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PostPosted: Sun 19 Nov - 05:54 (2017)    Post subject: PROJET 660 - MICRO-PUCE ET NANOTECHNOLOGIE (PARTIE 2) Reply with quote


NOTE:  As of December 13, 2016, the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act was amended by section 3051 of the 21st Century Cures Act to add Section 515C, "Breakthrough Devices".

The criteria for breakthrough devices, while similar to FDA's current guidance for EAP, have some differences that impact the EAP program today. For example, 510(k) devices are now eligible for the EAP program. Also, the Data Development Plan, described below, is now an optional part of the EAP program (previously, it was required for acceptance). These changes are effective immediately. CDRH will be working to update the information provided here as we develop policy revisions consistent with the 21st Century Cures Act.

For any questions about the EAP program including the above changes, please contact CDRHExpeditedAccessPathway@fda.hhs.gov.

The Expedited Access Pathway (EAP) program is a voluntary program for certain medical devices that demonstrate the potential to address unmet medical needs for life threatening or irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions that are subject to premarket approval applications (PMA), premarket notification (510[k]) or requests for De Novo designation. The program is detailed in the FDA's guidance Expedited Access for Premarket Approval and De Novo Medical Devices Intended for Unmet Medical Need for Life Threatening or Irreversibly Debilitating Diseases or Conditions.

Under EAP, the FDA works with device sponsors to try to reduce the time and cost from development to marketing decision without changing the FDA's PMA approval standard of reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness, the standards for granting De Novo requests, or any other standards of valid scientific evidence.

Components of the program include priority review, more interactive review, senior management involvement, and assignment of a case manager. The extent to which the FDA provides these features depends on the availability of resources.

Participation in the EAP program is only at the request of the sponsor and with the FDA's agreement. If the FDA determines that a device may be eligible for this program and the sponsor has not yet submitted a Pre-Submission (Pre-Sub) requesting EAP Designation, the FDA intends to inform the sponsor of the program. For details on how to request feedback from the FDA, see FDA's Requests for Feedback on Medical Device Submissions: The Pre-Submission Program and Meetings with Food and Drug Administration Staff Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff.

Devices eligible for EAP Designation

Devices subject to premarket approval applications (PMAs), premarket notification (510[k]) or requests for De Novo designation are eligible for EAP designation if the following criteria are met:
  1. Provide for more effective treatment or diagnosis of life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating human disease or conditions.

  1. The device meets at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Represent breakthrough technologies;
    2. No approved or cleared alternatives exist;
    3. Offer clinically meaningful advantages over existing approved or cleared alternatives including the potential, when compared to existing approved alternatives, to reduce or eliminate the need for hospitalization, improve patient quality of life, facilitate patients' ability to manage their own care (such as through self-directed personal assistance), or establish long-term clinical efficiencies; or
    4. The availability of which is in the best interest of patients.

When to Request EAP Designation

The FDA strongly recommends sponsors interested in participating in this voluntary program contact the FDA early in the development of their device. In most cases, a sponsor should request EAP designation prior to beginning an IDE pivotal study so the FDA and the sponsor can make sure the data being collected in the pivotal study are appropriate to include in the device's marketing submission.

Sponsors who are developing a device that may qualify for EAP designation and would like to be considered for the program should submit a Pre-Sub following the procedures described below and explained in detail in the EAP guidance.  The FDA encourages sponsors to contact the appropriate division/branch to alert them of their plan to submit a request for EAP Designation prior to submitting it or at the time of submission.

Submitting a request for EAP designation

The request for EAP designation should be a standalone submission (i.e., no other requests are included with the request for EAP designation) and submitted as a Pre-Sub to the appropriate Center’s Document Control Center. The current mailing address for CDRH’s DCC and a link to CBER’s DCC’s mailing address are provided on the eCopy Program for Medical Device Submissions webpage.

Pre-Subs are not subject to a user-fee. However, you must submit an eCopy (per section 745(A)(b) of the FD&C Act).  For information about how to comply with the eCopy program, please see the FDA's guidance document eCopy Program for Medical Device Submissions

Submissions should be written in the English language. Any material in a foreign language should be accompanied by an accurate and complete English translation.

Content of a submission requesting EAP designation

A Pre-Sub requesting EAP designation should include the following information:
  • Cover Letter clearly noting the purpose of the Pre-Sub stated as: "Request for Inclusion in the Expedited Access Pathway Program, as described in the Expedited Access for Premarket Approval and De Novo Medical Devices Intended for Unmet Medical Need for Life Threatening or Irreversibly Debilitating Diseases or Conditions Guidance, issued on April 13, 2015" and a statement of whether you believe you are eligible as a PMA or de novo candidate.
  • Table of Contents
  • Device Description
  • Proposed Intended Use/Indications for Use
  • A discussion of how your device meets the EAP eligibility criteria
    • Include a discussion of why the device meets the EAP criteria described in section III.C of the EAP guidance, including any relevant supporting documentation
  • A draft Data Development Plan (Optional)
    • A description and summary of the data collection plan, including study synopses and study design.
      • Outline of nonclinical & clinical testing, planned or already completed
      • Proposed Labeling
      • Summary of Nonclinical Studies, including study design & protocol, as available
      • Summary of Clinical Studies, proposed or completed
    • Explanation and justification for the proposed balance of premarket and postmarket data collection, if applicable.
    • A timeline for the development and marketing of the device, and for the postmarket data collection, if applicable.

The Agency developed two Data Development Plan examples, Example 1 and Example 2 to offer a format for the organization of the information in a draft Data Development Plan.

These examples are equivalent and differ only in formatting. The information provided in these examples does not create new requirements or expectations for affected parties, nor are they intended to convey FDA's recommended approaches or guidance. Rather, these are examples of how the Data Development Plan information recommended in the EAP guidance could be organized.
FDA Response to requests for EAP designation
  • The FDA intends to notify the sponsor of its determination in writing within 30 days of receipt of a request for EAP designation.
  • If there is insufficient information for the FDA to make a decision about EAP designation, the FDA may request the sponsor submit additional information.
  • In response to such request, any additional information provided by the sponsor should be submitted as a supplement to the Pre-Sub.
    • If the FDA requests additional information from the sponsor, the FDA will notify the sponsor in writing whether or not EAP designation is granted within 30 days of the date of the request for additional information.
    • If the FDA has not received enough information in time to make a decision by 30 days after a request for additional information is sent, the FDA intends to deny the EAP designation.
Benefit-Risk considerations

The FDA's Benefit-Risk Guidance explains the principal factors that the FDA considers when making benefit-risk determinations in the premarket review of certain medical devices, including devices subject to PMAs. Two of the factors that the FDA may consider as part of making benefit-risk determinations are postmarket data collection and uncertainty.

The FDA may accept a greater degree of uncertainty of the benefit-risk profile for these devices if the uncertainty is sufficiently balanced by other factors, including the probable benefits for patients to have earlier access to EAP Devices (e.g., devices that treat a life-threatening disease when no alternative treatments are available), and adequate postmarket controls to support premarket approval.

As part of the FDA's benefit-risk determination, the FDA intends to weigh the device's impact on patient health, including the probable benefit of earlier access to the device, against the probable risk of harm to patients from the device should subsequent data collection demonstrate that the device is ineffective or unsafe.
Role of Postmarket Data for EAP Devices Subject to PMA

As part of the EAP program, the FDA intends to work interactively with the sponsor within the benefit-risk framework discussed in the FDA's Benefit-Risk Guidance and in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements, to determine whether certain data may be collected postmarket rather than premarket.

Getting the right balance between premarket and postmarket data collection - specifically, where appropriate, a greater reliance on postmarket collection - can reduce the extent of premarket data submission and directly impact when patients will have access to high-quality, safe and effective medical devices.

Section 513(a)(3)(C) of the FD&C Act requires the FDA to consider the use of postmarket controls in lieu of collecting and reviewing all effectiveness data prior to PMA approval.  In addition, section 513(a)(3)(D)(ii) of the FD&C Act (the "least burdensome provision") specifically provides:
Any clinical data, including one or more well-controlled investigations, specified in writing by the Secretary for demonstrating a reasonable assurance of device effectiveness shall be specified as a result of a determination by the Secretary that such data are necessary to establish device effectiveness.  The Secretary shall consider, in consultation with the applicant, the least burdensome appropriate means of evaluating device effectiveness that would have a reasonable likelihood of resulting in approval.

The consideration of postmarket information as part of premarket review is discussed in the FDA's Benefit-Risk Guidance as one of the principal factors that the FDA considers when making benefit-risk determinations during the premarket review for devices subject to PMA, and is consistent with the FDA's guidance The Least Burdensome Provisions of the FDA Modernization Act of 1997:  Concept and Principles ("Least Burdensome Guidance"), issued October 4, 2002.

Postmarket requirements as conditions of approval for PMAs under the EAP program

The FDA intends to impose postmarket requirements, including requiring post-approval studies, as a condition of approval for devices subject to a PMA when applicable.

EAP designation denials

Even if your device does not qualify for EAP designation, you can utilize the pre-submission process to request feedback from the FDA. Please see FDA's Requests for Feedback on Medical Device Submissions: The Pre-Submission Program and Meetings with Food and Drug Administration Staff Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff for details on how to request feedback from the FDA.

EAP designation revocation

An EAP designation will not be revoked solely because a similar product is approved or a de novo request granted. The FDA may revoke an EAP Designation at any time prior to approval upon written notice to the sponsor if the FDA determines that:
  • Based on information available, the device is no longer eligible for an EAP Designation according to the EAP criteria outlined in Section III.A of the guidance; or
  • The information submitted in support of a request for EAP Designation, including, without limitation, the Pre-Sub package, or any related premarket submission contained an untrue statement of material fact or omitted material information, including false statements relating to data collection.
As a general matter, the FDA does not intend to revoke EAP Designation for other reasons.

Additional Information
More infos : https://wayback.archive-it.org/7993/20170722040119/https://www.fda.gov/Medi…

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PostPosted: Sun 19 Nov - 05:54 (2017)    Post subject: Publicité

PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?
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PostPosted: Fri 19 Jan - 02:41 (2018)    Post subject: CHIENS ET CHATS N'ECHAPPENT PAS AU TOUT CONNECTE Reply with quote


Publié le 13 janvier 2018 à 09h00 | Mis à jour le 13 janvier 2018 à 09h00

Une application sur téléphone intelligent définit les limites géographiques au-delà duquel toutou ne doit pas s'aventurer.
Photo Glenn CHAPMAN, AFP

Agence France-Presse

Félix a-t-il bien mangé ? Médor a-t-il bien fait sa sieste ? Les propriétaires de chiens ou de chats peuvent eux aussi compter sur la technologie pour veiller au bien-être de leur compagnon à quatre pattes.

La start-up américaine Petrics affirme avoir mis au point le premier panier «intelligent» pour animal de compagnie, bardé de technologies dernier cri, qui permet grâce à des capteurs de savoir si le toutou n'a pas forcé sur les croquettes ou s'il a fait assez d'exercice.

Pour un «confort maximal», le «lit», présenté cette semaine au salon de l'électronique grand public de Las Vegas aux États-Unis, peut aussi moduler la température et transmet toutes une série de données au maître via une application mobile.

Les fabricants cherchent aussi à répondre à ce qui est certainement la préoccupation numéro un des possesseurs d'animaux domestiques: ne pas les perdre.

Pour éviter d'avoir à épingler des affichettes «PERDU» sur les réverbères du quartier, plusieurs startups ont conçu des dispositifs connectés pour les suivre à la trace.

Comme Whistle («sifflet» en anglais), petit appareil vendu 80 dollars, qui géolocalise l'animal par GPS et le réseau de téléphonie mobile. Via une application sur téléphone intelligent, on peut définir des limites géographiques au-delà duquel il ne doit pas s'aventurer.

S'il sort de la zone, un message alerte son maître, qui peut alors le localiser sur un plan.

Si votre animal s'est égaré, «vous pouvez mettre des affichettes partout, ou alors simplement regarder votre téléphone pour savoir où il est», justifie la porte-parole de Whistle, Heather Wajer.

Robot lanceur de croquettes

Si au contraire, l'animal est casanier, il est susceptible de trouver le temps long, toute la journée seul à la maison pendant que son maître est au bureau.

Il existe depuis longtemps des caméras qui permettent de surveiller à distance son animal mais Petcube assure aller plus loin.

Grâce à l'intelligence artificielle, sa caméra repère les mouvements de l'animal qui passe à proximité, ce qui déclenche alors un appel téléphonique sur le portable de son maître.

À l'aide de pointeurs lasers, l'appareil permet aussi de jouer à distance avec son chien ou son chat et même de le récompenser en lui lançant automatiquement une friandise.

Le français CamToy a eu une idée similaire: son «robot» compagnon pour chien baptisé Laïka est lui aussi prévu pour le distraire et lui envoyer une friandise sur commande.

Le patron de Petcube Yaroslav Azhnyuk estime que 40 millions de foyers américains auront un objet connecté pour animaux d'ici 2022.

La litière connectée

Passage obligé pour les propriétaires de chats: changer la litière régulièrement.

Le Litter-Robot détecte les entrées et sorties du matou grâce à des capteurs. Une fois la chose faite, l'appareil récupère automatiquement l'objet du délit avant de le déposer dans un filtre à charbon.

Et grâce à une application, son maître peut savoir combien de fois le chat est passé, explique le fondateur de la startup Brad Baxter.

Le sellier français CWD s'est quant à lui intéressé aux chevaux, avec sa selle connectée, spécialement conçue pour le saut d'obstacles.

Elle permet de collecter des données sur le saut, informations qu'elle envoie à un smartphone, de façon à aider le cavalier à s'entraîner, indique l'ingénieure Camille Hébert.

Un dispositif intégré à la selle et conçu par la startup Arioneo permet également de mesurer les battements de coeur du cheval.


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PostPosted: Thu 8 Feb - 06:02 (2018)    Post subject: ICACC 2018 - 8th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCED COMPUTER CONTROL Reply with quote


Date2018-05-17 - 2018-05-18
VenueBangkok, Thailand, Thailand

KeywordsCOMPUTER; Database System; Robotics and Automation

  1. 43rd International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC’19)
  2. 43rd International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC’20)
  3. 44th International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC’21)
  4. 45th International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC’22)
  5. International Conference on Control and Automation 2018
Topics/Call fo Papers

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
T1: Modern and Advanced Control Strategies
T2: Human-Machine Systems
T3: Multimedia and Communication Systems
T4: Database System
T5: Robotics and Automation
T6: Decision Making and Information Retrieval
T7: Data Analysis, Prediction and Model Identification
T8: Control System Application
T9: Hybrid Systems

Submission Method

      The All papers should be submitted using the submission system or Email.
      1. Submission System: https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/icacc2018
      2. Email submission: You can choose to submit by sending email to cfp-AT-icacc.org

Contact US

Website: http://www.icacc.org
Email: cfp-AT-icacc.org
QQ: 1730324866

Other CFPs
  1. Book Title: Machine Learning and Cognitive Science Applications in Cyber Security
  2. 6th International Conference on Horizons for Information Architecture, Security and Cloud Intelligent Technology (HIASCIT 2018): Programming, Software Quality, Online Communities, Cyber Behaviour and Business :: New York - USA :: July 12 - 14, 2018
  3. AVANCA | CINEMA 2018 International Conference Cinema - Art, Technology, Communication
  4. 4th International Conference on Hypertension & Healthcare
  5. 4th International Conference on Arts, Music, Literature and Islamic Studies
Last modified: 2018-01-10 14:17:01


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PostPosted: Sun 25 Feb - 16:17 (2018)    Post subject: DE NOUVEAUX LOGICIELS CHEVAL DE TROIE POURRAIENT CONTRÔLER LES RESEAUX NEURONAUX Reply with quote


"Et un autre, un troisième ange les suivit, en disant d'une voix forte : Si quelqu'un adore la bête et son image, et reçoit une marque sur son front ou sur sa main, il boira, lui aussi du vin de la fureur de Dieu, vers& sans mélange dans la coupe de sa colère, et il sera tourmenté dans le feu et le soufre, devant les saints anges et devant l'Agneau."
Apocalypse 14:9

Publié par wikistrike.com sur 25 Février 2018, 10:10am
Catégories : #Science - technologie - web - recherche

Chaque nouvelle percée technologique s'accompagne apparemment d'une nouvelle façon pour les pirates informatiques de tous nous tuer : les voitures autonomesles armes spatiales et même les systèmes de sécurité nucléaire sont vulnérables face à quelqu'un qui a les bonnes connaissances et un peu de code. Désormais, l'intelligence artificielle d'apprentissage en profondeur semble être la prochaine grande menace, et non pas parce qu'elle gagnera en conscience à nous tuer avec des robots (comme a prévenu Elon Musk) : un groupe d'informaticiens américains et chinois a récemment publié un article proposant le tout premier cheval de Troie pour un réseau neuronal

Les réseaux neuronaux sont le principal outil utilisé dans l'IA pour accomplir un "apprentissage profond", ce qui a permis aux IA de maîtriser des tâches complexes comme jouer aux échecs et au Go. Les réseaux neuronaux fonctionnent comme un cerveau humain, d'où leur nom. L'information passe par des couches de connexions neuronales, qui analysent ensuite l'information et recrachent une réponse. 

Ces réseaux peuvent accomplir des tâches difficiles comme la reconnaissance d'images, y compris l'identification des visages et des objets, ce qui les rend utiles pour la conduite automobile (pour identifier les panneaux d'arrêt et les piétons) et la sécurité (qui peut impliquer l'identification du visage d'un utilisateur autorisé). Les réseaux neuronaux sont des pièces relativement nouvelles de la technologie et ne sont pas encore couramment utilisés par le public, mais, à mesure que l'intelligence artificielle à apprentissage profond devient plus répandue, elle deviendra probablement une cible attrayante pour les pirates informatiques. 

Le cheval de Troie proposé dans le document, appelé "PoTrojan", pourrait être inclus dans un logiciel de réseau neuronal dès le début ou inséré plus tard comme une légère modification. Comme un cheval de Troie classique, il ressemble à une pièce normale du logiciel, ne se copie pas lui-même, et ne fait pas grand-chose... Jusqu'à ce que les bons déclencheurs se soient activés. 

Une fois que les bonnes entrées sont activées dans un réseau neuronal, ce cheval de Troie détourne l'opération et injecte son propre train de "pensée", s'assurant que le réseau recrache la réponse qu'il veut. Cela pourrait prendre la forme de rejeter le visage d'un véritable utilisateur et de lui refuser l'accès à son appareil, ou de ne pas reconnaître délibérément un panneau d'arrêt pour créer un accident de voiture. 

Comme disent les auteurs de l'article, le fonctionnement interne d'un réseau neuronal ressemble beaucoup à une boîte noire: on ne sait pas ce qu'il contient, mais seulement ce qui entre et ce qui sort. Si un réseau est piraté, on ne s'en rendra pas compte avant qu'il ne soit trop tard.


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PostPosted: Sat 8 Sep - 00:31 (2018)    Post subject: MILITARY-GRADE NANOTECHNOLOGY ~ USED IN EFFORTS TO SILENCE INFORMANT Reply with quote


Strong Claims Require Strong Evidence

The following documents convey the details which substantiate these claims, show that Ms. Burnor has attempted to resolve these issues with the offending party(ies), and rebut the presumptuous and erroneous narrative that these claims are spurious, or otherwise the product of unsound mind or judgement.

Additional documentation, previously made available on this site, can be accessed at the Internet wayback machine here.
20 December 2016

Dear Friend,

I came to know Keri, aka Nectaria Burnor upon attending a class in International Law back in 2010 or thereabouts. 

Upon consulting with her I found her knowledge base vast, and so throughout the years have not only consulted with her on such matters, but we became close friends.

Nectaria consulted and assisted many in the area of lawful remedies until she found that the IRS was involved in covert sting operations against constitutionalists.  At that point she proceeded to consult with former IRS Criminal Investigator, Michael Vilardi, who is now an enrolled agent, in order to get many of her clients to safety, which she succeeded in doing. 

After 7-8 years of advocating for others, she found that even though there are laws on the books for remedies, anybody holding to the Constitution is treated as an enemy combatant within their own country, and whatever remedy should be available to them was rendered ineffective.  Nectaria then sought other more conventional means to obtain for her clients, if not full success, at least some reprieve from the advance of ‘the system.'  Some of Nectaria's efforts to assist those who love America have been infiltrated by former NSA and CIA agents who have sought to target her clients using the legal process.  One such NSA agent who threatened Nectaria and her associates was found to have invested in energy and nano technologies. (Evidence has been acquired verifying this connection.)  She has done everything she knows to do to resolve this onslaught including hiring both attorneys and private security, only to find that even her private security's life and family were threatened by DHS and CIA agents.  (Again evidence confirming this has been collected.)  The attorneys were threatened or assaulted for assisting Keri (Nectaria) and either withdrew their assistance as a result or had to be terminated for their own well-being.

Throughout these years of active involvement with clients, Nectaria was targeted for termination through the use of highly toxic weaponized nanotechnology meant to make her death appear conventional.  Eight such attacks are fully documented and verified by reliable sources.  What was her ‘crime?'  For many years she didn't know.  What has become abundantly clear to her over time is that she was targeted for death because of:  1) her love for and unfailing devotion to Jesus Christ, and 2) her exposure of the sexual abuse endemic to the Roman Catholic Church.  The report entitled:  MILITARY-GRADE NANOTECHNOLOGY ~ USED IN EFFORTS TO SILENCE INFORMANT is available at: www.clergyvictim.com

Recently, Nectaria spent the last of her open credit to train for a life of serving others in the field of color therapy and as a GDV trained technician for which she acquired class participation certificates.  She did this to demonstrate that she'd forgiven those who've repeatedly come against her, and she removed the revealing information from her website to show she was no longer in the fight.  Unfortunately, her overture was not well received; her efforts to proceed peacefully are being repeatedly ignored and repudiated. 

She has had compounded issues relating to accessing her credit and an incidence of identity theft. She corrected the latter after 4 months of effort, and after waiting two months for approval of business credit from Chase Bank, a process that required she provide a utility bill in her name (which meant revealing her physical location), she was denied because ‘the water bill received electronically is not sufficient' even though this document is deemed sufficient according to normal banking standards.  Approximately 10 days after Chase Business Relationship Manager Jim Athens, Jr., (Retired U.S. Air Force) received the bill showing Nectaria's physical address, she suffered yet another biological weapon attack, this time at her revealed location, in the form of a perfumed nano-dispersal aerosol. For the previous 10 months she had been free of such attacks in her living space. 

After watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiPGeb_wDLU&feature=youtu.be&app=de… of ex-CIA agent Kevin Shipp describing the means that the CIA and other shadow government agencies destroy one financially, Nectaria's story appears to fit this description of sabotage. 

Then, on November 20, 2016, Nectaria received a new threat on her life by email, one which appeared to have been sent from her to herself.  The source was traced by a private investigator to the Department of Defense Information Center in Miami, Florida and communicated that she had ‘7 days to die.'  This effectively put an end to her aspirations of serving people with color therapy as she could not risk exposing her clients to potentially unsafe conditions by association.

 Throughout my association with Nectaria I have known her to be honorable and to do all she can to help people using only the highest standards.  As I learned of her story and watched her over the past 5-6 years, I found her incredibly courageous in response to situations that most men would shrink from.  She does all she can to be strong, self-reliant, and to impose no burdens on anyone in light of the seriousness of what she faces.  I have seen her health decline after every attack; I have witnessed all the methods wherein her sources of funding were attacked, and despite all of this she keeps fighting and trying to do what is good and right.

She accepts responsibility for what she is experiencing, and yet I find this is not a burden she can carry alone any longer.  She needs a respite; time to fully heal her body from the most recent attacks (August 21, 2016 and December 15, 2016); time to restore her spirit, and to obtain a final resolution against these ongoing threats to her well-being. 

It is the hope of many, myself included, that the national (if not, in fact, global) reset that occurred on November 8, 2016, will result in the dismantling of the shadow government that has plagued humanity for decades now, and which is responsible for making Nectaria a fugitive in her own country.  But that which took 150+ years to assemble is not going to go away quietly or quickly.  In the meantime, with all the solid evidence that she has meticulously accumulated against the perpetrators as well as the successful (albeit time-consuming and costly) remedies for mitigating the effects of weaponized nanotechnology attacks, Nectaria's story offers hope to thousands who are so affected.  With the disclosure of DOD's Nano Domestic Quell program describing the insertion of non-military grade nano-contamination in foods, beverages, water supplies, vaccines, etc., which affects all of us, it is Nectaria's hope that many will wake-up to these dangerous and toxic materials.  There are indeed remedies and ways to neutralize the intended harm, which is why Nectaria's story needs to be heralded far and wide for the benefit all.  But this is a large task, and she cannot continue to pursue this alone.

Please contact me if you would like to schedule an interview with Nectaria (Keri) Burnor.
David Gute
E-mail: dmgute@gmail.com
Phone:  815-759-1776
Voice Mail:  708-247-5637
Fax:  866-509-2671
For those who wish to assist us, we are asking for prayers, for your help in spreading this story, and for those who would wish to help us with gifts - financial or otherwise - we URGENTLY need your help:  Donations received will be used for the following:
1.       Continued health recovery for the Ministry Director, Sister Keri,
2.       her security,
3.       outstanding medical and legal bills, and
4.       to help the many who are in situations like Sister Keri's by communicating widely this unparalleled story; your donations help Sister Keri remain a "watch lady on the wall."
Financial gifts (NOT tax-deductible) may be made to the ministry, Christ the Wall Hermitages
1)      by mail at:                                      2)   by direct deposit to:
1206 Apollo Road #850191                   Chase Account #906 947 205
Richardson, TX  75085
(Please use trackable mail options - certified or priority - so you can verify receipt).
Thank you! We are blessed to have friends and prayer warriors like you!

Click here for PDF of the above Letter.

Click Here to Download Official Report of Professional Psychologist on Ms. Burnor (PDF)

Psychological Evaluation
Ms. Keri Burnor
6/ 20 /16 
Ben Colodzin Ph.D.
Ben Colodzin Consulting Service

PO Box 735    Bolinas CA 94924
(415) 484-4018

Ms. Keri Burnor was interviewed 5/31/16 and 6/2/16 by teleconference; she currently lives in anonymity due to reported attempted murder against her person.  She therefore provided identification through confidential means.  She reported experiencing numerous serious chronic physical and affective symptoms, following upon various harassments including a sexual abuse episode by a priest (2001), premeditated character assassination (2001-present), surveillance (onset 2003), nonconsensual implantation with nanotechnology (2011 onset), directed energy systems assaults (onset 2011-12), and multiple poisoning episodes.
Due to the anomalous onset and nature of her symptoms, she elected to undergo a battery of testing procedures over several years to determine if advanced technologies non-consensually placed in her body could be playing a role in her health condition.  These test results do in fact contain markers of advanced nanotechnology components with complex interactive architecture present in her physical body; abnormal EMF emissions at various locations on her body surface; and specific radio frequencies ambient in her presence.  Specific frequencies detected have been identified as allocated to operational SCADA systems. 

Taken together, these results are strongly suggestive that her body is linked to an external SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system with advanced capabilities.
Ms. Burnor presented to the interviewer these test results along with extensive documentation of her story as reported in her book "Divine Challenge," her website www.clergyvictim.com, and other sources.  She requested a psychological evaluation and requested that relevant records submitted be reviewed prior to the issuance of this report. All such records have been reviewed.

Ms. Burnor reported a series of traumatic events beginning in 2001 and continuing to the present time.  She stated that she has been implanted non-consensually with some types of advanced technology on more than one occasion and is a victim of remote electronic assaults and poisonings with deadly intent. 

She described her whistleblowing activities regarding both a sexual assault by a priest at St. Joseph's Abbey 2001, and a subsequent cover-up designed to protect Abbey staff from such charges.
She suspects initial implantation of advanced technology in her body occurred July 2011 during nasal surgery, and said that she came to gradual awareness of this during the 18 months after this surgery.  Ms. Burnor said that following this surgery by some months and intensifying gradually over the next year and a half  "I started exhibiting symptoms that were very outside the realm of what I had ever experienced before.  Something akin to hot flashes, that were not hot flashes.  Something akin to creepy crawlies on the skin; something akin to shortness of breath, tinnitus-a slew of symptoms.  I tried various cleanses, and allopathic protocols nothing would fix the problems.  Eventually I put my symptoms into a search engine, and a website came up regarding microwave exposure, sickness due to exposure to microwaves.  And I don't even use a microwave!  I contacted my friend James Walbert-he was chipped in his shoulder, we had become friends back in 2005 when I had reconnected with my uncle. We initiated an investigation involving state representatives, etc and my uncle was found to be chipped.  Kevin Burnor. We used to call him ‘uncle microchips.'   I suggested he contact a peer with similar experience, and that is how I first met James Walbert.

Then in 2012 I asked him what to do, and he suggested I test myself with a machine known as the JM-20 PRO; it tested positive.  I was uncertain about this result, so I contacted a private detective, Melinda Kidder.  I saw Melinda, was tested with every gadget, when they got to my head there is a 0.02 uT reading.  She said my head and stomach were both registering signals.  And then she found something else with another machine (EXTECH).  She also detected where there is a scar on my jawline and I have no known reason for a scar to be there."
JM-20 Pro Tested positive around the ears.

"What was discovered were radio frequency emissions coming from both the lower back of my skull and my abdomen.  I then had MRI scans taken, and compared them to routine scans taken prior to a sinus surgery I underwent in 2009.  The second MRI's very clearly show the growth of something in the mastoid region of the skull, behind and below the ears.  This is incidentally where the RF emissions were strongest.  Later toxicology results showed high levels of various heavy metals, as well as the presence of foreign protein and advanced nanomaterials.

"After initial testing by Melinda, I go to California-not knowing if I am being monitored-and when the plane was landing, I had excruciating pain and my ears started bleeding.  I thought it was a bad sinus infection. No.  When I am flying back to Texas, the plane makes a stop in San Diego, and-again-very bad pain.  My ears bled again (first episode of this was when I flew from Missouri to California), a watery reddish color, not like full thick blood,-and I deplaned and asked for the stewardess to "just get my bags" and that I was unable to complete the last leg of the trip.  I stayed there in Los Angeles for 30 days, and my communications were interrupted then, my computer was shut down-it was like the kinds of things you would see in a movie.  I contacted Melinda Kidder and she gave me the name of Hildegarde Staninger."
"I needed a referral based on high levels of metal toxicity shown in tests I did with hair and urinalysis.  Then I saw Dr. Staninger and got a series of tests over months, and she says ‘you have nanotechnology.' I asked Dr Staninger, ‘How do I get rid of it?' and ‘Can you fix it?'  She said, ‘If you follow this protocol exactly for 3-6 months.'   I wound up taking 75 pills a day-she can assist you to use herbs and pills to deconstruct the nanotechnology at a chemical level."
"I do not have any nanotechnology in my body anymore.  I do not have any signals emanating from my body.  No nano whatsoever. I am free.  But I will say it's been a long struggle." She stated that one test by Dr. Staninger showed in a subsequent attempt "patch test" that there was evidence that "they tried to give me breast and colon cancer.  There is evidence of this in my legal affidavit and test results". (See BURNOR'S NOTICE TO THE WORLD)
Ms. Burnor's full report includes one sexual assault 2001 by a priest; subsequent ongoing and chronic cover-up of her charges regarding this priest's behavior; character assassination directed against her; organized stalking by investigators, government agents, and unknown people; and-with onset 2011-2012--remote electronic surveillance and assaults including microwave exposure to signals and microwave radiation accompanying signals, static sounds, forced thoughts, memory accessed/blocked, multiple and chemical/biological assaults, and symptoms of toxic overload.  Remote directed energy assaults have had variable durations and did occur "anywhere." 

Specific types of organized stalking harassments reported include organized stalking/surveillance; auto tampering; computer tampering; difficulties at place of employment, aerial stalking; home entry; interference with friend and family relationships; interference with finances; street theatre; vandalism; and exposure to nanotechnology through surgical implantation, application to vehicles, and possibly by unknown means.

Ms. Burnor gave many examples of harassment events, including but not limited to the following:
Regarding auto tampering: "One day I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase two shower benches to use with a lead shield, and the windows in my car involuntarily all by themselves went all the way down and wouldn't go up.  Called my friend Becky to come guard my car while I purchased the benches; she did, she couldn't get the windows to close either.  This was in 2013 at a time I was implanted with nano.  The portable GPS system that was for the car was destroyed.  Got home, got stuff out of the car, and the windows went up all by themselves."

Regarding organized stalking by DoD police: "One time I was followed by police with Department of Defense insignia on their car door.  I visited Dr. Staninger and then went to Walgreens for Christmas cards.  Inside Walgreens I observed two men with multiple weapons.  I said to them, ‘I have never seen a police car with DoD insignia.'  They left without purchasing anything."

Regarding aerial stalking: "Yes, recorded by a friend with security clearances.  She didn't believe my report, so I said, ‘Can you do me a favor? Here are a couple of signals, can you use your clearances and check who is responsible for the signals?'  She did.  She retrieved the data. I did not tell her that those signals were retrieved from Melinda Kidder's report about signals from my body.  My friend called back and said those signals were from Lockheed Martin, ‘from a drone.'  I recorded that she told me that.  But I need to keep my friend's identity anonymous for her protection.  I have become aware of possible negative consequences for those assisting me."
Regarding difficulties at her place of employment "Yes, even during my Abbey days.  My boss called my supervisor, she was crying, she said she had to fire me even though I didn't do anything.  Monks came in and I had to fill an order, and somehow after that I was fired.  That was around 2006."
Regarding interference with friend and family relationships: "There has been interference in the sense that it has forced me to live in seclusion, with less contact with friends and family."

Regarding home entry/vehicle tampering, Ms. Burnor described two 2015 incidents: during the first in February 2015 there was theft of receipts from her garage which allowed discovery of her aliases, and "nanotech was sprayed on the carpet of my car."

Front door left ajar
Searching for something... (?)
Fluorescing evidence of nano-aerosol

She said she became sick at that point and began a detoxification protocol.  "A month and a half after that, there was another incident.  I went to a Verizon store and opened an account, asked if they needed to come to my home to install anything for internet.  They said you shouldn't need anything, your home is equipped to accommodate our technology.  Gave the phone number and said call if you need to come.  They didn't call.  Figured they would send a box of technology, but no. Someone came at 9:30 am, I saw a guy walk right into my alley passageway.  He didn't call, walked into the side yard without permission, and without knowing I was there watching him on security camera monitors from my closet, he continues to go into the backyard.  I look out through my home camera system and see what appears to be an AR type assault rifle with an apparent 100 round clip.  I sent this image to others who agreed this looked like a gun.  After that, I saw a machine that burrowed into the ground-for fiber optic cable?  I sent the pictures to friends, who also felt strongly I should leave.  I pretended I wasn't home, thinking as soon as they leave, I will leave the area totally.  I waited till they left, packed up, and went to switch cars with my friend Mark, who agreed to this.  I leave, I have it on camera, I get a friend to go back to get the data from the camera.  Nobody else's equipment installation had anything that looked like that.  So I escaped.  Cars were following me, black Chevrolets, fancy license plates with silver seals on the left side, with a gold numbering system.  I took a picture of the plate.  Then a man in front of me accelerates to over 100 mph.  I followed and took a picture, later identified as Navy.

I stopped after that high speed chase, calmed down, and called my private counsel.  Three more cars were following me with Navy emblem.  How could they know I left Texas?   A friend said to meet, we did, I switched cars again, I went in his car and he put me in a one of his houses that for me served as a "safe house" base of operations.  The next day the Navy is looking up my website, my friend interpreted that to mean they had lost me as a surveillance target.  How did they know how to find me?  One week later I started feeling sick.  They had sprayed Mark's car with nano stuff".

Ms. Burnor stated that her first awareness that implantation of foreign materials might be a possibility occurred when private investigator Melinda Kidder detected an unexplained incision in her chin, jawline area which was observed during Ms. Kidder's testing procedure several months after her 2011 sinus surgery.  She believes now after learning about the true extent of mesogenic nano/biotechnology capabilities that something may have been imbedded through a long needle through her chin, and migrated from the chin to the ear area through application of specific frequencies.  She said "it also shows up pretty strong in the mastoid air cells, part of the head underneath the occiput at the back of the head.  That area is also believed to have nano tech".

Directed energy effects reported include burning; extreme fatigue-"every time I go through the introduction of new nano materials to my body, the fatigue will last for months"; feelings of electricity running through the body-"this happens often"; ringing and static in the ears; itching; headaches-"these can usually be corrected through stress management, hyperbaric oxygen, acupuncture, detox procedures, emotional and spiritual practices"; and sleep deprivation. 

She remarked that "I believe the first time nano was activated to the highest degree is when I was on the way to meet Melinda Kidder December 2012. My ears started acting right up when a white vehicle with a special license plate was accompanying me to Columbia MO {location of Ms. Kidder's office}.  The technology seemed to be activated fully at that stage, and I believe I was followed by Homeland Security.  From that day forward, for almost 5 weeks, I could not sleep.  That's when my cell phone was accessed and said ‘divert'.  I purchased another phone and it did the same thing, said ‘all calls diverted'.  During that time if I fell asleep my skin would jump, and wake me up.  Eventually I figured out how to trick myself to sleep.  Could then get 3-5 hrs of sleep, after 5 weeks of almost no sleep at all".

Ms. Burnor also reported a biological attack in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 2014, which may have been enhanced with directed energy:  "I had been living under the radar, and then I was careless and took an airplane to Mexico.  At that time I reported smelling bleach and other weird odors, and I contracted rabbit fever also known as tularemia, a biological weaponized agent without being near rabbits or other animals known to carry this".

Ms. Burnor continued discussion of directed energy effects she has experienced including stinging sensations; rapid weight loss/gain; and sensations of choking-"two instances of choking sensations.  May 28 2015 there was chlorovirus found in my body.  Apparently targeted towards my throat.   Choking sensations from chlorovirus happened over a month and a half, and was then corrected by homeopathic remedy.  In 2016 there was another instance, I was praying and had prayer audio on and my throat started to close up on its own.  I felt the sensation of this, it happened rapidly.  I prayed to Jesus, and the feeling went away.  So fast, so rapid, I never had that happen before".   She reported one additional experience: "I was going to sleep one night, and I could feel that my spirit was no longer inside of my body.  My hands felt like I was dead.  I was scared.  I could feel my spirit coming out of via my feet.  My light body was being taken out, I panicked.  Got up and started doing exorcism prayers.  Very disturbing.  I did prayers, kissed my cross and Bible, and all that stuff went away and stopped.  I got control over what was taking place".

When asked if she had ever experienced thoughts of suicide, Ms. Burnor replied that she had experienced this only one time, and explained that she had some proof that this feeling arose as an effect of directed sonic weaponry and not as an innate thought: "Yes, once I experienced that, in fear, in an incident where sound weapons were pointed at my home.  It was the frequency of suicide, it was NOT my thoughts, it was from a sound that was coming to me.  When the sounds were coming to me, right after encountering being affected by rabbit fever in 2014, it got to the point where my brain was swelling, it was very painful.

 I had this investigated, I have a sound report written by a sound weapons engineer with expertise with such things, who used up to date equipment and detected the presence of a sound frequency that activates depressive suicidal and paranoiac thoughts.  I have that report but have removed personal identification of the sound engineer to maintain anonymity for personal protection of that person".  {Ms. Burnor did provide a report by a sound engineer-with personal ID data removed-which indicates the use of a sonic weapon ‘utilizing multiple frequencies combined within a complex combination of delivery waveforms and capable of inducing pain, anxiety, and paranoia'}.

Parts of the body reported as affected include head (eyes, ears, nose, eyebrows, eyelids, jaw), neck, abdomen, stomach, bowels, arms, legs, feet, hands, heart, lungs, throat, spine, digestive tract, chest, and hair.

Range of emotions reported during these experiences include fear, anger, calmness, concern, rage, depression, numbness, peace, hope, acceptance, and spiritual transformation.  Ms. Burnor rated her highest experienced pain level on a 0 to 10 scale (0=absent, 10=extreme severity) as a "10".

Cognitive effects reported include memory and concentration impairments.  Ms. Burnor stated that intermittent memory and concentration impairments continue to occur as a consequence of the cumulative impact of reported events: "Bottom line, I've lived on a precipice of life and death for about 5 years, it is very hard to live under conditions of survival.  I do experience post-traumatic stress reactions.

Ms. Burnor said that she has reported her experiences to politicians, newspapers, TV, radio, family, friends, Saint Joseph's Abbey, the Vatican, and the Jesuit Order.

Ms. Keri May Burnor is a 40 year old single female residing in an undisclosed location.  She has a twin sister (Kristi) and one brother (Nathan) who is a year and a half younger.  Her parents are surviving and she has no contact with her father.  She described her early life with an absent father and an alcoholic mother as heavily influenced by emotional neglect and witnessing of traumatic experiences:  "growing up I had a rough go of it".  She has no children as she has adopted a religious vow of celibacy from an early age.  She was raised in a family with Protestant religious affiliations, but became interested in Roman  Catholic teachings in her teens and converted to Roman Catholicism at age 17.  Her present stated religious affiliation is "orthodox Christian faith". 

Ms. Burnor attended Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School in Charlton, MA and graduated in 1993.  She then attended Magdalene College in Warner, New Hampshire and received a Liberal Arts degree in 1996.  She received a diploma from the Vatican at Magdalene College which she described as a "catechetical degree", which she explained means that she is qualified to teach "Catechetical doctrine" in any world-wide jurisdiction.  She continued her religious education through many different experiences with various Roman Catholic institutions and mentors 1996-2000.  These experiences are documented in detail in her recently published book "Divine Challenge"http://www.clergyvictim.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/Divine-Challenge-Complete-with-Appendix.pdf . 

As she described her formative years:  "I converted to Roman Catholicism when I was seventeen years old.  Shortly thereafter, I moved in the convent at St. Benedict Center, Still River Massachusetts in 1993.  I served God and the convent for 5.5 years before moving forward with my commitment to become a hermit-nun in the Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts.  During my eremitic formation I went to the St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts and prayed at the wall separating lay chapel area from sanctuary of the Abbey Chapel every day dedicating my life to eight and when possible eight to ten hours of prayer a day. Outside of prayer I would strive to follow the Lord's teaching and work within my community".
Ms. Burnor stated that she has been a nun for 14 years.  "I've been married to Jesus Christ since I was 9 years old.  I believe in him with all my heart". She said she was first introduced to Jesuits at age 17 after high school.  She was a new convert to Roman Catholicism and went to a convent which she described as "a traditional order". She said that at that time "I held strictly to the tenet that ‘there is no salvation outside the Roman Catholic church'.  I fell headlong in line with the order and promoted traditional values.  I was attracted to prayer, even in my younger days".
She was in a convent for 5.5 years 1993-1998, where she worked on a farm and "met many wonderful women with hearts of gold". She stated "I had a call to go into the contemplative life.  I felt like God is calling me to become a hermit.  With the assistance of some monk friends, I explored the Cistercian Order".  She requested Cistercian guidance as to how to achieve her goals and was granted access both to specific areas of St. Joseph's Abbey and various teachers of that Order including Father Joseph Chu-Cong who she reported told her "you put in more hours in this chapel than we do" noting her prayer practices.  These experiences with St. Josephs Abbey and its personnel and its policies continued for a period of a few years and is documented in great detail in Ms. Burnor's book.
In 2001 Ms. Burnor was sexually abused by a priest at St. Joseph's Abbey.  She described details of this assault during interviews:   
"Things were going smoothly until one day a priest lunged at me.  He told me to read something-read Scripture about breasts-we were having a conversation, the Abbot had given permission for him to meet me on a regular basis, with terms and conditions.  I went to confession to Father Joseph Chu-Cong...and as we were leaving he reaches out and grabs my left breast throwing me out of prayerful disposition, causing shock.   He is 84 years old.  I knew at that point everything I longed for was in threat.  No longer something I could aspire to in the same way.  I told Brother Phillippe and Brother Patrick what had happened".

"I went to my closest friend there-a monk-he said ‘don't say anything because if you do they will hurt you very badly'.  I was shocked.  I knew this was going to destroy everything I had worked for since I was 15 years old...My heart just shattered and my faith was really challenged and pushed to a whole other level.  For maybe 7 years I lived in, I would say, a spiritual hell, trying to find a remedy.  For the most part, I held it in, pretended nothing happened, did exactly what the monks Br Phillipe and Patrick told me to do....until I found out there was another victim upon visiting a Sister Mariam Maluf at a nearby monastery in Petersham Massachusetts. I still believed at that time that there was no salvation outside the Catholic Church, and if I brought this forward, I was going to meet up with some heavy, heavy resistance.  It was gonna be my word against this priest."
Regarding the interaction with Sister Mariam Maluf..."Two months later I visited a monastery and told this nun my story.  She said that same priest did the same thing to someone else.  I was so angry.  I pounded the table, and said ‘this means I can't just pretend this didn't happen now.  I have to draw the line and do something about it.' 

Ms. Burnor spoke about the impact this event had upon her in her own words in a statement she wrote previously and called ‘My Story of Abuse':
"I was abused by a monastic priest around the context of the sacrament of confession. Although there was an indecent assault and battery that took place, my experience of how the abuse devastated me was when I brought the allegation forward to ecclesiastical authorities.  Here are some of my reflections which might better illustrate the impact the abuse has had on my faith and vocation. 

What I went through was a "spiritual gang rape" (I characterize it as institutional abuse) by those who promised to be spiritual guardians to me. The betrayal shook the very foundations of my faith and all that I knew of God and Church would be called into question. Although my faith in the institution has diminished, over time it has become more solid in God Himself. 

I thought that my having served the Church (for over a decade) and expressing to church authorities that I did not wish to bring my allegation into a legal forum while reiterating I was not interested in a monetary settlement that they would "do the right thing". Soon I became aware they were not operating on a spiritually wholesome level, but plainly a demonic one.

The trauma experienced in all cases of abuse (in this case adult sexual abuse) is compounded not merely from the abuse experience itself, but from the length of time the abuse is concealed and covered up. 

My story is like so many others in that the Church authorities have sought to ignore their responsibility towards victims while protecting the offenders. Many were complicit in this orchestrated cover-up involving both religious and state officials of the highest rank within Massachusetts and even national figureheads as well".

Ms. Burnor next described her efforts to gain acknowledgement that this priest was acting inappropriately and required some form of disciplinary action:
"We tried to do this gently, behind the scenes, and there was major denial, denial, denial.  The ‘boob grab' was in 2001. In 2002 allegations were made to the District Attorney, and there was a trial in 2003.  A case was opened the state against the priest.  I lost. The Commonwealth lost.  I was ignorant and couldn't understand then how the case was botched-on purpose.  I didn't know how to use the system, so I got chewed up by this machine.
Long and short, I went to court, which I didn't want to happen, and I lost the case.  At every step there was a blockage, another wall in my path....There was another woman who had made a similar charge against the same priest 10 years earlier, and I was not allowed to include this as evidence for court.  They tried to make me out to be a whack job-to dismantle my credibility.  I realized the courts were not platforms to hear these truths". She stated the case was headed by Worcester MA District Attorney John Conte, criminal case Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs. Father Joseph Chu-Cong.
I took it all very personally. I was a nun, fresh out into the world.  But it's not personal, it's business.  I recognized there is something deeper at work.  For anybody to go up against the Church, it's bad for business.  When you go really high up, the priests really do believe you are their property". In an interview with FBI the agent asked me if I believed the pope owned everyone through the collateralization of all our birth certificates (evidence obtained by Ms. Burnor). I confessed and avoided the question and performed the interview very well to the degree they wished to hire me as a CI (criminal informant, evidence of this also obtained).

"I went everywhere to find a remedy after that court verdict.  Other witnesses began to contact me, I started private consulting with them, how to maintain your faith during this experience; some of them accepted a gag order and over what I believe was around a $250,000 payment.  So now I have this knowledge, and I begin to publicize in the newspapers.  I make an appointment to contact with David Dore of the Spencer New Leader, and I go there and bring my materials.  He said ‘within 20 minutes after you dropped this package, my life was threatened'.  He is a witness.  He also said ‘your phone is tapped'.  This is the first time I woke up to the fact that I was being watched." I had suspicions I was watched but nothing to substantiate it at the time.

"I started to visit multiple courts, working behind the scenes in many locations, and I find out that victims and other sources alleged to me that St. Joseph's Abbey had multiple victims of sexual abuse, and not only for adults.  We've got situations going on with severe offenses...and they harbored those who do criminal actions at that monastery".

"After losing the case I tried to help other people for 6 years, after 6 or so years of advocacy (for other clergy I had enough, I became burned out.  I tried to retain my vocation as a nun, tried to keep my faith.  And I did become angry and bitter inside.  I was bitter for 7 years.  I said ‘Lord, it says in your Bible you reward the good, punish the wicked.'  God is so faithful.  I asked the Lord ‘your Bible says to act one way and the world acts another way.  I don't get it...show me the remedy". 

She noted that she re-connected with her uncle Kevin Burnor in or about 2005.  She said that he believed he was ‘chipped' and in service to assisting him she made an initial contact with James Walbert, a known target of non-consensual human experimentation who had documented advanced materials in his body.

  She also noted that she contacted the Department of Veterans Affairs chief in Puerto Rico, who told her that many soldiers received experimental procedures such as microchipping and other devices as part of their unknown adhesion agreements when joining military service.  She said this was her first awareness of the use of these technologies relating to one who she knows. Ms. Burnor also has evidence pertaining to her uncle Kevin Burnor and being chipped in the sinus area via SPECT/PET scan images from the Amen Clinic. 
She continued to describe a sequence of related events:  "Some may ask why I have access to people with clearances...I was on Greg Szymanski's show back in 2007 and have had the opportunity to connect with several other whistleblowers including Eric John Phelps, Chris Strunk, Phil Kronzer and Leo Zagami who is a former high ranking official of the P2 lodge with inside access and I had continued access to his security team.   Leo Zagami called me per suggestion of Greg Szymanski back in 2008 to assist him with Masonic operations (formulating new constitutions and ceremonial writings for a new branch of the P2 Leo was heading at the time) due to my ecclesiastical background.  As a result of my desire to help, I have found the ‘lodge doors have become open to me on many levels'.    Leo Zagami is now protected by the Russians and can speak his truth.  He gave me knowledge of the satanic nature of the P2 lodge and implicated the Vatican and the Jesuit Order."

She reported that in 2008 she received notification that there was a hit out on her life, she explained as follows:  "The real issue is I blew the whistle too hard in 2007 and 2008.   I exposed Robert McManus of Worcester bishop's gay lover (when he was outwardly condemning to gays), Mancini of Providence RI October 17, 2007 on the Greg Szymanski show.  I exposed the Abbey and their CIA history and the name of a perpy priest Edward John Mullaney. Then I threw salt in the wounds by claiming the Roman Church is the seat of Anti-Christ and proved it on February 28, 2008 Szymanski's radio show.  The book I feel is the best way to get closer to having them fold since they were petrified of me publishing it and it is believed they intercepted the book from being published at least 4 times."  
"I thought I needed to get a new life, fall in love with Jesus all over again, and so I moved to Texas, thinking I could leave all this behind.  In Texas I studied and studied, and found out the Jesuits were involved in so many things...systematic occurrences.  They came here and you can study the systemic pattern in the book by Eric J. Phelps, VATICAN ASSASSINS.  I realized why I didn't get a remedy in the courts.  It took me 8 years to divest myself of their mind control that ‘there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church'.
"So I move to Texas January 2009, with renewed faith in my heart, life is less heavy, I am away now from very serious sexual abuse cases, including advocating to protect children from perpetrating priests. Then in 2011, I had scheduled a surgery I had severe sinus issues.  We cleared out some polyps in there in a previous surgery when I lived in Massachusetts, and unfortunately the polyps came back."   She agreed to the suggestion of a further surgical procedure as the condition was blocking her ability to breathe. This surgery was performed July 2011 by Dr. Hsu, Chung-Sen in Texas.
Ms. Burnor reported various anomalies regarding this surgery.  First, there was the presence of an ‘unknown doctor' listed on her pathology report; second, there was present an anesthesiologist who said he would ask to see if my body guard could be available in the surgery room-this occurrence was unexplained because I did not tell the anesthesiologist I had a bodyguard; third, a bodyguard she had hired for protection and who had assured her he would be present during the procedure was absent when she woke up from the surgery and refused payment.  She later developed anomalous symptoms unlike anything she had previously experienced (see History of the Present Illness for symptom details).

December 2012: "On my way to see Melinda Kidder in Missouri, that's when I started having what appeared to be FBI and Homeland following me-I have photos of this.  That's when I believe it changed from just monitoring me, to the purpose to kill me when the nano materials were activated."  She said that the ongoing compilation of medical evidence determining that she was being seeded with esoteric advanced materials supported this conclusion.
During 2014 after living ‘under the radar' Ms Burnor flew to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico,  where she feels she was again detected by surveillance (photos were obtained of Distrito Federal observing her movements).  She was deliberately introduced to rabbit fever, also known as tularemia while there and the report indicates the timing was during my last day in Cabo. Doctor Hilegarde Staninger pointed out these materials can be introduced by spraying to pillows and bedding etc.,  Later in the year she reported noticing Korean nationals following and monitoring her outside her home. She did not report any direct physical assaults, but mentioned frequent surveillance by Koreans summer 2014 with one incident where a Korean man came physically close in a threatening manner; she took pictures of this man and said she tracked his identity through her insider contacts.  She was informed that this person came up as a hired assassin from North Korea and that Department of Homeland Security was involved in this operation (evidence obtained).  She stated that she was told to pack up and leave when the unnamed insider confirmed that the Koreans ‘appear to be assassins' and that leaving asap was ‘imperative'.

Continuing events involving harassments and exposure to nanomaterials in 2015 are described in History of the Present Illness.

July 2015 a Legal Notice of Criminal Activity by Government Officials and Demand for Action was notarized by witness Dr. Hildegarde Staninger.  After four years of tracking Ms. Burnor's history of repeated poisonings and nonconsensual exposure to advanced nano materials, Dr. Staninger wrote an affidavit confirming her belief based upon her professional expertise that Ms. Keri Burnor  does appear to be  the recipient of weaponized innovative technology in a manner which appears to indicate serious criminal activity: "To the Affiant's knowledge there have been repeated attempts  to murder Keri Burnor, to maim, cause permanent loss of brain function and monitor her biological presence,  genetics, and physiological functions via remote sources." 

Ms. Burnor filed her own affidavit to the same effect in July 2015 including more than 700 pages of documents.  She said she sent copies of this to the President, senior political officials, senior military officials, and many major media outlets.

Mr. Burnor stated "I feel the CIA is targeting me-more accurately, St. Joseph's Abbey is targeting me through the CIA, the Vatican, and the Jesuits."  Asked why she feels she became targeted, she responded:  "I feel that it is possibly through my social activism.  I started with exposing sexual abuse, and then this became exposure of genocide hidden behind a cover aimed at Americans who were nationalists or libertarian. I exposed the Nazi paperclip origins of the founder of St. Joseph's Abbey."  She described her photographic evidence of a commemorative altar at St. Josephs Abbey memorializing founder J. Peter Grace, and related historical details of the ties between W.R  Grace Company and support of Project Paperclip, which imported Nazi scientists and war criminals to the United States post World War II.  She said the Abbey's photo of this commemorative altar was temporarily removed for about a month then reduced in size so that his name is obscured on the altar from their website after she exposed this relationship.

She continued: "The Jesuits at Fordham University according to my opinion and belief are responsible for this."  She summarized her experience: "I defeated the nano.  I had to go off the radar for a while.  I relocated and do not wish to specify.  Went on a plane to Mexico and forgot to stay off the radar and realized those targeting me had vast resources to track me by way of flight info and via the Mexican government, so upon returning back to Texas they found me and my base of operations again.  While in Mexico, I was infected with some kind of rabbit fever.  That is a biohazard.  I am healed, I beat that.  After that situation, there were Korean foreign nationals following me when I was walking in the park-I have videos of this-I said ‘You do not have any authority to be on this soil!' in an interview on The Eric Jon Phelps program (radio interviews available upon request).  That may seem angry, but this is the proper way to handle demonic influence.  The higher-ups love to engage in satanic rituals, or else they are not given their privileges.  It is the light of Lucifer that illumines their minds, not the light of Christ.  The Jesuits are taking orders directly from the demonic realm." 

In a public radio interview discussing her experiences, Ms. Burnor said: "I am here to tell all of you: No matter how bad it gets, don't run.  Face these demons and do not get discouraged.  We are engaged in a spiritual battle; it is a primarily a spiritual battle."

Ms. Burnor said she remains engaged with the task of exposing past and ongoing illegal and spiritually reprehensible activities: "If peaceful resolution is not achieved with the accused, all documents are in place for criminal prosecution of those identified.  I have successfully removed plausible deniability off the table with the Abbey.  All that evidence is positioned to be in the hands of the public if they do not conduct themselves in line with the seriousness of my claims for the benefit of their own souls and the People."
Ms. Burnor concluded her statement saying, "The major number one focus for me right now is to align with Peace and stay plugged into YHWH.  I believe there is some learning experience in all this, and I am a vessel of this learning experience."

3/7/03:  Howard. Mathisen, Licensed Psychologist, Prescott Health Care, Worcester, MA.  Report attesting to Ms. Burnor's mental health-"Ms. Burnor appears to be a mentally healthy young woman who presents no symptoms that would suggest any psychotic disorders, personality disorders or substance abuse."
3/9/06: Natalie Robinson, Licensed Social Worker/EMDR Consultant, Chelmsford, MA. "Ms. Burnor's presenting issue was an incident that occurred 8/23/01 at an Abbey...She told me that one of the priests at the Abbey ‘grabbed my boob.'  She felt humiliated and betrayed and subsequently felt she needed to leave the Abbey when officials there did not support her. The incident triggered Posttraumatic Stress Disorder accompanied by a sense of intense vulnerability and recurring distressing thoughts and images."

7/21/11: nasal surgery, Hsu, Chung-Sen, M.D., Methodist Charlton Medical Center, Dallas TX. Surgical procedure, left nasal turbinate resection and nasal septum, cartilage and bone resection.  Suspected as implantation source.
8/1/11:  Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas TX ER, Roy L. Rea M.D. 8/1/11 for epitaxis (nosebleed).
6/23/12 Urinalysis Report, Doctors Data, Inc., ordered by Robban Sica M.D., Center for Healing  Art, Orange, CT. Revealed levels at high end of reference range for barium and nickel; values above reference range for aluminum, gadolinium, and uranium; and extremely outside reference range for cadmium, lead, and mercury.
12/29/12 Hair Analysis Report, (ordered by) J. Privitera, MD, NutriScreen Inc, Covina CA.  Findings:  high levels of lead, mercury, nickel, uranium, magnesium, copper, strontium and zinc; low level of chromium.
1/4/13: MRI brain imaging, referred by James Privitera, M.D. Preferred Imaging, Richards, TX.  No intracranial abnormality identified, mild opacification of the mastoid air cell.
3/13/12: Frequency Testing Report, Melinda Kidder, Private Investigator, Columbia Investigations, Columbia, MO.  Abnormal ELF/EMF frequencies detected at neck and abdomen; unexplained 0.5 mm scar detected at jawline under UV exam; presence of ambient radio frequencies detected (pgs. 3-4).

1/16/13: Toxicological Evaluation Report, {revised from original 12/22/12 report} H. Staninger, Ph.D., Registered Industrial Environmental Toxicologist-1, Integrative Health Systems, Los Angeles, CA.  Findings: "Ms. Burnor was exposed to advanced nano materials" (pg. 8).  "Her current symptoms are all related to the neurological exposures to the heavy metals detected but also to the interaction of EMF and self-generating frequency signals as identified in the Columbia Investigations  Report dated 12/13/12" (pg. 10).

1/19/13:  Clinical Test Data, Lab Corp., Los Angeles, CA.

1/23/13: Toxicological Dysfunction Analysis Report, H. Staninger, Ph.D., RIET-1, IHS, Los Angeles, CA.  Findings:  Exposure to phenol confirmed.  Discussion: "Phenol is a metabolite of benzene. Benzene is known to cause leukemia in humans and is not a normal component of blood or urine.  The level should be ‘none detected' and any exposure that is expressed in urine is indicative of a parent compound being metabolized and stuck in the kidney.  In some cases of bio-sensory technology phenol may be the metabolite of thin film technology with a wave guide of specific compounds for detection purposes. Further investigation will have to occur in this matter as additional test results data is reviewed" (pg. 2)

4/8/13: Industrial Toxicological Comparative Report on Emission of Frequency Signals From the Human Body and Previous Chemical Analysis of Mesogenic Bio-Sensors, H. Staninger, Ph.D., RIET-1, IHS, Los Angeles CA. Summary:  Frequencies emitted by Ms. Burnor identified as per their allocations by Federal Communications Commission.  Correlated with frequencies allocated to U.S. military operations. Discussion: "The frequencies found to be emitting from Ms. Keri Burnor on December 13, 2012 were from one specific location, but with a smaller traveling frequency that was in a smaller range within the signals...the chemical composition of the specimens taken from Ms. Burnor's scalp and other areas may be designed for two different Regional broadcasts....one for direction or action/function upon the body, and one for monitoring the location or specific areas of her body.  Both ranges are monitored by geo-satellite" (pg. 4).

5/13: Analysis of Specimens Report, {specimens from Ms. Burnor}, Applied Consumer Services, Hialeah Gardens, FLA.  Chemical analysis of specimens. 

5/30/13: Advanced Material Analysis Report For Origin of Specimen (Chemical Analysis of Mesogenic Bio-Sensory Advanced Materials), H. Staninger, Ph.D., RIET-1, IHS, Los Angeles, Ca. Results: "Photomicrographs of the various specimens submitted for analysis are attached to this report" (pg. 1).  {report continues}: Conclusional Summary: "The majority of High-Impact Technologies that utilize brain-computer interfaces as a neuronet, neurotree network, ‘Brain Chip" or Bio-Sensor would be for the following  purposes:

Control and monitoring of the brain and bodily functions.
Control and monitoring of the behavior of the individual.
Sending and receiving verbal commands.
Stimulation of the bio-electrical transmissions within the neuron trees of the nerves.
May be utilized as a listening device for remote sensing and monitoring.
May be used as a transmitter for listening in on conversations
If there is a digital computer component to the device, it may be used to capture visual transmissions as a walking/talking monitoring system (a high tech extrinsic spying system, especially for military/industrial espionage.
Many other aspects such as aiding individuals with hearing, vision, and other neurological sensory impairments that would be related to the multiple use applications of mesogenic or liquid crystal (neumatics) technology.

The presence of the metals that can form iron titanium oxides were present in the EDS results [[i]Ms. Burnor's Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy specimen analysis results[/i]} along with magnesium and aluminum as associated with tremolite jade.  These specific materials may be utilized in their natural state or made synthetically as for synthetic materials as found in bio-sensors.  Tremolite will have a blue color (which was observed in S/N 4 of Ms. Burnor's specimens). 

Tremolite is use in the sensory materials that utilize Terahertz transmissions as reported by the IRSA Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing China, and the Terahertz Optoelectronics, Ministry of Education, China (pg. 10).

{report continues}: "The advanced materials analysis of the specimens submitted to IHS LLC by Ms. Keri Burnor have multiple origins, but are used as a single bio-sensor monitoring device" (pg. 12).

{report continues}:  "The origins of the specimens are of a dual nature as indicated below:  Private development specifically monitoring genetic material or for the identity of specific genetic blood lines; and the frequencies associated with the specific monitoring systems utilized by the countries in the Middle East are under specific U.S. military operations.  These same operations have a global monitoring system for intelligence monitoring and sharing of data through Juniper Technologies" (pg. 13).

6/1/13: Frequency Testing Report, Melinda Kidder, Private Investigator, Columbia Investigations, Columbia, MO. {for testing performed 4/2/13}.  Results: Ambient RFID signals detected in Ms. Burnor's presence and not detected in her absence: "ACECO radio frequency signals were not emanating from Burnor, but to her".  ELF/EMF readings were in normal range with single exception at superior lateral tuberosity of the humerus. (pgs. 2-3).
7/23/13: Re-Testing Specific Biological Monitoring  Tests/Exposure to Advanced Nano Materials, H. Staninger, Ph.D., RIET-1, IHS, Los Angeles, Ca.  "Re-testing through Advanced Biological Monitoring tests were performed on Ms. Keri Burnor 4/18/13.  Testing involved specific tests that were positive in the original testing 1/8/13 (pg. 1).
{report continues} : "The tests show a total turnaround in response to the outlined recommended treatments/therapies for exposure to advanced nano materials and biosensor devices.  All values are well within acceptable ranges and patient/client has not experienced symptoms as previously describe in earlier reports (pg. 2).
7/11/14:  Advanced Resonance Analysis, H. Staninger, Ph.D., RIET-1, IHS, Los Angeles CA. Smart dust detected at level ‘4' (pg. 1). { Dr. Staninger describes smart dust as "millimeter scale self-contained microelectromechanical devices that include sensors, computational ability, bi directional wireless communications technology and a power supply.  As tiny as dust particles, smart dust motes can be spread throughout buildings or into the atmosphere to collect and monitor data.  Smart dust devices have applications in everything from military to meteorological to medical fields"}.
4/7/15: Advanced Resonance Analysis, H. Staninger, Ph.D., RIET-1, IHS, Los Angeles CA. Patch test results from bodily lymphatic fluid: Lead ‘4'; Allyltrichlorosilane ‘4'; sample from carpet of suspected contaminated vehicle:  Arsenic ‘6'. (pg. 1).
{report continues}:  "The testing confirmed the presence of advanced nano materials. It also illustrated the various layers of the delivery systems involved" (pg. 13).
6/6/15: Advanced Resonance Analysis Report, H. Staninger Ph.D.,  RIET-1, IHS, Los Angeles CA. Specimen collected from suspected contaminated vehicle carpet had a green fluorescence  and tested positive for the presence of nano wires at level ‘2' (pg. 1).
6/6/15: Advanced Resonance Analysis Report, H. Staniner, Ph.D., RIET-1, IHS, Los Angeles, CA.  (Patch Test Specimen collected from Ms. Burnor's body; Hair sample also tested).  Results:  Fungus Residue ‘4' from patch,  ‘2' hair; nano wires ‘4' from patch, ‘2'  hair; KD protein (IgG value 39,000 Daltons) ‘4' from patch, absent from hair; Unknown Venom ‘4' from patch, absent from hair;  Mold ‘3' from patch, ‘2' from  hair; Paspaime ‘3' from patch, absent from  hair; Versicolonin ‘3' from patch, absent from hair; Insect Sting Toxins ‘3' from patch, absent from hair; Barium ‘2' from patch, asent from hair; and Viriditoxin ‘2' from patch, ‘3' from hair (pg. 1).  {report continues} :  "The presence  of the compounds found in these specimens are known to be used in the manufacture of advanced nano materials and lattice/scaffolding of nano composite technologies.  The presence of the polymers and carbonyls with a restricted use mycotoxin and no history of mold exposure illustrates strong exposure to internal advanced materials" (pg. 14).
6/19/15: Report on Exposure to Designer Innovative Nano Technology.  Assessment Area: vehicle and living facility.  H. Staninger, Ph.D., RIET-1, IHS, Los Angeles CA.  Introduction: "On or about February 26, 2015 our Client {Ms. Keri Burnor} had a break in to their vehicle, which was reported to private investigators for safety concerns and a collection of the samples were submitted to them.  The areas of the samples collected were viewed under UV light to determine if there was present any ‘dye' from quantum nano dots or other stress factors, which may be utilized in the architecture of an innovative nano technology delivery system for designer-type toxins with a specific intent towards our  Client....

After reviewing the analytical data from the various testing, it was determined that the living area (home carpet) did not contain any innovative nano technology and/or toxins.  The Red Container No. 1, which contained carpet material from the suspect vehicle, was positive for nano wires.  Nano wires may be designed to contain fungus residue, mycotoxins (specific tags), antibodies (KD proteins), metals and other toxic substances. 

The client did have a patch test analysis and hair analysis, with further analysis for dt Tomato Panel, FOX M1 protein, and Advanced Nano Materials.  The analysis revealed specific materials that would induce colon cancer {HT-29}; breast cancer {MCF-7}; and leukemia with pair of FRET partners, and fluorescent pair and neurosphere + zirconium arsenate with insect venom, paspaime, versicolonin A, and viriditoxin each used as a specific tag to induce and/or monitor cancer mechanisms/development.  The analysis results indicate that the materials utilized were of a specific innovative nano technology delivery system with a specific intent, such as to give our client cancer at an accelerated rate of time" (pgs. 1-2).

Ms. Burnor was interviewed 6/2/16 for mental status and was punctual for her     appointment.   She was cooperative and appeared honest and open to all questions asked.  She appeared to be of above average intelligence which was congruent with her educational and professional history. 

Ms. Burnor was oriented to date, time, place, and others.   She answered all questions of the Brief Mental Status Examination correctly in a coherent and timely manner.  Pressure of speech was absent as she reported her symptoms and elements of her life history

Ms. Burnor reported no current psychiatric medications, no recreational drug use, no history of head traumas; no history of felony convictions; no military service; no recent surgeries; and no history of involuntary stays in mental facilities.  She did report a series of traumatic incidents beginning in 2001 and ongoing to the present time, and a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in 2006.  She was also interviewed using the Post Traumatic Stress Checklist self-report measure, and scored high on this instrument.     

She also reported known exposures to toxic heavy metals via nanotech exposures; exposures to microwave radiation and other directed energy phenomena; and reported her November 2011 nasal surgery as the suspected source of original implantation of advanced foreign materials.  She said her highest experienced pain level during these experiences was a ‘10' on a 0-10 rating scale.

Ms. Burnor reported difficulties with sleeping and perception; and difficulties with memory and concentration. She reported no family history of diagnosed mental illness; she did report that during childhood she experienced chronic family disturbances due to parental alcoholism and neglect.

She described in a coherent manner her belief that some type(s) of advanced technologies had been imbedded in and/or otherwise directed at her without consent and were causing her physical and cognitive symptoms. Although this type of belief is commonly classified as "delusional" and a red flag pointing toward cognitive aberration, in Ms. Burnor's case at the time of the interviews she also presented confirming physical evidence that in fact markers of advanced nano-technology are present in her body, for which she had given no consent, and that frequency signals detectable at her body surface appear to be in communication with an advanced SCADA system (SEE H-SCADA RECORDS REVIEW).

Due to the presence of this measurable and verifiable physical evidence, Ms. Burnor's claims of being a "targeted individual" who is experiencing some external manipulations were treated as potentially authentic and not delusional. She does hold persecutory ideation about her health condition; however, due to the confirmed presence of advanced technology markers in her body and the confirmation that her body is receiving signals from an identifiable SCADA system, this ideation appears to be at least partially and potentially totally accurate, negating its classification as ‘paranoid.'

On the Clinician-Rated Dimensions of Psychosis Severity Scale, impressions were as follows:
Hallucinations not present; delusions not present; disorganized speech not present; abnormal psychomotor behavior not present; negative symptoms not present; impaired cognition equivocal; depression not present; mania not present.

Equivocal rating (symptom severity insufficient to be considered psychosis) for impaired cognition refers to cumulative effects of present reported illness.
Memory appeared good upon interviews and exam but was reported as impaired to some degree. Thought content was negative for suicidal ideation, intent, and plan; and negative for homicidal ideation, intent, and plan. Fund of knowledge was excellent. Impulse control is excellent.  Insight and judgment appear intact.  Ms. Burnor described the coping strategies she is using to deal with her unusual experiences in a straightforward and lucid manner. 
Ms. Burnor coherently presented a highly unusual explanation of the causes of her multiple health issues. Her interpretation of her experience does upon first notice appear delusional and filled with paranoid ideation. However: Ms. Burnor's records do contain measurable and verifiable physical evidence that her body has been exposed to sophisticated nano-technological materials which resonate with identified frequencies which have been detected at her body surface and are known to be allocated to operational SCADA systems.

She has attributed various unusual cognitive and physical experiences to external technological causation, and not to any inherent mental dysfunction.   At the time of these interviews she had completed an extensive battery of testing procedures to determine if in fact advanced technologies that could account for her unusual symptoms were present in her body in ways that could be physically measured.

Ms. Burnor's claim that she is assaulted by signals that are externally generated has a basis in fact (1); she does possess the profile of an individual linked to an external SCADA system with sophisticated capabilities.

Ms. Burnor reports regarding her cognitive functioning suggests some type of direct neural hookup between brain and external system. Although this degree of sophistication is beyond what is described as possible in the public domain of scientific reporting (2), under-reported (classified?) research projects have apparently achieved a much higher degree of refinement. Evidence for this assertion can be found in the many patents for methods to remotely sense, analyze, and intervene with human neurological and physiological activity (3). The earliest known patent for remote neural monitoring dates back to 1974, followed by patents for hundreds of remote intervention and/or monitoring devices, up to the most recently announced 2015 patent announced by Brown University's Neuro-engineering and Nanophotonics Laboratory: " Wireless, Ultra Low Power, Broadband Neural Recording Microsystem"(4).  Specific markers found in Ms. Burnor's body correlate with specific electrochemical and biotechnologies of these types. 

A March 2001 United States Special Operations Command memorandum titled ‘Special Operations Technology Objectives' (SOTO) clearly indicates the military objective to weaponize and refine such technologies (5). The U.S. Nanotechnology Initiative alone has invested more than $21 billion dollars in research and development funding 2001-2015, clearly indicating the high priority assigned to refining these new technologies and making them available for deployment (6). A Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) grant to Arizona State University for research refining the process of selective alteration of human memory through remote brain stimulation was revealed in 2014 (7) .
The former-CIA-scientist-turned-whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan, who was personally involved in developing remote neural monitoring capabilities in his classified work, has publicly acknowledged in his 2014 book HOW TO TAME A DEMON: A SHORT PRACTICAL GUIDE TO ORGANIZED INTIMIDATION STALKING, ELECTRONIC TORTURE, AND MIND CONTROL (8) the existence of advanced capability of remote thought analysis and remote thought and/or audible voice projection to a targeted subject.  Dr. John Hall's 2014 book GUINEA PIGS: TECHNOLOGIES OF CONTROL (9) reports the widespread abuse of such weaponized technologies in non-consensual human experimentation.

Ms. Burnor's account is not unique. More and more individuals are coming forward in large numbers to report these types of remote effects upon their person from unexplained sources. There are now many reports similar to Ms. Burnor's reports of remote surveillance, monitoring, harassments, and assaults by directed energy weapons.  Such reports are being formalized and organized by various nonprofit groups such as Freedom From Covert Surveillance and Harassment (10) and International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technology (11) in the USA, and European Center Against Abuse of Covert Harassment (12) in the European Union; these groups have emerged to protect harassed individuals, document their reports, and educate the public. The number of such reports collected by ICAACT alone stands at 23,000 as of April 2015 (13); the estimates by other investigators in this field range to a much higher total incidence. 

SCADA systems are known to be able to produce consciousness-altering remote effects as well as many other physiological and neurological effects. Given the validated presence of such advanced nano-technological devices and monitoring/activating frequencies detectable from her physical form, it is difficult to escape the conclusion that Ms. Burnor's report of her experience is in fact quite accurate and NOT delusional regarding remote external influences affecting her health.  It does appear from review of verifiable evidence that she has been subjected to directed energy influences, surveillance, and poisoning with highly toxic materials since reported 2011 onset of symptoms.

Ms. Burnor's statements that St. Joseph's Abbey refused to recognize her initial charge of sexual abuse by Father Joseph Chu-Cong and controlled a court verdict by negating this charge through suppression of evidence also appears well documented.  Her work following this outcome on behalf of other survivors of clergy abuse contributed significantly to the exposure of globally widespread abuse by clergy and a pattern of inaction by Church authorities.  This exposure of church policy was made publicly famous in the Academy Award-winning movie Spotlight.  Ms. Burnor's efforts to tell the truth when extremely difficult to do so speaks highly of her moral character.  She knew the difference within herself between right and wrong, and acted rationally according to her conscience and her spiritual values.

Her statements regarding widespread complicity of the Jesuit Order in massive global conspiracy are a matter for legal experts to pass judgement on.  Her arguments are well documented and historically referenced and do not appear to be irrational or delusional.  They are the findings of a spiritual seeker and whistleblower who believes she has constructed logical arguments for the conclusions she has arrived at through diligent and well documented research.  She feels it is part of her spiritual work to do her part in exposing the criminal activities she is reporting as directed against her personally and humanity generally.
She appears to be coping with stressors adequately. Her pragmatic approach to developing evidence has in fact produced results which confirm a physical basis exists that support her claims regarding her personal health.  Ms. Burnor does not appear to be a danger to self or others, and her thought processes and general demeanor indicate that she is dealing with her unusual situation in a rational manner.

Extreme Chronic Exposure to Traumatic Events
There is no diagnostic category in the DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) that accurately describes neurological/physiological/psychological disruption and/or impairment subsequent to continuous exposure to external influences of the nature described herein.  Ms. Burnor does appear to have been linked to an externally operated SCADA system for reasons unknown. In this situation, her full and complete diagnosis lies somewhere outside the boundaries of the categories defined by DSM-V and current psychiatric convention. Future evaluators of her condition need to access Ms. Burnor's complete medical records including H-SCADA analysis test results to avoid the mistake of categorizing her experience as the result of delusional thinking.

1. Explore detoxification protocol(s) for dissolution and elimination of nanomaterials and other toxic substances identified as present; 
2. Daily stress-reducing practices of choice (such as: meditation, mind/body integration exercises, visualization exercises, hot baths with magnesium salts, prayer, etc.);
3. Share verifying documentation with significant others as appropriate for emotional support;
4. Stay informed as to new developments in available technology for shielding from/removal of SCADA remote monitoring and intervention systems acting upon her person.
5.  Stay informed as to new developments in available legal assistance and legislation supporting criminal actions against perpetrators of nonconsensual human experimentation/ technology-based human trafficking.
__/s/ Ben Colodzin, Ph.D.______________________________
Ben Colodzin, Ph.D. 6/20 /16
  References  [from DISCUSSION Section above]

1. Persinger, Michael A. Ph.D., ON THE POSSIBILITY OF DIRECTLY ACCESSING EVERY HUMAN BRAIN BY ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION OF FUNDAMENTAL ALGORITHMS , Laurentian University, Ontario June 1995 Perceptual and Motor Skills, June 1995, 80, 791-799 ISSN 0031-5125.
2. Colodzin, B., Ph.D. Encountering Clients Claiming External Manipulations are Affecting Their Health: an Advisory to Health Care Professionals, unpublished article, April 2014, https://onecellonelightradio.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/colodzin-externall…
3. Patent information:
one review of state of the art patents as of 2003 by John McMurtry at http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk/remote_behavioral_techology.htm
Another compiled by Kathleen O'Toole as of 2014 at http://nebula.wsimg.com/3e8b32a50e103dfc1acb46d6eb0bb58b?AccessKeyId=890FB3…
4. Brown University Neuroengineering and Nanophotonics Laboratory, Brown University, Patent Announcement, April 2015: ‘Wireless, Broadband, Low Power, Neural Recording Systems Development' available at http://nurmikko.engin.brown.edu/
"We have built wireless implantable microelectronic devices for transmitting cortical signals transcutaneously. The devices are aimed at interfacing a microelectrode array to an external computer for neural control applications. Our implantable microsystems presently enable 100-channel broadband neural recording in a non-human primate (and porcine) brain by converting these signals to a digital stream of radio frequency pulses for remote wireless transmission."
5. United States Special Operations Command, Office of the Acquisition Executive, McGill Air Force Base, FLA, 3/26/01 Memorandum, "SPECIAL OPERATIONS TECHNOLOGY OBJECTIVES". 
Available at: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/report/2001/SOTO.pdf
6. The National Nanotechnology Initiative, Supplement to the President's 2015 Budget; National Science and Technology Council, Committee on Technology, Subcommittee on Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology, March 2014, U.S. Government Publication, Wash, D.C. ($21 billon documented nanotech research investment 2001-2015).
7. Activist Post, JULY 29, 2013, "Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document", viewable at http://www.activistpost.com/2013/07/secret-darpa-mind-control-project.html, Story reveals grant to Arizona State University for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of the temporal lobes of the brain using electromagnetic fields to research ‘narrative disruptors' and ‘narrative enhancers' of memory functions.
9. Hall, J. GUINEA PIGS: Technologies of Control, Strategic Books Publishing, Houston TX 2014.
10. Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) organization website: www.freedomfchs.com 
11. International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technology (ICAACT) organization website: www.icaact.org 
12. European Coalition Against Covert Harassment organization website: https://eucach.wordpress.com 
13. Beltran, Jesse, Director, International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technology, April 2015, Public Testimony at Richmond City Council, video archive available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dN8NPQsgHko&feature=youtu.be  
(Mr. Beltran's comments appear at approximately 4 hrs. 20 minutes into this archived public city council meeting).

Sister Keri (Nectaria) Burnor   

Affidavit of Toxicologist Dr. Hildegarde Staninger

Staninger Affidavit
Affidavit of Keri Burnor

Burnor Affidavit
Legal Correspondence
Attorney Letter to St. Joseph's Abbey
Attorney Letter to Bruce Fein
Attorney Letter to Lockheed Martin
Attorney Letter to Fordham University
Beasley Firm Letter
Original report of Dec 2012 demonstrating intracranial RF emission from Ms. Burnor

Columbia Investigations Report


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VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMlKNDA1gyU&t=3s

Sister Keri Burnor’s story reveals the globalist agendas of human trafficking and genocide for all mankind by way of being tethered to AI systems, experiments, torture, etc., wherein the ultimate objective is to network the biological systems of man with a system of artificial intelligence, reducing humanity to a totally controllable status. This is being accomplished through many different programs, operations, and applications that attack mankind’s environment: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the products we use, and the information systems we are exposed to.

Sister Keri Burnor spent many years as a nun serving peacefully within the Catholic Church; that is, until she was sexually assaulted by Church Clergy. After that experience, her search for justice and truth put her face to face with some of the highest powers in the world today, but not necessarily in a good way. Her intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Roman Church, and the evils that are hidden and covered up therein on a regular basis, have become the very thing that has caused Burnor's life to be in jeopardy.

Between 2011 and December 2016, she survived more than 10 attempts on her life because of the knowledge she carries with her: knowledge of the Catholic Church's rampant sexual abuse that continues unabated today, knowledge of the U.S. Government's desire to control the population by introducing destructive nanotechnology into the food distribution system and other products, and knowledge about certain activities within the US Government that are so highly secretive and classified that even Congress isn't aware or in control of them.

Sister Keri is founder of Christ the Wall Hermitages, a diversified ministry. She is a former nun, whistleblower, speaker, author, revolutionary, reformer, consultant, researcher, program architect, and inventor.

Keri is the tip of the spear for exposing the dangers of weaponized nano-technology deployed against civilians, herself included, and the need to safeguard all mankind from its many forms including weaponized grades. She is the only known survivor of military grade nanotechnology attacks who is free of the effects of this technology, and who has come clean of it with verified evidence to let the world know there is, in fact, a remedy (at least since Donald J. Trump came to office). Keri has created a well-conceived program and system from her successful experience in order to help others who are unjustly targeted.

She has started an information revolution by launching her story at: www.clergyvictim.com where the motto is: Transforming Victims Into Victors. She creates systems from her practical methods, the latest being the CWTH Program Practicum for those targeted to become free, known as “Targeted2Free”™

a. Our expertise comes from our success which is now harnessed to help others who are unjustly targeted in order to help them achieve their success through consulting and a program developed from our experience.
b. We work with those who have an unswerving commitment to achieving their remedy; we cannot guarantee results yet have found that those who do not quit-WIN!

c. In the CTWH Practicum, we offer either a 6 month or a 12 month program which consists of:
1) Practicum Workbook
2) Practicum Journal
3) Consulting at intervals as developed in our program modules.

Sister Keri Burnor spends her time managing CTWH, reading and writing books, and making improvements to her world-leading training programs.

She is affectionately called the “Nun with the Gun” and the “Bride with Boots On” and does all these things for the purpose of spreading the Kingdom of God in hearts and souls. 

A former Alphabet Agency Agent said of her recent exposé on www.clergyvictim.com, the video called “Targeted to Free, Jesus Defeats Nanotechnology Weapons”, “Keri, OMG that video was amazing and made a very complex subject understandable and an unusual story more believable with you telling it!!! Congratulations!” You may reach us at: ctwh@protonmail.ch, targeted2free@protonmail.com www.clergyvictim.com “Transforming Victims Into Victors!”

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PostPosted: Thu 1 Nov - 04:58 (2018)    Post subject: IMPLANTATION DE PUCES RFID : LA PRESSE DU SYSTEME LANCE UNE OFFENSIVE MAJEURE Reply with quote


  31 octobre 2018
 Technologie/Sciences Réseau International

La presse du système mène actuellement une campagne ciblée et coordonnée pour l’implantation de puces radio RFID dans les êtres vivants. Devenez témoins de telles campagnes de publicité grand public et découvrez pourquoi cette évolution mène au génocide de groupes nationaux, raciaux ou religieux.

« Maintenant viennent les porteurs de puce ! » titrait le journal Swiss BLICK sur la page d’accueil de son site web le 14 mai 2018. Les trois premières pages du journal ressemblaient à une campagne publicitaire pour des puces RFID implantées : « Une petite puce pour lui – une grande mise à jour pour l’humanité »« Quiconque a peur d’une mauvaise utilisation des données doit se méfier de Facebook et de l’assistante vocale Alexa d’Amazon et non de ces puces. » Les soi-disant spécialistes disent : « Les implants à micro puce ne nous donnent pas moins de sécurité numérique, mais beaucoup plus. » « C’est ce qu’on ressent quand on devient cyborg », a publié RedBull dans une campagne publicitaire. « Un implant de biopuce fait de vous plus qu’un humain. On va vous montrer comment ça marche. » « Le seul moyen pour les humains de suivre les machines est de les intégrer en nous. »

Les reporters grand public se font implanter des puces radio devant la caméra et en public, par exemple Tim Kuchenbecker dans l’émission ARD Tagesschau. Kuchenbecker a le mandat d’une agence médiatique pour être l’exposant lors du salon CeBIT. Le journaliste de presse voit de nombreux avantages à être pucé. « Je crois vraiment que c’est l’avenir. J’en suis convaincu »

Une jeune journaliste de youFM : « Là-dedans se trouve une puce NFC minuscule. Plus ou moins de la taille d’un grain de riz. J’espère que je vais pouvoir ouvrir des portes, envoyer des données à des smartphones… Et maintenant cette puce est ici dans ma main. » « Oh Alléluia. Ah, je suis si contente ! » Jonas Jansen, rédacteur du journal Allemand FAZ : « Ça ne fait pas mal du tout, c’est comme une prise de sang par exemple, une petite piqûre… » « Et maintenant tu peux mettre toutes sortes de données dessus. »

Ceux qui prédisaient il y a quelques années que dans un avenir proche nous serions implantés sous la peau avec une puce radio ont été qualifiés de conspirationnistes. Aujourd’hui, la presse du système fait la promotion de l’implantation de puces radio RFID de manière ciblée et coordonnée. De telles campagnes publicitaires conduisent au génocide de groupes nationaux, raciaux ou religieux et doivent être stoppées par le peuple ! Comment faire ?!

Un tel génocide se déroule de manière sournoise et suit son cours de nos jours avec l’abolition de l’argent liquide. Si vous refusiez avec véhémence tout paiement sans numéraire de nos jours, vous ne pourriez exister que de façon très restreinte et bientôt plus du tout. En effet, votre employeur ne verse votre salaire mensuel plus que sur un compte bancaire. Votre propriétaire demande le loyer mensuel par virement bancaire. Vous ne pouvez réserver votre voyage d’affaires sur Internet que sans argent liquide.

Aimeriez-vous payer en liquide pour une nouvelle voiture ? En France, avec un plafond de 1 000 € en espèces, vous ne pourriez acheter qu’un tas de ferraille sur roues.

La restriction de votre liberté personnelle se fait de manière insidieuse et prétendument à votre avantage. Mais sans moyens de paiement tracé, vous n’existeriez bientôt plus.

 Nous expérimenterons le même processus avec l’implantation des puces RFID :
La première génération d’implants rendra les clés superflues et permettra de mettre en réseau les appareils de la maison. La nouvelle génération remplace votre portefeuille, votre carte de crédit, votre carte d’assurance, etc. et fait de vous un citoyen totalement transparent. Au plus tard à la troisième génération de puces, vous pourrez être localisé et contrôlé partout dans le monde.

Ceux qui, pour des raisons religieuses, éthiques ou autres, ne veulent pas se faire implanter une puce seront tôt ou tard exclus de la société et ne pourront plus participer à la vie publique. Appelez ça aussi aujourd’hui une théorie de conspiration. Ce sera une conspiration si on ne l’arrête pas !

STOP RFID – cela conduit au génocide ! Dans ce contexte, étudiez également nos émissions Kla.TV bien documentées sous les liens qui s’affichent et protestez contre toute nouvelle avancée de cette technologie anti-humaine :

www.kla.tv/338 // RFID – Quoi de neuf ?
www.kla.tv/10679 = 10824 en Français // Le développement d’implants à puce présente un énorme potentiel d’utilisation abusive
www.kla.tv/1804 /// Stop RFID

de es.

Liens: https://www.blick.ch/news/wirtschaft/digitalisierung/swissmem-geschaeftslei…

source: https://www.kla.tv/index.php?a=showlanguage&lang=fr


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Pdf document : https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1726/ML17268A348.pdf

More infos here : https://www.google.com/search?q=OPM UEID&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&cli…

1. To push the ID card
2. To push the Mark of the Beast

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