalem, welcome to Israel.  Thank you for visiting today, as we say in Hebrew,'BruchimHaBaim' bless you all.

Dear guests, you are here in the Holy Land during the holy days. As our Muslim citizens, celebrate Eid El-Adha in another week, for us, it will be Yom Kippur when we fast and ask God to write us in the Book of Life. Yesterday, we celebrated  Rosh Hashanah,  the beginning of a New Year; which we hope will be a year of tolerance and understanding. Yet, on the evening of Rosh Hashanah, Alexander Levlovitz, a Jerusalemite, a family man, was murdered when terrorists threw rocks at his car, forcing him off the road. This bloody attack shows us once again that terror is terror – whether with rocks, guns or other weapons – and it shows us we must act firmly against all terrorism.

Two weeks ago I met Pope Francis, and told him of my memories, of Yom Kippur, growing up in Jerusalem, before the State of Israel was established. I remember holding my father’s hand as we walked to the Western Wall to hear the blowing of the Shofar at the end of the fast. But even at this holy hour, we could not blow the Shofar and anyone who did was arrested.  As a young child, I promised myself to fight with all my ability so that no one - Jew, Muslim, Christian, or other - would ever feel as I did; afraid to show their faith.

The Jewish people knows what it means to have to hide your faith in fear for your life.  Even today, in too many places Jews do not wear skullcaps in the street.  Anti-Semitism, and anti-Zionism, together with all forms of hatred, and racism must be condemned by all of usThis is something that Pope Francis said in my meeting with him, and I appreciate his words very much.  In the last years the Christian communities of the Middle East have paid, a heavy price for their faith.  Israel, as a Jewish and democratic state, is proud that Christians in Israel enjoy freedom of worship, freedom of religion, and do not fear  for their lives. When there has been vandalism at holy sites, we stood together, and continue to stand together, with the Christian community, to condemn these terrible acts.

An attack on any place of worship, is an attack  on all of us. But it is not enough for us, for Israel, to only be a safe haven for the Christian community.   We want the community to flourish, to play a part in the Israeli experience, and to be part, of Israeli society.   I know there are issues of concern for the Christian community. I met with the community leaders and also visited the Christian sites in the Jordan valley and at Tabgha. We must continue to work together to find a solution as soon as possible.  This is my commitment  to you.

Friends, the task before us is clear.  We have no war with Islam, no fight with Christianity; we all have to battle together against extremism and fundamentalism. It is the duty of all of us to work for mutual respect, and understanding.  In just over a month, we will mark 50 years, of the Nostra Aetate. This was important not just because it made a clear stand  against anti-Semitism and opened the way for a real and true dialogue between the Catholic and Jewish communities;  but because of its fifth point, which stated that all mankind was created in God’s image, regardless  of religion or race.  A message that all of us must always remember.  As you return to your home countries, I want you to take with you, my blessings from Jerusalem, to your communities.  I wish you all, a happy and sweet, New Year.

(September 16, 2015) © Innovative Media Inc.


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MessagePosté le: Dim 20 Sep - 09:53 (2015)    Sujet du message: FARRAKHAN PROMISES RETURN OF SOUTHWEST TO MEXICANS (AZTLAN) Répondre en citant


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KM_rP3moHM

Trying to forge a greater indigenous, revolutionary movement against the white man, Farrakhan promises return of US Southwest to indigenous Mexicans/Latinos. Farrakhan is trying to unite the various racial/ethnic identity movements into one force capable of bringing down the US to make demands on Obama. White Marxists and communists will also be part of this effort. Obama is, of course sympathetic to these goals, having a background in anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-white black identity religion (Black Liberation Theology) and cultural Marxism.

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sept 20, 2015

Le président François Hollande s’est prononcé mercredi en faveur du maintien de l’interdiction de prier faite aux juifs sur le Mont du Temple, le site le plus sacré du judaïsme.

« Le président a fait part à Sa Majesté Abdallah II, Roi de Jordanie, de sa vive préoccupation face à la multiplication des affrontements violents sur et autour de l’Esplanade des Mosquées à Jérusalem-Est, et de la nécessité que tout soit mis en œuvre pour apaiser la situation », a indiqué l’Élysée dans un communiqué.

« Le président de la République a rappelé que toute remise en cause du statu quo de 1967 concernant l’Esplanade des Mosquées serait porteuse de grands risques de déstabilisation. Il a marqué l’attachement de la France au plein respect des Lieux saints. », poursuit le communiqué.

A propos des émeutes sur le Mont du Temple l’Élysée déclare que « ces événements illustrent à nouveau l’importance d’une reprise rapide des pourparlers pour progresser vers une résolution du conflit ».

Cette déclaration fait suite à un entretien entre le président de la République et son homologue du Qatar.

Les islamistes antisémites sur le Mont du Temple sont payés par le Qatar et le Hamas pour créer des émeutes et empêcher les juifs de venir sur le lieu le plus sacré du Judaïsme.

© Sandra Wildenstein pour Europe Israël News


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MessagePosté le: Lun 21 Sep - 11:07 (2015)    Sujet du message: TOP IMAM TELLS MUSLIM INVADERS TO BREED WITH EUROPEENS TO "CONQUER THEIR COUNTRIES" Répondre en citant



Posted on September 20, 2015 by creeping

Source: » Top Imam: Muslim Migrants Should Breed With Europeans to “Conquer Their Countries”

Speaking at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Ayed stated that European countries were not rolling out the red carpet for migrants because they were compassionate, but because Europe was in dire need of a new source of labor.

“Europe has become old and decrepit and needs human reinforcement….they are not motivated by compassion for the Levant, its people and its refugees,” said Ayed, adding, “Soon, we will trample them underfoot, Allah willing.”

“Throughout Europe, all the hearts are enthused with hatred toward Muslims. They wish that we were dead, but they have lost their fertility, so they look for fertility in our midst,” he added.
“We will give them fertility! We will breed children with them, because we shall conquer their countries!”
Ayed stated that “whether you like it or not,” Americans, Italians, Germans and the French will be forced to take the “refugees”.
“We shall soon collect them in the name of the coming Caliphate. We will say to you: these are our sons. Send them, or we will send our armies to you,” concluded Ayed.
The notion of using mass migration as a form of stealth jihad is outlined in the Koran, which states, “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance.”
“To emigrate in the cause of Allah – that is, to move to a new land in order to bring Islam there, is considered in Islam to be a highly meritorious act,” writes Robert Spencer.     

More on the Immigration Jihad:     


“Why has everyone, from everywhere and all at once, decided to start heading towards Europe, five years into the Syrian civil war? This must be a manufactured mass migration.”

It is not what the refugees used on their journey, but what they left behind unused – discarded Red Cross packaged water, crates of peaches, untouched packaged food, unopened baby diapers, brand new strollers, car seats, toys, and other necessities for someone traveling with a baby. Since these items were left behind, it is obvious that there were no babies among them.

Videos are coming in from various regions showing Muslim men fighting, throwing rocks and chairs at each other, breaking windows, throwing feces, bloodying each other’s noses in vicious fights, Shia fighting the Sunnis, the same centuries old senseless religious tribal animosity and hatred.

Refugees have taken over Greek Islands, turning them into a gang-like war zone. Greeks are afraid, hiding in their homes, unable to go to work, or to take their children to school. There is no respect for private property and there is no civilized propriety. They are burning cars and flags, throwing feces at passing cars and at people unfortunate enough to be in the way.

A witness at the Italian Austrian border, a Polish travel blog writer, describes circumstances of horror. “This huge mass of people, but these are absolute savages … Vulgar, throwing bottles, shouting loudly, ‘We want Germany.’… But is Germany a paradise now?”

“I saw how they surrounded a car of an elderly Italian woman, pulled her by her hair out of the car and wanted to drive away in the car. They tried to overturn the bus in which I traveled myself with a group of others. They were throwing feces at us, banging on the doors to force the driver to open them, spat at the windshield. How is this savagery to assimilate in Germany? The bus is now damaged, covered with feces, scratched, with broken windows.” His group had to travel with Italian police escort from then on. He described the entire area as a war zone.


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MessagePosté le: Lun 21 Sep - 11:10 (2015)    Sujet du message: PA AND FATAH OFFICIALS BEHIND JERUSALEM TERROR Répondre en citant


by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
Sept. 20, 2015

PA and Fatah officials behind Jerusalem terror

"[Fatah official] Nabil Shaath... called on the Palestinian
and Arab masses to carry out riots of rage"

Fatah spokesman: "Go to the areas of conflict
in order to 'explode' in front of the occupier and its assistants"

Mahmoud Abbas: "We will not sit idly by
in the face of these attacks"

Mahmoud Abbas' Advisor Sultan Abu Al-Einein
"concluded with a call to Fatah movement members...
[to] carry out widespread public uprisings,
in order to make the enemy pay a price for its actions
'because the hand that will be raised
against the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] will be amputated.'"

Mahmoud Abbas' spokesman: "East Jerusalem and the places
holy to Islam and Christianity are a red line,
and we will not sit idly by"

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

The Palestinian Authority and Fatah have been the driving force behind the ongoing riots in Jerusalem that peaked during the Jewish New Year with the murder of Alexander Levlovitch, whose car was hit by rocks thrown by Palestinians. Senior Palestinian Authority and Fatah leaders close to Mahmoud Abbas have called for violence to prevent Jews from visiting the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest religious site.

The following are some of these statements:

Nabil Shaath, Fatah Central Committee member and Commissioner of International Relations

"Dr. Nabil Shaath stated... that the continuation of the Israeli occupation's attacks on the Noble Sanctuary (i.e., Jews visiting the Temple Mount) and the Ribat fighters (Murabitin - those carrying out Ribat, religious conflict/war to protect land claimed to be Islamic) will be the spark that sets off the impending explosion, whose onset and scope no one can predict. Likewise, he called on the Palestinian and Arab masses to carry out riots of rage."
[[i]Al-Hayat Al-Jadida[/i], Sept. 14, 2015] 

Official Fatah Spokesman in Jerusalem, Raafat Alayan

"Official Fatah Spokesman in Jerusalem Raafat Alayan called on 'all Palestinian bodies and national and Islamic factions in all regions of the homeland to enlist and go to the areas of conflict in order to 'explode' in front of the occupier and its assistants because of its repeated actions and attacks against the Al-Aqsa [Mosque].' Likewise, he noted that the Fatah movement called on all the schools in Jerusalem, including the Husni Al-Ashhab School, to go out to the streets in order to express their support of the destination of the Prophet Muhammad's Night Journey (i.e., tradition that he flew to Al-Aqsa Mosque), and their opposition to its desecration by the settlers..."
[[i]Al-Hayat Al-Jadida[/i], Sept. 14, 2015]

Mahmoud Abbas' Advisor and Fatah Central Committee member Sultan Abu Al-Einein

"Fatah Central Committee member Sultan Abu Al-Einein warned of the Israeli enemy's attack against the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem... Abu Al-Einein stated that the Israeli enemy aims to destroy about half of the Al-Aqsa Mosque after it completely takes it over, and called on the Arab and Islamic nations to intervene immediately on all levels in order to restrain Israel and defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque from what the Jewish extremists are plotting against it.

Abu Al-Einein called on our people everywhere to come to Al-Aqsa and carry out Ribat (religious conflict/war to protect land claimed to be Islamic -Ed.), and not to leave it as easy prey for the plots of the Israeli extremist right to destroy it and build the alleged Temple in its place.
He concluded with a call to Fatah movement members and all of the factions to enlist for Jerusalem and carry out widespread public uprisings, in order to make the enemy pay a price for its actions 'because the hand that will be raised against the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] will be amputated.'"
[[i]Al-Hayat Al-Jadida[/i], Sept. 14, 2015] 

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh

Headline: "The occupation and its extremists treat Al-Aqsa as they please.

The president [Abbas]: 'We will not sit idly by in the face of these attacks'"

"The official spokesman of [PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas] Nabil Abu Rudeineh stated: 'We strongly condemn the occupation's army and police invasion of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the attack of [Muslim] worshippers. East Jerusalem and the places holy to Islam and Christianity are a red line, and we will not sit idly by in the face of these attacks.' He added that President [Mahmoud] Abbas has held intensive discussions with all Arab regional and international bodies, and especially with Jordan, Morocco, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), in order to deal with the fierce attack taking place against the Al-Aqsa Mosque."
[[i]Al-Hayat Al-Jadida[/i], Sept. 14, 2015]


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MessagePosté le: Mar 22 Sep - 12:02 (2015)    Sujet du message: 'BLACK JESUS' TV SHOW 'GUARANTEED TO OFFEND' Répondre en citant


In this new beginning of this dark age, we're seeing the glorification of the kingdom of darkness and demons and the destruction and mockeries of all christians values and the respect of our God Almighty. This is a spiritual war but the day come they will have to answer to the One they offend in so many ways.

Muppets, circa 2016: 'Full-frontal nudity'

Families score win in cable TV battle

Nothing off limits for new Christian prophecy show

'The Bible' sequel makes Christmas splash

Children used in ugly TV bait-and-switch

'Naughty and nice' list exposes TV advertisers

ABC exposes Charlie Brown watchers to graphic sex

Nefarious agenda behind 'naked' TV?

Jackie Mason: Leno fired because he's too old

Christian TV facing death threat from D.C.

'Duck' censorship a warning to ministers?


Blasted as 'a mockery of African Americans, Jesus Christ and Christianity'

Published: 08/09/2014 at 5:33 PM

Drew Zahn covers movies for WND as a contributing writer. A former pastor, he is the editor of seven books, including Movie-Based Illustrations for Preaching & Teaching, which sparked his ongoing love affair with film and his weekly WND column, "Popcorn and a (world)view." Drew currently serves as communications director for The Family 

Imagining Jesus as a modern-day black man may be a curious theme for a television comedy, but when Time Warner’s Cartoon Network made their “Black Jesus” a dope-smoking, heavy-drinking, frequent dropper of “f”-bombs, some labeled it “blasphemy.”

“‘Black Jesus’ is not only an ugly attack on Christianity, but a horrible example of racism,” asserted David Outten, Production Editor of the Christian media ministry Movieguide. “It implies that, if Jesus Christ were black, he would be vulgar and use drugs and alcohol. It also presents the African American community he comes to using the worst of black stereotypes.”

In fact, the trailer for the program shows “Black Jesus,” when confronted by his pals for smoking up all their marijuana, defending himself by declaring, “You do realize I died for your motherf—-ing sins, right?”

It’s no wonder Variety’s TV critic Brian Lowry said “Black Jesus,” which premiered Aug. 7 at 11:00 p.m. ET during the network’s Adult Swim programming, is guaranteed to offend some people.”

The show stars Gerald “Slink” Johnson as a modern-day black Jesus living in Compton, California, spreading “love and kindness” according to Turner Broadcasting System’s news release.

In a statement, Adult Swim said, “‘Black Jesus’ is a satire and one interpretation of the message of Jesus played out in modern-day morality tales; and despite what some may consider a controversial depiction of Jesus, it is not the intent to offend any race or people of faith.”

But Monica Cole, director of One Million Moms, said the show is “blasphemous, irreverent and disrespectful.”

In a statement, Cole’s organization declared the show “makes a mockery of our Lord. The foul language used in the trailer, including using the Lord’s name in vain, is disgusting. In addition, there is violence, gunfire and other inappropriate gestures which completely misrepresent Jesus. This is blasphemy!”

“I gathered our youth group and had them sit and watch the trailer of the show,” said Kerry Burkey, senior pastor at the 300-member Rockledge Church of Christ in Rockledge, Florida.

“It was horrible, disgusting and completely offensive,” Burkey told USA Today. “Down to a person, everyone in the youth group was offended. It just shows where we are a nation. … We have no respect for God.”

“This program isn’t a case of accidental offense,” adds Movieguide Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr. “It’s a very purposeful mockery and ridicule of African Americans, Jesus Christ and Christianity.”

Author of “The Culture-Wise Family” and “How to Succeed in Hollywood (Without Losing Your Soul),” Dr. Baehr is also chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission, which is organizing a protest against the controversial program.

Together with Movieguide, Baehr is asking people to e-mail John Martin, CEO of Turner Broadcasting, requesting he cancel the program.

Those who wish to join the e-mail protest against “Black Jesus” can do so by clicking here.

On its own website, Turner Broadcasting claims, “We can’t begin truly to serve our customers until we listen to and support one another. We’ve made it a company priority to access the broadest possible range of perspectives, consider a multiplicity of voices and value cultural differences. It’s both a business imperative and a matter of respect.”

“Who was Turner Broadcasting listening to and supporting when they produced and scheduled ‘Black Jesus’?” writes Outten. “Do they think they no longer have any Christian customers? Do they no longer want Christian customers?”

“Clearly,” Dr. Baehr added, “Turner Broadcasting wants to appeal to a much smaller audience that excludes the 123 million people who go to church every week and the 80 percent of the country who believe in the God of the Bible. Christians should seriously consider granting them their wish.”

A trailer for the program can be seen below (Editor’s note: The video contains language – some bleeped out, some not – that may be offensive to some viewers):


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MessagePosté le: Mer 23 Sep - 04:36 (2015)    Sujet du message: UK MUSEUM CALS JEWS WHO FOUGHT NAZI GERMANY 'TERRORISTS' Répondre en citant


London's Imperial War Museum removes offensive display, which labeled legendary Jewish Brigade fighters 'terrorists.'

By Ari Soffer
First Publish: 9/22/2015, 12:37 PM

Jewish Brigade soldiers
Wikimedia Commons

London's Imperial War Museum has removed an offensive exhibit branding Jewish soldiers who fought the Nazis during World War Two as "terrorists."

The Simon Wiesenthal Center lodged its own formal complaint with the Museum following widespread outrage, after it was revealed that a display on the Jewish Brigade of the British Army was described as "terrorist activities."

A poster of Jewish warriors was captioned: "Terrorist activities: Men of the First Battalion Jewish Brigade during a march past"; adding, "The Jewish Brigade was formed in September 1944 and fought in Italy under the British Eighth Army. Many of its members went on to join the Hagana and other illegal formations."

The Hagana was the largest of several Jewish paramilitary groups which operated during the British occupation of Israel, known at the time as British Mandatory Palestine. 

The Hagana took a less active role than more radical resistance groups such as the Irgun and Lehi in fighting the British occupation, focusing primarily on defending existing Jewish communities - though its more elite strike-force, the Palmach, did at times carry out offensive operations against Arab militias and British occupation forces. As the precursor to the IDF it played a central role in fending off the combined Arab invasion during the War of Independence.

In his letter to the Museum, Simon Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations Dr. Shimon Samuels noted the apparent double-standard the Jewish Brigade was being subject to.

"The above British Mandate travesty is redolent of the UK's closure of the gates of Mandatory Palestine, which consigned untold fugitives of Nazism to their deaths," Samuels said. "For British Jews, so many of whom served in H.M.'s [Her Majesty's] forces, who later came to nascent Israel as volunteers to repel British-led Arab invaders bent on completing Hitler’s plan of extermination.  Would you malign these loyal British Jewish military with the stigma of “terrorism”?"

"Did your recently consecrated Memorial to Indian Muslim recruits, who served in both World Wars, mention “the terrorists” among them who went on to fight for Pakistan against the British Imperial Raj of India – the Jewel in the Crown?”" the letter went on to ask.

The Centre urged the Director-General to "to withdraw this offensive poster, take disciplinary measures against the apparent anti-Semite responsible and make a public apology to the Jewish community."

“The Jewish Brigade under British command were heroes who combated Fascist terrorists in Italy. They were eye witnesses to the annihilation of their people as they joined the liberators of the camps," the letter concluded.

"To call them “terrorists” is the greatest Holocaust revisionism imaginable. This has tarnished your Museum and betrays the cause of British integrity."


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 24 Sep - 03:34 (2015)    Sujet du message: LOCAL US NEWS STATION USES HOLOCAUST BADGE FOR YOM KIPPUR STORY Répondre en citant



Chicago’s WGN News apologizes for illustrating report on Jewish holiday with graphic of ‘Jude’ star

By Times of Israel staff and JTA September 24, 2015, 12:57 am

A September 23, 2015 segment on Yom Kippur by Chicago's WGN news inadvertently used a Nazi emblem. (Screenshot)

A local Chicago news station used a graphic of a yellow badge, like those the Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Holocaust, to illustrate its report on the start of Yom Kippur.

Shaped like the Star of David and featuring the word “Jude,” German for “Jew,” the badge appeared on WGN-TV Tuesday night, ahead of the Jewish holiday. Behind the badge in the graphic were concentration-camp-uniform stripes; below it were the words “Yom Kippur.”

On Wednesday, the station apologized for the error with the anchor of the Yom Kippur report saying on air: “Major correction tonight. We couldn’t see this from the set here, but in our story about Yom Kippur we apparently used a symbol that is extremely offensive to the Jewish community. We mistakenly showed a symbol used by Nazi Germany to identify Jews. We deeply apologize for that error.”

WGN-TV also issued an apology on Twitter and a more lengthy one its website.

“The artwork chosen to accompany the story came from a graphics image bank. Regrettably, we failed to recognize that the image was an offensive symbol,” the statement read.

“We are extremely embarrassed and we deeply apologize to our viewers and to the Jewish community for this mistake,” the statement said. “Ignorance is not an excuse.”

The station said it was reviewing its in-house policies and implementing changes “to make sure a hurtful oversight like this never happens again.”

The Nazis began legally compelling Polish Jews to wear identifying badges following the German invasion of their country in 1939. By 1942, Germany and the states under its control were requiring Jews to wear the badges. The sole exception was Denmark, where King Christian X is said to have threatened to wear the badge himself if it were imposed on his country’s Jews.

Scholars of the Holocaust say the badges were a means of isolating and dehumanizing European Jewry — a step toward the Final Solution.


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Just remember that muslims are used to achieve the goals of the Jesuits and the Jesuit Pope.

By Ted on September 24, 2015 in Featured, General

By Theodore Shoebat

A Muslim man in England went on the street saying:

“my people will cut off your balls, Christians . . . I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you all . . . I’m going to chop your head off, and fuck you up.”

Now England is still allowing him to live in the country because they couldn’t find a passport with which to send him back to Iran where he came from. According to the report:

An Iranian man who threatened to behead members of the public was set free by authorities because they could not complete the paper work required to deport him.

Officials lost track of Noureden Mallaky-Soodmand, 41, who should have been sent back to Iran following arrests for carrying knives on the streets of London.
But because Iranian embassy officials could not issue travel documents, he was never deported and was simply re-housed 250 miles away in Stockton-on-Tees, a court has heard.

On April 2 this year he ran amok with a curved knife – specifically designed for decapitating victims.

He shouted: “I am Isis and my people will cut off your b—s, Christians.”

One of his targets, Stephen Daumler, 22, has been suffering flashbacks and panic attacks since the incident, which left him in fear for his life.
Stephen and his girlfriend’s 15-year-old brother ran for their lives from Soodmand, who was captured by armed police before he managed to carry out his threats.

Stephen, who works for his family’s salvage business in Stockton, said: “I still wake up panicking and have dreams about being beheaded. I’ve had some really dark thoughts about what happened to Lee Rigby.

“I really thought I was going to die the same way as he did and I’m certain by the look in his eyes that he was prepared to kill that night.
“He was in the middle of the road but he came over and blocked my path and drew a huge curved knife and started yelling “I am a muslim, I am ISIS” he was within arm’s’ reach.

“He had the knife raised and was waiting for someone else to come along. Thankfully the police arrived within about 15 minutes and took him down. It is pure luck that myself or someone else wasn’t killed.

“The police told me later that the knife he was carrying was designed with the purpose of beheading people.”

Teesside Crown Court heard how Stephen walked past him in the street and he shouted: “I’m a Muslim and I’m going to chop your f—ing head off.”

Even after police arrived, the 41-year-old continued to rant, telling officers: “I’m a Muslim and I’ll chop you f—ing head, mother f—ers.
“I’m Isis and my people will cut off your balls, Christians . . . I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you all . . . I’m going to chop your head off, and f— you up.”


Dernière édition par maria le Dim 11 Oct - 02:56 (2015); édité 1 fois
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Remember who persecuted the saints when Jesus and the apostles were on earth. This could be the same heretic message from Hell peoples of that period of time were brainswash to try to destroy real christianity and the true message of our Lord Jesus. Intolerant, heresy, magic miracles/sorcery, can you see what's coming for the true christians who only stand with the Messiah, the true savior? Submit to the Catholic church or be prepare to be persecute and to die for Yeschoua Jesus Christ!

Lectio Divina: 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B Paris,

September 25, 2015 (ZENIT.org) Monsignor Francesco Follo 

Roman Rite

 NM 11.25 to 29; PS 19; Jas 5:1-6; Mk 9:38-43.45.47-48

Ambrosian Rite

Dt 6:1-9; Sal 118; Rm 13:8-14a; Lk 10:25-37

Sixth Sunday after the Martyrdom of St. John the Precursor.


1) On the road with the Life that gives life and the rules of life.

The passage from the Gospel of Mark that is proposed on the 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time, tells two episodes of Christ’s life.

In the first John points out to Jesus that there is someone who drives out demons in His name without belonging to the group of his disciples. Jesus rightly underlines that every good work is always welcome because the source of goodness and love is God. Those who do good deeds are still and always on the side of Christ and of God. Jesus’ answer regarding the exorcist stranger to the group of disciples is inspired by great tolerance, and is identical to the attitude taken by Moses against Eldad and Medad during exodus (First reading of today's Mass).

In the second episode Jesus urges his disciples not to scandalize the "little ones", namely the brothers still immature in faith moving them away from the gospel with misconduct and a behavior inconsistent with the Gospel. To admonish his disciples the Messiah uses harsh expressions “If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter into life maimed than with two hands and to go into Gehenna, into the unquenchable fire. And if your foot causes you to sin, cut if off. It is better for you to enter into life crippled than with two feet to be thrown into Gehenna. And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. Better for you to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into Gehenna, where 'their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched.” (Mk 9: 45.47-48). With these words, Jesus invites the disciples to an attitude inspired by humility, understanding and sacrifice to avoid the scandal that obscures the light of the Gospel.

We could formulate the invitation of Christ with the words that  in ''The announcement to Mary" by Paul Claudel,  Violaine, the protagonist now blind, does to the many who have the gift of sight "You who  see, what  did you do with light? "

If we can convert  first and foremost our heart, then those who live next to us, even though not  believers,  will understand that Jesus is not an incomprehensible and unacceptable theological formula in our minds, but the life of God in our hearts and the light to our steps. And though they will not change their religion, their heart will change becoming more open, tolerant and free.

Jesus asks the disciples, and therefore us, to have his way of thinking that does not reject anyone and his same gaze that recognizes even the smallest signs of faith, such as the gift of a simple glass of water that, if given to a "little one", will “affect” the final judgment when the Son of man will judge all peoples of the earth.

This total opening, with no barrier of space and time, is shown precisely by Jesus with his incarnation and death on the cross for all humanity. It is possible for every man and woman on earth to have a mysterious and profound relationship with Jesus Christ. The Christian community is called upon to expand its boundaries to consider all as its children, even those who don’t have a full knowledge- experience of Jesus.

If "smallness" is the profound appearance of the life of the believer, even a hand, a foot and an eye can hurt it and impede - in the sense of making scandal or a glitch - the presence of the Lord in us. A glass of water is a small thing and the little ones know how to appreciate it, not failing to give thanks for it, especially when it is received in the name of Jesus.

2) The name of Jesus.

The name "Jesus" occurs three times in just four verses of today's Gospel. The fact is that those who work in His name can do great things, starting with the apostles who belong to Jesus Christ. But who belongs to Christ? The disciples who follow him, but not in an exclusive sense. When the Christians have believed to have the monopoly of Jesus, they ran the risk of being intolerant. Good, in all its forms, is the right and the duty of every man. Jesus and the Spirit are everywhere where good is done. On the previous page, the disciples were divided between them in the name of their “I”. Here they are divided from the others in the name of their “we”. Only the "Name" of Jesus is the root of unity among all. Scandal is all that prevents someone from following God to attain salvation. Rather than making even one person lose faith, it would be better to die.

That certainly does not mean to overshadow or even frustrate the efforts of the announcement and the call to convert to the Gospel, as some might think. Do not forget that witness and proclamation are an integral part of the authentic Christian faith, which cannot be silent on the immense joy of having met the Lord. If I do not hide the fact of being a convinced and practicing Christian, every gesture of friendship and help that I do is an announcement in the same way that every word and gesture of Jesus was, even before he declared "I am the Son of God.” From the New Testament emerges clearly the "duty" of the announcement  "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15); " If I preach the gospel, this is no reason for me to boast, for an obligation has been imposed on me, and woe to me if I do not preach it  (1 Cor 9:16); " Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence, keeping your conscience clear " (1 Pt 3,15-16).

The first appeal of Jesus is for the "change of heart". He asks His disciples not to put the other person in preconceived schemes, but to welcome him or her and to listen to him or to her. Listen to the symphony of the wail of a child, of a poor, of a sick person to bring them the tenderness of God. Listen to the words of the world and give it the Word, because everything about the human adventure concerns all of us "I am a man and nothing that is human is foreign to me "(Terence).

The response of Jesus, the man without barriers, (cfr Jesus answered: “Don’t stop him” – Mk 9:39) is among the ones that can be a turning point in history:  all men and women are of us, as we are all of men and women. A person first of all. "When a person dies, do not wonder for whom the bell tolls: it always sounds a little for you" (John Donne). All are us. We are all 'one' in Christ Jesus.

Jesus’s announce is even more courageous: it brings us from the simply “not only” to the “not feeling strangers”. He asks us to love our neighbor and to live life as sharing: it leads us to live the many lives and histories of the others as if they were our own. It gives us a hundred brothers and sisters, a hundred hearts to rest on, a hundred lips to be quenched from thirst, a hundred mouths that do not know to Whom to yell and of which we are the voice.

It’s true, as I said just above, that today's Gospel ends with harsh words "If your hand, your foot, your eye scandalize, cut it, throw it away." It is the Gospel of wounds, scandalous and bright as the stigmata of Jesus. In fact, the words of Christ are not an invitation to an unnecessary mutilation, they are a figurative and incisive language to convey the seriousness with which we should think about the essential things. Even to lose what is precious, as a hand or an eye, is not comparable to the damage that comes from a wrong life. The Lord invites us to fear more a failed life than the painful wounds of life.

A special way to welcome Christ and the wounds of His love is that of the consecrated Virgins in the world. Being a virgin means keeping the spousal character of their bodies intact for the Lord. A virgin does not waste herself, and does not seek life in other human beings, in flesh and blood. A lot of maturity and also a lot of faith are needed to cut sick affections towards people and to wait with fidelity and perseverance for the Lord who comes. One must have a concrete experience of being with the Lord; just a theoretical knowledge is not enough. If one has a weak faith, he or she stops praying, experiences loneliness, doesn’t want to take on the responsibilities of an adult life and is in serious danger. He or she can maintain a physical virginity, but losing its meaning, he or she will become selfish or narcissistic, cynical or bitter, acid or an emotional vampire. Saint Augustine says that a virginity without humility doesn’t do any good.

Consecrated virginity is not a means of preservation of themselves or to bury one’s talent in the ground to return it intact one day. It is indeed a means of giving of oneself, accepting certain sacrifices just to give everything to God and more to the neighbor in a missionary spirit of annunciation (cfr Rite of the Consecration of Virgins, annexe 1, Mass, Eucharistic Prayer III: “Accept, Lord to confirm the engagement of our sister to follow Christ constantly, so that they can give the witness of evangelical life and fraternal love)


Patristic reading

Golden Chain

on Mk 9, 38-42

Bede: John, loving the Lord with eminent devotion, thought that He who performed an office to which He had no right was to be excluded from the benefit of it. Wherefore it is said, "And John answered Him, saying, Master, we saw one casting out devils in Thy name, and he followeth not us: and we forbad him, because he followeth not us."

Pseudo-Chrys., Vict. Ant. e Cat. in Marc.: For many believers received gifts, and yet were not with Christ, such was this man who cast out devils; for there were many of them deficient in some way; some were pure in life, but were not so perfect in faith; others again, contrariwise.

Theophylact: Or again, some unbelievers, seeing that the name of Jesus was full of virtue, themselves used it, and performed signs, though they were unworthy of Divine grace; for the Lord wished to extend His name even by the unworthy.

Pseudo-Chrys., Vict. Ant. e Cat. in Marc.: It was not from jealousy or envy, however, that John wished to forbid him who cast out devils, but because he wished that all who called on the name of the Lord should follow Christ and be one body with His disciples. But the Lord, however unworthy they who perform the miracles may be, incites others by their means to believe on Him, and induces themselves by this unspeakable grace to become better.
Wherefore there follows: "But Jesus said, Forbid him not."

Bede: By which He shews that no one is to be driven away from that partial goodness which he possesses already, but rather to be stirred up to that which he has not as yet obtained.

Pseudo-Chrys., Vict. Ant. e Cat. in Marc.: In conformity to this, He shews that he is not to be forbidden, adding immediately after, "For there is no man which shall do a miracle in My name, that can lightly speak evil of Me." He says "lightly" to meet the case of those who fell into heresy, such as were Simon and Menander, and Cerinthus (ed. note: Irenaeus, cont. Haer. 2, 31, seems to imply that the early heretics actually worked wonders, but that these differed from Christian miracles in that they were done by magic through the aid of the devil, and were not works of mercy; he contrasts with these the ecclesiastical miracles of his day.); not that they did miracles in the name of Christ, but by their deceptions had the appearance of doing them.
But these others, though they do (p. 184) not follow us, cannot however set themselves to say any thing against us, because they honour My name by working miracles.

Theophylact: For how can he speak evil of Me, who draws glory from My name, and works miracles by the invocation of this very name. There follows, "For he that is not against you is on your part."

Augustine, de Con. Evan., 4, 5: We must take care that this saying of the Lord appear not to be contrary to that where He says, "He who is not with Me is against Me." (Lc 11,23) Or will any one say that the difference lies in that here He says to His disciples, "For he that is not against you is on your part," but in the other He speaks of Himself, "He who is not with Me is against Me?" As if indeed it were possible (ed. note: St. Augustine has here quasi vero, instead of quasi non, which hardly makes sense; the latter reading has also been found in an old edition of the Catena Aurea, A.D. 1417.) that he who is joined to Christ's disciples, who are as His members, should not be with Him.

How if it were so, could it be true that "he that receiveth you receiveth Me?" (Mt 10,40) Or how is he not against Him who is against His disciples? Where then will be that saying, "He who despiseth you, despiseth Me? (Lc 10,16) But surely what is implied is that a man is not with Him in as far as he is against Him, and is not against Him in as far as he is with Him.

For instance, he who worked miracles in the name of Christ, and yet did not join himself to the body of His disciples, in as far as he worked the miracles in His name, was with them, and was not against them; again, in that he did not join their society, he was not with them, and was against them.
Be because they forbade his doing that in which he was with them, the Lord said unto them, "Forbid him not:" for they ought to have forbidden his being without their society, and thus to have persuaded him of the unity of the Church, but they should not have forbidden that in which he was with them, that is, his commendation of the name of their Lord and Master by the expulsion of devils.

Thus the Church Catholic does not disapprove in heretics the sacraments, which are common, but she blames their division, or some opinion of theirs adverse to peace and to truth; for in this they are against us.

Pseudo-Chrys., Vict. Ant. e Cat. in Marc.: Or else, this is said of those who believe on Him, but nevertheless do not follow Him from the looseness of their lives. Again, it is said of devils, who try to separate all from God, and to disperse His (p. 185) congregation.
There follows, "For whosoever shall give you a cup of cold water to drink in My name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward."

Theophylact: Not only will I not forbid him who works miracles in My name, but also whosoever shall give you the smallest thing for My name's sake, and shall receive you, not on account of human and worldly favour, but from love to Me, shall not lose his reward.

Augustine, de Con. Evan., 4, 6: By which He shews, that he of whom John had spoken was not so far separated from the fellowship of the disciples, as to reject it, as a heretic, but as men are wont to hang back from receiving the Sacraments of Christ, and yet favour the Christian name, so as even to succour Christians, and do them service only because they are Christians. Of these He says they shall not lose their reward; not that they ought already to think themselves secure on account of this good will which they have towards Christians, without being washed with His baptism, and incorporated in His unity, but that they are already so guided by the mercy of God, as also to attain to these, and thus to go away from this life in security.
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MessagePosté le: Sam 26 Sep - 17:29 (2015)    Sujet du message: REGLES DE VIE Répondre en citant


Le texte est quelque peu différent de l'anglais mais le message central y est. Rappelez-vous qui ont persécuté les saints quand Jésus et les apôtres étaient sur la terre. Cela pourrait être le même message hérétique de l'enfer de cette période dont les peuples ont été brainswashés (lavage de cerveau) pour essayer de détruire le vrai christianisme et le vrai message de notre Seigneur Jésus. Intolérant, hérésie, magie des miracles/sorcellerie, pouvez-vous voir ce qui vient pour les vrais chrétiens qui se tiennent uniquement avec le Messie, le vrai sauveur? Se soumettre à l'église catholique ou se préparer à être persécuté et à mourir pour Jésus-Christ Yeschoua!

L'Observateur permanent du Saint-Siège à l'UNESCO, à Paris, Mgr Francesco Follo, propose ce commentaire théologique et spirituel des lectures de la messe de dimanche prochain, 27 septembre 2015. Il propose une lecture patristique de Syméon le Nouveau Théologien.

Paris, 25 septembre 2015 (ZENIT.org)
Mgr Francesco Follo

XXVIème Dimanche du Temps Ordinaire – Année B (lectures : Nb 11,25-29; Ps 18; Jc 5,1-6; Mc 9,38-43.45.47-48)

       1) En chemin avec la vie qui donne la vie et les règles de vie

       Le passage de l’Evangile de Marc proposé ce  26e dimanche du temps ordinaire nous raconte deux épisodes :

       Dans le premier, Jean  fait remarquer au Christ que quelqu’un chasse les démons en Son nom sans faire partie du groupe de Ses disciples. Jésus fait justement observer que chaque bonne œuvre, de quelque origine qu’elle soit, est toujours bien accueillie parce que la source de la bonté et de l’amour est Dieu même. Qui œuvre pour le bien fait toujours partie du Christ et de Dieu. La réponse de Jésus à Jean, au sujet de l’exorciste étranger au groupe des disciples, s’inspire d’une grande tolérance, et elle est identique au comportement de Moïse face à Eldad et Medad pendant l’exode. (Nm 11,24-30 – Ière lecture de la Messe de ce dimanche).

       Dans le second épisode, Jésus demande aux disciples de ne pas scandaliser « les petits » c’est-à-dire les frères immatures dans foi en les éloignant de l’Evangile avec une conduite incorrecte et un comportement non conforme à l’Evangile . Pour faire cette admonition, le messie utilise des expressions dures : « Si ta main est pour toi une occasion de chute, coupe-la. Mieux vaut pour toi entrer manchot dans la vie éternelle que de t’en aller dans la géhenne avec tes deux mains, là où le feu ne s’éteint pas. Si ton pied est pour toi une occasion de chute, coupe-le. Mieux vaut pour toi entrer estropié dans la vie éternelle que de t’en aller dans la géhenne avec tes deux pieds. Si ton œil est pour toi une occasion de chute, arrache-le. Mieux vaut pour toi entrer borgne dans le royaume de Dieu que de t’en aller dans la géhenne avec tes deux yeux, là où le ver ne meurt pas et où le feu ne s’éteint pas » (Mc 9, 43.45.47-48).

       Par ces paroles, Jésus invite les disciples à avoir un comportement inspiré par l’humilité, par la compréhension et par le sacrifice pour éviter le scandale qui obscurcit la lumière de l’Evangile.

       Nous pourrions formuler l’invitation du Christ à l’humilité et à la compréhension selon la réplique de Violaine, la protagoniste aveugle qui dit à ceux qui ont le don de la vue : « Mais vous qui voyez, qu’avez-vous fait de la lumière? » dans la pièce « L’annonce à Marie » de Paul Claudel.

       Si nous aussi, et avant tout nous-mêmes savons convertir notre cœur, alors celui qui vit à notre coté, même s’il n’est pas croyant, comprendra que Jésus n’est pas une formule théologique  incompréhensible et inacceptable  dans notre esprit, mais qu’Il est la vie de Dieu dans notre cœur et la lumière à nos pas. Et même s’il ne change pas sa religion, il changera son cœur, en devenant plus ouvert, tolérant et libre.

       Jésus demande aux disciples, et donc à nous aussi, d’avoir ses pensées qui ne repoussent personne, et d’avoir son regard qui reconnaît  les plus petits signes de la foi, comme le don d’un petit verre d’eau qui,  donné à « un petit », conditionnera le jugement final, lorsque le Fils de l’homme jugera tous les peuples de la terre.

       L’ouverture totale, sans aucune barrière de temps et d’espace, est vraiment montrée par Jésus avec son incarnation et sa mort sur la croix, uni à toute l’humanité. Dans chaque homme et chaque femme sur la terre, une relation mystérieuse et profonde avec Jésus Christ est possible.

       Aussi, la communauté chrétienne est appelée à élargir ses propres frontières jusqu’à considérer tous les êtres humains comme ses enfants, même ceux qui n’ont pas une « connaissance-expérience » pleine de Jésus. Si la « petitesse » est la physionomie profonde de la vie du croyant, même un pied, une main et un œil peut lui faire du mal et faire obstacle – dans le sens de faire scandale, de faire trébucher- à la présence du Seigneur en nous. Un verre d’eau est petit et les petits savent l’apprécier, en n’oubliant pas de remercier surtout lorsqu’il est reçu au nom de Jésus.

       2) le nom de Jésus.

       Ce nom : « Jésus » revient trois fois dans 4 versets de l’Evangile d’aujourd’hui. Celui qui œuvre en son nom peut faire de grandes choses, en commençant par les Apôtres qui appartiennent à Jésus. Mais qui appartient à Jésus ? Les disciples qui le suivent.

       Lorsque les chrétiens ont cru avoir le monopole de Jésus, ils ont couru le risque d’être intolérants. Le bien, sous toutes les formes, est le droit et le devoir de chaque homme. Jésus et l’esprit sont présents là où on fait le bien. Dans la page précédente, les disciples se divisent entre eux au nom du moi. Seul le nom de Jésus est la racine d’unité entre tous. Le scandale est tout ce qui empêche quelqu'un de suivre Dieu pour rejoindre le salut. Plutôt que de faire perdre la foi à une seule personne, il serait mieux de mourir.

       Cela ne signifie pas mettre au second plan ou à réduire le travail de l’annonce et de l’appel à se convertir à l’Evangile, comme quelqu’un pourrait le penser. Il ne faut pas oublier que le témoignage et l’annonce font partie intégrante de la foi chrétienne authentique qui ne peut se taire et doit dire la joie immense d’avoir rencontré le Seigneur. Et, si moi je ne cache pas le fait que je sois un chrétien convaincu et pratiquant, chaque geste d’amitié, d’aide, d’échange que j’accompli est annonce, comme chaque parole et geste de Jésus l’a été, même avant qu’il ne déclare : « Moi, je suis le Fils de Dieu ». Le « devoir » de l’annonce émerge clairement du Nouveau Testament: « Allez dans le monde entier. Proclamez l’Evangile à chaque créature » (Mc 16,15) ; « En effet, annoncer l’Évangile, ce n’est pas pour moi un motif de fierté, c’est une nécessité qui s’impose à moi. Malheur à moi si je n’annonçais pas l’Évangile ! » (1 Cor 9, 16); « Honorez dans vos cœurs la sainteté du Seigneur, le Christ. Soyez prêts à tout moment à présenter une défense devant quiconque vous demande de rendre raison de l’espérance qui est en vous ; mais faites-le avec douceur et respect. Ayez une conscience droite, afin que vos adversaires soient pris de honte sur le point même où ils disent du mal de vous pour la bonne conduite que vous avez dans le Christ » (1Pt 15-16).

       Le premier appel de Jésus est à la « conversion du cœur » et demande à ses disciples de ne pas mettre l’autre dans des schémas préconçus, mais de l’accueillir et de l’écouter. Ecouter la symphonie du gémissement d’un enfant, d’un pauvre, d’un malade pour leur apporter la tendresse de Dieu. Ecouter les paroles du monde et lui redonner la Parole parce que tout ce qui concerne l’aventure humaine concerne chacun de nous : « Je suis un homme et rien de ce qui est humain ne m’est étranger » (Terentius).

       La réponse de Jésus, l’homme sans barrières, (cf : Jésus répondit : « Ne l’empêchez pas » Mc 9 39) est une de celles qui peuvent marquer un changement de l’histoire : les hommes sont tous des nôtres, comme nous sommes à tous : avant tout, l’homme. « Quand un homme meurt, ne te demande pas pour qui sonnent les cloches : elles sonnent toujours un peu pour toi » (John Donne). Tous sont des nôtres. Nous sommes « un » en Jésus Christ.

       Mais l’annonce de Jésus  est encore plus courageuse : elle porte à ne pas nous sentir des étrangers. Il nous demande d’aimer le prochain et de

vivre la vie comme partage : elle nous porte à vivre plusieurs vies, les histoires des autres comme si elles étaient les nôtres. Elle nous donne cent frères et sœurs, cent cœurs sur lesquels nous pouvons nous reposer, cent lèvres auxquelles étancher la soif, cent bouches qui ne savent pas vers Qui crier et dont nous sommes la voix.

       Cela est vrai, comme je l’ai dit plus haut, l’Evangile d’aujourd’hui se termine avec des paroles dures : « Si ta main, ton pied, ton œil te scandalisent, coupe-les, jette-les ». Evangile des plaies scandaleuses et lumineuses comme les stigmates de Jésus. En effet, les paroles du Christ  ne sont pas une invitation à une inutile automutilation. Elles sont un langage figuré, incisif, pour transmettre le sérieux avec lequel il faut penser aux choses  essentielles. Même perdre ce qui nous est précieux, comme la main et l’œil, n’est pas comparable au dommage qui dérive de nous tromper sur la vie. Le Seigneur nous invite à avoir peur plus d’une vie qui a fait faillite que des blessures douloureuses de la vie.

       Une façon spéciale d’accueillir le Christ et les plaies de son amour pour nous est celui des vierges consacrées dans le monde.

       Etre vierge  signifie maintenir le caractère sponsal du corps intact pour le Seigneur. Une vierge ne se gaspille pas, ne cherche pas la vie parmi les autres êtres humains, dans la chair et le sang. Il faut beaucoup de maturité et beaucoup de foi pour couper les affectivités malades vers les personnes, pour attendre le Seigneur qui vient. Elle fait l’expérience concrète de rester avec le Seigneur, une connaissance théorique ne suffit pas.

       Si une vierge consacrée a une foi faible, si elle arrête de prier, si elle vit la solitude pour elle-même et ne veut pas assumer les responsabilités de la vie adulte, elle prend des risques sérieux. Elle peut conserver la virginité physique, mais en perdant le sens, elle deviendra égoïste, narcissique, cynique ou aigrie, ou un « vampire affectif ». Saint Augustin dit qu’une virginité sans l’humilité ne sert à rien.

       Etre vierge dans l’âme, dans l’esprit, signifie être libre des idoles, ne pas idolâtrer les autres, mais être seulement pour Dieu.

       La virginité consacrée n’est pas un moyen de conservation de soi-même ; ce n’est pas ensevelir son talent en terre pour le redonner intègre un jour mais sans augmentation. La virginité est un moyen de se donner en acceptant certains renoncements seulement pour tout donner à Dieu et au prochain, dans un esprit missionnaire d’annonce :  (cf rituel de consécration des vierges, annexes, 1 Messe, Prière eucharistique III : Daigne encore Seigneur, affermir l’engagement de nos sœurs à suivre le Christ sans relâche, pour donner ainsi le témoignage de la vie évangélique et de l’amour fraternel.)

Lecture patristique : Syméon le Nouveau Théologien (+ 1022)
Catéchèses, 3, SC 96, 298-305

Est-ce que tu ne frémis pas, mon ami, en entendant Dieu te dire chaque jour par toute l'Écriture divine: Aucune parole mauvaise ne doit sortir de votre bouche (Ep 4,29). Amen, je vous le dis, vous rendrez compte d'une seule parole creuse (cf. Mt 12,36), et: Vous recevrez une récompense pour avoir donné de l'eau fraîche (cf. Mc 9,41). Ne vous trompez pas, mes frères, Dieu aime les hommes, il est miséricordieux et compatissant, j'en témoigne et je le confesse: et c'est par sa compassion que j'ai l'assurance d'être sauvé. Sachez cependant que ceux qui ne se repentent pas et ne gardent pas ses commandements avec une exactitude parfaite et avec beaucoup de crainte, ne profiteront nullement de cette compassion. Dieu leur infligera une punition plus sévère qu'aux nations impies et non baptisées.

Ne vous y trompez pas, mes frères, aucun péché ne doit vous paraître petit, et aucun ne doit être pris par nous à la légère, sous prétexte qu'il ne cause pas un dommage si considérable à nos âmes. Car les serviteurs fidèles ne font pas la différence entre un petit péché et un grand: n'auraient-ils péché que par un regard, une pensée ou une parole, qu'ils seraient dans un état semblable à ceux qui ont déchu de l'amour de Dieu, et je suis convaincu que cela est vrai. = les nouveaux péchés de Rome ne sont pas conformes aux péchés établies sous les lois de Dieu, mais selon les nouvelles normes internationales de l'ONU.

Quelqu'un a-t-il formé la plus petite pensée contraire à la volonté de Dieu? S'il ne s'en repent aussitôt, s'il ne repousse pas l'assaut de son imagination, mais accueille cette pensée et la conserve en soi, cela lui est compté comme un péché; même s'il ne sait pas que cette pensée est mauvaise, il lui en est tenu compte.

Nous devons donc être très vigilants et zélés; il nous faut beaucoup scruter les Écritures. En effet, le Seigneur nous a fait voir l'avantage que celles-ci nous procurent quand il a déclaré: Scrutez les Écritures (Jn 5,39). = Si tous scrutaient les Ecritures, ils sortiraient en courant de cette Eglise putrifiée.

Scrutez-les et retenez avec beaucoup d'exactitude et de foi tout ce qu'elles disent. Ainsi, connaissant exactement la volonté de Dieu par les divines Écritures, vous serez capables de distinguer, sans vous tromper, le bien du mal, au lieu de prêter l'oreille à n'importe quel esprit et d'être emportés par des pensées funestes.

Soyez certains, mes frères, que rien n'est aussi favorable à notre salut que l'observance des divins préceptes du Seigneur. Nous aurons toutefois à verser beaucoup de larmes, il nous faudra beaucoup de crainte, de patience et de persévérance dans la prière, pour que nous soit révélé le sens d'un seul mot du Maître, pour que nous connaissions le grand mystère caché dans les moindres paroles, et que nous exposions nos vies, jusqu'à la mort, pour un seul détail des commandements de Dieu.

Car la parole de Dieu est comme une épée à deux tranchants qui sépare et écarte l'âme de toute convoitise et de toute sensation corporelle. Plus que cela, elle devient aussi comme un feu brûlant lorsqu'elle ranime l'ardeur de notre âme, lorsqu'elle nous fait mépriser toutes les tristesses de la vie et considérer comme une joie toute épreuve qui survient, lorsqu'elle nous fait désirer et embrasser la mort redoutable aux autres hommes, en nous faisant voir en elle la vraie vie et le moyen d'y parvenir.

(25 septembre 2015) © Innovative Media Inc.


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MessagePosté le: Mar 29 Sep - 05:59 (2015)    Sujet du message: EN ALLEMAGNE, LES PARENTS OUVERTEMENT XENOPHOBES PEUVENT DESORMAIS ETRE PRIVES DE LEURS ENFANTS! Répondre en citant


28 sept. 2015, 13:04

 © Tobias Schwarz Source: Reuters

Les parents allemands postant des propos racistes sur les réseaux sociaux risquent de perdre la garde de leurs bambins. Une cour se charge de juger si la teneur des discours parentaux nuit ou pas à la santé et au bien-être des enfants en question.

Poster des messages de haine sur Facebook peut s'avérer être un jeu sacrément dangereux en Allemagne. Outre le risque d'être mis au ban de la société, ou encore d'être privé de bonus par son patron, les parents s'adonnant à ces petites phrases xénophobes risquent également de perdre la garde de leurs enfants. Une cour est ainsi chargée de déterminer si les discours tenus par les parents sur les réseaux sociaux - entre autres - sont de nature à mettre en danger la santé psychique de l'enfant.

«Le facteur décisif est le bon sens», assure Eva Becker, présidente du groupe de travail sur le droit de la famille dans l'association du Barreau allemand. Ainsi, selon cette juriste si un parent clame qu'il préfère qu'il n'y ait pas dans son voisinage de réfugiés syriens, cela ne peut pas nuire au bien-être de l'enfant. Il s'agit plus ici de parler avec le parent concerné avant que son petit ne développe une peur des réfugiés et que lui-même dépasse «la limite» avec des propos allant crescendo.

Aller plus loin: Les Norvégiens protestent contre les «enlèvements» du système norvégien de placement familial

Une information qui a néanmoins de quoi jeter un froid Outre-Rhin car, selon les avocats qui ont révélé ces pratiques, les dits propos n'ont même pas besoin d'être officiellement répréhensibles sur le plan pénal pour conduire à une déchéance des droits parentaux. Ainsi, un parent coupable d'avoir tenu des propos xénophobes pourra voir ses droits de visites encadrés, avec la présence d'un éducateur, voire même être supprimés s'il ne change pas de comportement.

Ainsi, il y a trois ans, la cour constitutionnelle allemande n'a pas hésité à priver de ses droits parentaux un père qui grenouillait dans les milieux les plus extrêmes de la droite, considérant que le bien-être de ses enfants étaient ici en danger.

Si l'arrivée massive de réfugiés ces dernières semaines a été saluée par une partie de la population allemande, elle a aussi été rejetée par une autre qui se retrouve désormais sous la bannière de partis xénophobes et anti-migrants, tel que Pegida. Un climat délétère qui risque fort de provoquer quelques dérapages racistes sur les réseaux sociaux, mettant en péril les droits de ces parents injurieux.


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MessagePosté le: Mar 29 Sep - 07:32 (2015)    Sujet du message: KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR : CRITICS ‘DISTORT’ SHARIAH LAW ‘TO MAKE MUSLIMS THE VILLAIN’ Répondre en citant


Liar! NO! Muslims LIE about Sharia law. It is called Taqiyya. And their holy book commands them to LIE to defend the faith or to gain the trust of non'believers. There isn't much to distort about rape, torture, pedophilia, emolation, beheading, honor killings, beheading, mutilation. It is all there in black and white in their book for anyone who takes the time to learn the TRUTH of the EVIL of ISLAM!

Sep. 27, 2015 7:09pm Dave Urbanski

Former NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said the notion that Shariah law endorses killing homosexuals, rape and making women subservient to men is “crazy” and insisted that critics of Shariah are out to make Muslims “the villain.”

Image source: YouTube

In an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiroma on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Abdul-Jabbar’s comments came after Bartiroma noted Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s statements about not wanting a Muslim in the White House who hadn’t renounced Shariah Law.

“We know that Shariah law means killing homosexuals, women are subservient to men,” Bartiroma said. “Tell me about Shariah law.”

Here’s how Abdul-Jabbar replied:
“Islam does not OK the things that you just mentioned, killing people, rape, all of these things that have been associated now with Shariah law. That’s crazy. None of the people that have that criticism of Shariah law have checked out the law. Because it’s not even for non-Muslims. Shariah law is for the ruling of an Islamic state. So Shariah law could never apply here in America because America is a very diverse place. So they’ve got it all wrong. They don’t know what the law states, actually. And they want to distort it in order to make Muslims the villain. And there’s enough real villainy going on without people inventing it.”

Here’s the clip:

VIDEO : https://youtu.be/KMgWpOIAZhI

(H/T: The Gateway Pundit)

Follow Dave Urbanski (@DaveVUrbanski) on Twitter


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MessagePosté le: Mar 29 Sep - 07:48 (2015)    Sujet du message: DES MUSULMANS RADICAUX MENACENT DES CHRETIENS DANS LES CENTRES D'ACCUEIL Répondre en citant


..."là où nous sommes, c'est d'abord la sharia." Imaginez maintenant la suite avec le plan de demande de Rome au clergé et des maires d'accueillir des réfugiés dans toutes les villes.

Christophe Da Silva

28/09/15 - 15h03  Source: Welt am Sonntag

"Ici, c’est d’abord la sharia"

© epa.

Les chrétiens qui fuient la guerre dans leurs pays doivent aussi craindre pour leur vie dans des centres d'accueil en Allemagne. Ils sont insultés, maltraités, agressés et menacés de mort par des musulmans radicaux. Le journal réputé Die Welt a compilé certains témoignages dans son édition du week-end "Welt am Sonntag".

Je pensais que je pouvais vivre librement ma religion ici. Mais si je dis que je suis un chrétien dans un centre d'accueil, je suis menacé de mort


Les chrétiens et les yézidis sont les premières victimes. Pour les musulmans convertis au christianisme, il y a quasiment 100% de chance qu'il seront attaqués

© reuters.
Said est un chrétien qui a fui l'Iran après l'arrestation de son frère dans une église. Il a traversé la Turquie à pied. Il n'aurait jamais pensé connaître de tels soucis en Allemagne.

"Je pensais que je pouvais vivre librement ma religion ici. Mais si je dis que je suis un chrétien dans un centre d'accueil, je suis menacé de mort."  

" Ils menaçaient de me tuer"

Said occupe une place au beau  milieu des sunnites syriens dans un  centre d'accueil à Brandenburg (près de Berlin).

"Durant le ramadan, ils me réveillaient à l'aube pour m'obliger à manger et à boire avant le lever du soleil. Si je refusais, on me traitait de mécréant, d'infidèle. On me crachait dessus et on me traitait comme un animal. Ils menaçaient de me tuer."  


Le pasteur Gottfried Berlin Martens, qui s'occupe du sort des chrétiens venus de Syrie, d'Irak et d'Afghanistan, confirment ces problèmes dans les centres d'accueil.

"Les musulmans radicaux font la loi", précise-t-il. "Ils martèlent: là où nous sommes, c'est d'abord la sharia. Les chrétiens n'osent même plus préparer leurs repas dans les cuisines communes. Celui qui ne prie pas cinq fois par jour en direction de La Mecque est maltraité. Les croix portées autour du cou sont interdites. Les chrétiens se demandent quand ces musulmans radicaux vont quitter les centres d'accueil. Les chrétiens devront-ils se cacher à l'avenir?"  

État Islamique

L'histoire de Said rappelle celle d'un tas de chrétiens réfugiés dans des centres d'accueil. À Hemer (au sud-est de Dortmund), un homme d'origine érythréenne et sa femme enceinte ont été agressés par des musulmans radicaux venus d'Algérie. Il a été blessé avec une bouteille en verre.  

Un jeune Syrien parle aussi d'une menace terrible dans un centre d'accueil à Giessen (petite ville de 73.000 habitants). Il craint que beaucoup de combattants de l'Etat Islamique se retrouvent au beau milieu des migrants.


"Ils hurlent des versets coraniques et des slogans appelant à décapiter des gens. Je ne peux pas rester ici. Je suis chrétien".

Une famille chrétienne, originaire d'Irak, a connu un vrai cauchemar dans un centre d'accueil à Freising (au nord de Munich). Ils ont été menacés par un extrémiste syrien.

"Le sommet de l'iceberg"

"Il nous répétait: nous allons vous tuer et boire votre sang", a raconté le père à une chaîne locale de Beieren. La famille vivait dans une petite chambre. Personne n'osait la quitter. Du coup, ils sont repartis vers Mossoul (en Irak) pour retrouver la paix. Mais là-bas, ils ont une nouvelle fois été menacés par des extrémistes. La famille est finalement partie pour Erbil (Irak). Aux dernières nouvelles, ce n'est pas la gloire pour eux.

"Cette famille était en insécurité", a ajouté Simon Jacob du Conseil des chrétiens d'Orient. "C'est le sommet de l'iceberg mais je sais que beaucoup de chrétiens ont été agressés".


Pour Max Klingberg, qui travaille avec les réfugiés depuis plus de 15 ans dans la Société internationale pour les droits de l'homme (Internationalen Gesellschaft für Menschenrechte), les Afghans et les Pakistanais sèment surtout la terreur dans les centres d'accueil. Ils sont plus extrémistes que les Irakiens et les Syriens.

"Il faut arrêter de penser que tous ceux qui viennent ici respectent les droits humains. C'est une illusion. Beaucoup de réfugiés actuels sont plus religieux que les Frères musulmans. Les chrétiens et les yézidis sont les premières victimes. Pour les musulmans convertis au christianisme, il y a quasiment 100% de chance qu'ils seront attaqués."

Afin d'éviter un nouveau drame, la police allemande a soumis l'idée de séparer les réfugiés selon leurs croyances religieuses. Dimanche, des affrontements entre plusieurs centaines de réfugiés ont éclaté dans un camp d'hébergement près de Cassel (centre de l'Allemagne) où 14 personnes, dont trois policiers, ont été légèrement blessées.


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Posted on September 30, 2015 by TK Whiteman

Patriarch Kirill. Photo: Wikipedia

There once was a major Christian leader who advocated armed might to both stem the tide of an invading and quite bloody army as well as to protect individual Christians threatened by the same invaders.

Almost a thousand years later, the warning largely attributed to philosopher Jorge Santyana still rings true: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

In arguably the truest form of religious ecumenism, in 1095 Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos appealed to Pope Bl. Urban II for the Western Church’s assistance against the attacking Turks and Arabs, who had taken nearly all the Byzantine lands in Asia Minor, the Near and Middle East. It was then that Blessed Urban II changed the course of world history by calling on all of the West’s sovereigns no not only aid their Greek brethren, but to also liberate the Holy Lands captured by invading Muslim armies. As reported by the Agence France-Presse via NewsMax.com, and also the new media Meduza.com portal of Latvia, both on Sept. 30, 2015, it certainly appears that everything old is new again.

Martyr Yevgeny Rodionov, tortured to death by Chechen Muslims for refusing to renounce Christ. Photo: Wikipedia.
Luciferian cross

In a curious change of leads, now it appears the Eastern Church is rescuing their Western counterparts. As reported, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church’s (ROC) public affairs department, The Very Rev. Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin didn’t exactly mince words when it came to where the ROC stands on troops from Mother Russia engaged in combat in Syria.

With Syria’s sizable Christian minority being a favored target of murder, torture and kidnappings by Islamic jihadists such as al-Qaeda, ISIS and the al-Nusra Front, Fr. Chaplain stated, “The fight with terrorism is a holy battle and today our country is perhaps the most active force in the world fighting it.” Verifying that Fr. Chaplain hadn’t gone rouge, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’ and Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill (Cyril) said “Russia took a responsible decision to use military forces to protect the Syrian people from the woes brought on by the tyranny of terrorists.”

His Holiness also noted that he considers armed intervention needed since “the political process has not led to any noticeable improvement in the lives of innocent people, and they need military protection.” Patriarch Kirill’s call is eerily reminiscent of Blessed Urban’s shaming a millennia ago of initially weak-kneed Western kings and princes…

H/T KevinWhiteman.com


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