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MessagePosté le: Jeu 29 Nov - 00:55 (2012)    Sujet du message: FAITH ORGANIZATIONS TO APPLY FOR PERMIT TO SET UP 'LIVE NATIVITY DISPLAY' IN SANTA MONICA'S PALISADES PARK Répondre en citant


Contact: Rev. Patrick Mahoney, 540-538-4741

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Nov. 28, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Recently Santa Monica and the U. S. District Federal Court banned Nativity Scenes and all "unattended displays" in Palisades Park.

However, there are no prohibitions on "Live Nativity Displays."

Photo: The Live Nativity Display in front of the Supreme Court from a past project
The group plans to hold a news conference to discuss their plans on Thursday, November 29 at 2:00 P.M.

The news conference will be in front of Santa Monica City Hall which is located at 1685 Main Street.

The goal of the organizations is to ensure that a Nativity Scene continues to be displayed in Palisades Park after nearly 60 continuous years as well as embracing religious freedom, the First Amendment and the message of Christmas.

The "Live Nativity Display" campaign is being led by the Christian Defense Coalition and Faith and Action which are both based in Washington, D.C. along with local Southern California Christians and pastors.

The effort is being sponsored by "The Nativity Project" which encourages the faith community to display Nativity Scenes in public places across America.

They will be conducting a "Live Nativity Display" in front of the United States Capitol Building and Supreme Court next as well is in New York City in front of the FOX News Studios.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, states;
    "Sadly, we are seeing an erosion of expressions of faith in the public square. This is especially true during the Christmas Season. We must be constantly reminded that the Constitution promises freedom 'of' religion not freedom 'from' religion.

    "After nearly 60 continuous years, it is critical that a Nativity Scene remain in Palisades Park. We must continue to fight for religious freedom and the First Amendment as well as embracing the powerful message of Christmas which is; 'Peace on Earth. Goodwill toward man.'

    "We believe that this 'Live Nativity Display' meets all the requirements of the Santa Monica City Council and the Federal Court."

Jeff White, Youth Pastor of Lake Gregory Community Church, adds;
    "As a youth pastor, I often teach the importance of religious freedom and the need to see those freedoms are protected.

    "By setting up this 'Live Nativity Display' in Palisades Park, we ensure for future generations the right for everyone to express their faith traditions in the public square free from government intimidation or harassment."

For more information or interviews call:
Rev. Patrick Mahoney at 540.538.4741


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 29 Nov - 00:55 (2012)    Sujet du message: Publicité

PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?
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Inscrit le: 18 Juin 2011
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MessagePosté le: Jeu 29 Nov - 22:48 (2012)    Sujet du message: MIKE MALLOY WANTS TEA-PARTY MEMBERS HEADS CUTOFF Répondre en citant


VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXwNMBSOR28

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Inscrit le: 18 Juin 2011
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MessagePosté le: Ven 30 Nov - 23:39 (2012)    Sujet du message: ANTI-SEMITIC EDUCATION AT NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Répondre en citant


VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=A9mmOilcDA4#!

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Inscrit le: 18 Juin 2011
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MessagePosté le: Dim 2 Déc - 16:33 (2012)    Sujet du message: INDONESIAN MUSLIMS FOMENT “CHRISTIANOPHOBIA”, SCHOOLS, CHURCHES AND SHOPS TARGETED Répondre en citant


Posted on December 2, 2012 by creeping

The “Jakarta street kid” occupying the White House stated previously, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

via Islamists foment “Christianophobia”: schools, churches and shops targetedAsia News.
For days a violent campaign has been mounting against the Christian minority. An excuse used by the local leadership to distract citizens from problems, including justice and the fight against corruption. The work of the bishop of Padang for dialogue and “good relations” with the Muslims. A church may close due to the alleged lack of a building permit.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – In the district of West Pasaman, the Indonesian province of West Sumatra, characterized by a strong presence of Islamic extremists, some local groups – supported by government leaders – have launched a violent anti-Christian campaign. And as in the days of the Suharto regime (1967-1998), the government is feeding the ethnic and confessional divisions, in order to distract the public from the real problems of the people, including justice and rights, development policies and a serious and effective fight against corruption. Meanwhile, the bishop of Padang, worried by the growing “Christianophobia”, is trying to mediate by maintaining “good relations” with the various groups and citizens’ representatives, including the moderate Muslim wing.

The wave of “Christianophobia” in the third largest island in the Indonesian archipelago has taken on concerning contours in recent days, with the increase in protests in public squares. On November 19, a mob marched through the streets of the West Pasaman District to protest against “the growing presence” of “Catholic and Protestant schools” in the region. Leading the procession were members and leaders of Islamic extremist groups, chanting slogans and shouting at schools, churches and stores owned by the religious minority.

Among the many signs that stood out in the crowd, one reminded citizens that it is “morally obligatory for Muslim families not to send their children to school in Christian or Catholic institutions.” Another poster invoked the closure “of Christian cafés and stores.” And the real fear is that the campaign of hatred and ostracism could take on even darker, more violent contours.
Among the protesters’ targets was also the Catholic Church of Sumber Karya, in West Pasaman, which is why local leaders have preferred to cancel the work of expansion and renovation, to avoid new tensions. Among the reasons for the attack on the building is the alleged lack of a building permit – the infamous Izin Mendirikan Bangunan (IMB) – a pretext often used to halt Christian works, centers and places of worship in Indonesia. A priest from the area told AsiaNews that all the procedures have been followed for obtaining a permit, but the authorities are resisting.

After Aceh, the only province in which Shariah law is in effect, the province of West Sumatra has the second-highest percentage of Muslims in the population and has many affinities with the first, including practices and regulations inspired by Islam and the Qur’an. It, too, is the scene of attacks against political leaders close to the minorities, as happened last year against the Catholic leader Supri, accused of “Christianizing” the zone. In addition to throwing rocks and stones at his house, the extremists repeatedly threatened him, ordering him to convert and embrace the faith of Mohammed. His dry response: “I’ll never change religion,” said Supri.

Previous posts on Indonesia.


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Inscrit le: 18 Juin 2011
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MessagePosté le: Dim 2 Déc - 17:11 (2012)    Sujet du message: LA GRANDE PERSÉCUTION (PARTIE 2) P.1 Répondre en citant


Students at Harvard University awoke Friday morning to inflammatory club invitations slid under their doors that stated, “Jews need not apply,” “No f–king Jews” and “Coloreds OK,” student newspaper the Harvard Crimson reported.

The invitations were for “The Pigeon,” said to be “Harvard’s Newest Final Club.” Final clubs are exclusive social clubs not recognized by the university.

Three virtues listed at the top of the invitation were “inclusion,” “diversity” and “love,” each with the following caveats: “inclusion” (“Jews need not apply”); “diversity” (“Seriously, no f–king Jews. Coloreds OK”); and “love” (“Rophynol” — a misspelling of the date rape drug Rohypnol, or “roofies.”)

Image source: Harvard Crimson

The invitation contained information for the club’s first event, set for 11:02 p.m. at a frozen yogurt shop on Dec. 13, with “semi-bro attire required.”

It was unclear precisely how many students received the invitations, or whether they were legitimate or some kind of prank. The Crimson reported they were distributed in all nine undergraduate “River Houses.”

In a statement to TheBlaze, Harvard College Dean Evelynn Hammonds called the invitations “deeply disturbing” and said while the university is committed to safeguarding free expression, that should not be mistaken “for the tacit approval of all speech that occurs on our campus.”

“As dean of the college, and as an educator, I find these flyers offensive,” Hammonds said. “They are not a reflection of the values of our community. Even if intended as satirical in nature, they are hurtful and offensive to many students, faculty and staff, and do not demonstrate the level of thoughtfulness and respect we expect at Harvard when engaging difficult issues within our community.”

Word of the invitations comes just after the university granted a BDSM sex club official school recognition.


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Inscrit le: 18 Juin 2011
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MessagePosté le: Mer 5 Déc - 00:20 (2012)    Sujet du message: DESTINY LAB "EVOLVE OR DIE" Répondre en citant


VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SzzuQX3JUg8

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Suspected sorcerer beheaded and alleged thief had hand amputated by Ansar al-Sharia militia
. Yemenishave suffered 'human rights catastrophe' in conflict between government and Al Qaeda group
. Dozens more killed during 'reckless' counter-insurgency by Yemen forces
. Charity says tragedy will 'haunt Yemen for decades' unless perpetrators are brought to justice

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED:10:51 GMT, 4 December 2012| UPDATED:11:05 GMT, 4 December 2012

'Horrific abuse': This Yemeni claims he was tortured and had his hand amputated in public by the Al Qaeda-linked group Ansar al-Sharia while it was in power of the Abyan region

Al Qaeda committed 'truly shocking' human rights abuses including crucifixions and the beheading of an alleged sorceror during its 16 months in control of a southern region of Yemen, a report by Amnesty International claimed today.

The London-based charity has also released a video which appears to show a suspected thief having his hand amputated by the Ansar al-Sharia militia, which seized power of the Abyan governorate in February 2011.

Amnesty said dozens more civilians were then killed during reckless counter-insurgency operations by the Yemeni government as it sought to win back the territory from the Al Qaeda-affiliated group.

The tragedies would 'haunt Yemen for decades to come' unless the perpetrators were caught and the families compensated, the charity said.

Amnesty International Middle East and North Africa Director Philip Luther said: 'Abyan experienced a human rights catastrophe as Ansar al-Sharia and government forces vied for control of the region during 2011 and the first half of 2012.

'The Yemeni authorities must ensure that a commission of inquiry announced in September covers the truly shocking abuses committed.

'The tragedy of Abyan will haunt Yemen for decades to come unless those responsible are held to account and victims and their families receive reparations.'

Amnesty's 55-page report, Conflict in Yemen: Abyan's Darkest Hour, documents violations of the rules of war during the armed conflict between government forces and Ansar al-Sharia, an Islamist armed group affiliated to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. 

Scroll down for video

'Catastrophe': The Yemeni says he had his left hand amputated (above) without attending a trial and without prior knowledge of the punishment

Instilling fear: Residents told Amnesty that the amputated hand was later suspended by a rope in the town's market for all to see

It details horrific human rights abuses committed in the governorate of Abyan and other areas in the south of Yemen during the rule of the Islamist group between February 2011 and June 2012.

In addition, the report shows that the Yemeni government response to Ansar al-Sharia included indiscriminate attacks resulting in the unnecessary loss of civilian life, obstructing medical care and subjecting suspected fighters to enforced disappearance.

There are also reports that some of the air strikes documented in this report may have been carried out by U.S. drones, which appear to have been active during the conflict.

After it took control of most of Abyan during 2011-12, Amnesty says Ansar al-Sharia was responsible for widespread human rights abuses, including via its newly-established 'religious courts'.

No Justice: Amnesty says Ansar al-Sharia was responsible for widespread human rights abuses, including via its newly-established 'religious courts' after it took power of Abyan in February 2011

Coercion: According to a video released by Amnesty these two men are among many who were forced into making confessions to crimes by Ansar al-Sharia

'Widespread abuses': The Islamist group controlled the Abyan region from February 2011 until it was ousted by government forces in June this year

These frequently imposed cruel, inhuman and degrading punishments on alleged criminals, suspected spies, those accused of 'sorcery' and people who transgressed cultural norms, it added.

Punishments included summary killings - including at least one post-execution crucifixion - amputations and floggings.

In one case, 28-year-old Saleh Ahmed Saleh al-Jamli was found guilty by a religious court in the town of Ja’ar of planting electronic devices in two vehicles carrying Ansar al-Shari’a commanders.

Shocking: This image from the Amnesty video reportedly shows a Yemeni's body being crucified in public after they were executed
The ruling obtained by Amnesty said the devices had enabled U.S. drones to kill commanders in Zinjibar and claimed Saleh al-Jamli 'confessed' to a judicial committee.

The court ruled that Saleh al-Jamli should be killed, and his remains crucified. Meanwhile, Ansar al-Shari’a amputated the hand of at least one person suspected of theft.

One of them was a young man Amnesty met whose left hand had been amputated in a public square in Ja’ar.

He was arrested along with two of his friends by members of the armed group and accused of stealing electric wires.

The friends were eventually released but the youth, a member of a marginalised community widely referred to as al-akhdam (servants), said that he was tortured for five days without access to a lawyer or his family, and then had his left hand amputated without attending a trial and without prior knowledge of the punishment.

Amnesty has been given a 90-second video appearing to show the amputation being carried out. Residents told Amnesty that the amputated hand was later suspended by a rope in the town's market for all to see.

Ansar al-Sharia also sought to tighten its grip on power through threats, intimidation and the enforcement of a highly repressive social and religious code.

The rights of women and girls in particular came under attack and severe dress codes were imposed, as was a strict separation of the sexes and restrictions at work and in schools.

After Ansar al-Shari’a took over Abyan and extended its reach to other areas in the south, the Yemeni military launched several attacks to regain control, culminating in a major offensive on May 12 this year using air power and artillery. 

Amnesty claims dozens of civilians were killed by reckless counter-insurgency operations by the Yemen government as it sought to seize back control of Abyan

Heavy-handed: Amnesty claims the Yemeni government forces used inappropriate battlefield weapons such as artillery in civilian residential areas

By the end of June, government forces had succeeded in driving the group out of Abyan and surrounding areas.

In the process, Amnesty claims the Yemeni government forces used inappropriate battlefield weapons such as artillery in civilian residential areas.

Scores of civilians, including children, were killed and many more injured as a result of air strikes and artillery and mortar attacks by government forces.

Amnesty says the tragedies will 'haunt Yemen for decades' unless the perpetrators are brought to justice

Although Ansar al-Sharia were driven out of Abyan in June, there remains a danger the group will re-emerge and that the armed conflict will resume

Ansar al-Shari’a meanwhile used residential areas as bases, particularly in Ja’ ar, recklessly exposing civilian residents to harm.

The toxic mix of fighting and human rights abuses meant an estimated 250,000 people from Yemen’s southern governorates, particularly Abyan, were displaced. 

While Ansar al-Shari’a were driven out of the cities and towns they controlled in June, there remains a danger the group will re-emerge and that the armed conflict will resume.

The report is based on the findings of an Amnesty fact-finding mission to Yemen in June-July 2012.

Amnesty documents 'human rights catastrophe' in Yemen

VIDEO : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2242719/Al-Qaeda-committed-truly-shocking-human-rights-abuses-power-Yemens-Abyan-region-says-Amnesty-report.html 


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MessagePosté le: Mer 5 Déc - 21:05 (2012)    Sujet du message: ISLAM'S RISE AND THE WEST'S DENIAL Répondre en citant


Posted on December 5, 2012 by creeping

Following yesterday’s dire but needed warning in essay format from Algeria, author William Kilpatrick expounds, via Islam’s Rise and the West’s Denial: Catholic World Report.

One thing that the West doesn’t grasp is that Islam is a political religion with political ambitions. Omar Ahmad, the co-founder of the Council on American Islamic Relations, has said that “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to be dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.” Numerous Islamic authorities have expressed similar sentiments. The supposedly moderate Imam Feisal Rauf, the initiator of the Ground Zero mosque project, wrote an article for the Huffington Post containing the observation, “What Muslims want is a judiciary (in the US) that ensures that the laws are not in conflict with the Qur`an and the Hadith.” What he means is that US law must be brought in line with Islamic sharia law. Since very many provisions of sharia law are considered criminal under US law, that would mean the overthrow of much of our legal code.

Many Catholics also fail to realize the political nature of Islam and imagine that a mosque, like a church, is simply a place of worship. But a mosque is more than that. Political and community issues are dealt with in a mosque, and calls to jihad are frequently issued in mosques. For example, many of the “Arab Spring” demonstrations were set in motion from mosques following the Friday sermons.

Moreover, there are many instances of mosques being used for mentoring terrorists or for storing arms and explosives. According to a popular Muslim poem:
The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets the minarets our bayonets
And the faithful our soldiers.

Many Muslims think of Islam not only as a religion but also as an army—an army with a mission of subjugation. That’s why the penalty for apostasy is death. Just as a deserter from an army in time of war may be punished with the death penalty, so also a deserter from the army of Islam.

The political nature of Islam ought to give pause to Catholics who think they can DIALOGUE with Muslims in the same way they DIALOGUE with Baptists or Jews. A recently concluded series of Catholic-Muslim DIALOGUES sponsored by the USCCB highlights the problem. It turns out that the bishops’ DIALOGUE partners are all members of Muslim activist groups with links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

One of the counterparts, Sayyid Syeed, is a prominent figure in the Islamic Society of North America—a group that was designated as an unindicted co-conspirator in a massive terrorist funding scheme. One wonders if the bishops fully understand who they are dealing with. = They understand very well

The recent revival of traditional, militant Islam is, in many respects, a reaction to that loss of faith. The new breed of Salafist and Muslim Brotherhood preachers are intent on recalling Muslims to the full practice of their faith—including the “forgotten obligation” of jihad.

The attacks on Christianity are not rooted in a flaw in multiculturalism, but rather in the nature of multiculturalism. The multicultural creed is based on the fiction that all cultures, religions, and traditions are roughly equal. But there is no equivalence between the achievements of Western Christian civilization and Islamic civilization. In order to equalize them it’s necessary to pull down Christianity and the West while applying affirmative action whitewash to Islam.

This, of course, leads to any number of bizarre double standards. For example, Mayor Tom Menino of Boston stated that the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain was not welcome in Boston because its president does not approve of gay marriage, while the same Mayor Menino has been very welcoming to Islamic groups that, in addition to wanting to abolish gay marriage, also want to abolish gays. Mayor Menino gave a speech at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a very large mosque built by the Islamic Society of Boston. Not only that, he donated a $1.8 million parcel of municipal land to the project. One of the seven trustees of the Islamic Society of Boston is the world-renowned Imam Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who believes that gays should either be burned to death or thrown from a high place. So, in Boston, what’s sauce for the goose is not necessarily sauce for the chicken fillet.

A more ominous development is that there now exists a tacit alliance between radical secularists and radical Islam. The most obvious example of this is the alliance between Islamic Iran and leftist Venezuela, but there are many other examples. Leftist professors regularly work with members of the Muslim Student Association (a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot) toward furthering Islamic goals. The campaign against the supposed hate crime of Islamophobia has been largely engineered by the left. And the leftist Justice Department has done its best to undercut the ability of law enforcement to investigate terrorist activities. Muslims, for their part, quickly learned to employ the methods pioneered by secular militants. Muslim activists groups portrayed themselves as civil rights groups and labeled any resistance to their agenda as hateful, bigoted, racist, and Islamophobic. At the same time, these Muslim groups can rely on the secular media to portray them in the best possible light.

The US is on the same river as Europe, but not as close to the falls. It appears, however, that it’s trying hard to catch up. During the last three administrations, Muslim activists have worked hard to gain positions of influence in the government, and with great success. Muslim activist groups convinced the Department of Homeland Security to delete words like “jihad,” “Islamist,” and “terrorist” from their lexicon. In compliance with Muslim demands the Justice Department ordered the military to delete from its training manuals any suggestion that there is a connection between Islam and violence. And the State Department played a major role in enabling the Muslim Brotherhood to come to power in North Africa. Moreover, the State Department has been working with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for more than a year toward the goal of establishing anti-blasphemy laws or something akin to them. If the effort succeeds, criticism of Islam will then be a crime—as it already in many European countries. Meanwhile, a steady flow of Saudi money helps to ensure that college students learn only an Islam-friendly version of history and current events.

At first glance it would appear that Islamization is unlikely here because the Muslim population is small and, unlike Europe, America is a churchgoing nation with a healthy birthrate. But there is still reason for alarm.

Islamization is not simply a numbers game. For an analogy, consider that homosexuals make up only 2 to 3 percent of the population, but have nevertheless exerted an outsize influence on public policy and school curriculums. Of course, they have been able to do this with the help of liberal elites in media, academia, the courts, and the entertainment industry. But remember that Islamic activists have the backing of the very same people.

Islamization won’t happen tomorrow in America, but there is a distinct possibility that our children will grow up in an America dominated by Islam. It’s not necessary to be a majority or anywhere near a majority in order to dominate.

Throughout history Islamic warriors have managed to subdue populations much larger than their own. If America is eventually subjugated, however, it won’t be the result of armed jihad, but of cultural jihad—the steady incremental advance of sharia law through agitation, propaganda, lawfare, political activism, and infiltration of key governmental and educational institutions. Many Muslim leaders have made it plain that they plan to subjugate America under Islam. We should take them seriously.

The first thing Christians need to do is inform themselves about Islam. Christians, like secularists, tend to view Islam through a multicultural lens and assume that Islam is like other religions. But it is not. Islam is not a religion of PEACE, but a religion of conquest that aims to subjugate non-Muslims. This isn’t just a theory.

l also find that the Jesus of the Koran is nothing at all like the Jesus of the Gospels. In fact, he seems to have been introduced into the Koran for the sole purpose of contradicting the Christian belief in Jesus as the son of God. The Church also has an obligation to more fully inform Catholics about Islam. The treatment of the subject in Nostra Aetate andthe Catechism of the Catholic Church are brief and inadequate. Catholics need to know a great deal more about Islam and have to move beyond the simplistic assumption that because God and Jesus and Mary are in the Koran, everything must be okay.

As I said earlier, Christians must realize that Islam is a political religion, and they need to be aware that religious overtures on the part of Muslims are often nothing other than political maneuvering. For example, Christians should avoid being pulled into Islam’s anti-blasphemy/anti-defamation campaign, because the ultimate goal of this campaign is to criminalize criticism of Islam. And, by the way, simply to assert the divinity of Christ is a blasphemy of the highest order according to the Koran.

Likewise, Christians should be careful about aligning themselves with Islamic activist groups on religious freedom issues. When Muslim leaders talk about freedom of religion, they mean freedom to practice sharia—a legal, social, political, and theological system that is inimical both to Christianity and the First Amendment. Muslim spokesmen are quite willing to affirm their belief in religious freedom because according to Islamic tradition there is only one religion—Islam.

Under Islamic law, all other religions are considered abrogated.


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 6 Déc - 19:01 (2012)    Sujet du message: OBAMA'S WAR ON CHRISTIANITY CONTINUES Répondre en citant


BibleStudySpace : Christian social network & Christian Myspace,. Christian .... —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Caritas in Veritates, n. 19. The pope ...


Contact: Frank Tomi, BibleStudySpace.Com, 315-944-8379

ELBRIDGE, N.Y., Nov. 8, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- BibleStudySpace.Com is a Christian social network with a purpose, to create awareness of the Christian persecution around the world. The silent holocaust of Christian martyrs taking place is not reported by Fox, CNN, NBC and the other secular news networks. The war on Christianity in America is ignored by both Republicans and Democrats. For more than two years Obama did not fill the post of religious freedom ambassador, that works against religious persecution across the world. Obama filled it only after heavy pressure from the public and Congress. Suppose that there was a country where Muslims were being massacred every month, would the Obama Administration and media remain silent on a Muslim holocaust?

Every month we have thousands of Christians massacred around the world, but Obama and American media ignores the Christians holocaust around the world. A mob attack on Muslims in Burma immediately resulted in a condemnation from the State Department and Obama. But a car bombing and shooting attack on two churches in Nigeria have not been similarly commented on by the State Department.

How many weeks did Obama and the media deliberately mislead Americans about the attack on Benghazi? While Obama and Secretary of State Clinton falsely accused the Muhammad movie for all the violence. We have the entertainment industry leading a propaganda war against Christians and Obama argues that the First Amendment provides no protection for churches and synagogues in hiring their pastors. The Obama new health care rules that override religious conscience protections for medical workers in the areas of abortion and contraception.

Christians need a way of broadcasting the truth about Christians being massacred around the world, this is why Bible Study Space is launching Social Media Newsroom. At least 75 per cent of all religious persecution in the world is directed against Christians. Over 150,000 Christians will be killed this year for their faith and over 200 million face daily threats of beating, imprisonment and torture.

BibleStudySpace.Com is also a Christian social network for Bible Study, training Bible Students and Ministries. We have Video Bible Study Lessons from Genesis to Revelation, 50 different Bible Versions, What the Bible says about any topic lessons, The Master's Seminary Lectures Series and Christian Bible Movies.

Bible Study Space has over 5000 blog posts, 300 Christian Groups, 4000 Christian videos, 7000 Christian pictures, thousands of Christian music videos, thousands of Dynamic Preaching Audio Sermons, Video Church History Series and much more. Join us at
BibleStudySpace.Com, help us broadcast the truth about Christians being massacred around the world.


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 6 Déc - 19:48 (2012)    Sujet du message: FRANKLIN GRAHAM: US HAS TURNED ITS BACK ON GOD Répondre en citant



It's because of men likes you, you lie to che christian community that our nation is turned its back on God. By asking them to go voting for one of the Babylonian puppet of Rome, you just show your true colors. Yes, God is judge and you and your father will have to face God at the judgment day.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

VIDEO : http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2012/November/Franklin-Graham-US-Has-Turned-I…

Evangelist Franklin Graham is issuing a wake-up call to America, saying the nation has turned its back on God.

He also warned that President Obama's agenda will bring the greatest changes to the United States since the Civil War.

"Everybody's taxes will go up," Franklin told "The Brody File" show. "Not at first, but everybody's taxes are going to go up. It's just going to get more expensive as you try to pay for Obamacare and all these other things that are out there before us."

Graham said Christians share part of the blame for the crisis facing the nation.
Watch more clips from Brody's interview with Rev. Franklin Graham, includling what he believes Obama's second term will bring, thoughts on Gay Marriage, and why Christians should be upset with themselves, on The Brody File.

"God is in control, and if Christians are upset, they need to be upset at themselves," he said.

"We need to do a better job of getting our people - the church - to vote," he admonished. "Now, I'm not trying to tell you how to vote. You can vote, but vote, my goodness, and vote for candidates that stand for Biblical values."

"Our country is in trouble," he warned. "It's in trouble spiritually. We've turned our back on God."
You can see more of our interview with Franklin Graham on "The Brody File" this Friday at 9 a.m. on the ABC Family Channel.


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MessagePosté le: Ven 7 Déc - 20:30 (2012)    Sujet du message: MUSLIM MOM GUILTY OF MURDERING, TORCHING 7-YEAR OLD SON FOR NOT LEARNING KORAN Répondre en citant


Posted on December 7, 2012 by creeping

Great Britain. via Sara Ege Guilty of Murdering Son Yaseen for Not Learning Koran.

A woman who killed her seven-year-old son after he failed to memorise extracts from the Koran has been found guilty of murder.

Sara Ege, 33, beat her son Yaseen to death with a stick at their home in Cardiff in July 2010 then set fire to his body in an attempt to get rid of the evidence.

It was originally thought that the seven-year-old died in a fire at the family home in Pontcanna.

His mother was also found guilty of perverting the course of justice at Cardiff crown court. She will return to court in the New Year to be sentenced. Judge Justice Wyn Williams told her she faces life in jail.

Her husband, Yusef, 38, was found not guilty of causing or allowing his son to die by failing to protect him.

Ege had claimed her husband was responsible for the death, saying she feared he would kill her too if she did not confess to the killing.

In police interviews, Ege claimed she would hit her son “like a dog” in frustration because he had not learnt the Koran. She also confessed to beating her son for no reason.

She described how her son collapsed on the floor after she beat him before dragging him to the kitchen, still murmuring extracts from the Koran.

When she returned 10 minutes later, he was dead.

Abdominal injuries

“A greenish yellow liquid came from his nose and I saw that he was gone,” she said.

The prosecution said Yaseen died after suffering significant abdominal injuries. Prosecutor Ian Murphy said: “Sara Ege made no attempt to seek the medical attention he so obviously needed.

“He clearly suffered terribly. She started the fire to hide what she had done.”

The guilty verdict was given after a previous jury was discharged for failing to reach a decision.

Deborah Rogers, district crown prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service, added: “The deeply tragic nature of this case has been all too apparent to anyone that has followed this trial.

“This is the second time that the events leading to Yaseen’s death have been put before a court.

“At the heart of the case is the loss of a bright and friendly young boy who had his whole life ahead of him.

“It is therefore right that the circumstances of Yaseen’s death were fully examined in a criminal court.”

How could the father not know his son was being abused and therefore not share the guilt?

It’s just as bad in Germany where Turkish man in Germany stabs wife and children in attempt to kill them all.


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Egypt is the model of what's coming worlwide very soon. After December 21, we will enter in a aera for a new episode of dark age.

Friday, December 07, 2012

VIDEO : http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2012/December/Egyptian-Pastor-Egypts-Going-Back-to-the-Dark-Ages/

Thousands of protesters battled on the streets outside of the presidential palace in Cairo Thursday night, demanding President Mohammed Morsi be removed from office for seizing too much power.

Mori's supporters fought back and six people were killed and nearly 700 injured.

The violence brings back memories of the revolution that happened only two years ago when Egyptians overthrew then-President Hosni Mubarak.

"He has become, like, you think you didn't like Mubarak? This is worse than Mubarak," activist and filmmaker Nadia Kamal said.

Morsi refuses to give up absolute power. In a nationally televised speech Thursday night he refused to retract the disputed constitution drafted by his allies.

Dr. Michael Youssef, senior pastor of The Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, was born in Egypt and moved to the United States in the 1970s.

Youssef spoke with CBN News about what Christian leaders in Egypt have been telling him about their concerns and the issues they have with the Islamist-dominated draft Constitution. Click play to watch.


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by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

During Israel's Operation Pillar of Defense that aimed to destroy Hamas' terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, Hamas' TV propaganda included various ideological messages. Palestinian Media Watch documented one such message that promoted the killing of Jews as worship of Allah.

Another ideological message promoted the Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood interpretation of Islamic tradition that places love of Martyrdom death for Allah - Shahada - above the desire for life. Addressing Israelis, Hamas' spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said:

"You [Israelis] think that we will be afraid of your killing policy and of these threats. We say to you: This policy is futile. Hamas leaders seek Martyrdom (i.e., death for Allah). You scare us with what we love (i.e., death)."

VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ocZKe0hmmBI

The same spokesman presented Martyrdom death fighting Israel as the supreme achievement when he spoke of the head of Hamas' military wing, Ahmad Al-Ja'abari, who Israel killed at the outset of the conflict, stressing that death was his greatest aspiration:

"The commander, the great Martyr (Shahid) Al-Ja'abari, achieved his greatest aspirations (i.e., when killed by Israel)."

A video broadcast on Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV during the recent conflict addressed Israelis with the same message:
"From the Al-Qassam Brigades to the Zionist soldiers: The Al-Qassam Brigades love death more than you love life."

[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), Nov. 18, 2012]

VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PAOzy2zwyxo 

PMW has documented that both Hamas and the PA in the past have glorified and encouraged Martyrdom death for Allah.

During the recent conflict, Hamas also encouraged and comforted "every mother who has bid farewell to her beloved Martyrs" - her dead children - with the ideology that it is an honor to die: "Adorn yourself with a crown with inlaid blood. This is the blood of honor, for honor will not be disgraced."

As this is read aloud, pictures of women embracing dead children and children being buried are shown.

VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0XcebCszUlk 

Since Hamas hides and launches its rockets against Israel from among the civilian population, innocent Palestinians lose their lives as Hamas uses them as human shields.

Hamas has publicly acknowledged and prided itself in the past on the tactic of using "women, children, the elderly" as "a human shield." In 2008, member of Hamas' Legislative Council, Fathi Hamad, stated: "[Palestinians] created a human shield of women, children, the elderly and the Jihad fighters against the Zionist bombing machine, as if they were saying to the Zionist enemy: We desire death, as you desire life."

The Hamas ideology that Martyrdom death is preferable to life is not a message that is acceptable in international discourse. Accordingly, during a press conference in both Arabic and English, Hamas' Minister of Health Mufid Al-Mukhalalati said in English to the international community: "We are human, we like life. We would like to live like other people living." [Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), Nov. 18, 2012] However, he did not make this statement in Arabic.

VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RTu-AUE9ycs

The following are longer excerpts of Hamas' broadcasts:Statement by Hamas' spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, after Israel killed head of Hamas' military wing Ahmed Al-Ja'abari, explaining that achieving death while fighting Israel is what Palestinians "love":

"We say to the occupier: You [Israelis] think that by killing us we will go underground. You think that we will be afraid of your killing policy and of these threats. We say to you: This policy is futile when dealing with leaders like Hamas leaders. Hamas leaders seek Martyrdom (i.e., death for Allah). You scare us with what we love (i.e., death). The commander, the great Martyr (Shahid) Al-Ja'abari, achieved his greatest aspirations (i.e., when killed by Israel and thereby achieving death as a "Martyr")."

[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), Nov. 18, 2012]

The following is the text written and read aloud in a short clip about mothers of "Martyrs" on Hamas' TV:

"To every mother who has bid farewell to her beloved Martyrs: Adorn yourself with a crown of inlaid blood. This is the blood of honor, for honor will not be disgraced."
[Al-Aqsa (Hamas) TV, Nov. 19, 2012]

Member of Hamas' Legislative Council, Fathi Hamad speaking in 2008:

"For the Palestinian people death became an industry at which women excel and so do all people on this land: the elderly excel, the Jihad fighters excel, and the children excel. Accordingly [Palestinians] created a human shield of women, children, the elderly and the Jihad fighters against the Zionist bombing machine, as if they were saying to the Zionist enemy: We desire Death, as you desire Life."

[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), Feb. 29, 2008


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Une chose que l'Occident ne saisit pas, c'est que l'Islam est une religion politique avec des ambitions politiques. Omar Ahmad, le cofondateur du Conseil sur les relations américano-islamiques, a déclaré que «l'islam n'est pas en Amérique pour être égale à une autre religion, mais pour être dominante. Le Coran doit être la plus haute autorité en Amérique, et l'islam la seule religion acceptée sur terre. » De nombreuses autorités islamiques ont exprimé des sentiments similaires. L’imam soi-disant modéré Feisal Rauf, l'initiateur du projet de mosquée de Ground Zero, a écrit un article pour le Huffington Post contenant l'observation: « Ce que les musulmans veulent c’est un pouvoir judiciaire (aux États-Unis) qui garantit que les lois ne sont pas en conflit avec la Coran et le Hadith. » Qu'est-ce qu'il veut dire, c'est que la loi américaine doit être mise en conformité avec la charia islamique. Depuis de très nombreuses dispositions de la Charia sont considérées comme relevant du droit criminel américain, cela signifierait le renversement d'une grande partie de notre code juridique.

Beaucoup de catholiques ne se rendent pas compte de la nature politique de l'Islam et d'imaginer qu'une mosquée, comme une église, est tout simplement un lieu de culte. Mais une mosquée est plus que cela. Questions politiques et communautaires font l'objet de débats à l’intérieur de la mosquée, et les appels au djihad sont souvent délivrés dans les mosquées. Par exemple, bon nombre des manifestations du mouvement « Printemps arabe » ont été mises en branle dans les mosquées après les sermons du vendredi. En outre, il existe de nombreux exemples de mosquées utilisées pour le mentorat des terroristes ou pour stocker les armes et les explosifs. Selon un poème populaire musulmane:

Les mosquées sont nos casernes,
les dômes nos casques
les minarets nos baïonnettes
Et les croyants nos soldats

Beaucoup de musulmans pensent l'islam non seulement comme une religion, mais comme une armée — une armée dotée d'une mission d'assujettissement. C'est pourquoi la peine encourue pour apostasie est la mort. Tout comme un déserteur de l'armée en temps de guerre peut être puni de la peine de mort, en est-il aussi de même pour un déserteur de l'armée de l'Islam.

La nature politique de l'Islam devrait donner à réfléchir aux catholiques qui pensent qu'ils peuvent DIALOGUER avec les musulmans de la même manière qu'ils dialoguent avec les baptistes ou les juifs. Une série de DIALOGUES récemment conclus entre catholiques et musulmans et parrainés par l'USCCB met en évidence le problème. Il s'avère que les partenaires des évêques lors de ces DIALOGUES sont tous membres de groupes d'activistes musulmans ayant des liens avec les Frères musulmans. L'une des contreparties, Sayyid Syeed, est une figure marquante de la Société islamique d'Amérique du Nord — un groupe qui a été désigné comme un coconspirateur indésirable dans un schéma de financement du terrorisme massif. On peut se demander si les évêques savent réellement à qui ils ont affaire. = Oui, ils le savent mais en gardant le silence ou en minimisant les actes barbares commis par les radicaux islamistes, les peuples ne voient pas venir le grand danger.  


Le récent regain de l’islam militant traditionnel est, à bien des égards, une réaction à cette perte de la foi. La nouvelle génération de prédicateurs salafistes et Frères musulmans ont l'intention de rappeler les musulmans à la pratique intégrale de leur foi, y compris « l’obligation oubliée» du jihad.


Les attaques contre le christianisme ne sont pas ancrées dans une faille du multiculturalisme, mais plutôt dans la nature même du multiculturalisme. Le credo multiculturel repose sur la fiction selon laquelle toutes les cultures, les religions et les traditions sont à peu près égales. Mais il n'y a pas d'équivalence entre les réalisations de la civilisation chrétienne occidentale et la civilisation islamique. Afin de les égaliser, il est nécessaire d'abattre le christianisme et l'Occident tout en blanchissant l'islam. Ceci, bien sûr, conduit à un certain nombre de doubles standards bizarres. Par exemple, le maire Tom Menino de Boston a déclaré que la chaîne de restauration Chick-fil-A n'était pas le bienvenu à Boston parce que son président n'approuve pas le mariage homosexuel, tandis que le même maire Menino a été très accueillant envers les groupes islamiques qui, en plus de vouloir abolir le mariage homosexuel, veulent aussi abolir les homosexuels. Le maire Menino a prononcé un discours lors de la cérémonie d'inauguration d'une très grande mosquée construite par la Société islamique de Boston. Non seulement cela, il a fait don d'une parcelle de 1,8 M $ des terres municipales au projet. L'un des sept administrateurs de la Société islamique de Boston est le célèbre Imam Yusuf al-Qaradawi, qui croit que les homosexuels devraient soit être brûlés à mort ou jetés d'un endroit élevé. Donc, à Boston, ce qui est bon pour l'un n'est pas nécessairement bon pour l’autre.

Un développement plus inquiétant est qu'il existe maintenant une alliance tacite entre les laïcs radicaux et l'Islam radical. L'exemple le plus évident est l'alliance entre l'Iran islamique et le Venezuela de gauche, mais il y a beaucoup d'autres exemples. Professeurs gauchistes travaillent régulièrement avec les membres de l'Association des étudiants musulmans (une émanation des Frères musulmans) vers la poursuite des objectifs islamiques. La campagne contre le crime haineux supposée de l'islamophobie a été en grande partie conçue par la gauche. Et le ministère gauchiste de la Justice a fait de son mieux pour saper la capacité des forces de l'ordre pour enquêter sur les activités terroristes. Les musulmans, pour leur part, ont rapidement appris à utiliser les méthodes mises au point par les militants laïques. Les groupes d'activistes musulmans se sont présentés comme des groupes de droits civils et étiquetèrent toute résistance à leur ordre du jour comme HAINEUSE, SECTAIRE, RACISTE, et ISLAMOPHOBE. Dans le même temps, ces groupes musulmans peuvent compter sur les médias séculiers pour les présenter sous le meilleur jour possible.


Les États-Unis sont sur la même voie que l'Europe, mais pas aussi près de la chute. Il apparaît, cependant, que c'est beaucoup d'efforts pour rattraper leur retard. Au cours des trois dernières administrations, des militants musulmans ont travaillé dur pour gagner des postes d'influence au sein du gouvernement et avec beaucoup de succès. Des groupes d'activistes musulmans ont convaincu le ministère de la Sécurité intérieure de supprimer des mots comme «djihad», «islamiste» et «terroriste» de leur lexique.

En conformité avec les exigences musulmanes, le ministère de la Justice a ordonné à l'armée de supprimer de ses manuels de formation toute suggestion selon laquelle il existe un lien entre l'islam et la violence. Et le Département d'État a joué un rôle majeur pour permettre aux Frères musulmans d'arriver au pouvoir en Afrique du Nord. En outre, le Département d'État a collaboré avec l'Organisation de la Coopération islamique pour un peu plus d'un an afin d’atteindre l'objectif d'établir des lois antiblasphème ou quelque chose qui leur soient similaire. Si l'effort réussit, la critique de l'islam sera alors un crime comme c'est déjà le cas dans de nombreux pays européens. Pendant ce temps, un flux régulier de l'argent saoudien permet de s'assurer que les étudiants apprennent seulement une version de l’histoire et des événements actuels favorable à l’Islam.

À première vue, il semblerait que l'islamisation soit invraisemblable ici parce que la population musulmane est minime et, contrairement à l'Europe, l'Amérique est une nation pratiquante avec un taux de natalité en bonne santé. Mais il y a encore lieu de s'inquiéter.


L'islamisation n'est pas simplement un jeu de nombres. Pour une analogie, considérez que les homosexuels ne représentent que 2 à 3 pour cent de la population, mais ils ont néanmoins exercé une influence démesurée sur les politiques publiques et les programmes scolaires. Bien sûr, ils ont été en mesure de le faire avec l'aide des élites libérales dans les médias, les universités, les tribunaux, et l'industrie du divertissement. Mais rappelez-vous que les militants islamiques ont le soutien de ces mêmes personnes.

L'islamisation n'est pas pour demain en Amérique, mais il y a une grande possibilité que nos enfants grandissent dans une Amérique dominée par l'islam. Il n'est pas nécessaire d'être une majorité ou proche de la majorité pour dominer. Tout au long de l'histoire, les guerriers islamiques ont réussi à soumettre des populations beaucoup plus grandes que les leurs. Si l'Amérique est finalement soumise, cependant, il ne sera pas le résultat du djihad armé, mais du djihad culturel - des progrès constants de l’avancée de la charia par l'agitation, la propagande, la guerre juridique, l'activisme politique et l'infiltration des principales institutions gouvernementales et éducatives. De nombreux dirigeants musulmans ont clairement dit qu'ils ont l'intention de soumettre l'Amérique sous l'Islam. Nous devons les prendre au sérieux.
La première chose que les chrétiens ont besoin de faire est de se renseigner sur l'Islam. Chrétiens, comme laïcs, ont tendance à considérer l'Islam à travers une lentille multiculturelle et supposant que l'islam est comme les autres religions. Mais elle ne l'est pas.

L'Islam n'est pas une religion de PAIX, mais une religion de conquête qui vise à asservir les non-musulmans. Ce n'est pas seulement une théorie. Regardez tous les pays où les musulmans règnent en maîtres et vous verrez que les non-musulmans se voient attribuer un statut inférieur. Dans l'étude de l'Islam, les chrétiens trouveront également que le Jésus du Coran n'est en rien comme le Jésus des Évangiles. En fait, il semble avoir été introduit dans le Coran dans le seul but de contredire la croyance chrétienne selon laquelle Jésus serait le fils de Dieu. L'Église a également l'obligation de mieux informer les catholiques à propos de l'Islam. Le traitement du sujet dans la Nostra Aetate et le Catéchisme de l'Église catholique sont brefs et insuffisants. Les catholiques ont besoin d’en savoir davantage au sujet de l’islam et doivent aller au-delà de l'hypothèse simpliste que parce que Dieu, Jésus et Marie sont dans le Coran, tout doit être en règle.

Comme je l'ai dit plus tôt, les chrétiens doivent se rendre compte que l'islam est une religion politique, et ils doivent être conscients que des ouvertures religieuses de la part des musulmans ne sont souvent rien d'autre que des manœuvres politiques. Par exemple, les chrétiens doivent éviter d'être entraînés dans la campagne antiblasphème/anti-diffamation de l'islam, parce que le but ultime de cette campagne est de criminaliser la critique de l'islam. Et, soit dit en passant, juste d'affirmer la divinité du Christ est un blasphème au plus haut degré, selon le Coran.

Aussi, les chrétiens doivent faire attention lorsqu’il s'alignent avec les groupes d'activistes islamiques sur les questions de liberté religieuse. Lorsque les dirigeants musulmans parlent de la liberté de religion, ils veulent dire la liberté de pratiquer la charia, un système juridique, social, politique et théologique qui est contraire à la fois au christianisme et au Premier Amendement. Les porte-parole musulmans sont tout à fait disposés à affirmer leur foi en la liberté religieuse, parce que selon la tradition islamique, il n'y a qu'une seule religion, l'Islam. Selon la loi islamique, toutes les autres religions sont considérées comme abrogées.
Islam’s Rise and the West’s Denial
Traduit par Jessy


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Sous le contrôle de Caritas Internationalis. Sert à récolter les noms des chrétiens qui s'opposent au système qui se met en place.

L'observatoire de la Christianophobie
Le Père Bonnie Mendes, prêtre de Faisalabad, collaborateur de la Caritas Internationalis et du Conseil pontifical Justice et Paix, explique à Fides : « Nous ne...From: Action Christianophobie (action@christianophobie.fr)Sent: 2012-12-10 18:30:12

 Pour faire suivre à un ami, cliquez ici.

Chers amis,

Grâce à vous, l'Observatoire de la christianophobie se développe beaucoup plus rapidement que nous n'aurions pu l'espérer.

Mais plusieurs d'entre vous nous demandent comment nous aider davantage.

Le plus simple et le plus efficace est de prier pour nous. Nous savons que plusieurs d'entre vous le font déjà et c'est pour nous un précieux réconfort dans le combat.

Dans un autre ordre d'idée, notre but, c'est évidemment d'être suffisamment nombreux pour que les pouvoirs publics et les médias de la "grosse presse" ne puissent plus faire l'autruche et prennent enfin la mesure des persécutions anti-chrétiennes. Et, pour nous développer, il n'y a rien de plus efficace que le bouche à oreille. Faites connaître l'Observatoire autour de vous; faites suivre les articles qui vont ont plu; abonnez des amis à notre lettre quotidienne (pour cela, il suffit que vous indiquiez leur courriel dans la case prévue à cet effet dans la colonne de droite et que vous les préveniez, car ils recevront un message de vérification: nous sommes aujourd'hui un peu moins de 3000 abonnés - 2964 exactement, ce lundi soir -, nous aimerions atteindre le chiffre symbolique de 5000 le plus vite possible et si chacun abonne une personne à cette lettre quotidienne et gratuite, nous devrions pouvoir faire mieux encore).

Nous vous rappelons aussi que l'Observatoire de la christianophobie est également un mensuel "papier" (qui commence à être suivi avec attention par plusieurs médias et parlementaires). N'hésitez pas à vous y abonner et à y abonner vos amis. Pour recevoir ou faire adresser un n° gratuit de ce mensuel, vous pouvez cliquer ici. Vous pouvez également découvrir cette publication unique en son genre en profitant de notre offre exceptionnelle (25 euros pour 11 numéros), en cliquant ici.

S'agissant de notre contenu rédactionnel, beaucoup ont commencé à nous envoyer des informations, issues soit des médias locaux que nous ne pouvons pas toujours lire, soit même de leur propre observation (bien des profanations de calvaire ou de chapelle nous ont été signalées sans qu'aucun journal n'ait daigné en parler). N'hésitez surtout pas à généraliser cette pratique. Plus nous serons complets, plus nous serons écoutés.

Enfin, sur le plan financier, je vous rappelle que l'Observatoire est gratuit… pour les lecteurs, mais non pour nous. En gros, notre budget annuel est de l'ordre de 20 000 euros. Pour nous aider à le boucler, vous pouvez nous aider de plusieurs façons:

1) D'abord en cliquant sur les publicités que l'on voit au-dessous des articles. Si chacun d'entre vous cliquait dessus une fois par jour sur un des liens, nous pourrions boucler ce budget sans aucun autre effort de notre part à tous.

2) Ensuite, vous pouvez aussi soutenir notre association "soeur" Defensor Christi en faisant un don ici. Comme vous le savez, l'Observatoire de la christianophobie n'est pas seulement un organe d'information; c'est aussi un organe militant. Nous ne voulons pas nous contenter de recenser les actes anti-chrétiens; nous voulons aussi agir concrètement contre ces actes. Ce qui signifie qu'un axe important de notre développement doit consister à mobiliser, à temps et à contre-temps, les pouvoirs publics français et étrangers. Cela nécessite du temps et des moyens. Là aussi, plus nous serons nombreux, plus nous serons écoutés. Nous vous rappelons que les dons à Defensor Christi sont éligibles à la déduction fiscale, c'est-à-dire que, si vous donnez 100 euros, cela vous coûte réellement 33 euros.

A l'heure où nous nous apprêtons à fêter l'Incarnation du Prince de la paix, mobilisons-nous pour que nos frères chrétiens vivent enfin leur foi dans la paix!

Merci encore de votre soutien

Daniel Hamiche, rédacteur en chef

Guillaume de Thieulloy, directeur de la publication


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Ericka Gomez God will not be mocked! Woe to the person or people who created and built that disgrace. Woe to the people who approved for it to be posted. Woe to those who hung it up! It represents the wrath to come to this wicked and godless generation who think they don't need a Savior.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Armed officers surround a church building in Newtown, Conn., on Sunday. (Dylan Stableford/YahooNews)

[Updated at 2:40 p.m. ET]

NEWTOWN, Conn.--St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church was evacuated during its noon mass on Sunday due to an anonymous threat made by phone.

A spokesman for the church told Yahoo News that an unidentified male called the rectory, threatening to "kill everyone."

"My friend didn't finish the job," the caller said, according to the church official.

The church alerted state police, who said it was a credible enough threat and ordered the church be evacuated, the spokesman said.

At approximately 12:30 p.m., Monsignor Robert Weiss interrupted a younger priest, "calmly told the parishoners there was a threat," and led the evacuation of approximately 500 people, he said.

Heavily-armed patrolmen and SWAT team members surrounded the church with weapons drawn.

Police formed a perimeter around the church and several adjacent buildings, including an empty education center. The media, which had been barred from attending the mass at St. Rose but were camped out across the street, swarmed to capture footage of the chaotic scene.

Approximately a dozen police and SWAT officers surrounded a white building just west of the church, taking cover behind trees with guns drawn.

A Newtown police officer declared the scene was "clear" at approximately 1:15 p.m., but declined to answer any questions about the threat. At 2 p.m., a Humvee carrying the tactical unit left the church parking lot.

The Newtown Police Department headquarters also declined to comment on why officers rushed to the church.

"No, we don't have any information on that," a hurried police dispatcher told Yahoo News.

At least 10 of the 20 children killed during Friday's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School were parishoners at St. Rose, the church spokesman said, adding that funerals for eight of the children are scheduled to be held there.

It's the second threat in as many days for St. Rose, according the Washington Post. On Saturday, the church displayed posters for parishioners to express their grief. However, an unknown prankster wrote, "This is just round one," on one of them, the pastor said.

By 2:30 p.m., the church had closed its doors and cancelled their evening mass.


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Just an other false flag from the dark side who had infiltrate church to lead ecumenical christians to their destruction. Judgment at the door as it's prophecy. Anonymous take a stand against Baptist christians who stand against homosexuality and a false teaching of christianity (Anonymous words) , publish their adress on the net, and saying that these christians will be at the funeral of the ones who were kill at the elementary school to protest against homosexuality. What we see, my friend with these two exemples, is the beginning of the great tribulation in America. No more douth in my mind. See this link to know who's Anonymous http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F3XAcQggYU&feature=g-all

VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9clh93LpB4c

VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9clh93LpB4c

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MessagePosté le: Lun 17 Déc - 17:04 (2012)    Sujet du message: RADICAL JORDANIAN CLERIC WARNS ISRAEL: ‘ALLAH WILLING ’ FIRST WE TAKE DAMASCUS, THEN TEL AVIV Répondre en citant


Posted on December 17, 2012by END TIME HEADLINES

More evidence the Syrian civil war isn’t only about control over Syria: A Salafist leader in Jordan – and prominent supporter of radical Islamists fighting in Syria – is warning that once rebels finish off Syrian President Bashar Assad, they will look south and aim for Israel. Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Tahawi (aka, Abed Shihadeh) who heads Jordan’s radical Salafist group made a fiery speech at the funeral of a suicide bomber on Sunday. Roi Kas of the Israeli Ynet translated the threatening quotes (emphasis added): “We tell Benjamin Netanyahu, the (Israeli) prime minister, get ready.

The army of the Prophet Mohammad is coming your way.” Shihadeh added: “Those carrying explosives in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan will find you, Allah willing,” he added. “The next fight is between us and you.” The jihadist leader further pledged to “Take over Damascus and then head to Tel Aviv… As far as we are concerned, Palestine stretches from river to sea, from Rafah [southern border with Egypt] to a-Nakura [Rosh Hanikra northern border with Lebanon]. We will not rest until Palestine is liberated.” Commenting on the United States’ decision to add the al Qaeda-linked Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra to its terror watch list, Shihadeh said that “Allah blesses the heroes of Jabhat al-Nusra.

“America is the mother of all terror in the world,” he added, further blaming the US for “standing by Assad and the Jews.” This is not the first time radical Islamists have revealed their true ultimate goals in Syria’s 21-month conflict that’s claimed the lives of nearly 40,000. It’s not only President Bashar Assad they want to topple from Syria.

Among the other examples TheBlaze has highlighted in recent weeks: Syrian rebels have named their new homemade tank the “Sham II.” Sham is a name historically associated with the concept“Greater Syria,” that is the land that covers not only Syria but Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza, parts of Turkey and Israel, revealing the rebels’ larger plans. Earlier this month, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) captured Syrian rebels waxing about their dream after Assad, to not only conquer Israel but also to go for “Cordoba and Andalusia,” site of the Muslim caliphate in Middle Ages’ Spain. There are close ties between Islamist militants in the bordering nations. Last week, a Jordanian citizen was tapped to head jihadist forces in Syria according to the Jordan Times. Quoting a “Syrian Islamist source,” the Times reported that 38-year-old Mustafa Abdul Latif Al Saleh (aka, Abu Anas Al Sahabi) was named commander of the jihadist forces fighting Assad. He was appointed to the position by the Jabhat Al Nusra Li Ahl Al Sham coalition. [As in the new tank, note again use of the loaded name “[i][/i] This is the group the Obama administration designated earlier this month as a terror organization. Fox News profiled the radical Jordanian leader who this weekend threatened Israel in an article in 2010. It reported that al-Tahawi who was then in jail was the face of an Al Qaeda recruitment campaign.

Fox reported: Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Tahawi, who is influential in Jordan but little known elsewhere, has been the subject of recent widespread praise from suicide bombers and jihadist leaders. Experts say the attention he’s getting from his fellow terrorists suggests an attempt by Al Qaeda to recruit his followers and turn his imprisonment into a flashpoint that can be channeled to open a new front in Jordan. Al-Tahawi, also known as Abed Shihadeh al-Tahawi, is an influential local leader of Salafi Jihadism, an extremist, militant sect of Islam that prizes martyrdom, seeks jihad and provides the ideological basis for Al Qaeda. According to Fox, Al-Tahawi was sentenced in 2005 to three years in prison for masterminding a plot to attack the U.S. and Israeli embassies in Amman. Four years later, he was arrested again for “provoking terrorist acts, inciting sectarian strife and belonging to an illegal group.” The Blaze


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Posted on December 16, 2012 by creeping

Excerpts via Muslim Persecution of Christians: October, 2012.

Reports of Christian persecution by Muslims around the world during the month of October include (but are not limited to) the following accounts. They are listed by form of persecution, and in country alphabetical order, not necessarily according to severity:

Church Attacks  
Canada: Just as happens regularly in Egypt (see below), a Molotov cocktail was hurled through the window of a newly opened Coptic church near Toronto. Unlike in Egypt, however, firefighters came quickly and little damage was done: “Police have no suspects or motive in the incident.”

Kenya: A grenade was thrown into the Sunday school building of St. Polycarp Anglican Church, blowing off the roof, killing one boy and injuring eight other children attending Sunday school, including some requiring surgery. The attack came soon after a Somali member of the Islamic terrorist organization Al Shabab, who had earlier targeted four other churches, was sentenced to prison after he confessed to planning attacks on Parliament.

According to the mother of one of the children, “We are in Eastleigh [a region with a large Somali population]. Many Christians, including myself, thought that something might happen. Every week we’d wonder ‘What if it’s this Sunday?’ But we’d still go to church.” Likewise, a parliament member said, “The life of an innocent child has been taken and others have been cruelly injured and traumatised in what should be the safest of places. The sanctity of life has been heartlessly breached in a sanctified place. Such acts seem to be designed to spark civil unrest and intimidate the Christian church. In the face of such an outrage we ask, with the prophet Habakkuk, ‘O Lord, how long?’ and let us trust that God in his mercy will bring justice and relief as we cry out to him.”

Nigeria: Thousands of Christians continue to flee northern areas of Nigeria, which are predominantly Muslim, and where the jihadi organization Boko Haram holds sway, after a renewed spate of church attacks. An Islamic suicide bomber rammed an SUV loaded with explosives into St. Rita Catholic Church holding Sunday Mass killing eight people and wounding more than 100. One “journalist saw the bodies of four worshippers lying on the floor of the church after the blast, surrounded by broken glass. The body of the suicide bomber had been blasted into nearby rubble.” The church building was devastated and charred black. Also, the Church of Brethren was raided by Islamic gunmen who killed at least two people and set the church ablaze. Many churches are shutting down in fear of further attacks.

Rape and Murder of Christians  
Egypt: Ali Hussein, a Muslim gang leader—accompanied with his two ex-convict brothers—broke into the home of a Christian family on a Sunday morning, demanding that Hiyam Zaki, a mother of two children, to “come and live with him.” Earlier, Hussein had demanded that the family either pay him one million Egyptian pounds, or forfeit the Christian woman to him.

When the family his demands, the gang opened fire indiscriminately in the house, killing one of her relatives and her father. Earlier, to terrorize the inhabitants of the village, the Muslim gang went to the stables and slaughtered all the animals. Hussein was also killed under the hail of bullets, though it is not clear who shot him. Accordingly, a Muslim mob surrounded the hospital demanding revenge for the “Christian killing of a Muslim man,” even as they chanted that Hussein the gangster is “the beloved of the Prophet.” Similarly, although the abduction and forced Islamization of Christian minor girls is common in Egypt, especially with the Muslims Brotherhood ascendancy, the case of 14-year old Sarah, who was kidnapped on her way to school by the son of a Salafi leader, actually caused a stir.

After filing a missing person report with police, Sarah’s father received an anonymous call telling him that he will never see his daughter again. Security is believed to know the girl’s whereabouts but is not acting. After several human rights organizations called for the girl’s release, “the Salafist Front issued a statement on October 28, warning human rights organizations, especially the National Council for Women, not to attempt to return Sarah to her family, as she has converted to Islam and married a Muslim man.”

Moreover, Salafis projected Islamic mores on the Christian family by saying that if Sarah returns to her family, she will be “killed” by her father,” to which her father replied, “I want my child back in my arms, even if she became a Muslim.”

Nigeria: Up to 30 Christian college students were shot or had their throats slit at a university in the Muslim-majority north. During the night, masked gunmen went door-to-door in the off-campus housing section of Federal Polytechnic College in the city of Moby: “the gunmen separated the Christian students from the Muslim students, addressed each victim by name, questioned them, and then proceeded to shoot them or slit their throat.”

Among motives cited are reprisals against the fact that former Boko Haram Muslims, renouncing terrorism, converted to Christianity. Other former Boko Haram members have not converted to Christianity but have seen the “goodness of the Christian religion” and now warn Christians before there is an attack.

Pakistan: A 14 year-old Christian girl, Timar Shahzadi, was kidnapped by Muslim men as she was returning from school. According to the pastor close to the family, the girl was with friends when the abductors pounced and dragged her away, and her family fears that she will be “forcefully converted to become a Muslim and then married off if immediate steps are not taken.”

The family reported the incident to the local police station, but police have not yet conducted any investigation. Also, a court decreed that a Christian girl, known as Rebecca—who was kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam, and married to her abductor—to be returned to her kidnapper “husband,” despite her father’s pleas and the girls traumatized presence in court. And 24 year-old Shumaila Bibi, another Christian woman, was “seized at dawn, forced to endure sexual abuse and to marry the young Muslim man who abducted her with the help of his family” and forced the woman to convert to Islam. Days later, Shumaila managed to escape. However, with the help of his family, her “husband” denounced her flight and, reversing the facts, reported her family as “kidnapping” her. The police accepted his version of the facts and opened an investigation claiming that the girl converted and married “of her own free will.” The future of Shumaila is hanging by a thread. Kidnapping and forcing girls to convert to Islam and/or be sex-slaves sold to wealthy Muslims is a common occurrence in Pakistan. Read here for a list concerning the “Rape and Murder of Pakistan’s Christian Children.”

Sudan: Asia Omer, a Christian mother of seven, the youngest of which is four months old, was killed in an aerial bombardment near a church by “Sudanese government forces as they continue a ruthless campaign of ethnic and religious cleansing in the predominantly Christian regions of the Nuba Mountains.” Another Christian mother of seven sustained a critical injury but did not receive medical care. Other Christians were also wounded in the bombing, including the teenage son of a church leader. “President Omar al-Bashir’s forces have been targeting the Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan state, which has one of the largest Christian populations in Sudan, since June 2011. The Islamic regime is trying to ‘cleanse’ the region of non-Arabs and non-Muslims as Khartoum pushes forward its plans for a ‘100% Islamic”’ constitution.”

Syria: A Greek Orthodox priest, Fr. Fadi Jamil Haddad, was kidnapped by armed groups from among the opposition. Days later, his body, which was “horribly tortured and his eyes gouged out,” was found dumped near the place he was abducted. Earlier, the kidnappers had asked the priest’s family and his church for a ransom of 50 million Syrian pounds (over $550,000 euros)—a sum that was impossible to raise. A source of Fides condemns “the terrible practice, present for months in this dirty war, of kidnapping and then killing innocent civilians.” Also, thelast remaining Christian in the center of Homs, an 84 year-old Greek Orthodox, was killed, and the convent of the Jesuits hit again. A top Russian Orthodox official expressed the church’s concern, saying“We are deeply worried by what is going on in Syria, where radical forces are trying to come to power with the help of Western powers. Where they come to power, Christian communities become the first victims.”

[General Abuse and Suppression of Non-Muslims as "Tolerated" Citizens] 
Bosnia: According to a new report, Christians are leaving the Muslim majority nation in mass “amid mounting discrimination and Islamization.” Currently there are just 440,000 Catholics left in the Balkan nation, half the prewar figure. As standard in Muslim nations, “while dozens of mosques were built in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo, no building permissions were given for Christian churches. The cardinal already waits 13 years on permission to build just a small church.” “Time is running out as there is a worrisome rise in radicalism,” said one authority, who further added that the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina were “persecuted for centuries” after European powers “failed to support them in their struggle against the Ottoman Empire.”

Switzerland: Muslims in the nation are complaining about a billboard campaign from Swiss International Airline, that has a logo taken from the Swizz flag, which is of a cross, with the words “the cross is trumps.” According to the report, “Muslims in Switzerland have responded negatively to the advertising, which they believe promotes Christianity over other religions…. Many Muslims feel this Christian slogan (of Swiss) is a provocation and an assault against Islam.” The airline maintains that its ad campaign does not carry any religious or political message—in fact, that the word “trumps” is a pun for a Swiss card game—and apologized for upsetting Muslims.

Much more in the full post at Raymond Ibrahim‘s website as well as past monthly reports


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Christianity faces being wiped out of the “biblical heartlands” in the Middle East because of mounting persecution of worshippers, according to a new report.

The most common threat to Christians abroad is militant Islam Photo: ALAMY

By Edward Malnick
7:20AM GMT 23 Dec 2012

The study warns that Christians suffer greater hostility across the world than any other religious group.

And it claims politicians have been “blind” to the extent of violence faced by Christians in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The most common threat to Christians abroad is militant Islam, it says, claiming that oppression in Muslim countries is often ignored because of a fear that criticism will be seen as “racism”.

It warns that converts from Islam face being killed in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania and Iran and risk severe legal penalties in other countries across the Middle East.

The report, by the think tank Civitas, says: “It is generally accepted that many faith-based groups face discrimination or persecution to some degree.

Related Articles

"A far less widely grasped fact is that Christians are targeted more than any other body of believers.”

It cites estimates that 200 million Christians, or 10 per cent of Christians worldwide, are “socially disadvantaged, harassed or actively oppressed for their beliefs.”

“Exposing and combating the problem ought in my view to be political priorities across large areas of the world. That this is not the case tells us much about a questionable hierarchy of victimhood,” says the author, Rupert Shortt, a journalist and visiting fellow of Blackfriars Hall, Oxford.

He adds: “The blind spot displayed by governments and other influential players is causing them to squander a broader opportunity. Religious freedom is the canary in the mine for human rights generally.”

The report, entitled Christianophobia, highlights a fear among oppressive regimes that Christianity is a “Western creed” which can be used to undermine them.

State hostility towards Christianity is particularly rife in China, where more Christians are imprisoned than in any other country in the world, according to the report.

It quotes Ma Hucheng, an advisor to the Chinese government, who claimed in an article last year that the US has backed the growth of the Protestant Church in China as a vehicle for political dissidence.

“Western powers, with America at their head, deliberately export Christianity to China and carry out all kinds of illegal evangelistic activities,” he wrote in the China Social Sciences Press.

“Their basic aim is to use Christianity to change the character of the regime...in China and overturn it,” he added.

The “lion’s share” of persecution faced by Christians arises in countries where Islam is the dominant faith, the report says, quoting estimates that between a half and two-thirds of Christians in the Middle East have left the region or been killed in the past century.

“There is now a serious risk that Christianity will disappear from its biblical heartlands,” it claims.

The report shows that “Muslim-majority” states make up 12 of the 20 countries judged to be “unfree” on the grounds of religious tolerance by Freedom House, the human rights think tank.

It catalogues hundreds of attacks on Christians by religious fanatics over recent years, focusing on seven countries: Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Burma and China.

It claims George Bush’s use of the word “crusade” after the September 11 attacks on New York created the impression for Muslims in the Middle East of a “Christian assault on the Muslim world”.

“But however the motivation for violence is measured, the early twenty-first century has seen a steady rise in the strife endured by Christians,” the report says.

The 2003 invasion of Iraq left Iraqi Christians “more vulnerable than ever”, highlighted by the 2006 beheading of a kidnapped Orthodox priest, Fr Boulos Iskander, and the kidnapping of 17 further priests and two bishops between 2006 and 2010.

“In most cases, those responsible declared that they wanted all Christians to be expelled from the country,” the report says.

In Pakistan, the murder last year of Shahbaz Bhatti, the country’s Catholic minister for minorities, “vividly reflected” religious intolerance in Pakistan.

Shortly after his death it emerged that Mr Bhatti had recorded a video in which he declared: “I am living for my community and for suffering people and I will die to defend their rights.

"I prefer to die for my principles and for the justice of my community rather than to compromise. I want to share that I believe in Jesus Christ, who has given his own life for us.”

The report also warns that Christians in India have faced years of violence from Hindu extremists. In 2010 scores of attacks on Christians and church property were carried out in Karnataka, a state in south west India.

And while many people are aware of the oppression faced in Burma by Aung San Suu Kyi and other pro-democracy activists, targeted abuse of Christians in the country has been given little exposure, the report says.

In some areas of Burma the government has clamped down on Christian protesters by restricting the building of new churches.

“Openly professing Christians employed in government service find it virtually impossible to get promotion,” it adds.


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MessagePosté le: Dim 23 Déc - 23:32 (2012)    Sujet du message: VIDÉO : PRÊCHE DANS UNE MOSQUÉE EN TUNISIE, OU COMMENT LA « RÉVOLUTION DE PRINTEMPS ARABE » SE PARFUME AU PURIN (Memri TV) Répondre en citant


Ce genre de discours n'est pas considéré comme un crime haineux par les Nations Unies et les gouvernements, mais si nous, nous parlons contre la religion islamique, nous sommes considérés comme comme des islamophobes qui propagent la haine contre ces communautés islamiques.
décembre 22nd, 2012

« Allah, frappe les Juifs d’un coup retentissant et n’en épargne aucun ; frappe-les de Ta haine et de Ton courroux. »
Ci-dessous, des extraits d´un sermon du vendredi à Radès, en Tunisie, prononcé par le Cheikh Ahmad Al-Suhayli et diffusé sur Hannibal TV le 30 novembre 2012.

Voir ci-dessous les extraits VIDÉO sous-titrés en anglais sur MEMRI TV :

Cheikh Ahmad Al-Suhayli :

« Déjà au temps des prophètes, les Juifs étaient opiniâtres. Ils se rebellaient contre les décrets et les lois d´Allah. Chaque fois qu’Allah leur ordonnait de faire quelque chose, ils faisaient exactement le contraire. » [...]

« Les Juifs ont ensuite continué leurs déviations et transgressions. Ces maudits Juifs sionistes ont même eu l´audace de tuer les prophètes d´Allah. Allah a dit: « Ils ont été frappés par l´humiliation et la misère, et ont attiré sur eux la colère d´Allah, pour avoir rejeté Ses signes, assassiné les prophètes sans juste raison, s’être rebellés et avoir transgressé [ses lois]. » Au temps du prophète d´Allah, David, un groupe de Juifs a été transformé en singes pour avoir violé les lois d´Allah. » [...]

« Le Coran a dévoilé l´esprit diabolique des Juifs. » [...]

« Après qu´ils eurent enfreint les traités et accords que le Prophète Mahomet a conclu avec eux à Médine, ce dernier les a bannis et les a chassés de Médine. A l’époque moderne, ce groupe maudit s’est à nouveau réuni en Palestine, utilisant la tromperie et la ruse. Puis vint la Déclaration Balfour. C´est Balfour, le ministre britannique des Affaires étrangères d’alors, qui, en 1917, a rassemblé les Juifs en Palestine et à Jérusalem. Puis il a demandé aux puissances étrangères d’aider [les Juifs], de leur fournir de l´argent et des armes. »

« Cette Déclaration Balfour fut une tragédie et une catastrophe pour les Palestiniens en particulier, et pour la nation arabe et islamique en général. Il a promis une terre qui ne lui appartenait pas à des gens qui ne la méritaient pas – car ce n´est pas la terre des Juifs – afin d´ouvrir la voie au mouvement sioniste raciste et le faire régner sur la Palestine et Jérusalem. C’est bien ce qui s´est passé. » [...]

« Regardez un peu ces sionistes. Après l’explosion d’un autobus à Tel-Aviv par un aspirant au martyre, ils se sont empressés de demander une trêve, alors que les peuples arabes et islamiques faisaient preuve de détermination et s´unissaient comme un seul homme, pour défendre l´honneur bafoué de la nation islamique. » [...]

« Frères, le printemps arabe dont les médias parlent ne sera pas vraiment un printemps, si nous ne soutenons pas nos frères de Gaza et ne nous unissons pas à eux pour chasser les Juifs de Palestine et libérer Jérusalem. » [...]

« Ô Allah, tout comme Tu as détruit les peuples d´Aad et de Thamud, Détruis cette bande de Juifs. Frappez-les par une force de dissuasion qui les détruira. » [...]

« Ô Allah, Tu sais tout ce que ces Juifs maudits ont fait – la corruption qu’ils ont propagée sur Terre, comment ils ont détourné les personnes de Ta voie et humilié Tes serviteurs. Frappe-les d’un coup retentissant, et n’en épargne aucun. Ô Dieu, déchiquette-les en [mille] morceaux, et disperse-les sur toute la terre, comme Tu as fait avec leurs disciples, car ils ont invoqué les saintetés de l´islam. « Bientôt, l’injuste saura quelle vicissitude le perdra. » « Ô Dieu, n’en laisse pas un seul sur Terre, sinon, ils perdront Tes serviteurs, et n’engendreront que des pécheurs et des infidèles. » Allah, Rends stérile le ventre de leurs femmes et Assèche les reins de leurs hommes. Frappe-les de Ta haine et de Ton courroux, Ô Toi qui administre des châtiments et des tourments sévères. » [...]

Source : MEMRI


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Alors que toute cette persécution est mené à bien par cette même Rome putrifiée.

Paroles aux francophones

ROME, Wednesday 26 December 2012 (Zenit.org).

Benoît XVI appelle les francophones à soutenir les chrétiens persécutés, ce 26 décembre 2012.

Au terme du traditionnel angélus du lendemain de Noël, durant lequel le pape a médité sur la figure de saint Etienne, fêté aujourd'hui, il s'est tourné vers les francophones présents sur la place Saint-Pierre ou unis par la radio, la télévision, internet.

"Que l’intercession de saint Etienne, fidèle jusqu’au bout au Seigneur, soutienne les chrétiens persécutés et que notre prière les encourage", a-t-il souhaité.

A la suite de saint Etienne, il a encouragé à "témoigner sans peur, avec courage et détermination de notre foi".

Pour Benoît XVI, "le martyre du diacre Etienne montre que la naissance du Fils de Dieu a inauguré une ère nouvelle, celle de l’amour", qui "abat les barrières entre les hommes" et "les rend frères en les réconciliant par le pardon, donné et reçu".

Le pape a conclu : "Bonnes fêtes à tous!"


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MessagePosté le: Dim 30 Déc - 16:04 (2012)    Sujet du message: APOCALYPTIQUE ! PLUS DE CENT MILLE CHRÉTIENS TUÉS EN 2012 !!! Répondre en citant


Et quand il eut ouvert le cinquième sceau, je vis sous l'autel les âmes de ceux qui avaient été tués pour la parole de Dieu, et pour le témoignage qu'ils avaient maintenu.
Et elles criaient à haute voix, disant : Jusqu'à quand, Seigneur, qui es saint et véritable, ne juges-tu point, et ne venges-tu point notre sang de ceux qui habitent sur la terre ?
Et il leur fut donné à chacun des robes blanches, et il leur fut dit qu'ils se reposassent encore un peu de temps, jusqu'à ce que le nombre de leurs compagnons de service, et de leurs frères qui doivent être mis à mort comme eux, soit complet. (La Bible, Apocalypse, chapitre 6, versets 9 à 11)

Sans commentaire, voici l’horrible article, ci-dessous… Merci à la personne qui me l’a signalé ! Vic.

Source :


29 décembre 2012

C’EST ÉTRANGE COMME CERTAINS MASSACRES SONT PEU MÉDIATISÉS… Pourtant, si 10 croyants étaient injustement massacrés dans une autre religion, cela ferait la une de la plupart des journaux, cherchez l’erreur…


Article original ici:

Vittorio Messori (ma traduction)

Il y eut des réactions d’incrédulité, sinon de rejet, en 2011, lorsque le sociologue Massimo Introvigne, à une conférence internationale organisée à Budapest par la Communauté européenne, rappela qu’EN MOYENNE, CHAQUE ANNÉE, IL Y AVAIT PLUS DE 100.000 CHRÉTIENS DE TOUTES CONFESSIONS TUÉS DANS LE MONDE POUR LEUR FOI.

Introvigne parlait en tant que représentant italien de l’OSCE, l’Organisation pour la sécurité et la coopération en Europe, mais aussi comme un expert parmi les plus influents, comme le fondateur et directeur du CESNUR, le Centre d’études sur les nouvelles religions, et l’auteur de nombreuses études scientifique.

A ceux qui le contestaient, Introvigne répondit avec son habituel scrupule d’universitaire, indiquant des sources irréfutables dont il résultait que, si le chiffre était erroné, c’était plutôt par défaut. PAR PRUDENCE, L’INTELLECTUEL TURINOIS AVAIT EN FAIT MINIMISÉ LE NOMBRE DE VICTIMES QUI, SELON CERTAINES ÉTUDES, EST ENCORE SUPÉRIEUR.

Au terme de sa réfutation de ceux qui rejetaient ses chiffres, il observait: « Dans ces réactions de refus, il y a déjà en soi une leçon: ON SOUS-ESTIME TELLEMENT LE PROBLÈMES DES CHRÉTIENS PERSÉCUTÉS QUE LES NOMBRES – QUAND ILS SONT CITÉS AVEC EXACTITUDE, DANS TOUTE LEUR HORREUR – SEMBLENT INCROYABLES À DE NOMBREUX EUROPÉENS ET AMÉRICAINS ».

Il y a quelques jours, à l’occasion de la Saint-Etienne, « protomartyr », c’est-à-dire le premier martyr chrétien, lapidé par les Juifs de Jérusalem pour avoir annoncé la Résurrection de Jésus, Introvigne a rappelé au micro de Radio Vatican (article ici :


En Europe et en Amérique, on continue à reprocher aux croyants, en particulier aux catholiques, un lointain passé d’inquisition, d’intolérance, de croisades, de censure: en attendant (au-delà du caractère anti-historique de plusieurs de ces allégations), IL EST DIFFICILE DE CROIRE QU’AUJOURD’HUI, LA SIMPLE FOI DANS L’ÉVANGILE PEUT ÊTRE UN MOTIF DE RISQUE TROP SOUVENT MORTEL. Et aujourd’hui, le Pape est pratiquement seul à dénoncer le manque de liberté religieuse (1), défendant non seulement les chrétiens, mais les croyants de toute foi.

Source: benoit-et-moi.fr

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MessagePosté le: Dim 30 Déc - 19:07 (2012)    Sujet du message: OBAMA ADMINISTRATION: WE CAN AND WILL FORCE CHRISTIANS TO ACT AGAINST THEIR FAITH Répondre en citant



VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5m88N4dfmLg

By Terence P. Jeffrey
December 29, 2012
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David and Barbara Green of Hobby Lobby

(CNSNews.com) - In a legal argument formally presented in federal court in the case of Hobby Lobby v. Kathleen Sebelius, the Obama administration is claiming that the First Amendment—which expressly denies the government the authority to prohibit the “free exercise” of religion—nonetheless allows it to force Christians to directly violate their religious beliefs even on a matter that involves the life and death of innocent human beings.

Because federal judges—including Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor—have refused to grant an injunction protecting the owners of Hobby Lobby from being forced to act against their Christian faith, those owners will be subject to federal fines of up to  $1.3 million per day starting Tuesday for refusing to include abortion-inducing drugs in their employee health plan.

The Obama administration is making a two-fold argument for why it can force Christians to act against their faith in complying with the regulation it has issued under the Obamacare law that requires virtually all health care plans to cover, without co-pay, sterilizations, contraceptives, and abortion-inducing drugs.

The first argument the administration makes against the owners of Hobby Lobby is that Americans lose their First Amendment right to freely exercise their religion when they form a corporation and engage in commerce. A person’s Christianity, the administration argues, cannot be carried out through activities he engages in through an incorporated business.

“Hobby Lobby is a for-profit, secular employer, and a secular entity by definition does not exercise religion,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Stuart Delery in a filing submitted in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma.

“Because Hobby Lobby is a secular employer, it is not entitled to the protections of the Free Exercise Clause or RFRA [the Religious Freedom Restoration Act],” Delery told the court on behalf of the administration. “This is because, although the First Amendment freedoms of speech and association are ‘right enjoyed by religious and secular groups alike,’ the Free Exercise Clause ‘gives special solicitude to the rights of religious organizations.’”

In keeping with Delery’s argument, the Washington Post, as a corporation, can use its First Amendment-protected freedom of speech to write editorials in support of the Obama administration imposing its contraception mandate on businesses like Hobby Lobby. But the members of the family that created and owns Hobby Lobby, because they formed Hobby Lobby as a corporation, have no First Amendment freedom of religion that protects them from being forced by the government to act against their religious beliefs in providing abortion-inducing drugs.

The second argument the administration makes to justify forcing Christians to act against their faith is more sweeping. Here the administration argues it can force a person to act against his religion so long as the coercion is done under the authority of a law that is neutral and generally applicable—in other words, as long as the law was not written specifically to persecute Christians as Christians, the government can use that law to persecute Christians.

Hobby Lobby is a family business. David Green created it in his garage in Oklahoma City in 1972. He and his wife, Barbara, and their three children—Steve, Mart and Darsee Green Lett-- have grown the business to where it now operates 500 stores in 41 states. David Green is Hobby Lobby’s CEO; Steve Green is its president; Mart Green is vice CEO; and Darsee Lett is vice president. Mart Green is also CEO of the privately owned Mardel chain of Christian bookstores, which operates 35 stores in 7 states. Through Hobby Lobby, the Greens have created more than 13,000 jobs. Mardel has created 372 jobs.

The Greens, who are Evangelical Christians, do not suspend their religious beliefs while running their businesses. Instead, they strive to run them fully in accordance with their Christian beliefs. They are unanimous in stating that they have always “sought to run Hobby Lobby in harmony with God’s laws and in a manner which brings glory to God.” They do not have two sets of morals—one for when they are at church or at home and another for when they are working on their businesses. They have only one set of morals—that they strive to follow at work or any other activity. For example, they close their business on Sundays, so their employees can spend that day with their families, and they pay their full-time workers a minimum hourly wage of $13, which is far exceeds the federal minimum wage.

They also provide their employees with a generous self-insured health care plan, and they even operate an on-site, cost-free health clinic at their corporate headquarters. But, guided by their Christian faith, the Greens believe that human life begins at conception and that aborting on unborn life is wrong. In keeping with this, they do not cover in their employee health plan abortions, abortion-inducing drugs or IUDs that prevent implantation of an embryo.

Unlike Catholics, the Greens do not believe that contraception and sterilization are morally wrong.

In September, the Greens, Hobby Lobby and Mardel bookstores sued Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and the departments of Health Human Service, Labor and Treasury. Their complaint said that the Obamacare contraception mandate violates their First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion because supporting abortion or counseling for abortion is contrary to their religious faith.

As the mandate now stands, the Greens must begin complying with it on Jan. 1. On Nov. 11, U.S. District Judge Joe Heaton refused to grant a preliminary injunction to stop the mandate from being enforced on the Greens while the court decided their case on its merits. In his ruling on the injunction, Judge Heaton determined that the Greens were not likely to establish they had a right to “free exercise” of religion while operating Hobby Lobby.

‘[T]he court concludes plaintiffs have not established a likelihood of success as to their constitutional claims,” said Judge Heaton. “The corporations lack free exercise rights subject to being violated and, as the challenged statutes/regulations are neutral and of general applicability as contemplated by the constitutional standard, plaintiffs are unlikely to successfully establish a constitutional violation in any event.”

The Greens appealed their request for an injunction to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit. A panel of two appeals court judges refused their plea. They then appealed to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who sits over that circuit, and she declined to reverse the lower courts and issue an injunction.

When Sotomayor ruled against a preliminary injunction on Thursday, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which is representing the Greens, issued a statement indicating that the Greens would not start complying with the mandate on Tuesday and that they would continue to pursue their case in federal court.

“Hobby Lobby will continue their appeal before the Tenth Circuit,” said Becket Fund General Counsel Kyle Duncan. “The Supreme Court merely decided not to get involved in the case at this time. It left open the possibility of review after their appeal is completed in the Tenth Circuit. The company will continue to provide health insurance to all qualified employees. To remain true to their faith, it is not their intention, as a company, to pay for abortion-inducing drugs.”

As the nation approaches the much publicized fiscal cliff, it also approaches a moral cliff: Will the Obama administration compel Christians to act against their faith? As of now, the answer seems plain: Starting Tuesday, it will.


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MessagePosté le: Dim 30 Déc - 22:58 (2012)    Sujet du message: HINDU WOMEN IN INDIA FOUND RAPED AND CHOPPED INTO PIECES BY MUSLIMS Répondre en citant


Posted by sharia unveiled on August 11, 2012

The effects of Islam are deadly. Numerous Hindu Women in India are Being Found: Raped, Mutilated and Decapitated

The jihad against the Hindu is centuries old, with over 80 million Hindu slaughtered –and that’s a low estimate. The jihadi war continues to this day. The ongoing gruesome slaughter of Hindu by Muslims is scrubbed entirely from the news coverage in the West.

Here are some recent news-links (below) that would explain the recent riots in Assam state (India), where indigenous Bodo Hindus and many of the four million illegal Muslim infiltrators (from neighboring Bangladesh) fought pitched battles starting from July 19, 2012 for the next two weeks.
Google News links on Assam riots

The Muslims started the riots; the Hindu gave a fitting response.

According to official (underplayed) version, the death toll is 73; and that 200,000+ displaced people now reside in refugee camps, after their homes were burnt down in the violence.

But according to my reliable sources (on the ground), the unofficial death toll and refugee count is much larger.

It is in one of those unreported attacks in Assam’s villages that the Hindu women were raped and chopped up (as seen in the photograph above).

Given the strong, historical Islamic penchant for necrophilia, may be the reason why these Hindu women were chopped up in such a manner so that more Muslims could commit necrophilia long after the women breathed their last breath.

editorial footnote: A very special thank you to Pamela Geller for writing this story and for all of the courageous work you do on a daily basis for the rights of, not only muslim women and children but, ALL women and children of ALL beliefs and backgrounds.

- s/m @ sharia unveiled


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VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5m88N4dfmLg

Exceptionnellement, mon commentaire suivra l’article ci-dessous, qui a été fidèlement traduit pour vous en français… Vic.

Source :


Par Terence P. Jeffrey
Le 29 décembre 2012

David et Barbara Green, de Hobby Lobby


Parce que les juges fédéraux - y compris la Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor - ont refusé d'accorder une ordonnance visant à protéger les propriétaires de Hobby Lobby d'être forcés d'agir contre leur foi chrétienne, ces propriétaires seront passibles d'AMENDES FEDERALES POUVANT ALLER JUSQU'A 1,3 MILLION DE DOLLARS PAR JOUR A PARTIR DE MARDI pour avoir refusé d'inclure des médicaments abortifs dans leur plan de santé pour leurs employés.


Le premier argument de l'administration invoqué contre les propriétaires de Hobby Lobby est que les Américains perdent leur droit au premier amendement d'exercer librement leur religion lorsqu’ils forment une société et s'engagent dans le commerce. LE CHRISTIANISME D'UNE PERSONNE, FAIT VALOIR L'ADMINISTRATION, NE PEUT PAS ETRE REALISE A TRAVERS DES ACTIVITES QU'ELLE EXERCE VIA UNE ENTREPRISE CONSTITUEE EN SOCIETE.

"Hobby Lobby est un employeur laïque et à but lucratif, et une entité laïque, par définition, n’exerce pas de religion", a déclaré le procureur général adjoint par intérim, Stuart Delery, dans un dépôt soumis à la US District Court du district occidental de l'Oklahoma.

« Puisque Hobby Lobby est un employeur laïque, il n'a pas droit aux protections de la Clause de Libre Exercice de la RFRA [la Religious Freedom Restoration Act ou Loi sur la Restauration de la Liberté Religieuse] », a déclaré Delery au tribunal au nom de l'administration. « C'est parce que, bien que les libertés d’expression et d’association du premier amendement soient des « droit[s] dont jouissent à la fois les groupes religieux et laïques », la clause de libre exercice « donne une sollicitude particulière aux droits des organisations religieuses » ».

En accord avec l'argument de Léry, le Washington Post, en tant que société, peut utiliser sa liberté d’expression protégée par le Premier Amendement afin d'écrire des éditoriaux en soutien à l'administration Obama qui impose son obligation de contraception aux entreprises comme Hobby Lobby. Mais les membres de la famille qui a créé et possède Hobby Lobby, parce qu'ils ont formé Hobby Lobby en tant que société, n'ont aucune liberté religieuse du Premier Amendement qui les protège d'être obligés par le gouvernement à agir contre leurs convictions religieuses en fournissant des médicaments abortifs.

Le second argument que l'administration avance afin de justifier la contrainte des chrétiens à agir contre leur foi, est plus radical. Ici, l'administration fait valoir qu'elle peut forcer une personne à agir contre sa religion, tant que cette contrainte se fait sous l'autorité d'une loi qui est neutre et généralement applicable - en d'autres termes, tant que la loi n'a pas été écrite spécifiquement afin de persécuter les chrétiens en tant que chrétiens, le gouvernement peut utiliser cette loi pour persécuter les chrétiens.

Hobby Lobby est une entreprise familiale. David Green l’a créée dans son garage, à Oklahoma City, en 1972. Lui et son épouse, Barbara, ainsi que leurs trois enfants - Steve, Mart et Darsee Lett Green - ont fait croître l'entreprise jusqu’à ce qu’elle exploite à présent 500 magasins dans 41 états. David Green est le directeur général de Hobby Lobby, Steve Green en est le président; Mart Green en est le vice-directeur général, et Darsee Lett en est le vice-président. Mart Green est également le PDG de la chaîne privée de magasins de livres chrétiens Mardel, qui exploite 35 magasins dans 7 états. Grâce à Hobby Lobby, les Green ont créé plus de 13.000 emplois. Mardel a créé 372 emplois.

Les Green, qui sont des chrétiens évangéliques, ne suspendent pas leurs croyances religieuses pendant qu’ils mènent leurs activités. Au lieu de cela, ils s'efforcent de les exécuter pleinement en accord avec leurs convictions chrétiennes. Ils sont unanimes pour dire qu’ils ont toujours « cherché à diriger Hobby Lobby en harmonie avec les lois de Dieu, et d'une manière qui rend gloire à Dieu ». Ils n'ont pas de deux ensembles de mœurs, une pour quand ils sont à l'église ou à la maison et un autre pour quand ils travaillent sur leurs activités. Ils n'ont qu'un seul ensemble de mœurs, qu'ils s'efforcent de suivre au travail ou dans toute autre activité. Par exemple, ils ferment leur commerce les dimanches, de sorte que leurs employés puissent passer ce jour-là avec leurs familles, et ils paient à leurs travailleurs à temps plein un salaire horaire minimum de 13 $, ce qui dépasse de loin le salaire minimum fédéral.

Ils fournissent également à leurs employés un généreux plan de soin de santé auto-assuré, et ils font même fonctionner une clinique sur place, gratuite, à leur siège social. Mais, guidés par leur foi chrétienne, les Green estiment que la vie humaine commence dès la conception et que faire avorter la vie à naître est mal. Dans cet esprit, ils ne couvrent pas, dans le plan de santé de leurs employés, les avortements, les médicaments abortifs ou les DIU (dispositifs intra-utérins) qui empêchent l'implantation d’un embryon.

Contrairement aux catholiques, les Green ne croient pas que la contraception et la stérilisation soient moralement répréhensibles.

En Septembre, les Green, Hobby Lobby et les librairies Mardel poursuivi en justice la ministre de la Santé et des Services Humains, Kathleen Sebelius, la secrétaire au Travail, Hilda Solis, le Secrétaire du Trésor, Timothy Geithner, et les ministères de la Santé, des Services Humains, du Travail et du Trésor. Leur plainte disait que L’OBLIGATION DE CONTRACEPTION CONTENUE DANS LA LOI OBAMACARE VIOLE LEUR DROIT DU PREMIER AMENDEMENT LIE A L'EXERCICE LIBRE DE LA RELIGION, parce que soutenir l'avortement ou le conseil en faveur de l'avortement est contraire à leur foi religieuse.

Dans la situation où se trouve cette obligation à l’heure actuelle, les Green doivent commencer à se conformer avec celle-ci le 1er janvier. Le 11 novembre, le juge de district des Etats-Unis Joe Heaton a refusé d'accorder une injonction préliminaire afin d’empêcher que cette obligation soit appliquée sur les Green alors que le tribunal avait décidé de leur affaire sur le fond. Dans sa décision concernant l'injonction, LE JUGE HEATON A DETERMINE QUE LES GREEN N'ETAIENT PAS SUSCEPTIBLES D’ETABLIR QU'ILS AVAIENT LE DROIT « D’EXERCER LIBREMENT » LA RELIGION PENDANT QU’ILS DIRIGEAIENT HOBBY LOBBY.

« Le tribunal conclut que les plaignants n'ont pas établi une probabilité de succès concernant leurs revendications constitutionnelles », a déclaré le juge Heaton. « Les entreprises n'ont pas de droits de libre exercice qui sont sujets à être violés et, puisque les statuts/règlements contestés sont neutres et d'application générale au sens de la norme constitutionnelle, LES PLAIGNANTS ONT PEU DE CHANCES DE REUSSIR A ETABLIR UNE VIOLATION DE LA CONSTITUTION, en tout cas ».

Les Green ont fait appel de leur demande d'injonction à la Cour d'Appel des Etats-Unis pour le 10e Circuit. Un panel de deux juges de la Cour d'appel a rejeté leur appel. Ils ont alors fait appel à la Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, qui siège sur ce circuit, et elle a refusé de renverser (la décison) des juridictions inférieures, et de publier une injonction.

Lorsque Sotomayor s'est prononcée contre une injonction préliminaire, jeudi, le Becket Fund for Religious Liberty (Fonds Becket pour la Liberté Religieuse – cf. http://www.becketfund.org/hobbylobby/ ), qui représente les Green, a publié une déclaration indiquant que les Green ne commenceraient pas à se conformer au mandat mardi, et qu'ils continueraient de poursuivre leur procès devant le tribunal fédéral.

"Hobby Lobby poursuivra son recours devant le Dixième Circuit", a déclaré l’avocat général de Becket Fund, Kyle Duncan. "La Cour Suprême a simplement décidé de ne pas s'impliquer dans cette affaire en ce moment. Elle a laissé ouverte la possibilité d'un réexamen après que leur appel ait été complété dans le Dixième Circuit. La société continuera à fournir une assurance santé à tous les employés qualifiés. Afin de rester fidèles à leur foi, ce n'est pas leur intention, en tant que société, de payer pour des médicaments abortifs".



Chers amis,

Récapitulons les informations que nous avons récoltées ces derniers mois :





QUESTION LANCINANTE : quel est le SEUL personnage, dans toute la Bible, à mettre en place la marque de la bête, à se comparer de façon blasphématoire à Dieu ou au Christ, et à contraindre les chrétiens à agir contre leur foi ? Relisez donc l’Apocalypse de St Jean…


P.S. : un immense merci à la personne qui m’a signalé cet article !

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Ça vous étonne ? En fait c’est bien une des prochaines farces que les usurpateurs arabes du peuple inventé pourraient proposer. Depuis 3 ans et à chaque Noël maintenant la propagande arabo palestinienne bat son plein sur ce thème, normal ils surfent sur la petite phrase de Benoit XVI lors de sa venue en Terre sainte d’Israël qui avait dit

« Avec angoisse, j’ai été le témoin de la situation des réfugiés qui, comme la Sainte Famille, ont été obligés de fuir de leurs maisons… » Benoit XVI

Eh oui, ça apporte de l’eau au moulin de la Cause, aujourd’hui on peut même oser la sainte trinité Jésus, Arafat, Abbas – Merci Benoit

Alors reprenons !

Très difficile pour les arabes se faisant appeler palestiniens de supporter de n’avoir aucune histoire, il faut donc en créer une de toutes pièces, et pourquoi pas même en étant la risée de toute personne au moins un peu cultivée. Le peuple inventé en 1964, par les arabes et le KGB, ne sait plus comment faire pour se créer une histoire qui serait enracinée sur la terre des Juifs.

Problème ! Ces imbéciles incultes usurpent l’histoire, la manipule, et au diable les anachronismes.

Technique déjà utilisée par le fondateur de la secte des Mahométans, qui s’était également mélangé les pinceaux, et qui n’a cessé de pomper dans les écrits des Chrétiens, des Juifs et dans les traditions des polythéistes de l’époque, mélangé à un peu de sable, et d’air du désert, et cela donne des prophéties du fameux dieu Allah, un des 360 dieux du panthéon pré-islamique.

Un Coran, pas falsifié du tout , et c’est tant mieux car cela donne une idée de l’ampleur de la supercherie, un Coran qui n’a jamais été écrit par Muhammad puisque écrit après sa mort.

Un des exemples.

On se souvient de la sourate 19 – Myriam (Marie) sœur d’Aaron mère de Jésus.

Un Guinness pour cette Myriam coranique qui a eu Jésus à l’âge d’environ 1250 ans !

Pas facile dés lors d’expliquer cet anachronisme, Ah mais si, nous dit-on, Muhammad aurait fait une confusion volontaire, ben voyons !

638 conquête islamique de la Palestine, une terre qui ne connaissait rien de l’Islam, religion crée par Muhammad et ses successeurs donc. Depuis cette conquête des groupes d’Arabes sont restés sur cette terre, les bédouins nomades eux se sont sédentarisés que bien plus tard.

A l’aube du 19ème siècle il restait encore de ces familles arabes issues de cette conquête, des clans répartis ça et là sur cette terre, ce n’est qu’avec le retour des Juifs sur leur terre à cette même période, qu’une invasion par vagues régulières d’immigrants arabes des pays limitrophes (des centaines de milliers)*, venus profiter de la manne sioniste, que la population musulmane a augmenté considérablement, ces fameux immigrants n’ayant rien à voir avec cette terre et qui se font aujourd’hui appeler palestiniens, ou réfugiés palestiniens.

(Un peu comme chez nous en France où une immigration massive se décrète française sans pour autant accepter ni même connaître l'histoire de France voire, renier ou falsifier les tenants et les aboutissants de cette Histoire de France. Une invasion de l'intérieur, un virus qui s'adapte et transforme le corps occupé peu à peu. C'est ce que les bobos appellent le "vivre ensemble", le "multiculturalisme".ndlr Gérard Brazon)

Nous vous préparons un article détaillé sur l’invasion arabe de la Palestine au 19 ème siècle. Les Abbas and co sont des arabes point ! Et à supposer qu’Abbas né à Nazareth, ne soit pas descendant des hordes d’arabes venus trouver salaire auprès des Juifs qui faisaient refleurir le désert alors, il ne serait qu’un descendant de ces arabes qui conquirent la Palestine en 638.

Reprenons les récentes déclarations

Jibril Rajoub membre du comité central du Fatah :

« Le plus grand Palestinien dans l’histoire depuis Jésus est Yasser Arafat »
[PA TV (Fatah), Nov. 29, 2011]Notre pauvre Rajoub a visiblement un gros problème avec l’histoire !

L’empereur Hadrien en 135 (après JC) rebaptise la Judée du nom de Palestine (nom provenant des philistins, eux-mêmes non originaires de cette terre, et ennemis jurés du peuple Juif) afin d’effacer tout lien des Juifs avec leur terre. Un Bukova de l’Unesco de l’époque en quelque sorte.

En 135 donc, cette terre prend le nom de palestine, et fait que les Chrétiens sont des gros farceurs car il nous aurait caché le fait que Jésus est né après l’Empereur Hadrien, les palestiniens ont raison, il faut réécrire tous les évangiles !

Ah oui ! Le sanguinaire Arafat est un égyptien, né le 24 aout 1929 dans la ville du Caire, difficilement acceptable lorsqu’on se lance en affaire (création d’un peuple palestinien), alors idem on invente. Arafat a tenté de faire croire qu’il était né à Jérusalem en 1929, ce qui lui a été réfuté en pleine face. Pour appuyer le tout ce dernier se disait de la famille du Mufti Al Husseini le nazi, et cousine de Leila Shahid qui elle l’est (peite fille de nazi), ce qu’elle n’a jamais certifié ni même nié – et oui les besoin de la cause !

Bref Arafat n’était pas un palestinien, mais un bon égyptien cairote.

Dans le quotidien officiel de l’AP :

“Jésus est Palestinien, celui qui s’est sacrifié pour nous , Yassar Arafat est Palestinien, Mahmoud Abbas le messager de la Paix sur Terre est Palestinien… Comme est grande cette Nation de la sainte Trinité ! »
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 30, 2012]La « sainte trinité », les chrétiens vont adorer ! Jésus à 2000 ans d’intervalle collaborateur de deux terroristes, il doit se retourner dans sa tombe retrouvée évidemment vide parce ressuscité et Messie, venu sauver le monde apparemment très calme aujourd’hui. (Oup's! les chrétiens vont là aussi apprécier! Ndlr Gérard Brazon)

Le Cheikh Muhammad Hussein, Mufti de Jérusalem et des Territoires palestiniens :

« La Nation Palestinienne est enracinée dans cette Terre depuis les Cananéens et les Jébuséens .

La présence arabe – Chrétiens et Islamiques- sur cette Terre a été ininterrompue. Jésus est un Palestinien par excellence ». [PA TV (Fatah), Nov. 30, 2012]Encore très drôle ! Les cananéens et les Jébuséens (en fait des philistins installés à Jébus – Jérusalem), idolâtres et adeptes des sacrifices humains, belle insulte à l’Islam ! En fait les palestiniens sont des apostats à l’Islam puisqu’ils sont descendants d’idolâtres et le revendiquent.

Sentence pour les apostats dans l’Islam- la mort. Pour un Mufti ça la fout mal !

De plus en se disant descendants des Philistins nos braves usurpateurs de l’Histoire prouvent par là qu’ils sont donc bien des envahisseurs, puisque les fameux philistins n’étaient autres, qu’un des groupes des « peuples de la mer » – Mer Egée – venus envahir 5 villes de la côte ( Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekronet Gath) de la terre de Canaan de l’époque.

Pire les Philistins, descendent de deux groupes qui se mélangèrent (échangisme-bâtardise)
Misraim fut la souche des Loudim, des Anamim, des Lehabim, des Naftouhim, des Pathrousim, des Kaslouhim (d’où sortirent les Philistins) et des Kaftorim (Genèse section Noah’ verset 14/15).

La Bâtardise, une honte dans la société de l’époque, il durent fuir l’Egypte et se trouver un petit coin tranquille dans une des île de la mer Egée, et devinrent une des composantes des « peuple de la mer »

Donc les palestiniens ont le choix :
  • soit être les descendants d’envahisseurs bâtards, les philistins depuis bien longtemps disparus,
  • soit être les descendants de peuples également disparus les cananéens idolâtres,
  • soit être pour les descendants pour une minorité d’entre eux d’arabes issus de la conquête islamique 638,
  • et pour la majorité d’entre des crève la faim, venus chercher pitance auprès des pionniers sionistes.
Dans les 4 cas des envahisseurs.

Le Gouverneur de Ramallah, district Leila Ghannam :

« La peine et la joie palestinienne ne font qu’un. Nous sommes tous en droit d’être fièrs que Jésus est Palestinien et que la Palestine est le lieu de naissance des religions »
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 24, 2012]
Tant pis pour la Mecque ! et sa jolie météorite..

L’historien palestinien Khalil Shoka :

“La religion chrétienne est née ici (à Bethlehem) . Le Monde entier a les yeux fixés sur cette ville à cause de son rôle historique et traditionnel…à cause, en fin de compte ,du fait que Jésus est un Palestinien »
[PA TV (Fatah), Dec. 16, 2012]
S’il est communément admis que Jésus est un Juif galiléen dont la famille est originaire de Nazareth, le lieu de sa naissance n’est pas connu avec certitude, et les historiens hésitent entre le berceau familial de Nazareth, où il passera toute sa jeunesse, et la ville de Bethléem en Judée, ville du roi David de la lignée duquel le Messie attendu par les juifs doit descendre, selon la prophétie de Michée.

L’année de sa naissance n’est pas non plus connue précisément. Les dates retenues peuvent osciller entre 9 et 2 avant l’ère commune. Les évangiles selon Matthieu et selon Luc la situent sous le règne d’Hérode Ier le Grand dont le long règne s’achève en 4 avant l’ère commune. L’estimation généralement retenue par les historiens actuels va de 7 à 5 avant l’ère commune.

Le Pape Benoit XVI parle dans son dernier ouvrage du doute qui persiste sur le lieu et la date de naissance de Jésus. Bethléhem, ça fait bien car c’est la cité de David, et donc permet de conforter la thèse qu’il est né dans la ville du Messie et donc la thèse du « vérus Israël » ou thèse de la substitution.

Dur ! Dur ! si le Pape n’est même pas sûr. ! Un sacré cafouillage de ce coté là aussi !

Le quotidien official de l’AP:

“Nous pouvons être fiers, Oh fils de Marie, du fait que vous soyez la première Palestinienne à avoir libéré le genre humain » [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 25, 2012]
source citations palwatch

Oui un peu de cirage à l’adresse des chrétiens, au moins cela pour avoir subtilisé l’identité du personnage central du Christianisme qui dans les évangiles est décrit comme un Juif.

Alors puisque selon l’Islam, les écrits des Chrétiens et des Juifs ont été falsifiés, ben oui il faut bien faire la promotion du livre de la nouvelle religion de PAIX et d’AMOUR du Gourou Muhammad, il ne serait pas étonnant que les chouchous de l’Unesco demandent une commission spéciale pour faire rectifier les évangiles bourrés d’erreurs, et pourquoi pas la Torah qui parle des envahisseurs philistins en long et en large.

Mais pourquoi parler de l’Islam en fait puisque nos braves palestiniens descendent d’envahisseurs idolâtres adorateurs de statues, et adeptes de sacrifices humains, (philistins et Cananéens) ce qui ne serait pas étonnant vu les tendances génocidaires ataviques de ces derniers, qui ne voient aucun problème à se servir de boucliers humains (enfants, vieillards, femmes) une forme moderne de sacrifice humain.

Pauvres de nous avec tous ces farfelus ! Allez bon courage !

Aschkel pour israel-flash


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By Raymond Ibrahim on December 28, 2012in From The Arab World, Muslim Persecution of Christians

Published by Gatestone Institute

Islamic leaders continue to portray the popular protests against President Morsi and his recently passed Sharia-heavy constitution as products of Egypt’s Christians. Recently, Muslim Brotherhood leader Safwat Hegazy said in an open rally, as captured on video:
yiv988428348entry a écrit:
A message to the church of Egypt, from an Egyptian Muslim: I tell the church — by Allah, and again, by Allah — if you conspire and unite with the remnants [opposition] to bring Morsi down, that will be another matter…. our red line is the legitimacy of Dr. Muhammad Morsi. Whoever splashes water on it, we will splash blood on him.”

Dr. Wagdi Ghoneim

More recently, Dr. Wagdi Ghoneim — who earlier praised Allah for the death of the late Coptic Pope Shenouda, cursing him to hell and damnation on video — made another video, entitled, “A Notice and Warning to the Crusaders in Egypt,” a reference to the nation’s Copts, which he began by saying, “You are playing with fire in Egypt, I swear, the first people to be burned by the fire are you [Copts].” The video was made in the context of the Tahrir protests against Morsi: Islamic leaders, such as Hegazy and Ghoneim, seek to portray the Copts as dominant elements in those protests; according to them, no real Muslim would participate. Ghoneim even went on to say that most of the people at the protests were Copts, “and we know you hid your [wrist] crosses by lowering your sleeves.”

The heart of Ghoneim’s message was genocidal: “The day Egyptians — and I don’t even mean the Muslim Brotherhood or Salafis, regular Egyptians — feel that you are against them, you will be wiped off the face of the earth. I’m warning you now: do not play with fire!”

Along with trying to incite Egypt’s Muslims against the Copts, and threatening them with annihilation, Ghoneim made other telling assertions, including:
  • Addressing the Christians of Egypt as “Crusaders,” once again showing Islam’s simplistic, black-and-white vision, which clumps all Christians — of all nations, past and present, regardless of historical context and denomination — as one, in accordance with an Islamic tradition that states “All infidels are one religion.”
  • Comparing Christian Copts to animals: “Respect yourselves and live with us and we will protect you… Why?… because Allah has forbidden me to be cruel to animals. I’m not trying to compare you to animals … but if I am not cruel to animals or plants, shall I be cruel to a soul created by Allah? You are an infidel in Allah’s sight — and it is for him to judge you. However, when you live in my country, it is forbidden for me to be unjust to you — but that doesn’t mean we are equal. No, oh no.”
  • Telling Copts: “I want to remind you that Egypt is a Muslim country…. if you don’t like the Muslim Sharia, you have eight countries that have a Cross on their flag [in Europe], so go to them. However, if you want to stay here in Egypt with us, know your place and be respectful. You already have all your rights — by Allah, even more than Muslims… No one investigates your homes, no one investigates your churches. In fact, in the past, the Islamic groups used to fake their IDs and put Christian names on them when they would go out for [jihadi] operations, so that when the police would catch them, they would see they are Christians and be left alone.” Ghoneim misses the irony of what he says: Police know that Egyptian Christians are not going to engage in terror; Egyptian Muslims are suspect.
  • Saying, in mocking tones, towards the end: “What do you think — that America will protect you? Let’s be very clear, America will not protect you. If so, it would have protected the Christians of Iraq when they were being butchered!” — a reference to the fact that, after the U.S. ousted Saddam Hussein, half of Iraq’s Christian population has either been butchered or fled the nation, and all under U.S. auspices.
  • Claiming that the Copts are only four million while the Muslims are 85 million — even as Coptic Orthodox Church registries maintain that there are more than 15 million Copts, and most outside analysts say 10 million, in Egypt— and adding that Morsi was only being nice by saying, as he did during one of his speeches: “There are no minorities in Egypt.” Ghoneim fails to explain, if Copts are so few — four million compared to 85 million — how could they be so influential, and flood the Tahrir protests with such large numbers?
  • Mocking new Coptic Pope Tawadros—not surprising considering his great hate for the former Pope—by claiming that the new Pope urged Copts to protest; that the new Pope wants to see Morsi and Sharia law fall, and by adding, “Is it not enough that you have all those monasteries?” = the big lie and ruse when we know they're walking together but they need to push this lie for the coming war to conquer and to liberate Jerusalem from the hands of the muslim brotherhood. All connect with 21-12-2012 were the Catholic church and the Templars declared war against the ones who took over the land of Jerusalem on November 29, 2012.   


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Dernière élection présidentielle 2012. Comment le mouvement évangélique - via ses nombreuses journées de prières pour l'élection américaine endort les chrétiens, en leur faisant croire que c'est Dieu qui a choisi le nouveau président élu. Nous voyons, ici, une grande puissance de séduction sur le peuple de Dieu mis en place par de grands noms dans le domaine évangélique et catholique. Des hommes comme Billy Graham, Rick Warren, pasteur Steven Andrews, Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney qui ont été les hommes de front dans cette guerre spirituelle pour mener à bien la mission de leur maître Lucifer afin d'égarer le peuple et de l'amener vers un chemin autre que celui où le Messie est manifesté.  

De plus, vous remarquerez dans l'article que l'on fait allusion à une des fêtes de l'Éternel que le peuple Juif et le peuple de Dieu sont supposés de suivre. Bizarre que nous retrouvons cette fête pour un festival de la prière du mouvement évangélique, car jamais ce mouvement ne célèbre les fêtes de l'Éternel. Le paganisme chrétien est sur le devant de la scène de ce mouvement dans leurs célébrations, alors pourquoi, ici on utilise cette fête? Tout ce que nous y voyons c'est une perversion de la Parole de Dieu. Si les chrétiens évangéliques célébraient vraiment cette fête et obéissaient aux lois de l'Éternel, ils se tiendrait certes bien loin de toute cette hérésie présente. Le peuple de Dieu, contrôlé par le camp ennemi est vraiment dans un aveuglement général qui va le mener à sa perte, très bientôt.

Ce renouveau est une tromperie du camp ennemi, de l'ennemi juré de Dieu et qui nous considère, nous, comme étants des ennemis du Corps de Christ, du fait que nous nous tenons debout pour la Vérité et que nous dénonçons les nombreux pièges du Diable cachés derrière cet Empire Romain. Ils profanent la Parole de Dieu en la remplaçant par un autre Évangile et ne voient pas la ruine venir sur eux tous.

"Écoutez la parole de l'Éternel, enfants d'Israël! Car l'Éternel a un procès avec les habitants du pays, Parce qu'il n'y a point de vérité, point de miséricorde, Point de connaissance de Dieu dans le pays.
Il n'y a que parjures et mensonges, Assassinats, vols et adultères; On use de violence, on commet meurtre sur meurtre.
C'est pourquoi le pays sera dans le deuil, Tous ceux qui l'habitent seront languissants, Et avec eux les bêtes des champs et les oiseaux du ciel; Même les poissons de la mer disparaîtront."
Osée 4 :1--3

Traduction : Jessy

Contact: Pastor Jeff Daly, National Day of Repentance, 707-987-9082, jdalylaw@aol.com
HIDDEN VALLEY LAKE, Calif., Nov. 6, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ --

Le grand gagnant de l'élection américaine d'aujourd'hui est le Seigneur et Son corps de croyants qui se réveillent et commencent à être renouvelés. Après une longue prière dans les moments difficiles, il y a enfin eu un renouveau parmi les chrétiens. Quel que soit le résultat de cette élection présidentielle, le Seigneur est victorieux; il choisit le prochain président. Dans ce processus, le corps du Christ a été puissamment activé. Face à de terribles tempêtes, des situations financières désespérées et d’audacieux défis politiques pour nos valeurs bibliques et notre liberté religieuse, beaucoup se sont tournés vers le Seigneur. Dans le but de ramener cette nation à Dieu, une personne aura pris pas moins de 17 différentes initiatives de prière ou d’adoration.

Pour honorer ce début de renouveau parmi les croyants, le projet non dénominationel chrétien à but non lucratif de la Journée Nationale de la Repentance, désormais dans 36 états et 6 nations, encourage les chrétiens à consacrer un certain temps à prier avec leur entourage dans leurs maisons ou églises le 16 novembre 2012 et à rendre grâce pour ce renouvellement de Dieu parmi les croyants dans nos pays.
Nous prions qu’en réponse à la prière du 16 novembre, nombreux soient ceux qui réclameront le destin de Dieu pour cette nation comme une lampe de Sa Liberté; que nous soyons une nation unie selon la grâce de Dieu, et non bornée selon la pensée laïque. 
Plusieurs des fondateurs de cette nation étaient de fervents chrétiens qui sont devenus fonctionnaires. Après avoir vu les menaces qui pèsent sur notre pays lorsque nous avons une mentalité laïque dans notre gouvernement, de nombreux chrétiens vont maintenant continuer à être actifs politiquement; beaucoup, nous l'espérons, en tant que fonctionnaires.

Beaucoup prieront pour que la personne élue président ait une expérience directe de la Sagesse du Saint-Esprit et aligne ses politiques en conséquence.

Pour rendre hommage aux racines de notre foi ce temps de prière aura lieu le 16 novembre, le « Rosh Chodesh » de ce mois-ci, un jour de nouveau départ, marquant la nouvelle lune du mois hébraïque de Kislev. Typiquement, la prière du « Rosh Chodesh » de chaque mois est la suivante: « Que ce soit Ta volonté... que pour nous Tu renouvelles ce mois-ci pour le bien et pour la bénédiction. »

Cela sera aussi notre prière du 16 novembre: nous allons prier au nom de Jésus / Yeshoua, par la volonté de Dieu de continuer à renouveler Son corps dans cette nation et les autres. Il n'y a aucune obligationd'y participer. S'il vous plaît, joignez-vous à nous -- www.dayofrepentance.org.


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