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MessagePosté le: Ven 30 Aoû - 23:57 (2013)    Sujet du message: CHRISTIANS POSSIBLY BANNED FROM HOLDING PUBLIC OFFICE (8.27.13) Répondre en citant


VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1Dw7KgXkrI

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MessagePosté le: Ven 30 Aoû - 23:57 (2013)    Sujet du message: Publicité

PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?
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MessagePosté le: Mar 3 Sep - 07:41 (2013)    Sujet du message: TEXAS PASTORS RALLY AGAINST SAN ANTONIO BILL ‘PROMOTING INTOLERANT AGENDA DIRECTED AT CHRISTIANS’ Répondre en citant


September 2, 2013 | Filed under: Law & Government,Life & Society,Top Stories | By: Garrett Haley

SAN ANTONIO – As San Antonio lawmakers consider a new anti-discrimination ordinance that would protect residents based on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity,” local pastors and Christian legislators are gathering to oppose the controversial measures, which they believe conversely discriminate against Christians.

As previously reported, San Antonio city council members have been working on “unprecedented” non-discrimination policies for the past several months. One of the sections of the proposed ordinance equates “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to race, religion, and veteran status, deeming it illegal to “discriminate” against anyone based on these qualities. Following public outcry over the proposal, city council recently released a new draft of the ordinance, which was obtained by local affiliate KSAT.com. In referring to the controversial non-discrimination policies, the ordinance now states that “[n]othing herein shall be construed as requiring any person or organization to support or advocate any particular lifestyle.” Councilman Diego Bernal—one of the primary supporters of the ordinance—says San Antonio residents have no reason to be wary of the proposal.

“We are not breaking new ground or doing anything revolutionary,” Bernal wrote in a recent statement. “We are merely doing what more than 180 cities and towns have done, which is to say that everyone deserves to live free from discrimination. Houston, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Ft. Worth, Waco and Brownsville already have theirs in place. Every member of our community deserves the same.”

Some local religious leaders have voiced support for incorporating sexual orientation and gender identity into the proposed law. At a city council meeting open to the general public, Mick Hinson of San Antonio’s “Metropolitan Community Church” praised the new measures, remarking that homosexuals today feel threatened and insecure.

“People have given their lives for freedom in this country,” Hinson stated. “How many more have to die because they live in fear?”

However, many pastors and ministers in the San Antonio area continue to express qualms over the city council’s ordinance. As reported by San Antonio Express-News, over 350 black and Latino Christians flocked to city hall on Tuesday, not only to condemn the proposal, but also to rebut common claims that homosexual behavior is comparable to the color of one’s skin.

Connect with Christian News

“We oppose the ordinance on a philosophical basis,” said Charles Flowers, an African American pastor, “because it is based on the notion that those who choose to practice a certain lifestyle cannot change. Yet the preponderance of evidence refutes this.”

“We oppose the ordinance on the basis of association,” Flowers continued. “The HLGC—homosexual, lesbian and gender-confused community—has sought to piggyback on the civil rights movement. The current HLGC agenda is not a legitimate extension of the civil rights movement. Therefore, we have come to announce a divorce between the civil rights movement and the HLGC agenda, citing irreconcilable differences.”

Liberty Counsel (LC)—a non-profit organization committed to protecting religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family—organized several events last week to rally San Antonio pastors to oppose the non-discrimination ordinance.

“This ordinance is dangerous,” LC explained in a recent press release about the events.

“This ordinance is not about preventing discrimination,” Mat Staver, founder and chairman of LC added. “It is about promoting an intolerant agenda directed at Christians, people of faith, and those who believe that homosexuality is contrary to the natural order. This ordinance will punish people because of their views on human sexuality. Everyone must wake up and realize the agenda behind this ordinance before it is too late.”

In addition to pastoral opposition, several prominent Texas lawmakers have criticized San Antonio’s proposed new measures. Greg Abbott, currently the leading front-runner for next year’s gubernatorial elections, says the ordinance would rob residents of religious freedom.

“Religious expression is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and this ordinance is also contrary to the clearly expressed will of the Texas Legislature,” Abbott stated, according to the Dallas Morning News. “Although the proposal has been couched in terms of liberty and equality, it would have the effect of inhibiting the liberty of expression and equality of opportunity for San Antonians.”

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz also expressed disapproval of the San Antonio measures, opining that “it is encouraging to see so many Texans standing up to defend their religious freedoms in light of the misguided proposal put forth by the local city council.”

Opponents of the proposed ordinance cite instances in other states where similar non-discrimination measures have led to Christians being forced to accommodate homosexual practices or lifestyles. As previously reported, a Christian photographer in New Mexico was recently told by the state supreme court that she must shoot same-sex ceremonies despite her convictions not to participate. Christian bakers, florists and bed and breakfast owners in states across the nation are also being punished for declining to facilitate homosexual ceremonies due to their convictions not to “be partaker of other men’s sins.”

Still others fear that the San Antonio proposal might lead to more laws embracing transgenderism, such as California’s recently-signed “bathroom bill.” A petition filed Wednesday by the group “GetEQUAL TX” demands that city lawmakers expand the ordinance to allow transgenders free access to opposite-sex restrooms. To date, the petition has received approximately 200 signatures.

Dan Patrick, a Texas state senator currently in the race for the lieutenant governor position, said Christians should persevere in their fight against the measures.
“The proposed San Antonio ordinance runs counter to the Holy Bible and the United States Constitution,” Patrick wrote in a statement. “I am [pleased] to stand with the faith community leaders of San Antonio against this ordinance. I hope the San Antonio City Council considers the harm this ordinance will perpetrate on those who share my faith as well as the inevitable litigation before adopting this politically motivated measure.”


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MessagePosté le: Mer 4 Sep - 01:55 (2013)    Sujet du message: SYRIE: PRES DE 450.000 DEPLACES ET REFUGIES CHRETIENS Répondre en citant


L’équipe du site

Près de 450.000 chrétiens syriens sont réfugiés ou déplacés, a affirmé mardi à Amman Grégoire III Laham, le patriarche de l'église catholique melkite, mettant en garde contre des frappes étrangères qui "augmenteraient les souffrances" de cette communauté en Syrie.

"Environ 450.000 chrétiens syriens ont quitté leurs maisons dans de nombreuses villes syriennes vers d'autres endroits à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur du pays pour fuir la violence" depuis mi-mars 2011 --début de l'insurrection armée  en Syrie , a déclaré à l'AFP Grégoire III Laham, le patriarche d'Antioche et de tout l'Orient, d'Alexandrie et de Jérusalem.
Le chiffre avancé par ce responsable religieux fait écho aux estimations du Haut-Commissariat de l'ONU pour les réfugiés (HCR), qui a déclaré mardi que plus de six millions de Syriens sur 22 millions d'habitants sont réfugiés ou déplacés.
"Les frappes prévues contre la Syrie augmenteraient les souffrances des chrétiens et conduiraient à la destruction de la Syrie, de ses chrétiens, de ses musulmans et personne ne serait épargné", a ajouté le patriarche Grégoire III Laham en marge d'une conférence sur les défis rencontrés par les minorités chrétiennes dans les pays arabes.
"Le plus grand danger pour nous tous est la division du monde arabo-musulman et l'expansion des mouvements takfiris (sunnites extrémistes, ndlr) qui n'accordent pas de place à une pensée différente de la leur", a-t-il encore averti. 

De son côté, l'archevêque Mar Swerios Malki Murad, vicaire patriarcal de l'église orthodoxe syriaque à Jérusalem et en Jordanie a confirmé l'opposition des participants de la conférence à des frappes étrangères.
"Peu importe le temps nécessaire, le dialogue est préférable aux guerres et aux déplacements de populations", a-t-il détaillé, à l'unisson du pape François qui a appelé à jeûner et prier samedi contre toute solution armée en Syrie. 
Les responsables religieux participants à la conférence ont par ailleurs réclamé la libération des évêques Yohanna Ibrahim et Boulos Yaziji enlevés depuis le mois d’avril dernier dans une région d'Alep contrôlée par les rebelles.
En Syrie, les chrétiens qui représentent 5% de la population, sont nombreux à soutenir le régime de Bachar al-Assad. Ils ont été victimes dès le début de l’insurrection de plusieurs massacres et comptent dans leurs rangs des centaines de victimes. Ils ont été les premiers à révéler la présence en Syrie de miliciens aussi bien syriens qu’étrangers, aux affinités salafistes et takfiries (takfiristes), alors que les medias arabes et occidentaux refusaient de le croire, ou n’y faisaient jamais allusion.

Source: Agences  
03-09-2013 - 23:29 Dernière mise à jour 03-09-2013 - 23:29 |


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MessagePosté le: Ven 6 Sep - 08:11 (2013)    Sujet du message: IRAN THREATENS BRUTAL ATTACKS ON AMERICANS, OBAMA FAMILY IF US HITS SYRIA Répondre en citant


4:08 PM 09/05/2013i

Reza Kahlili

As Congress debates whether to support President Obama’s call for a limited strike against Syria for the alleged use of chemical weapons, Iran is vowing to back Bashar al-Assad’s regime to the hilt and threatening to unleash terrorism should the U.S. strike.

Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s Quds Forces, Wednesday told the Assembly of Experts — the body that chooses the supreme leader — that “[w]e will support Syria to the end.”

And in an unprecedented statement, a former Iranian official has warned of mass abductions and brutal killings of American citizens around the world and the rape and killing of one of Obama’s daughters should the United States attack Syria.

Alireza Forghani, the former governor of southern Iran’s Kish Province, threw down the gauntlet last week. Forghani is an analyst and strategy specialist in the supreme leader’s camp and closely aligned with Mehdi Taeb, who heads the regime’s Ammar Strategic Base, a radical think thank, and thus speaks with the blessing of the Islamic regime.

“Hopefully Obama will be pigheaded enough to attack Syria, and then we will see the … loss of U.S. interests [through terrorist attacks],” he threatened. “In just 21 hours [after the attack on Syria], a family member of every U.S. minister [department secretary], U.S. ambassadors, U.S. military commanders around the world will be abducted. And then 18 hours later, videos of their amputation will be spread [around the world].”

A similar act was committed in a video of the torture of Willia

m Buckley, a CIA station chief who was abducted in Beirut in 1984 and later killed by Hezbollah on Iran’s order. That video was dropped off at the U.S. Embassy in Athens. Former CIA Director William Casey later described what he saw in the video: “They had done more than ruin his body. His eyes made it clear his mind had been played with. It was horrific, medieval and barbarous.”

In addition, Forghani warned, “We should remind Obama that if you are a bastard, there are other bastards all around the world who can assault Sasha.” The statement is written in both English and Farsi, but in the Farsi version, Forghani clearly stated that Sasha will be raped by someone who has been able to get close to the Obama family.

“Obama will attack Syria and then you’ll go to hell, and the world’s public opinion will accept that you deserve to be attacked and assaulted, so please attack,” Forghani concluded.

Forghani, though not holding an official position within the regime but in a country that tightly censures the media, has stated his radical positions in articles that have been run by the majority of the regime’s media and has written several commentaries on the need for the destruction of Israel. One such article described the need for the Islamic Republic to have nuclear weapons and in another he laid out the legal case for the annihilation of Israel and all Jewish people. The latter, which ran in all of the regime’s media outlets, called for a pre-emptive strike on Israel. Based on this pre-emptive doctrine, he suggested, several “ground zero” points of Israel must be destroyed and its people annihilated.

Forghani cited the last census by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics that shows Israel has a population of 7.5 million citizens of which a majority, 5.7 million, are Jewish. The census breaks down the districts with the highest concentration of Jewish people, indicating that three cities, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, contain over 60 percent of the Jewish population. Forghani wrote that Iran could target the three with its Shahab 3 ballistic missiles, killing all of its inhabitants.

Forghani’s threats last Wednesday were further emphasized by the chief commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Mohammad Ali Jafari, who on the same day told the regime’s Fars News Agency that “America’s vision in its ability for a limited strike in Syria is an illusion. The reactions will be beyond Syria’s borders … [and] those who participate with America in this matter will soon witness threats on their national security.”

Taeb, the head of the Ammar Strategic Base, had previously stated that, “Syria is the 35th province [of Iran] and a strategic province for us … if we lose Syria, we won’t be able to hold Tehran.”

Regime officials, including Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, have made it clear on many occasions that Assad’s regime is their red line and that any attack on Syria will have grave consequences for Israel and America.

Obama has stated that he is determined to punish Assad for the alleged recent chemical attack on his own people that killed more than 1,400 civilians, hundreds of them children.

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and author of the award-winning book ”A Time to Betray“ (Simon & Schuster, 2010). He serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and the advisory board of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (FDI).

VIDEO : http://landing.newsinc.com/shared/video.html?freewheel=90046&sitesection=dailycaller_nws_wld_sty_vmpp&VID=25132527


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MessagePosté le: Dim 8 Sep - 11:50 (2013)    Sujet du message: GUINEE: PERSECUTIONS DES CHRETIENS PAR LES MUSULMANS Répondre en citant


Chers amis,

Je vous poste souvent des articles concernant la pourriture qui sévit au sein de l’Eglise catholique romaine… Il y a cependant une religion mondialiste pire encore du point de vue des crimes, de la haine et de l’extrémisme : l’Islam. Je n’en parle pas souvent, simplement parce qu’il est de notoriété publique à quel point les musulmans peuvent se révéler intolérants, détestables et criminels.



Rappelons que lors du printemps arabe, les USA ont manigancé afin de placer, à la tête de pays nord-africains, des islamistes au pouvoir. On comprend facilement pourquoi : les USA nazifiés possèdent une longue histoire de collaboration avec les musulmans extrémistes (souvenez-vous : en Agfhanistan, les p’tits gars d’Al Qaïda furent entraînés par les Amerloques et par la CIA afin de lutter contre les Russes), et le président Obama a reçu une éducation musulmane en Indonésie (de plus, son frère est lié aux Frères Musulmans – voir à ce sujet l’article sur http://www.wnd.com/2013/08/obamas-brother-linked-to-muslim-brotherhood/ ).


Nous pouvons en effet observer de la christianophobie dans la plupart des pays où les musulmans sont au pouvoir. Il semblerait que nous soyons en train de retomber dans les PERSECUTIONS chrétiennes, comme cela se déroulait aux premiers siècles du christianisme…

L’article choquant, traduit pour vous en français, ci-dessous…


Source: http://frontpagemag.com/2013/theodore-shoebat/christians-butchered-in-guine…


Le 6 septembre 2013, par Theodore Shoebat

De grands ravages et de la violence ont surgi en Guinée, où une quantité importante d'églises ont été détruites, et où une immense quantité de chrétiens ont été tués. La violence provoquée par les jihadistes a laissé quatre-vingt quinze morts et cent trente blessés.

A Nzérékoré, cinq églises ont été attaquées et pillées, et les maisons de quatre pasteurs ont été attaquées par des foules musulmanes. Un prêtre, le père  Joseph, a raconté cette violence :

Les deux églises catholiques et protestantes ont toutes deux été saccagées et brûlées ... Presque toutes les maisons et les magasins appartenant à des chrétiens ou à des personnes affiliées à des chrétiens, n'ont pas échappé à la fureur des assaillants.

Le quartier catholique, incluant les quartiers des nonnes et le presbytère, a été pillé et incendié.
En outre, à Beyla, le Centre pour le Développement de la Jeunesse, une salle de conférence, un cybercafé, une école primaire et une bibliothèque, furent ravagés et dévastés.

L’adjoint régional des services de santé de Beyla, le Dr Tolon Loua, a été tué lors de ces violences, comme le dit le père Joseph :

Il était à l'intérieur de sa maison lorsque les assaillants sont arrivés et y ont mis le feu... Gravement brûlé, il a été transporté à l'hôpital, où il fut plus tard déclaré mort.

A Moribadou, la violence a duré trois jours, pendant lesquels environ 10 églises ont été détruites.

Note de l'auteur : Actuellement, nous sommes en train de sauver et de préserver les chrétiens au Pakistan, mais nous désirons grandement nous répandre dans d'autres pays où les chrétiens sotn en train de souffrir. Pour ceux qui voudraient aider notre cause pour sauver les chrétiens, cliquez ici : https://ffmu.webconnex.com/rescuechristians

Les brochures du Freedom Center (Centre de la Liberté) sont désormais disponibles sur Kindle. Cliquez ici : http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias=digital-text&fi… 

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MessagePosté le: Lun 9 Sep - 00:09 (2013)    Sujet du message: OBAMA-BACKED REBELS DISMEMBER LIVE CHRISTIAN GIRL Répondre en citant


VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF_ghQ_vToQ

Obama-backed rebels are creating atrocities and increasing chaos in Syria so the U.S, president can gain support to topple Syrian leader Assad, another major psychological operation (PSYOP) in violation of human rights. (Russia Today)

September 8, 2013

Barack Obama-backed Syrian rebel terrorists this week have dismembered a girl while she was alive along with other similar atrocities in a Christian village in Syria, according to Russia Today.

Hit-and-run attacks on the ancient village of Maaloula, one of the few places in the world where residents still speak "the original language of Christ," Aramaic, has intensified fears among Syria’s religious minorities about the growing role of U.S.-backed rebel extremists among those fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

President Barack Obama has aimed to topple Assad with support from Congress and the public, first using US-backed rebels to create atrocities and chaos, blame Assad, and then target assassinate Assad with air strikes, according to news reports.

[See West committing terrorist atrocities, not Syria, says Chossudovsky]

Obama has used the CIA to kickstart atrocities in Syria, as 12 former military and intelligence officers revealed on Saturday. This is how Obama wormed his way into Libya and started an illegal war of aggression there, without Congressional approval or even debate.

[See: WARNING: CIA Behind Syrian Chemical Attack For Israel, Terrorist Strikes In US Inevitable If Obama Strikes]

In the latest widely circulated news, Obama-backed rebels decapitated and committed other atrocities on Christians in hit and run attacks in Maaloula.

A video widely published has depicted Syrians injured and killed by chemicals that Obama unjustifiably claims was the work of Assad and his army.
Over 100,000 people have been killed, with nearly 7 million uprooted from their homes.

U.N. officials estimate 5 million Syrians have been displaced and another 2 million have fled to neighboring countries. The total amounts to almost a third of Syria’s population, that was 23 million before fighting began.

U.N. humanitarian chief Valerie Amos met with Syrian government officials, lobbying for access to civilians trapped in areas where fighting has raged. After that meeting with the president of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, Amos told the Associated Press that she is “extremely concerned that the situation on the ground is becoming worse.”

Rather than offering real humanitarian aid, Obama is offering to bomb the country, his brand of "humanitarianism."

Mother Agnes, a catholic nun living in Syria 20 years and reporting on the war-ravaged country, has carefully studied the video featuring alleged victims of chemical weapons attack in the Syrian village of Guta in August. She questions its authenticity.

Rather than blaming Syrian's government for terrorist atrocities across Syria, Mother Agnes blames the United States and Obama-backed Syrian Rebels.
[Watch the video on this page with Mother Agnes interviewed by [i][/i]

Atrocities and other human rights violations being carried out by the rebels, including dismembering a live young Syrian girl, far outweight any type of actions by Assad-backed Syrian government forces, according to Mother Agnes.

This reflects exactly what happened in Libya where US abuses were far worse than what Gadhafi allegedly did.

[See: US-led Libyan abuses worse than Gadhafi]http://www.examiner.com/article/obama-backed-rebels-dismember-live-christian-girl

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic," best-selling author and television writer Dresden James has said.

Teresa Stover's words are also poignant today, as Obama-backed rebels attack innocent Syrians in the worse ways to gain support for him to take over Syria and the gas pipeline there for Israel:

Understand that all battles are waged on an unconscious level before they are begun on the conscious one, and this battle is no different. The power structure wishes us to believe that the only options available are those which they present to us, we know this is simply not true, and therefore we must redefine the terrain of this conflict, and clearly, it is a conflict of worldviews and agendas.


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MessagePosté le: Lun 9 Sep - 00:25 (2013)    Sujet du message: CANADA : IMAM SAYS SHARIA STONING IS GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL Répondre en citant


Posted on August 30, 2013 by creeping

via Sun News : Stoning is good for your soul, says Canadian cleric.

TORONTO — Death to sinners. That is the religious message brought to you by YouTube. Homosexuals and adulterers, you’d better start running because it’s directed at you.

Don’t believe me? Well, plenty of people watched Wednesday as Sheikh Faisal Hamid Abdur-Razak put his death by stoning show on the digital high road courtesy of the Internet.

A YouTube video featuring an insightful look at the ideas of the Brampton, Ont., preacher who stated that “sinners,” as defined by his own interpretation of Islamic law, can benefit from a jolly good stoning was running all day until it was belatedly taken down.

The sheikh explained that a Muslim who is sentenced to death by stoning under Sharia law actually benefits from this gruesome punishment as her soul is being purified even as the stones rain down on her sinful head.

It would possibly be funny if it were in a Monty Python movie. Almost, but not quite. There is no joke to be had in a medieval form of punishment like stoning. Nor should it be condoned.

Alas, it might be more widely spread than most Canadians would believe.

In 2010 the Pew Research Centre in Washington published the results of an extensive poll of Middle East countries and tapped into their views of modern life.

According to the results, at least three-quarters of Muslims in Egypt and Pakistan say they would favour making each of the following the law in their countries: stoning people who commit adultery, whippings and cutting off of hands for crimes like theft and robbery and the death penalty for those who leave the Muslim religion.

Majorities of Muslims in Jordan and Nigeria also favor these harsh punishments. Thankfully none will be proscribed in Canada because we are a free, open and tolerant society that will never become a theocracy where common law is subjugated to religious dogma.

Being free, open and tolerant also means that people such as Sheikh Faisal Hamid Abdur-Razak can take advantage of free speech to spread their own version of moral purification.

This from a man who serves as both president of the Islamic Forum of Canada and vice-president of the Islamic Council of Imams of Canada. Attempts were made to contact the sheikh for comment for this article but they were unsuccessful.

It says a lot about the warped values of YouTube that it will vigorously protect the copyright of Saturday Night Live when an illegal video of a skit from the show is posted but let vivid examples of man’s inhumanity to man be run in all its glory.

A quick YouTube search reveals an alarming number of terrorist training videos from al-Qaida side by side with executions by Al-Shabaab and hate-filled sermons from across the globe.

This is despite YouTube’s insufferably smug claims that it has “community guidelines” that prohibit “dangerous or illegal activities such as bomb-making, hate speech and incitement to commit violent acts” and only accepts “religious” films.

If you believe that, then you’ll also believe that a video snuff movie features people sneezing.


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8Sja3h6DeA


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MessagePosté le: Lun 9 Sep - 13:33 (2013)    Sujet du message: VIDÉO | UN PRETRE CATHOLIQUE SYRIEN DECAPITE PAR DES REBELLES ISLAMISTES SYRIENS (+ADDENDA) Répondre en citant



Le Père Francois Murad, 49 ans, a été décapité dimanche 23 juin par des rebelles syriens à Gassanieh, rapporte le site Catholic Online. Une information confirmée samedi par le Vatican. Les circonstances de l’assassinat ne sont pas très claires : il semble que le monastère où habitait l’homme de foi a été attaqué par le groupe islamiste Jabhat al-Nusra, la deuxième organisation rebelle la plus importante après l’Armée syrienne libre, soutenue par Al-Qaïda.

Sur la vidéo postée sur Live Leak, on voit des dizaines d’hommes et de garçons applaudir tandis que trois hommes, dont le Père François selon Catholic Online, sont assis sur le sol en attendant leur destin macabre. Ils sont ensuite méthodiquement décapités chacun leur tour avec ce qui semble être un couteau de cuisine. Puis, la foule se met à prendre des photos et à crier « Allah est grand ! ».

La vidéo censurée par l’édition internet du Daily Mail :

VIDEO DISPONIBLE : http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ead_1372329728 

Addendum 2 juillet 2013 : La custodie de Terre Sainte dément l’assassinat du Père François par décapitation. De nombreux sites anglo-saxons chrétiens ou non-confessionnels le confirment.

Addendum 3 juillet 2013 : Selon Catholic Online, « le Vatican a admis que les circonstances entourant la mort du père François Murad n’ont ‘pas été entièrement comprises’ lorsqu’il a publié une déclaration la semaine dernière sur le martyre du prêtre catholique ». D’après le site américain, la vidéo montre l’assassinat d’un autre religieux chrétien, pour l’instant pas encore identifié. « Ce qui est évident, c’est qu’il y a des rapports contradictoires provenant de sources multiples affirmant que le Père Mourad avait été décapité ou abattu (Les plus récents évoquent la deuxième possibilité, ndlr) alors qu’il tentait de défendre des sœurs. Ce dont convient tout le monde, c’est qu’il a été brutalement assassiné par les djihadistes. »


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MessagePosté le: Mar 10 Sep - 19:22 (2013)    Sujet du message: LES FRERES MUSULMANS IMPOSENT LA JIZYA AUX CHRETIENS D'EGYPTE Répondre en citant


septembre 10th, 2013
Nancy - Europe-Israel.org


Le retour à la Jizya. Historiquement, les non-musulmans devaient  payer un  tribut à leurs maîtres musulmans.  Cette pratique a été interrompue au 19ème siècle grâce à l’intervention européenne.

Aujourd’hui elle  est de retour grâce à l’intervention occidentale.

A présent que les attaques contre les églises chrétiennes d’Egypte ont cessé, l’étape suivante du Djihad – profitant de la terreur générée  par l’étape précédente – est en train de se mettre en place.  Des rapports [reports] parviennent indiquant que les Frères Musulmans et leurs partisans forcent actuellement les quelque 15 000 chrétiens coptes du village de Dalga au sud de La province de Minya à payer la Jizya  - taxe ou contribution – que les non-musulmans historiquement devaient payer à leurs suzerains islamiques « en se soumettant volontairement et en étant humiliés » afin de préserver leur existence , comme indiqué dans le Coran 9: 29 .

Selon un prêtre de la région, tous les coptes du village, « sans exception », sont obligées de verser un tribut, tout comme leurs ancêtres le faisaient il y a près de 1400 ans, quand au fil de l’épée l’Islam avait à l’origine envahi et conquis  l’Egypte chrétienne. Il explique que la «valeur de l’hommage et le mode de paiement diffèrent d’un endroit à l’autre dans le village, de sorte que certains sont censés payer 200 livres égyptiennes par jour, d’autres 500 livres égyptiennes par jour … »

Dans certains cas, ceux qui ne sont pas en mesure de payer sont attaqués, leurs épouses et enfants battus et / ou enlevés. En conséquence, environ 40 familles chrétiennes ont fui Dalga, grossissant les rangs toujours croissants des chrétiens déplacés au Moyen-Orient.

[ever growing list of displaced Christians in the Middle East.]

Le retour de la Jizya, ancienne pratique de contribution financière au « Maître » musulman. Elle est de nouveau pratiquée en Syrie, Libye, Irak et Egypte…!!!!

C’est la même chose en Syrie et en Irak. Des « rebelles » récemment sont  allés à «  la boutique d’un chrétien et lui ont donné trois options: devenir musulman ; payer 70.000 dollars de Jizya, la taxe prélevée sur les non-musulmans, ou être tué avec sa famille …. Androus de Mossoul, en Irak, et un autre membre de la congrégation de l’abbé Raymond, disent avoir reçu une demande semblable par téléphone : «Parce que vous êtes des infidèles, vous devez payer la Jizya. Si vous ne payez pas la Jizya, nous vous tuerons vous et votre fils. »

La collecte de la Jizya des non-musulmans a été interrompue au 19e siècle, grâce à l’intervention européenne. Aujourd’hui, la Jizya et d’autres injustices contre les chrétiens du Proche-Orient – en Libye, Egypte, Syrie et Irak – ont refait surface, précisément ‘grâce’ à l’intervention occidentale, dans ce cas, le soutien américain pour les Frères musulmans et ses ramifications djihadistes.

Par Raymond Ibrahim – 8 Septembre 2013 – dans Persécution des chrétiens par les musulmans
Traduction Nancy Verdier


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MessagePosté le: Mer 11 Sep - 14:13 (2013)    Sujet du message: EGYPT’S MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD TO COPTIC CHRISTIANS : CONVERT TO ISLAM, OR PAY ‘JIZYA’ TAX Répondre en citant


By Jessica Chasmar
The Washington Times
Tuesday, September 10, 2013

** FILE ** Supporters of Egypt’s ousted President Mohammed Morsi chant slogans ... more >

The Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters have began forcing the roughly 15,000 Christian Copts of Dalga village in Egypt to pay a jizya tax as indicated in Koran 9:29, author and translator Raymond Ibrahim reported on Sunday.

Jizya is the money, or tribute, “that conquered non-Muslims historically had to pay to their Islamic overlords ‘with willing submission and while feeling themselves subdued’ to safeguard their existence,” Mr. Ibrahim explained.

SEE ALSO: Egypt’s Coptic Christians face unprecedented reprisals from the Muslim Brotherhood

According to Fr. Yunis Shawqi, who spoke yesterday to Dostor reporters in Dalga, all Copts in the village, “without exception,” are being forced to pay the tax.

“[The] value of the tribute and method of payment differ from one place to another in the village, so that, some are being expected to pay 200 Egyptian pounds per day, others 500 Egyptian pounds per day,” Mr. Shawqi said, according to the translator.

In some cases, families not able to pay have been attacked. As many as 40 Christian families have now fled Dalga, Mr. Ibrahim reported.
The taxes are not unique to Egypt either.

Just over the weekend Syrian rebels went into a Christian man’s “shop and gave him three options: become Muslim; pay $70,000 as a tax levied on non-Muslims, known as jizya; or be killed along with his family,” Christian Science Monitor reported.


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MessagePosté le: Mer 11 Sep - 22:59 (2013)    Sujet du message: 'HOMO AKBAR!' BRYAN FISCHER DECRIES THE 'HOMOXESUAL MAFIA' AND OBAMA'S 'SPIRITUAL CLEANSING' Répondre en citant


VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUolb6X-yH0

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MessagePosté le: Jeu 12 Sep - 11:43 (2013)    Sujet du message: IRAN THREATENS WIDESPREAD RETALIATION AGAINST US AND ALLIES Répondre en citant


11:50 PM 09/10/2013

Reza Kahlili

Iran is ramping up its threats to the United States even as the American effort against Iranian client state Syria has ground to a crawl.

President Obama made his case to the American people and the world community Tuesday night that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad must not be allowed to escape the consequences of using chemical weapons on civilians as the two-year-long Syrian civil war drags on.

Iran, a staunch ally of the Assad regime, is warning that any military action against Syria will cause a military and terrorist reaction on U.S. targets and allies.
Despite overwhelming evidence from the horrific August 21 sarin gas attack that killed more than 1,400 civilians, hundreds of them children, Iran says it won’t sit idly by if the U.S. attacks Syria.

For now, Obama said in an East Room address Tuesday night, he will delay any proposal to Congress authorizing a punitive strike if diplomatic efforts result in Syria agreeing to verifiable destruction of its chemical weapons cache. Obama warned that to not act against Syrian atrocities would give the green light to Iran to develop nuclear weapons and terrorists to use chemical weapons.

But if diplomacy fails, unintended consequences could result from a U.S. assault. Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu both should know that all options are on the table, including the destruction of Haifa and Tel Aviv, should the U.S. attack Syria, Iran has declared.

That blunt warning came in Mashregh News, the Islamic Republic’s official media outlet run by the Revolutionary Guards intelligence unit, in an alarming commentary last week.

“Despite the analysis by some in the country (Iran),” Mashregh wrote, “the U.S. posture and its saber-rattling are just a psychological war against Syria. The fact is that the current military preparation of the (U.S.) enemy points to a military confrontation and today we are facing a complete security and military scenario.”


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 12 Sep - 12:09 (2013)    Sujet du message: NC POLICE CLAIM CHRISTIAN CARRYING CROSS VIOLATES ‘DANGEROUS WEAPONS’ LAW Répondre en citant


September 11, 2013 | Filed under: Evangelism and Missions,Law & Government,Life & Society,Top Stories | By: Heather Clark

MORGANTON, North Carolina – A Christian evangelist witnessing at a public festival in North Carolina this past weekend was forced to put away a wooden cross that he was holding as police asserted that it could be considered a “dangerous weapon.”

Brothers Jesse and Matthew Boyd, along with friend Kent Blalock, attended the 32nd annual Historic Morganton Festival on Saturday to open-air preach, distribute Gospel literature and hold Scripture-based signs as a witness to attendees. Matthew carried a small 3-pound wooden cross that bears the question “Are You Ready?” and folds away when not in use.

The men state that even before they attended the event, they became aware that there could be problems in light of the festival rules, which barred free speech activity on the streets. In turn, Jesse contacted City Attorney Louis Vinay to express concern, sending him a compilation of relevant case law that protected free speech activity at public events.

Most notably, the evangelists–and anyone else who wished to engage in free speech–would have been required to stand in a “free speech zone,” which was located two blocks outside of the event and away from the crowds.

The free speech zone established for the festival.

“We saw these rules being promulgated online, and they were clearly egregious and unconstitutional violations of free speech, so we did everything in our power to alert the authorities about our position on the matter,” Jesse told Christian News Network. “I believe that if we had just gone in there without raising concerns ahead of time, they would have tried to stop us, and perhaps arrest us.”

However, when the men arrived at the festival, they soon learned that organizers and police had a problem with more than just the evangelists’ presence inside the event. Approximately 30 minutes after setting up at a busy public intersection, the Boyds and Blalock were approached by the festival organizer, who said that it was against the rules for the Christians to hold signs and distribute tracts within the festival.

“It was just very politely stated to her that we were not going to stop, and that the rules did not supersede our rights as American citizens under the Constitution,” Matthew explained. “We’re on a public street; you can’t just make [your own] rules.”

Connect with Christian News

The organizer then convened with police, and after a while, she approached the evangelists with a man that identified as the chief of police.

“The chief then focused in on the cross, saying that it was a violation of the [city's] sign ordinance, and we just kind of went back and forth, … [explaining that] the language of the ordinance did not apply here,” Matthew recalled, as Jesse noted that the law pertained to poles and other objects used to hoist signs that could be sharp or injurious.

However, what the chief contended next shocked and baffled the men.

“He kept referring to [the cross] as a dangerous weapon,” Matthew said, “or a possible dangerous weapon.”

“I responded to the chief and said, ‘To be honest with you chief, you’re right,’” Jesse recalled. “The cross, spiritually speaking, is a deadly weapon in terms of of the sin nature and the devils who want to overthrow Christ and his reign. So, yes, it is a deadly weapon.”

But he also told the chief that his assertion was absurd in a practical sense.

“I said to the chief, ‘Sir, you know we’re out here peacefully. Our entire approach is peaceful, and just because something could be used as a deadly weapon doesn’t mean it is,’” Jesse explained. “I said, ‘That walkie-talkie attached to your shirt could be a deadly weapon if you swung it and hit somebody in the head with it.’”

Festival-goers hold wooden swords sold by an event vendor.

The evangelists stated that they were also perplexed as to why they were being targeted when numerous attendees–including children–were walking around with wooden Samurai swords that were being sold by a vendor.

“We train with these at my Aikido club, and they are deadly weapons,” Jesse noted. “There were people with light sabers and plastic swords and all kinds of things that could have been a deadly weapon, and yet the police chose to zero in on this ‘Are You Ready’ cross.”

As the evangelists continued to disagree with the application of the statute, the officers convened for approximately a half an hour to discuss the matter. During this time, the festival organizer again approached the Boyds and Blalock to advise that the evangelists could either put their tracts and signs away and only speak to people, go to the free speech zone to conduct their activities, or leave the event altogether.

“And Kent made the statement to her that we’re not putting our signs up and we’re going to continue to hand out tracts, and we’re not going to follow your suggestions,” Matthew stated. “And that’s when the major came up with the chief and said that the cross had to go. He said, ‘This is your last chance.’”

At this point, the men then agreed to put the cross away and continue with their other evangelistic activities, but commented how they believed it was foolish for police to exert their efforts on a wooden cross being held by Christian missionaries.

“[There were] people who were clearly drunk, and the officers are focusing an hour or more of their time convening, trying to figure out what they’re going to do with some street preachers,” Matthew said. “To me, it’s just absurd.”

“This was just a classic case of [police] trying to appease some festival organizers who chose to zero in on the preachers and ignore all the other violations of their rules,” Jesse stated.

In the end, the evangelists said that God used their time at the festival, as a group of girls soon approached after witnessing the situation and joined the men in handing out Gospel tracts. Another attendee who had planned on attending a country music concert at the festival also fell under conviction, and likewise joined the evangelists in distributing tracts to the masses.

“That’s what it’s about,” Matthew said.

VIDEO : http://christiannews.net/2013/09/11/nc-police-claim-christian-carrying-cros…


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Bilan documenté et chiffré de L'Oeuvre d'Orient Paris, 11 septembre 2013 (Zenit.org) Mgr Pascal Gollnisch

L’Œuvre d’Orient a eu la confirmation par les plus hautes autorités spirituelles de la liste des bâtiments chrétiens incendiés ou saccagés ces dernières semaines en Égypte par les Frères Musulmans ou des personnes qui leur sont proches (cf. Ci-dessous).

Cela constitue de toute évidence une vague de persécutions de nature différente par rapport aux violences ponctuelles et discriminations dont les chrétiens faisaient l’objet.  

La position jusqu’au-boutiste des extrémistes fait craindre la poursuite de ce mouvement antichrétien.

L’Œuvre d’Orient demande que toutes les conséquences soient tirées de ce nouvel état de fait et en particulier que les autorités égyptiennes actuelles procèdent sans tarder à la protection et à la reconstruction des lieux chrétiens : églises, écoles, maisons de santé, habitations … 

Mgr Pascal Gollnisch 

Directeur général

Paris, le 10 septembre 2013

Œuvre d’Eglise, l’Œuvre d’Orient est la seule organisation française entièrement dédiée au soutien des chrétiens d’Orient. Elle contribue à leur éducation, à leurs soins et les accompagne spirituellement depuis plus de 150 ans. Son champ d’action couvre 23  pays, principalement au Moyen-Orient. 

Plus d’infos : www.oeuvre-orient.fr

Liste des lieux chrétiens incendiés ou saccagés depuis le 14 août 2013 :


I- Eglises pillées, saccagées et brûlées entièrement ou bombardées

1. Eglise Copte Orthodoxe de la Sainte Vierge et Anba Abram, le bâtiment de services, la maison de l’évêque, la garderie située dans le village de Délga, quartier de Deir (monastère) Mawas
2. Eglise Copte Orthodoxe de Mar (Saint) Mina et le dispensaire accolé, située dans le quartier d’Abou Helal sud
3. Eglise Baptiste située à Béni Mazar
4. Eglise du Prince Tawadros, située à la rue El Hosseiny, place Sednawi
5. Eglise Evangélique III
6. Eglise Evangélique, située à la ferme de Gad El Sayed
7. Eglise Anba Moussa El Asswad (Moïse le Noir), située dans le quartier d’Abou Helal sud
8. Eglise Khalas El Nefous (Le Salut des âmes), située à la place « Palace »
9. Eglise Mar (Saint) Mina, située dans la rue du Markaz (commissariat), Béni Mazar
10. Eglise Evangélique, située à Mallawi

11. Eglise  Copte Catholique – Saint Georges, le bâtiment de services, le terrain de l’évêché, Gouvernorat de Sohag
12. Eglise Saint Marc, le bâtiment de services, située dans la rue «  El Kahraba » (électricité), Gouvernorat de Sohag
13. Eglise de la Sainte Vierge et Anba Abram, Gouvernorat de Sohag  

14. Monastère du Prince Tawadros, El Chatbi, Village « El Nazla », Youssef  El Seddiq, Gouvernorat de Fayoum
15. Eglise Copte Orthodoxe de La Sainte Vierge, Village « El Nazla », Youssef  El Seddiq, Gouvernorat de Fayoum
16. Eglise Sainte Demiana, village El Zerbi, Tamia, Gouvernorat de Fayoum
17. Eglise Evangélique, village  El Zerbi , Tamia, Gouvernorat de Fayoum
18. Eglise du Prince Tadros, village Dassia, Gouvernorat de Fayoum  

19. Eglise des pères Franciscains et l’école accolée, située dans la rue 23, Gouvernorat de Suez
20. Eglise Grecque (antique), située dans la rue « Paradis », Gouvernorat de Suez
21. Eglise Evangélique, située dans la rue de l’armée, gouvernorat de Suez  

22. Eglise Saint Georges, située dans la rue Kalta, gouvernorat d’Assiout
23. Eglise Apostolique, située dans la rue El Namis, gouvernorat d’Assiout
24. Eglise Saint Jean, située à Abanoub,  gouvernorat d’Assiout
25. Eglise Adventiste, située dans la rue YousriRagheb, gouvernorat d’Assiout
26. Eglise Réformiste, gouvernorat d’Assiout
27. Eglise Saint Thérèse, gouvernorat d’Assiout  

28. Eglise de la Sainte Vierge, rue 10, Boulaq El Dakrour (Beau Lac du Caire) , gouvernorat de Guizèh
29. Eglise de la Sainte Vierge, Kerdassa, gouvernorat de Guizèh  

30. Eglise Saint Georges, située dans la rue 23 juillet, El Arich, gouvernorat du Sinaï Nord  

31. Couvent des sœurs du Bon Pasteur et l’école accolée, l’église du couvent, située dans la rue de l’armée, gouvernorat de Suez


32. Eglise Evangélique, village Moncha’at Badin, Samalout, gouvernorat de Minia
33. L’évêché de Saint Jean Baptiste, Kousseya, gouvernorat d’Assiout
34. Eglise Copte Catholique « La Sainte Famille », accolée au commissariat de police, Mallawi, gouvernorat de Minia
35. Eglise Evangélique II, accolée au commissariat de police, Mallawi, gouvernorat de Minia
36. Eglise Saint Georges et Abou Seifein, village Lahassa, Maghagha, gouvernorat de Minia
37. Eglise Apostolique, le centre médical annexe, située dans la rue Omar, ferme d’Iskandar, Abou Helal, gouvernorat de Minia
38. Eglise Mar (Saint) Mina, Béni Mazar, Gouvernorat de Minia   

II – Eglises attaquées par jets de pierres, Molotov, balles et/ou assiégées

1- Eglise Copte Catholique Saint Marc, quartier Abou Helal sud, gouvernorat de Minia
2- Eglise des pères Jésuites, située dans le quartier Abou Helal sud, gouvernorat de Minia
3- Eglise de la Sainte Vierge, située dans la rue El Gazzarin, quartier Abou Helal sud, gouvernorat de Minia
4- Evêché Saint Jean Baptiste, Kousseya, gouvernorat d’Assiout
5- Eglise de La Sainte Vierge, située dans le bassin numéro 10, gouvernorat de Quéna
6- Evêché d’Atfih, gouvernorat de Guizèh
7- Eglise des deux Martyrs, située dans le village de Sol, Atfih, gouvernorat de Guizèh
8- Eglise de la Sainte Vierge, située à Saf, gouvernorat de Guizeh
9- Eglise Saint Georges, Bacous, gouvernorat d’Alexandrie
10- Eglise Anba Maximos, rue 45, gouvernorat d’Alexandrie
11- Evêché de Mallawi, gouvernorat de Minia
12- Evêché Copte Orthodoxe, Deir (monastère) Mawas, gouvernorat de Minia
13- Eglise de L’Ange, rue El Namis, gouvernorat d’Assiout
14- Evêché Copte Orthodoxe, Abou Tig, gouvernorat d’Assiout
15- Eglise de la Sainte Vierge, Kafr Abdo, 6 octobre
16- Eglise Saint Georges, El Wasta, Béni Sweif
17- Eglise Abou Seifein, El Rachah (Cours d’eau), Ezbet el Nakhl (ferme des palmiers), El marg, Le Caire
18- Eglise de la Sainte Vierge, Mansouréya, gouvernorat de Guizeh
19- Eglise Saint Georges, Kodsika, Maadi, Le Caire
20- Eglise Mar Mina, Béni Mazar, gouvernorat de Minia
21- Eglise Saint Georges, jardin de Helwan, gouvernorat de Guizèh  
22- Monastère d’Abou Fana, isolé par blocage de la route qui amène les provisions, Mallawi, gouvernorat de Minia  

 III - Ecoles et couvents brûlés 

1- Ecole Copte pour garçons, rue El Hosseiny, gouvernorat de Minia
2- Ecole et couvent des sœurs de Saint Joseph,  gouvernorat de Minia
3- Ecole du Bon Pasteur, gouvernorat de Minia entièrement pillée (et non brûlée)
4- Ecole et couvent des sœurs Franciscaines, Gouvernorat de Béni Sweif
5- Ecole Franciscaine, gouvernorat de Suez
6- Ecole Copte Catholique du Bon Pasteur, accolée au commissariat de police, Mallawi, gouvernorat de Minia  
7- Ecole des pères Jésuites, gouvernorat de Minia    

IV - Installations appartenant aux églises entièrement brûlées

1- Association des amis de l’évangile, gouvernorat de Fayoum
2- Club des Jeunes chrétiens (YMCA)
3- Asile pour garçons - Soldats du Christ, gouvernorat de Minia
4- Librairie «  Maison de l’évangile », gouvernorat de Minia
5- Centre d’activités des Jésuites et des Frères, gouvernorat de Minia
6- Bateau «  El Dahabeya », appartenant à l’église évangélique, gouvernorat de Minia
7- Librairie «  Maison de l’évangile », gouvernorat d’Assiout
8- Maison des prêtres et immeuble à côté de l’église copte catholique St Georges, à Dalga, Deir Mouwas, Gouvernorat de Minia    

V - Maisons, pharmacies, magasins, hôtels appartenant aux Coptes, pillés, saccagés et brûlés entièrement

1- 58 maisons, dans des lieux diverses tout au long du territoire égyptien : les locataires ont été chassés de leur ville
2- 85 magasins dans les divers gouvernorats
3- 16 pharmacies dans les divers gouvernorats
4- 3 hôtels, Horus- Sawssana – Akhenaton
5- 75 autocars et voitures appartenant aux églises et aux coptes   

(C) L'Œuvre d’Orient - Document validé par les autorités religieuses chrétiennes d’Égypte- 10 09 2013

(11 septembre 2013) © Innovative Media Inc.


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 12 Sep - 16:57 (2013)    Sujet du message: 'EGYPT EMERGENCY FUND' TO AID PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS Répondre en citant



Who is Jimmy Lee, president of Re:source Global?

Jimmy Lee

President at Goodcity Chicago Région de Chicago, États-Unis | Institutions religieuses Poste actuel : President at Goodcity Chicago, President at re:source Global, Principal at Create Possible = Founded by local actors and directors, Stone Soup Theatre Project offers theater to the communities of North East Chicago. Through exposure to quality ...


Jimmy Lee is the Co-Founder of CreatePossible and re:source global. Previously, he served as the Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Known as a strong advocate of community development, he served as the Executive Director of the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce and the Managing Director of the U.S. Asian Business Council. Jimmy also had the honor of being named one of Crain’s, "40 Business Leaders Under 40." He holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


5 Tips from the GLOBAL CHURCH : How to Best Impact Your Church and Ministry


- If you believe your money will go for the persecuted church in Egypt, please take a look to know who this guy is
more closely. The money will be use by the false church of Christ to push some dark agenda to fullfill the One world religion/government. Continue the research...


  Auparavant : Managing Director, US Asian Business Council at US Asian Business Council, Managing Director at National Center for Community Development, Candid... Formation : University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Résumé : I have been honored to be able to serve my country through a variety of roles - as a political director, a community activist, a youth counselor,...

Contact: Sarah Lee, Re:source Global, 773-931-3559
CHICAGO, Sept. 12, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Egyptian army's crackdown on Mohamed Morsi's Cairo supporters unleashed the largest attack on Egyptian Christians and Coptic houses of worship in the country's modern history.

In recent weeks, international news outlets and human rights groups have reported Christians have been beaten, threatened and even killed, forcing millions of Christians, primarily from the Coptic Orthodox community, into hiding. Scores of Coptic churches, monasteries, shops, schools, clubs and orphanages have been looted and burned. Christian homes and businesses have been targeted for violence with red and black spray paint, and historic Christian relics have been destroyed, with one ancient altar turned into a site for Muslim prayers.

In response to the violence against Christians, U.S.-based Re:source Global has set up the Egypt Emergency Fund to provide immediate, targeted relief and ongoing support to persecuted Christians in Egypt, whose lives and property have been destroyed in the violence.

Re:source Global is an international organization that pioneers and implements new models of financial and human capital investment that advance the work of the global Church.

"The fund allows all people around the world, not just those with financial surplus or local connections, to provide immediate relief to Christians in Egypt," said Jimmy Lee, president of Re:source Global. "We may not be able to stop the persecution, but we can communicate that we have heard their needs and we stand with Egypt."

To maximize the impact of any size donation, the first $100,000 of funds received will be matched dollar for dollar through the support of an anonymous donor.

Re:source Global has partnered with a trusted philanthropic organization (name withheld for security reasons) with a well-established network of ministry partners and churches in the region. The fund's partners and networks are non-denominational and have a proven track record of addressing urgent needs among Coptic, Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical communities, as well as the majority Muslim population.

The fund's resources will be utilized for immediate crisis needs -- food, clothing, shelter, safe haven -- for those most affected by the violence. Long-term, the fund will support Christians in rebuilding their lives, churches and businesses. Re:source Global will provide investors with regular reporting of operations.

To make a donation, visit www.resourceglobal.org or contact Sarah Lee, Strategic Development & Global Affairs, Re:source Global. slee@resourceglobal.org or 773-931-3559.

Despite the violence, local watch groups have reported seeing a new breakthrough of Christian-Muslim solidarity, as Copts and moderate Muslims unite in their opposition to radical and political Islam, and condemn the violence.

"Our local partners in Egypt have seen unprecedented collaboration among Christian groups, and among Christians and Muslims -- neighbors helping neighbors -- united in opposition to violence and murder," said Lee. "Peaceful Egyptians desperately need our help in this crisis, and these are the people we will support."


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États-Unis). Aaron et Melissa Klein (photo) sont chrétiens. Ensemble, ils tenaient la pâtisserie Sweet Cakes Melissa. Le 17 janvier 2013, une mère et sa fille se sont présentées afin de commander un gâteau pour le « mariage » de cette dernière. En discutant, elles ont été amenées à préciser qu’il s’agissait en fait d’une parodie lesbienne de l’union d’un homme et d’une femme. Aaron a alors expliqué très courtoisement qu’il ne pouvait participer à cette cérémonie contraire à sa foi et à ses valeurs, allant jusqu’à présenter ses excuses.

Les deux femmes ont alors quitté le magasin, avant que la maman revienne, très énervée que tout le monde ne pense pas comme elle et ne se plie pas aux revendications homosexuelles. Toujours courtois, Aaron est resté sur sa position, citant la Bible. Elle a alors quitté la boutique en claquant la porte et une plainte a été déposée pour discrimination. Interrogé par la presse, le couple n’a pas cherché à ruser, expliquant qu’il ne pouvait pas participer à des « mariages » entre personnes du même sexe : « Évidemment, avec mes valeurs chrétiennes, je crois que le mariage ne peut avoir qu’entre un homme et une femme », justifie Aaron, « Dieu l’a ordonné ».

Terrorisme économique. Suite à cette médiatisation, le couple a reçu des centaines de coups de téléphone et de courriels haineux dont certains (montrés à notre confrère TheBlaze.com ou à The Washington Times) les injuriant et les menaçant directement ainsi que leurs cinq enfants heureusement scolarisés à domicile. Leurs fournisseurs ont été harcelés par des activistes LGBT pour qu’ils cessent de faire affaire avec eux, au point que l’avocat du couple n’hésite pas à parler de « terrorisme économique ». Certains fidèles clients sont effrayés par tant de violence et demandent à Aaron et Melissa de ne plus apposer l’étiquette de l’entreprise sur les gâteau afin de ne pas être à leur tour stigmatisés. Aujourd’hui, l’entreprise familiale est en grosse difficulté.

« Dieu nous porte dans ces épreuves », tempère toutefois Melissa. Qui met les points sur les « i » : « Je ferais n’importe quoi pour un homosexuel. Je donnerais ma chemise ». Bref, celle qui a « des amis gays » n’a rien contre les personnes homosexuelles. Mais, pour le gâteau, elle ne regrette rien : « J’ai fait ce que j’ai fait parce que je ne souhaite pas soutenir quelqu’un dans quelque chose qui serait une mauvaise décision. » Melissa explique par exemple qu’elle ne fournirait pas non plus de gâteau pour des cérémonies de divorce ou de gâteau avec un message blasphématoire, contrairement à ce qu’a pu affirmer un média local désireux de les couper de leurs soutiens. Avec les mois, le harcèlement n’a pas cessé et les Klein ont fermé leur boutique au début du mois de septembre. Ils espèrent pouvoir continuer à travailler à domicile.

Foi. Rachel Cryer et Laurel Bowmann, les deux lesbiennes plaignantes, ont quant à elle maintenu leur plainte. La famille Klein pourrait être condamnée à leur verser 50 000 dollars en raison du « dommage émotionnel » causé à ces dernières par le refus de leur fournir un gâteau… C’est un peu partout le même racket. Sans parler des 1 000 dollars d’amendes civiles par infraction, qui empêcherait les Klein de continuer leur métier. En attendant, Aaron et Melissa expliquent que ces épreuves ont fait grandir leur foi chrétienne et nous offre un magnifique exemple de résistance pacifique au lobby homosexualiste.

Publié par: Ivan Thévoz



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MessagePosté le: Ven 13 Sep - 11:39 (2013)    Sujet du message: SYRIAN REBELS SLIT THROAT OF CHRISTIAN MAN WHO REFUSED TO CONVERT TO ISLAM, TAUNT FIANCE, “JESUS DIDN'T COME TO SAVE HIM ” Répondre en citant

Posted on September 13, 2013 by WashingtonsBlog
U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel Support Al Qaeda Terrorists Who Are Brutally Persecuting Syrian Christians
Until recently, Syria was a safe-haven for Christians.

The New York Times notes:

As secular leaders from the secretive Alawite sect, the Assad dynasty largely preserved Christian life, protecting Syria’s minorities from what was perceived as a collective threat from the country’s Sunni majority.
Watching their once-shielding dictators fall like dominos across the region, Christians have suddenly found themselves on the wrong side of history. Faced by a rising tide of radical Sunni Islam, Christians in Iraq and Egypt have fled by the thousands. In Syria, concern over Christian repression has fallen on deaf ears, drowned out by popular support for the country’s opposition in the face of the Assad regime’s brutal crackdown.

BBC points out:

Syria has for much of the century had a sizeable Christian minority, making up at least 10% of the population.


In recent years Syria has been considered one of the easier Middle Eastern countries for Christians to live in. Power is concentrated in the hands of the Alawite minority – a Shia sect considered heretical by many Muslims – which has clamped down hard on extreme forms of Islam.

But that’s all changed since Al Qaeda terrorists started targeting Christians in Syria more than a year ago.

Agence France-Presse reports:

Jihadists who overran Syria’s ancient town of Maalula last week disparaged Christians as “Crusaders” and forced at least one person to convert to Islam at gunpoint, say residents who fled the town.


“They arrived in our town at dawn… and shouted ‘We are from the Al-Nusra Front and have come to make lives miserable for the Crusaders,” an Islamist term for Christians ….


Maalula is one of the most renowned Christian towns in Syria, and many of its inhabitants speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus.


“I saw people wearing Al-Nusra headbands who started shooting at crosses,” said Nasrallah, a Christian.

One of them “put a pistol to the head of my neighbour and forced him to convert to Islam by obliging him to repeat ‘there is no God but God’.”
“Afterwards they joked, ‘he’s one of ours now’.”


Another resident, Rasha, recounted how the jihadists had seized her fiance Atef, who belonged to the town’s militia, and brutally murdered him.
“I rang his mobile phone and one of them answered,” she said.

“Good morning, Rashrush,” a voice answered, using her nickname. “We are from the Free Syrian Army. Do you know your fiance was a member of the shabiha (pro-regime militia) who was carrying weapons, and we have slit his throat.”

The man told her Atef had been given the option of converting to Islam, but had refused.

“Jesus didn’t come to save him,” he taunted.

Daily Mail writes:

Another Christian resident said: ‘I saw the militants grabbing five villagers and threatening them and saying, “Either you convert to Islam, or you will be beheaded”.’

Another said one church had been torched, and gunmen stormed into two other churches and robbed them.

The Christian Science Monitor notes:

Anas, their son, says he got threatening messages back in Syria: “Your money is for us to take, your wife is for us to sleep with, and your children are for killing. This is all halal,” or permissible under Islamic law. He escaped with his wife and children to Jordan, but not before his liquor store had been burned down.

WND reports:

“The Christian residents were offered four choices: 1. renounce the ‘idolatry’ of Christianity and convert to Islam; 2. pay a heavy tribute to the Muslims for the privilege of keeping their heads and their Christian faith (this tribute is known as jizya); 3. be killed; 4. flee for their lives, leaving all their belongings behind.”

The Washington Times reported in June:

“A priest and another Christian were beheaded before a cheering crowd by Syrian insurgents who say they aided and abetted the enemy… The reported beheading of the two Christians comes about the same time America has started sending arms to rebel fighters, the Wall Street Journal revealed this week.”

Most of the Syrian “rebels” are Al Qaeda.  As NBC News reports, Al Qaeda is gaining more and more power among the rebels.

And the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel  have been backing these guys for years.  Indeed, we’ve long known that most of the weapons we’re shipping to Syria are ending up in the hands of Al Qaeda. And they apparently have chemical weapons.

Congressman Amish points out that the U.S. is breaking the law by aiding and abetting a designated terrorist group.

Indeed, Obama’s own top lawyers warned him that arming the rebels would be illegal.

Ironically, Obama has just renewed the Declaration of a State of Emergency for America first started by Bush in September 2001.  That declaration of emergency is supposed to be about fighting – you know – Al Qaeda.

But the U.S. has long wanted regime change in Syria … and long backed the most violent terrorists in the world for geopolitical reasons.


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More of the poison fruit from the Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt. And yet the President of the free world continues to support the vicious and genocidal Islamic supremacist wars in Syria, Libya and Africa.

This is the sharia.

Two Christians Murdered in Egypt for Refusing to Pay Jizya to Muslims By Mary Abdelmassih, AINA, September 13, 2013


(AINA) -- Two Coptic Christians government employees were shot dead yesterday for refusing to pay Jizya, the Muslim poll tax on Christians. Emad Damian, 50, and his cousin Medhat Damian, 37, from the village of Sahel Selim in Assuit Province, were contacted two days before their murder by the leader of a Muslim gang, who was identified by Watany Coptic Newspaper as Ashraf Ahmed Mohammed Khalajah, a registered criminal from the village.

According to Emad's brother Dr. Samy Damian, Emad was contacted about 9:30 PM by a member of the gang, who demanded 10,000 Egyptian pounds so that he could buy weapons. "My brother said that he had no problems with anyone, does not require services from anyone, and does not have the money."

In an interview on Al Nahar TV Channel on September 12, Ahmed Fawzi, secretary for the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, said the two murdered Copts, who were members of his political party, reported the matter to the police in Sahel Selim and asked for police protection, but the police did nothing.

"A couple of days later the gang surprised the two Copts by going to their home in the morning and showering them with bullets, leaving both dead," Fawzi said. "The police know who the killers are but are doing nothing to arrest them."

The districts of Sahel Selim and Ghanayem are the most unsafe areas in Assuit and their police stations were heavily shelled by the Muslim Brotherhood on August 14.

Meanwhile, the security situation remains tense in the village of Delga, Deir Mawas, 160 miles south of Cairo in Minya, where Muslim Brotherhood gangs completely control the village after the ouster of ex-president Morsy. They target the 20,000 Coptic inhabitants by imposing Jizya on them allegedly to "safeguard" them from acts of violence and vandalism to their homes and shops. Despite the arrival last week of a new director of security in the province, the scene is still grim for many.

Rev. Youannas Shawky, Pastor of the monastery of Our Lady and Saint Ebram in Delga, which was completely destroyed on 3rd July by pro-Morsy supporters (AINA 7-6-2013), said the practice of collecting Jizya from Copts started after the departure of Morsy and continues to be imposed on all Copts in the village without exception, pointing out that the value of the tribute and methods of payment vary from one place to another within the village. The amount varies from 200-500 Egyptian pounds daily, which are exorbitant amounts to many villagers. Rev. Youannas estimates 50 families have left the village so far.

Many Egyptian activists have sounded the alarm on what is happening to Christians. In an open letter to the Egyptian provisional government prominent journalist Fatma Nahoot said "Where is the government, the Interior Minister and General al-Sisi on what is happening to the Copts in Minya, including harassment, murder, intimidation, displacement and imposing Jizya on them?"

By Mary Abdelmassih


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Posted by: Doni Kandel September 8, 2013 , 12:06 pm


Again shalt thou plant vineyards upon the mountains of Samaria; the planters shall plant, and shall have the use thereof. (Jeremiah 31:4)

The EU announced that it would send a team to Israel to asses the best way to implement their ban on Judea and Samaria products after a request to delay the measure was made by US Secretary of State John Kerry. (Photo: http://www.zazzle.co.uk)

, following a request to delay their planned ban on products produced from Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, the European Union plans to send a team to the Holy Land in order to determine how best to proceed with the measure, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The EU decision in July to issue the guidelines that clarified its policy against providing grants, prizes or loans to Israeli entities, including non-profit and educational institutions, located over the pre-1967 lines, infuriated Israel, which said it was counterproductive to the peace process.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, meeting with a number of EU ministers in Vilnius, Lithuania had reportedly asked for the governing body to delay the implementation of the boycott due to the ongoing peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority which he engineered.

At a briefing with reporters prior to the meeting, a senior state department official said, “The secretary’s message to the EU foreign ministers will be very clear, that now that the parties are in negotiations and both leaders took difficult and painful – politically painful decisions in order to get into these direct negotiations – that it’s important for those parties who have an interest in a successful outcome that they be supportive of this effort and that they find a way to embrace the negotiators and encourage them to move forward, rather than, as it were metaphorically, bang them over the head.”

When asked about Kerry’s request at a press conference after the meeting, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said, “I want to reiterate the issue of the guidelines, that this is putting down on paper what is currently the EU’s position.” She added, “We will be sending a team to Israel on Monday… We of course want to continue to have a strong relationship with Israel.”

PLO executive committee member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi expressed concern over Kerry’s request to the EU. “The announcement of the EU guidelines was a very positive step which played a significant role in the decision to resume negotiations. By refusing to extend grants and awards beyond the Green Line, these guidelines reinforce the 1967 border and play a constructive role in reaffirming the two-state solution, something which can only help the cause of peace.

“Reports of US on behalf of Israel are extremely discouraging and cast serious doubts on the US mediation role,” Ashrawi added. “Once again the US is using the negotiations process to grant Israel immunity and to buy it more time to create facts on the ground, thereby rendering the so-called ‘peace process’ a self-defeating exercise.”

According to The Times of Israel, Deputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin said Israel will forgo a research partnership with the EU worth hundreds of millions of dollars rather than accept an anti-settlement clause as part of such a deal.

Elkin said Israel could not sign on the Horizon 2020 research partnership unless the European Union removed a clause from its new settlement guidelines that forces Israel to acknowledge the country does not extend over the Green Line.

“We want to sign and we are ready to negotiate, but if the conditions are as they are today, which are unprecedented … we can’t sign,” Elkin said.

The EU has indicated that the new directives will go through, despite Israeli objections.


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Posted by sharia unveiled on September 16, 2013

Posted in: Uncategorized.

By Daniel Greenfield | Frontpage Magazine

When thousands of Muslims become refugees, then you can’t get the media to shut up about it for weeks. Thousands of Muslim migrants invading Burma became “refugees” and the media has spent the better part of a year ranting about how evil the Buddhists are. But when Muslim terrorists attack a Christian city creating tens of thousands of refugees, you couldn’t pay the media to cover the story, whether it’s in Syria, Egypt or closer to home in the Philippines.


Philippine troops have started to battle their way into coastal villages in the south where Muslim rebels have held scores of residents hostage in a six-day standoff, sparking fierce clashes that have killed 56 people and displaced more than 60,000, officials said Saturday. President Benigno Aquino III said more firefights were expected but assured more than 62,000 displaced villagers being sheltered at a sports complex in Zamboanga city that the rebels’ capability to sow trouble has been degraded and the government was working to end the crisis soon.

Zamboanga is the 6th largest city in the country and 3/4 Christian and an obvious target for the MNLF Muslim terrorists (who are of course denying responsibility and blaming a rogue leader). It’s an obvious target because of its central influence in Mindanao. It’s the city that Muslims want. And it’s likely that the MNLF is finding shelter in the Muslim parts of the city.

VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIX2OhbotT8 

source:  http://frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/media-silent-as-muslims-ethnically-cleanse-60000-christians-in-philippines/


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MessagePosté le: Mar 17 Sep - 13:13 (2013)    Sujet du message: COLORADO STATE PATROL – CHRISTIANS NEED TO BE WATCHED, TREATED WITH CAUTION Répondre en citant


by Michelle Morin

Undersheriff Ron Trowbridge
We need more like him now.

UPDATE to this story 4/17/13: Colorado State Patrol Officer Clarifies Questions About “Sovereign Citizens” & “Targeting Christians”

UPDATE to this story 4/11/13:  Colorado State Patrol Training UPDATE – Responses from Prowers County Sheriff & the CSP

When it comes to freedom, things are changing fast and for the worst in America, and it’s happening at accelerated speed here in Colorado.

Not only are laws being written at mach speed to regulate, tax, and restrict individual freedom, but ideas are changing amongst the Colorado citizenry.  Local law enforcement, in particular, are being put at a new crossroads and are being positioned to make some tough decisions about their duties.  They will very soon be choosing between enforcing Constitutional rule of law and new laws which contradict our Constitutional principles and which make criminals out of innocents.

If you are a law enforcement officer, a person of faith, or someone who values both America’s First and Second Amendments, then this is a MUST-READ.

On April 5, 2013, blogger Steven H. Ahle over at The Red Statements received  an email from Prowers County, Colorado Undersheriff Ron Trowbridge.  Here is Steve’s original post:

I recently received a letter from one of law enforcement’s finest.  He had attended a seminar in which he was told to be on the lookout for Christians.  The letter was written by an attendee, Ron Trowbridge, Undersheriff in Prowers County, Colorado.  I would like to thank Sheriff Trowbridge for the letter and the 25 years he has spent protecting the public in his county.  Fear of reprisals from either the Colorado State Police and Homeland Security, fail to stop this patriot from exposing what our law officers are being subjected to.  Because of his bravery, we are able to get an inside look on how nefarious forces within our government are attempting to indoctrinate our law officers.  As this letter proves, our officers cannot be intimidated. Nor can they be turned on the people they serve.  The people of Prowers County are very lucky to have him.

Without further delay, here is the letter unedited and complete in it’s original form:

From: rtrowbridge@prowerscounty.net To: forknown@hotmail.com Subject: CSP Training Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2013 10:30:22 -0600

On April 1, 2013 I attended training in La Junta, Colorado hosted by the Colorado State Patrol (CSP).  The training was from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm and covered two topics, Sovereign Citizens, and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.  I was pretty familiar with motorcycle gangs but since we often deal with the so-called sovereign citizen groups I was interested to see what they had to say.  The group consisted of police officers, deputies, and CSP troopers.  There were about 20 people in attendance.

Trooper Joe Kluczynski taught a 2-hour section on sovereign citizens.  Kluczynski spent most of his two hours focusing on how, in his view and apparently the view of Homeland Security, people turn to the sovereign citizen movement.  Kluczynski started off by saying there are probably some sovereign citizens in this room and gave a generalized list of those groups that have sovereign citizen views.  Among those groups, Kluczynski had listed, were those who believe America was founded on godly principles, Christians who take the Bible literally, and “fundamentalists”.  Kluczynski did not explain what he meant by “fundamentalists” but from the context it was clear he was referring again to those who took the Bible literally or “too seriously.”

While Kluczynski emphasized that sovereign citizens have a right to their beliefs, he was clearly teaching that the groups he had listed should be watched by law enforcement and should be treated with caution because of their potential to assault law enforcement.  Kluczynski explained why he believed these groups were dangerous saying they were angry over the election of a black president.  When someone in the group suggested the failing economy was probably much more to blame, Kluczynski intimated that those who are not going along with the changes in America will need to be controlled by law enforcement.  Kluczynski even later questioned some of the troopers present if they were willing and prepared to confiscate “illegal” weapons if ordered to.
Kluczynski’s assignment with the CSP was an Analyst for the Colorado Information Analysis Center, (CIAC).  CIAC is funded by Homeland Security funds and run by the CSP.  Kluczynski said he gets his information from the Department of Homeland Security.  Kluczynski said he was leaving the CSP at the end of that week (March 29, 2013) to begin his new career with Homeland Security.  I thought he was perfect for the job.
Ron Trowbridge
Prowers County Sheriff’s Office

Wow!  This is a powerful letter, written incredibly well and I was blown away when I read it.  My question for Kluczynski would be this:  “If we look at recent mass murderers such as former officer Chris Dorner, who went on a rampage and killed 5 people and wounding others, Adam Lanza, the shooter at Newtown, James Holmes, who killed 12 and wounded many more, Nidal Hasan, who killed 13 fellow servicemen,  or even Gabby Gifford’s shooter , Jared Lee Loughner, all were liberals except Hasan who is a Muslim terrorist. Why are you lecturing on Christians, who do not commit these type of killings?  Why are you not lecturing officers on Muslims and liberals?”

Obviously, it was not his intent to prevent any further killings in the future but to defame Christians and to label them as racists because they oppose the disastrous policies of President Barack Obama.  In my personal opinion, we have more to fear from propaganda merchants like  Kluczynski, than we would ever have from Christians.  Thank God we have men such as Sheriff Trowbridge, who cannot be corrupted or silenced.  I will monitor the situation, in case he is harassed or faces reprisals and I hope I can count on all of you to make your voices heard, should he need our help.

h/t The Red Statements (Thank you Steve!)

Thank you Undersheriff Trowbridge for bravely sharing this, and for serving Colorado citizens as you have for so long.  You are a hero.

There are a growing number of folks for whom we can be grateful, who understand what’s happening and how it directly affects individuals, and who are bravely speaking out about it.  One of those individuals is Prowers County, Colorado Undersheriff Ron Trowbridge.  I’m praying for Undersheriff Trowbridge, and I hope my readers will too.  We need more courageous local law enforcement like Trowbridge who understand both our times and our Constitution.

I also ask that my readers share this post broadly, both in support of Undersheriff Trowbridge and others like him, but also so Colorado citizens (and beyond) will understand what’s really happening to our freedoms.  If individuals from other states can learn from my crumbling state and get involved at your own local level today, we really can stop this freedom-crushing madness.

But it’s got to start today, and it’s got to start with you.


Michelle Morin a conservative blogger and speaker for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for updates here.


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Family Research Council = Masonic preachers and leaders under control of Rome so nothing will change...

5:00PM EDT 9/17/2013
Ken Klukowski

  Religious leaders met last week with Pentagon officials to discuss the rapidly escalating incidents of religious liberty violations in the military under the Obama administration. (US Army Africa/Flickr/Creative Commons)

On Thursday, religious liberty leaders met with Pentagon officials to discuss the rapidly escalating incidents of religious liberty violations in the military under the Obama administration.

On April 28, Breitbart News broke the story of Pentagon brass meeting with anti-Christian activist Mikey Weinstein to discuss religious liberty policies. Quoting Weinstein in his own printed words, this activist has a record of calling observant Christians "fundamentalist monsters" who seek impose "theocratic terror" on America and of saying that evangelizing (sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ) in the military is an act of "sedition and treason" against this country, making those who do it "enemies of the Constitution." He says those who do so should be court-martialed (criminally prosecuted).

As this story developed, the Obama-Hagel Pentagon defended its policy and changed its story several times as it was revealed these meetings with Weinstein had been going on for years. In the following months there were additional incidents, such as removing Christian patriotic artwork at a military base, censoring a Christian chaplain and a Christian service member reportedly being relieved of duty by his lesbian commander because he refused her order to say it is wrong not to support gay marriage.
Now leaders from Restore Military Religious Freedom—a coalition to protect service members of faith—met with Pentagon officials. Retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin of the Family Research Council, retured Col. Ron Crews of the Chaplains Alliance for Religious Liberty, Kellie Fiedorek of Alliance Defending Freedom, and nationally known Christian talk radio host Sandy Rios took with them two petitions calling on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to protect religious liberty.

One was a general petition with 170,000 signatures, and the other—with 50,000 signatures—was sparked by the last incident mentioned above, where Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk was relieved of duty by Maj. Elisa Valenzuela, allegedly because of Monk's Christian beliefs on marriage. Monk now faces a possible court-martial.
These Christian leaders met with Lt. Gen. Richard C. Harding, the three-star judge advocate general of the Air Force (the top lawyer in that branch of the military), and Maj. Gen. Howard D. Stendahl, the two-star Air Force chief of chaplains.

Gen. Boykin said after the meeting, "The meeting included a productive discussion on the issue of religious freedom in the military as a whole and not just the U.S. Air Force. After delivering the petitions, we explained our concerns regarding the trend toward infringements on the constitutional liberties of service members in all uniformed services.

"We appreciate their offer to review decisions that do not reflect Air Force policy made by commanders at various bases. At their request, we will report future events and concerns directly to Air Force leadership. After reviewing a series of troubling incidents involving chaplains, the coalition members were assured in the meeting that chaplains would not be forced to do anything that violates the tenets of their faith.

"We also requested that the Department of Defense and the Air Force issue a definitive statement regarding the ability of service members to share their faith publicly. Previous statements on the subject have been confusing and contradictory.

"Additionally, we asked that the Department of Defense move quickly to implement the religious freedom protections enacted in last year's National Defense Authorization Act. Given new incidents of military personnel facing career reprisals for their religious beliefs, it is vital that regulations preventing discrimination be issued by the secretary of defense as demanded by law. We intend to remain in contact with the Air Force to ensure that the law's implementation is consistent with the intent of Congress."

Congress is working on new statutory language to protect such religious speech in the military, which has passed the House and is pending in the Senate. President Obama threatens to veto this legislation.

Ken Klukowski is director of the Center for Religious Liberty at Family Research Council. This article appeared on Breitbart.com on Monday.


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MessagePosté le: Ven 20 Sep - 12:30 (2013)    Sujet du message: CHRISTIAN VILLAGE MAALOULA FALLS INTO JIHADISTS' HANDS AS AL-QAEDA GROWS IN SYRIA Répondre en citant


VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3znDMhO95kY

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MessagePosté le: Ven 20 Sep - 13:31 (2013)    Sujet du message: BELGIQUE: LE MINISTERE DE L'EDUCATION BELGE COMPARE OFFICIELLEMENT L'ETAT JUIF A L'ALLEMAGNE NAZIE Répondre en citant


septembre 20th, 2013

Un site du Ministère de l’éducation belge compare officiellement l’Etat Juif à l’Allemagne nazie.

Les comparaisons ont été effectuées sur le site KlasCement.be, une ressource pédagogique d’importance offerte par le ministère de l’Education de la Région flamande, l’une des trois entités qui composent l’Etat fédéral belge. C’est le journal juif Joods Actueel qui a énoncé les faits, cette semaine.

Le site présentait une caricature d’un homme juif empalé sur la clôture d’un camp de concentration à côté d’un homme portant keffieh palestinien et un uniforme où il était écrit « Gaza. » Les deux étaient dessinés en forme de croix gammée. La légende « Plus jamais » était inscrite sous le juif. Et « encore/toujours » sous l’arabe.

La caricature a été faite par le raciste brésilien Carlos Latuff – un activiste antisémite bien connu par les organisations juives d’Amérique du sud.

Le ministère de l’Education flamand n’a pas répondu aux demandes de commentaires mais Guido Joris de Joods Actueel déclaré que le dessin a été retiré du site à la suite de la publication de l’article par le journal.

Un autre élément supprimé suite à l’article, était un jeu de rôle dans lequel un des personnages était le suivant: « vous sympathisez avec le Hamas. Vous vivez dans la bande de Gaza et travaillez en Israël. Vous êtes choqué par le meurtre d’une fillette palestinienne par des soldats israéliens dans une école. Israël nie avoir tiré les coups de feu mais l’ONU indique qu’Israël est coupable. »

Toujours plus cons, ces belges ! Et désolés à ceux de nos lecteurs, en Belgique, qui sont victime de notre constat généraliste. Mais il est encore temps, pour eux, d’émigrer dans un pays où l’intelligence est de mise – Israël.

Par Maayan Smadja – JSSNews


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MessagePosté le: Ven 20 Sep - 20:33 (2013)    Sujet du message: CHRISTIAN PREACHER ARRESTED IN SCOTLAND Répondre en citant


Issued on behalf of Christian Legal Centre

Press Release

For Immediate Release
19 September 2013

Christian street preacher arrested in Scotland

A Christian street preacher was arrested in Perth yesterday (18 SEP) for “breach of the peace” whilst addressing a crowd on the town’s high street.

The arrest is the third instance since July of a Christian street preacher being arrested in the UK.

Rev Josh Williamson, the pastor of Craigie Reformed Baptist Church in Perth, regularly takes to the streets to hand out leaflets, talk to passers-by and do open-air preaching.

But yesterday a police officer told him to stop preaching because he was breaking the law. When Rev Williamson asked the officer what law he was breaking, he replied that Williamson was in “breach of the peace.”

When Rev Williamson asked the officer to explain, he pointed to Williamson’s MP3 recorder and said that he was too loud.

Rev Williamson explained that he wasn’t using any amplification and asked what would be an acceptable volume. The police officer replied that the noise level wasn’t the issue but that a complaint had been made.

The officer insisted that he was not allowed to preach and told Rev Williamson that he would be arrested if he continued. When Rev Williamson said that he would not comply because he was not breaking the law, the officer placed him under arrest for breach of the peace.

Rev Williamson was taken to Perth police station, interviewed and released with a caution.

A second man, who spoke up in defence of Rev Williamson’s right to preach, was also arrested at the scene.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Legal Centre, said:

“This is the third arrest in as many months. These street preachers are not breaking any laws and are perfectly within their rights. The police are overreaching their authority and misapplying the law. Their actions show an increasing hostility towards Christianity.

“Freedom of speech is a precious freedom that we must uphold. This injustice must be tackled to halt the chilling effect already felt by many Christians. The threat to freedom of speech is a concern for wider society, not just for Christians.

“It’s evident that police all over the UK need clear guidance on this matter. Three wrong arrests in three months just shows the level of ignorance that currently exists. It’s up to police chiefs to take a lead and issue guidelines so that this stops happening.”

Other Christian preachers who have been arrested since July are Tony Miano (in London) and Robbie Hughes (in Basildon).



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MessagePosté le: Sam 21 Sep - 12:04 (2013)    Sujet du message: L’UE EST-ELLE ANTI-ISRAEL OU ANTISEMITE ? LA REPONSE EST CLAIRE. ANALYSE DE SOEREN KERN Répondre en citant


septembre 21st, 2013
Nancy - Europe-Israel.org

Le fiel d’une Europe sectaire et fanatique : avec ses mesures d’exception contre Israël, l’UE montre sa vraie nature et son véritable projet.

L’UE est-elle anti-Israël ou antisémite ? La réponse est claire. Israël ferait mieux de rompre avec ce jeu de dupes qui mêle contrats de recherches scientifiques, chantage et diktat politique et qui clairement met son avenir en péril. Irrespirable et irresponsable Europe qui admet platement avoir besoin des compétences scientifiques d’Israël pour le projet Horizon 2020, mais qui met tout en œuvre pour « éradiquer l’entité juive ». Paradoxe d’une Europe que l’on croyait « guérie », mais qui exhale encore son éternel mépris et sa haine, comme au bon vieux temps.  Au détriment des accords passés par la communauté internationale, y compris l’ONU, l’Europe moribonde et dhimmi  veut dicter ses frontières à Israël.  Israël doit impérativement en tirer les conséquences et vite. 

Soeren Kern analyse les derniers développements avant la mise en oeuvre du projet Horizon 2020

«L’UE  n’a pas imposé semblables critères à la Turquie, au Maroc, à la Chine ou à tout autre pays impliqué dans un différend territorial … Ce qui aggrave encore la situation, c’est que l’ Union européenne est en train d’abroger des accords qu’elle a signés et parrainés .. . Si l’Europe pense que les Juifs retourneront à l’époque où nous étions obligés de marquer nos produits, elle se trompe. La délégitimation de parcelles d’Israël par l’Europe est le nouvel antisémitisme ». – Ayelet Shaked, membre de la Knesset

Un groupe d’anciens dirigeants européens a appelé l’Union européenne à ne pas  assouplir les nouvelles directives ni à retarder leur mise en œuvre. Ces nouvelles règles sont destinées à interdire à l’UE de financer les institutions israéliennes dont les exploitations sont basées dans toute zone au-delà de la ligne verte, y compris Jérusalem – Est.[Green Line]

La suite... http://www.europe-israel.org/2013/09/lue-est-elle-anti-israel-ou-antisemite…

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MessagePosté le: Dim 22 Sep - 10:49 (2013)    Sujet du message: CHRISTIAN HOTEL OWNERS GET DEATH THREATS, WILL CLOSE AFTER BATTLE OVER DENYING ROOM TO A GAY COUPLE Répondre en citant


Posted on September 20, 2013 by END TIME HEADLINES

DAYS OF LOT:  Christian bed and breakfast owners who once famously refused service to a gay couple in the U.K. now claim that they’ve been forced to sell their hotel following a contentious legal battle andongoing harassment. Hazelmary and Peter Bull insist that they have been the victims of vandalism, death threats and website attacks since the 2008 incident. As a result, in addition to the impending loss of the Chymorvah Hotel in Marazion, Cornwall, England, the couple has also grappled with intense anger from their ideological opponents. Since denying a room to Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, a gay couple, they have been forced to pay for legal representation and to compensate Hall and Preddy, all-the-while attracting fewer guests as a result of their stance on homosexuality (the hotel only allows married adults to share a bed). “We were optimistic in the spring. Why wouldn’t we be with the summer ahead of us?,” Hazelmary told the Daily Mail. “We have had a better summer than we thought but nowhere near good enough to pay our way. We were not even half-full. We must have been the only place in west Cornwall that had rooms left.” More


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MessagePosté le: Dim 22 Sep - 11:07 (2013)    Sujet du message: NAIROBI : "SI TU ES MUSULMAN, LEVE-TOI ET PARS" Répondre en citant


VIDEO : http://video.lefigaro.fr/figaro/video/nairobi-si-tu-es-musulman-leve-toi-et…

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MessagePosté le: Dim 22 Sep - 11:45 (2013)    Sujet du message: PAKISTAN: 53 MORTS DANS UN DOUBLE ATTENTAT CONTRE UNE EGLISE Répondre en citant


Peshawar (Pakistan) (AFP) - 22.09.2013 09:36

Au moins 53 personnes ont été tuées et plus de 100 blessées dimanche au Pakistan, lors d'un double attentat suicide perpétré devant une église à la sortie de la messe à Peshawar (nord-ouest)

Une femme blessée dans un double attentat devant une église, le 22 septembre 2013 à Peshawar
afp.com - A. Majeed

Evacuation d'une femme blessée dans un double attentat devant une église à Peshawar, le 22 septembre 2013 au Pakistan
afp.com - A. Majeed

Au moins 53 personnes ont été tuées et plus de 100 blessées dimanche au Pakistan, lors d'un double attentat suicide perpétré devant une église à la sortie de la messe à Peshawar (nord-ouest), selon un nouveau bilan des autorités locales.

Il s'agit de l'une des attaques les plus meurtrières jamais menée contre les chrétiens au Pakistan, pays musulman à plus de 95%. Les chrétiens y représentent environ 3% de la population et sont souvent victimes de discrimination, mais plus rarement visés par des attentats.

Le bilan de 53 morts et plus de 100 blessé a été donné à l'AFP par le docteur Sher Ali, l'un des responsables de l'hôpital Lady Reading, le principal hôpital public de Peshawar.

Il pourrait augmenter, car "la plupart des blessés sont dans un état critique", a déclaré sur place à la presse le responsable de l'administration de la ville, Sahibzada Anees.

Les deux kamikazes ont déclenché les explosifs qu'il portaient sur eux à la sortie de la messe, a-t-il précisé.

Le nord-ouest du Pakistan est un bastion de nombreux groupes rebelles islamistes, dont le Mouvement des talibans du Pakistan (TTP), auteurs d'innombrables attentats, certains contre des minorités religieuses, qui ont fait plus de 6.000 morts depuis 2007.

© 2013 AFP


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MessagePosté le: Lun 23 Sep - 11:36 (2013)    Sujet du message: IRAN, DISPLAYING NEW MISSILES, CALLS ISRAEL A ‘REGIONAL THREAT’ Répondre en citant


Ahead of trip to UN General Assembly, Rouhani repeats Tehran will not seek nukes; projectiles on show can reach Israel, US bases

By AP and Asher Zeiger September 22, 2013, 8:55 pm

Iran's new President Hasan Rouhani speaks after his swearing-in at the parliament in Tehran, Iran on Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013. (photo credit: Ebrahim Noroozi/AP)

Iran’s president called Israel a threat to the region Sunday while insisting his own country is “loyal” to its pledge not to seek nuclear weapons.

The comments by Hasan Rouhani came on the eve of his trip to New York to attend the UN General Assembly, and amid a charm offensive aimed at thawing ties with the West.

Speaking at a military parade to mark the anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war, the recently elected president also said that he seeks to resume talks with world powers to settle the standoff over Iran’s nuclear program.

Rouhani did not mention Israel by name at the military event — which displayed missiles capable of reaching Israel and US bases in the region — but the reference was clear.

“A regime is a threat for the region that has trampled all international treaties regarding weapons of mass destruction,” he said, noting Israel’s undeclared but widely presumed nuclear arsenal. “No nation will accept war and diplomacy on (the same) table.”

Among the displayed weapons were 12 of the surface-to-surface Sajjil, a two-stage, solid-fuel ballistic missile that has a 2,000-km (1,200-mile) range.

There were also Qadr-F and Qadr-H missiles, which have a similar range and are capable of carrying a “smart warhead” with “excessive explosive” power, according to the announcement in the parade.

Shorter-range missiles in the parade included the Fajr-5, which Palestinian groups have used against Israeli targets in attacks from Hamas-controlled Gaza.

The comments by Rouhani about nuclear talks do not break new ground — he has repeatedly urged the revival of the stalled talks with world powers since his election in June — but they take on added weight before his attending his first gathering with Western leaders.

Rouhani has said he wants to use the sidelines of the UN agenda to win agreements on restarting the nuclear dialogue, whose last rounds in April ended without any significant progress. Rouhani has insisted on the same concessions from the West as before: easing sanctions as a first step in bargaining.

But the important difference appears to be Rouhani’s backing from Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who decides all Iran’s key policies and strategies. This potentially gives Rouhani’s government more room to offer proposals to the six-nation negotiating group, the permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany.

Rouhani’s predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad suffered a political meltdown over his attempts to challenge the supreme leader’s power, leaving his government severely weakened and potentially stymied at the nuclear talks.

Rouhani and US President Barack Obama are both scheduled to attend the General Assembly’s annual meeting this week, setting up the possibility of the first exchange between American and Iranian leaders in more than three decades.

“The Iranian nation is ready for negotiation and talks with the West,” Rouhani said at a military parade for the 33rd anniversary of Iraq’s 1980 invasion of Iran, which set off a ruinous eight-year war. The speech was carried live by state TV.

The president has promised to abandon the bombastic approach favored by Ahmadinejad, but continues to assert Tehran’s position that it has the right to conduct nuclear activities that the West fears could be a step toward weapons development, especially the enrichment of uranium. Iran says its program is peaceful, intended for purposes including research and cancer treatment, and enrichment is necessary for purposes including the fueling of reactors.

“Iran has joined all treaties including the non-proliferation treaty, or NPT, and it is loyal to it,” Rouhani said. Khamenei also issued a religious decree nearly a decade ago declaring nuclear weapons as contrary to Islamic values.

He added that if Western countries acknowledge Iran’s “rights” — a reference to uranium enrichment — it would be a path toward mutual “cooperation, logic, peace and friendship.”

“Then we will be able to resolve regional, even global, problems,” he added.

Iran and the United States are also at odds over the civil war in Syria. Tehran backs President Bashar Assad, while Washington supports rebels trying to oust him.

Rouhani urged the West not to look at Syria and the region “through a policy of expanding war.” He repeated Iran’s call for the Syrian opposition and government to hold talks.

But Iran has faced a potential quandary over Western claims that Assad’s forces used chemical weapons in an attack last month. Iran has strongly opposed chemical arms since suffering attacks with mustard gas and other agents by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein’s military in the 1980s.

Rouhani also insisted that the US forswear a military strike against Iran’s nuclear program as a way to move ahead nuclear talks. It’s unlikely, though, that Washington would make such a declaration, which would risk a strong backlash from its key ally, Israel.


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