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MessagePosté le: Sam 28 Déc - 13:41 (2013)    Sujet du message: RELIGIOUS NON-GOUVERNEMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS AND THE UNITED NATIONS IN NEW YORK AND GENEVA Répondre en citant

AHRC/ESRC ‘Religion and Society’ Scheme Research Project


December 2009 – November 2012  

Core Research Team

Professor Jeremy Carrette (Religious Studies, University of Kent)
Professor Hugh Miall (Politics and International Relations, University of Kent)
Professor Evelyn Bush (Sociology, Fordham University, USA)

Dr Verena Beittinger-Lee (Research Associate, New York fieldwork)
Dr Sophie-Hélène Trigeaud (Research Associate, Geneva fieldwork)


Julia Berger, NGO Consultant, Bahai International Community UN Office, New York
Rachel Brett, NGO Consultant, Quaker UN Office, Geneva
Professor Jeff Haynes, Academic Consultant, London Metropolitan University, UK

Project Summary

The preoccupation with issues of religion and violence has often obscured how religious groups are involved in international institutions for peace. The United Nations (UN) and its interaction with religious non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are a focal point for innovative understanding and insight about how religious and political worlds interact. The UN, founded in 1945 to maintain international peace after the 2nd World War, is the only international organization that represents every country in the world. It works across areas of law, development, economy, rights and peace and from its foundation it aimed to work closely with NGOs (private, non-governmental groups, with specific concerns and interests, such as Amnesty International). In Article 71 of the UN Charter it stated that the UN would  "consult" with NGOs to carry out its work through one of its central committees, the Economic and Social Council.  Religious organizations have collaborated with the UN since its foundation and in 1972 there was the establishment of the Committee of Religious NGOs at the UN; with an annual report of activity and listing 108 different religious groups as its members from the American Baptist Church to the World YWCA. Since the 1990s there has been an increase in the role of 'religious' NGOs and their contributions to UN committees in New York and Geneva. Religious NGO representatives are now active on many UN Committees and UN Commissions, including, for example, the UN Commission for Social Development. They have also played important roles in bringing about UN resolutions on world debt, with the Jubilee Foundation, and restrictions on landmine use. The increasing presence of religious NGOs was given extra weight in recent years when the Secretary General of the UN supported grass root collaboration for UN activity. 

In a world of global organization and ever increasing involvement of - very diverse - religious NGOs influencing international political decisions and processes, we need to know not only about their type, density and number, but also about their own motivations, rationale and success in their involvement in UN decision-making.  What we need to know about these groups is how and why religious groups engage with high-level lobbying and diplomacy at the UN. We need to understand how the mission statements of religious NGOs direct them to commit resources to UN engagement, how  effective they are in delivering services according to their own mission statements and how they are perceived by UN  diplomats. This is important because we need to understand who these groups represent and the aims of their lobbying in shaping our world. There have been few independent studies examining these questions and the previous studies only mapped type and density. We are now at an important second, interdisciplinary, stage of inquiry and it requires a researcher at the main UN sites (New York and Geneva) to investigate these issues to work with an international team, including a specialist in International Relations and UN studies, a scholar of religion to understand the conceptual, theoretical and classificatory issues, a sociologist with specialist NGO knowledge and data gathering skills, NGO consultants (UN Office of the Bahai International Community and the Quaker UN Office) and  diplomatic support.

The researchers will provide new empirical data from a two-year snap-shot of religious NGO activity at the UN. This will be carried out by textual analysis, interviews with NGO leaders and members, surveys of NGO activity and resources, case studies of specific groups and questionnaires to evaluate the perceived status of such groups by UN diplomats. Through its rigorous empirical analysis, the research will offer innovative thinking about religion in global governance. It will be the first comprehensive study of religious NGOs at the UN and of important international interest.

JRC/AM/EB December 2009


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MessagePosté le: Sam 28 Déc - 13:46 (2013)    Sujet du message: THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE - CHRISTIANITY & THE NWO Répondre en citant


Part I


By Eric Jewell

Eric Jewell will be Jeff's Guest, Thursday, March 14, 2002 

The Bilderbergs. The Trilateral Commission. The Council of Foreign Relations. The Central Intelligence Agency.   Most everyone has heard of these groups and some of the conspiracy theories surrounding them regarding the development of the 'New World Order.'   Now imagine for a moment there is something to this (and there appears to be no lack of documented material justifying these theories).

That would mean that at almost every elevated level of business and government, world wide, men and women have infiltrated, become the controlling administrators and are working to effectively control every aspect of the life of the "world citizen."
  One aspect of this that has not been properly searched out is the "religious" connection. Surely, given that much of the world is religious, and in the currently reigning SuperPower nation of the U.S., predominantly "Christian," then it would only make sense that these organizations have infiltrated the Church itself and are also actively leading it to into the New World Order as well.   Do the worlds leading Christian evangelicals have ties to these organizations?   Yes they do, and it is thoroughly documented.    Rev. Sun Myung Moon (The Moonies), and the Unification Church

For those few of you who are not familiar with the Rev. Moon, in the 60s both he and his Unification Church were universally regarded as a dangerous cult. The abuse his followers suffered at the hands of their mind manipulating master is indeed very well established.
  His claims include stating that Christ failed His mission, and that Moon himself is the "new messiah" who is come to fulfill the mission of God. He also claims that it is his mission to 'unite the world through uniting religious forces'. But would it shock you to know that nearly all the big name Christian evangelicals.
 have extremely strong ties to him?


One such Church leader and internationally recognized evangelical Christian, Jerry Falwell, readily admits that he accepted 2.5 million dollars from Moon in 1994 in order to bail out his Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. This was funneled through a Moon organization known as the 'Womens Federation for World Peace' which has been chaired by Beverly LaHaye, Wife of Timothy LaHaye, who is the popular co-author of the "Left Behind" Christian fictional book series and a well known evangelical Christian. The Womens Federation for World Peace paid 3.5 million to the Christian Heritage Foundation, which in turn bought Falwell's $73 million debt, and then frankly wrote it off. The Heritage Foundation then seems to have paid themselves a fee of one million dollars for their trouble.

Since that time Falwell has spoken at many of Moons functions, embracing the cult-leader with unabashed reverence and friendship. Even writings from Moons' Church confirm Falwells comradeship with 'the new messiah' and his cult. Moon has even been a guest speaker in mainline denominational Churches in the past few years.

Falwell further praised Rev. Moon calling him, "An unsung hero to the cause of freedom, who is to be commended for his determination and courage and endurance in support of his beliefs."[2]
  According to official court records of a lawsuit that was filed in Bedford County Circuit Court (West Virginia), it was alleged that Falwell and an associate flew to South Korea, January 9, 1994 to meet with Unification Church officials. This trip came shortly before Falwell was awarded the Moon money. Falwell stated openly, "If the American Atheists Society or Saddam Hussein himself ever sent an unrestricted gift to any of my ministries, be assured I will operate on Billy Sunday's philosophy: The Devil's had it long enough, and quickly cash the check."[1]   Falwell is not the only evangelical reported to have accepted money from Rev. Moon. Other notable speakers for Moon's organizations and affairs receiving as much as $80,000 to $150,000 have included Ralph Reed, Beverly LaHaye, Gary Bauer, and Robert Schuller, well known for his "Crystal Cathedral" in Southern California and "Hour of Power" 'positive-thinking' television ministry.     The Council Of National Policy (CNP)

Another Moon sponsored organization is the Council of National Policy founded in 1981 by Tim LaHaye, the aforementioned co-author of the "Left Behind" book series.

It is reported that he received $500,000 from a Mr. Bo Hi Pak, Moons #1 man, and a former Korean CIA officer.

Though a tape exists showing that LaHaye thanked Pak for the money, LaHaye never denied the charge but verbally attacked the sources verifying the allegation with a barrage of insult.
  Other members of the CNP have included:
Beverly and Lee LaHaye, also associated with Moons CWA group. Gary Bauer, Bill Bright, James Dobson (Focus On The Family), Bob Dugan, Ron Godwin, Robert Grant, Rebecca Hagelin, Bob Jones the 3rd (Bob Jones University), Alan Keyes (Outspoken ultra-conservative black talk show host and author), Dr. D. James Kennedy (noted television evangelist and Pastor), Peter Marshall, Sam Moore of Thomas Nelson Publishing, Pat Robertson (founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and former Presidential aspirant), Rev. Duane Motley, Ralph Reed, Oliver North (formerly with the National Security Council), Phyllis Schlafly (ultra-right columnist and pundit), Rev. Jim Woodall, John Ankerberg (internationally recognized Christian television personality), Rev. E.V. Hill, James Robison, Jay Sekulow (Attorney and activist for ultra-right/Christian causes), Pat Boone, Larry Burkett, Reed Larson, and many others.
  Some of the political leaders involved with the Moon sponsored CNP group include Senators Jesse Helms, Don Nickles, and Trent Lott. Also Representatives Tom DeLay, Dan Burton, and Bob Dornan. 

Looking into some of the CNP officers we find not only a just a strong association with Moon, but also powerful ties with the CIA and the Council on Foreign Relations, not to mention association with high level Freemasonry for which many conspiracy theorists have more than a mere elementary knowledge related to the NWO. Another past President of CNP is Rich DeVoss, co-founder of Amway (and 33rd degree Mason). Coalition For Religious Freedom (CRF)

Another past Moon organization was the 'Coalition for Religious Freedom' where again, Tim LaHaye held a paid position as Chairman. It was formed by LaHaye after Moon was arrested for tax evasion. Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, James Robison, James Kennedy and Rex Humbard, have all served as executive committee members. Other notables to serve in Moons CRF include Hal Lindsey (Author of "The Late Great Planet Earth"), Paul Crouch (Head of the Trinity Broadcasting Network), Dr. D. James Kennedy and Don Wildman to name a few.
  CRF President Don Sills admits that CRF has received no less than $500,000 from Moon sources. In 1984, despite forces in government opposing the move, Moon was jailed for tax evasion (sentenced to 18 Months in prison and fined $25,000). In a CRF sponsored rally Tim Lahaye asked that people go to jail with Moon in protest.

American Freedom Coalition

Led by Dr. Robert Grant and also a Moonie organization. In a period of a little over 2 years they received nearly 6 million dollars from Moon organizations and enterprises. This group includes Paul Crouch, Rex Humbard, James Robinson and many more, names well known among the evangelical Christian community.

Concerned Women of America

Headed by Beverly LaHaye. The wife of Tim LaHaye, She too has been a public speaker for Moon functions.
 Womens Federation for World Peace

Also headed by Beverly LaHaye and recipient of Moon funding. Former President George Bush Sr. (and one time former CIA Director) received an undisclosed amount for speaking engagements from this organization and his fee is lost somewhere in the 13.5 million dollar conference expense-line according to IRS records.
  Family Federation for World Peace

Another Moon organization which held a meeting in Washington in 1996. Among the speakers at this event were Beverly LaHaye and Ralph Reed. Over 1500 notables from around the world attended.

National Religious Broadcasters

Members include Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, Tim LaHaye, Billy Graham, Bill Bright and many others clearly associated with Moon.

Pat Robertson in the early 80s, as Oliver North was trading guns and ammo (and who knows what else) in Nicaragua, was coordinating efforts to use "Operation Blessing" to help supply goods to the Contras. Allegedly these goods included hard cash and gasoline for Contra vehicles.

The head of Operation Blessing was Captain Robert Warren, who was also formerly associated with a CIA group called "Operation Phoenix." Allegedly this was an assassination group that operated in Vietnam. Also associated with this group was... surprise, Oliver North.

The Washington Times Foundation

A pro-Bush Inaugural luncheon, held in Washington D.C. was sponsored by the Washington Times Foundation, another Moon founded group. Among the attendees were Paul Crouch, founder of Trinity Broadcast Network, Robert Schuller, Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Falwell, Don Argue, past president of the National Association of Evangelicals, Pat Boone, a former T.B.N. board member, Billy McCormack (who was a Christian Coalition board member who actually presented Moon with an award) and Southern Baptist Convention President James Merritt.
  Kingpins In
The Unholy Alliance

Evangelists & Politicians
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder, leader & self-proclaimed 'Messiah' to the Unification Church & the world.
Tim LaHaye, evangelist & Christian author of best-selling series "Left Behind."
Beverly LaHaye, wife of Tim LaHaye, author and spokesperson for several Moon funded "Christian" orgs
Paul Crouch, Founder and Chairman of Trinity Broadcasting Network, one of the largest tele-evangelical corporations

Bill Bright, Founder and head of the international evangelical association, 'Campus Crusades for Christ'

Robert Schuller, Pastor and Tele-evangelist from the famous 'Crystal Cathedral' in Southern California.

Rev. Billy Graham, recognized world-wide as one of the most influential evangelical preachers; author and syndicated religious columnist

Pat Robertson, Television Evangelist, Founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network & 700 Club anchor; founder of Operation Blessing; one time presidential candidate
Rev. James Kennedy, founder & pastor of Coral Ridge Ministries, outspoken television evangelist

Rev. James Robison, TV evangelist; Life Outreach International Ministries; associated with many Moon organizations

Ralph Reed, former director of the Christian Coalition and member of the conservative think-tank "Heritage Foundation"

Gary Bauer, Conservative politician and Executive Director of the Christian Coalition; unsuccessful Presidential candidate.

Dr. James Dobson, Pediatrician, author and publisher, head of Focus On The Family, a Christ-centric organization and magazine

Phyllis Schlafly, Christian political activist who says a woman's place is in the home... even though she's not

Jay Sekulow, Christian political activist and attorney involved in family values issues from abortion to parents rights
Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable

Another Moon associated group is called the 'Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable'. This group is made up of many of the same members from Rev. Moons' CNP and CRF organizations. It marries leading Moon associated evangelicals to the CIA, the Council for Foreign relations, the Trilateral Commission and Freemasonry. CFR, and TLC are closely tied to the Bilderberg group.

  The following list of members of the Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable can be found here http://www.pir.org/gw/rrt.txt   GroupWatch was compiled by The Interhemispheric Resource Center,Box 4506, Albuquerque, NM 87196. http://www.irc-online.org/   GroupWatch files are available at http://www.pir.org/gw/Group: Religious Roundtable File Name: rrt.txt Last Updated: 4/93 

Principles: Members of the board of directors of the Roundtable were: Ed McAteer, founder and Pres; Jack Stewart, Vice Pres; Bob Amis, M.D.; John Beckett, Intercessors of America; Othal E. Brand; T. Cullen Davis; Nancy DeMoss; Rev. Del Fehsenfeld, Jr., LifeAction Ministries; Dr. E.V. Hill, pastor at Mt. Zion Baptist Church; Rev. Richard Hogue, Nelson Bunker Hunt, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church; J.P. Mills; Dr. Paige Patterson, Criswell Center for Biblical Studies; Rev. James Robison, James Robison Evangelistic Association; D.G. Seago, Jr., Mid-Continent, Inc; and Dr. Charles F. Stanley, First Baptist Church of Atlanta.(2,11) In 1986, Dr. James Robison was Vice President and John Beckett was secretary/treasurer.(14) Former Michigan Congressman Mark Siljander has served on the Roundtable board.   Past members of the Council of 56 include: Jack Amis, M.D.; Ben Armstrong, executive director of National Religious Broadcasters; Rev. Raymond W. Barber, Worth Baptist Church; John Beckett,Intercessors of America; Dr. George Benson, President emeritus of Harding College; Morton Blackwell, President of the Leadership Institute; Neal Blair, President of Free the Eagle; Tim Bobbit; Dick Bott, President of Bott Broadcasting; Dave Breese, President of Christian Destiny; Paul Broadhead; William Bronson; Rev. Fletcher Brothers, Gates Community Chapel; Judy Brown, American Life League; Dr. Roland Byrd; Dr. David E. Calvin, West Ridge Baptist Church; Clay Claiborne, executive director of the Black Silent Majority; Dr. E.M. Cohron; Dale Collins; W.A. Criswell, Criswell Center for Biblical Studies; Paul Crouch, President of Trinity Broadcasting Network; Mary Crowley; Dr. Paul Cunningham, pastor of Nazarene College Church; Dick Dingman, Republican Study Commission; Dr. Jerry Falwell, Moral Majority, Old Time Gospel Hour and Thomas Road Baptist Church; Rev. Charles Firoe, John Fisher,American Security Council; Charles Fitzgerald, director of Operation Lifeline; Ken Fonas, the Fonas Corporation; Richard Ford,Coordinated Consulting; Rev. Roger Fulton, Neighborhood Church of New York; Peter B. Gamma, Jr., National Pro-Life PAC; Ellen Garwood; General Daniel Graham, President of High Frontier; R.M.Goddard; Robert Grant, Christian Voice; Lloyd Hansen; Dr. Roy Harthern, Calvary Assembly; Richard Headrick; Senator Jesse Helms(R-NC); Steve Herring; Rev. Melvin Hodges, 1st Baptist Church of Glen Oakes; Don Howard, Accelerated Christian Education; Mildred Faye Jefferson, M.D.; Congressman James Jeffries; Representative Louis (Woody) Jenkins, Friends of the Americas; George B. Jones; Dan S. Kauffman; General George Keegan, Jr.; James Kennedy, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church; Bill Keyes, Black PAC; General Albion Knight, Jr.; Beverly LaHaye, President Concerned Women for America; Dr. Tim LaHaye, Scott Memorial Baptist Church; Reed Larson, President of Right to Work; Larry Lea, pastor of Church on the Rock; Marian Maddox, Point of View Radio; Connie Marshner, President of the Family Coalition; Don McAlvany, President of the International Collectors Associates; Bob McCustion, chairman of Faith Ministries; Dr. William H. Marshner, chairman of the Department of Theology at Christendom College; Congressman Larry McDonald (deceased); Jay Menefee, Robert Metcalf; Dr. Bobby Moore, Broadway Baptist Church; Dr. Gary North, Christian Economics Foundation; Larry Parish; Paige Patterson, President of the Criswell Institute; Howard Phillips, The Conservative Caucus; Dr. William A. Powell, Sr., Editor of the Southern Baptist Journal; Randall R. Rader, deputy counsel to the Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution; Dr. Ross Rhoads, Calvary Presbyterian Church; Bill Richardson, California State Senate; Bobby Richardson, Ben LippenSchool; Gary Richardson; Rev. Tom Riner; Phyllis Schlafly, President of the Eagle Forum; Earl Seall, White's Ferry Road Church of Christ; Cory SerVaas, editor and publisher of the Saturday Evening Post; Doug Shadoux, National Republican Party; William S.Smith; Scott Stanley, editor of Conservative Digest; Rev. George Swanson; Helen Marie Taylor, U.S. Representative to the United Nations; William Taylor; Bob Tilton, Bob Tilton Television Ministry; Michael Valerio; Bob Weiner, President of Maranatha Ministries; Paul Weyrich, President of the Free Congress Foundation; Earl E. Whitwell, Kim Wickes, Kim's Ministries; Don Wildmon, President of the National Federation for Decency; Rev.John Wilkerson, Bethel Temple; Rev. Ralph Wilkerson, Melodyland Church, J.C. Willke, M.D., President of National Right to Life, and Jack Wilson, executive director of the Council for National Policy.(2,12).   The following are a few shortened bios from the same source, associated with this Roundtable of 56...   Govt Connections: Major General George J. Keegan, Jr. was the chief of the U.S. Air Defense Intelligence and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, worked for the CIA from 1963-1966 General Daniel Graham (ret.) During the Vietnam war from1967-1968 he was chief of the Army's military intelligence estimates. In 1971 Graham served as director of collections for the Defense Intelligence Agency, the pentagon's version of the CIA. In 1973 Graham served as a deputy to CIA Director William Colby and from 1974-1976 he was the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency   Groups belonging to the Roundtable include:

The Christian Broadcasting Network, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Moral Majority, Christian Voice, Church League of America, National Religious Broadcasters, Campus Crusade for Christ, Plymouth Rock Foundation, National Association of Evangelicals, Gideon Bible, Wycliffe Bible Associates, and Intercessors for America.(15) Ed McAteer was sales marketing manager for Colgate-Palmolive Company when he retired to become the national field director of the Christian Freedom Foundation (CFF), and organization devoted to training evangelicals for places of leadership in government. From there McAteer moved to the righting Conservative Caucus where he served as national field director until founding the Religious Roundtable.(1) He is or was a member of the board of the evangelical Wycliffe Bible Associates.

Unity: A One World Religion? In light of the ties between nearly all Christian "evangelicals" with Rev. Moon, the CIA, the Council for Foreign Relations, the Trilateral commission, the Bush family and Bush Sr's "New World Order", is it any wonder that after the September 11th tragedy, Billy Graham prayed in the name of God, AND ALLAH, as dignitaries from many faiths were gathered before him? This prayer was broadcast the world over. His call was for religious cooperation and 'unity of all faiths,' the trump of Rev. Moon.   Franklin Graham's (son of world renowned evangelist Rev. Billy Graham, and heir to the very lucrative and influential Billy Graham Evangelistic Ministries) answer to a question by NBC's Tom Brokaw, ..."it's very important that all the faiths, all the denominations are coming together, cooperating together, working together; it is a wonderful testimony to the spirit of America, and the dedication of the American people."   Moon also owns the Washington Times, THE conservative voice of the nation. Though this establishment should have gone under several years ago, Moon pours multi-millions of dollars annually into this paper. He also owns the publication "Insight". He indeed owns many businesses and operates in media of several nations worldwide.   In Central America He is the owner of the "Tiempos del Mundo" (Times of the World), another leading news publication, making him the conservative voice there as well. In the early 1980s, Moon was shooting for the acclaim of all of Central and South America.

He met political opposition from Carlos Menem, Argentinas President.
  His rescue came in the form of one man. That man was George Bush Sr. former director of the CIA, former Vice President, and former President of the United States of America.   Bush was the principal speaker at the Sheraton Hotel at a Moon sponsored event, with 800 to 900 guests in attendance giving this manipulative operative remarkable credibility overnight. Bush declared enthusiastically; "...The editors of The Washington Times tell me that never once has the man with the vision interfered with the running of the paper, a paper that in my view brings sanity to Washington, D.C. I am convinced that Tiempos del Mundo is going to do the same thing."   Both George and Barbara Bush made several speeches in Asia in 1995. In Tokyo, Japan during one Moon rallying function, over 50,000 pro-Moon advocates were addressed by the two.

This was sponsored by the Womens Federation for World peace.
  It has also been speculated that Moon and Bush were seeking joint business ventures in South America. An interesting fact is that despite over 30 years of allegations (from some U.S. government officials seemingly out of the loop) of Moons connections with the Korean CIA (and as we can now see the American counterpart as well) no steps have been taken to deport him, let alone prosecute him.  


What do Rev. Moon, leading Christian evangelicals and the American government have in common? And, just what does this have to do with the "New World Order," as (re)coined by George Bush Sr.? There can be no doubt that these dark elements of government, industry, banking, and intelligence are leading us into their new world order, and their influence has been extended to nearly every Christian in the world through these leading evangelicals who claim to represent Christ. Perhaps this Rev. Moon quote from August 4th 1996 may give us a little more "insight"...
  "Americans who continue to maintain their privacy and extreme individualism are foolish people... The world will reject Americans who continue to be so foolish. Once you have this great power of love, which is big enough to swallow entire America, there may be some individuals who complain inside your stomach. However, they will be digested."   Could this be the 'falling away' of the Church so often preached by these same evangelicals? The great 'apostasy' which will, in the last days render much of the Christian Church faithless to their original calling and subject to the manipulation, will and prophesied plans of the 'Antichrist'? 


[1] Falwell quote from Christianity Today Magazine Christianity Today, February 9, 1998 'Moon-Related Funds Filter to Evangelicals' by John W. Kennedy

[2] Moon's 'Christian Ecumenism in the America's Conference' in Montevideo, Uruguay.


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MessagePosté le: Sam 28 Déc - 13:49 (2013)    Sujet du message: THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE - CHRISTIANITY & THE NWO Répondre en citant


Part II

By Eric Jewell

Eric Jewell will be Jeff's Guest, Thursday, March 14, 2002

Part 1 of this article, "The Unholy Alliance: Christianity & The NWO" dealt generally with the relationship between this nations' leading evangelicals, Rev Sun Myung Moon, and the U.S. Intelligence community as strange bedfellows.

This short follow up will attempt to go deeper into the makeup of these organizations, and how they work together. Every attempt to document the claims, statements and facts herein have been made so as not to unjustly accuse or impugn the integrity of those mentioned.

But in the end, if such an unholy alliance exists, there are manifold truths which likely will never surface to the light of day for exposure and examination. We will deal with what can be verified be reasonable sources.
  Amazingly, most of these organizations are almost entirely made up of the same individuals. Trinity Broadcasting Network, Christian Broadcasting and most leading  evangelicals/pastors in this unique electronic limelight are also directly associated with these groups, or have been in the past. The vast majority of these men have spent decades making forays into political groups of this nature.

The question is, what are they doing? Where would these 'Moon money men' lead the flock they say God has charged them with as shepherds? Is it untoward to ask such questions, to scrutinize their political involvement with Moon? We think not. In fact, we feel it is imperative.   We have already shown that some evangelicals have unabashedly admitted Moon sponsorship, such as Jerry Falwell. It seems that most though try to sweep this dirt under the rug. Is their ultimate goal to lead the religious right blindly and willingly into the NWO, something openly hailed by preachers and president's alike?    

Billy Graham

In 1992, broadcast across the US on Graham's radio program "Embrace America 2000," after Bush Sr. gave his now infamous New World Order Speech, the Rev. Billy Graham said that we should "embrace" this "New World Order".   In Erwin Wilsons book, "The Assimilation of Evangelist Billy Graham into the Roman Catholic Church" the renowned Bob Jones who wrote the forward said, " "Some of us who grieved over Graham's first downward steps toward compromise with apostasy and biblical unbelief knew that he was pursuing a direction from which there would be no turning back. While we grieved over him and prayed for him, we had to warn men against his ministry as we had warned Billy against his direction." 

 Protestant Church Life Magazine quoted Graham in its Sept. 29, 1956 issue, 'Referring to the Billy Graham New York Crusade scheduled for May, 1957, Dr. Graham said: "We're coming to New York not to clean it up, but to get people to dedicate themselves to God and to send them on to their own churches -- Catholic, Protestant or Jewish."

This has remained the practice of Graham to this day. The Charlotte Observer reported on a press release of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, where Billy Graham lashes out at Southern Baptists who desire to evangelize Jews for Christ. Graham makes it clear that he firmly opposes "proselytizing" the Jews; Billy Graham's unbiblical teaching is that, if you are a Jew, you are already part of the Body of Christ, even if you reject Jesus. All Jews, Graham states "are engrafted into the Christian Church."

And yet, many of Graham's past statements have proved to be antisemitic, as recently embarrassing Nixon White house tapes have revealed.
  In 1982, Billy Graham was awarded the Templeton Prize for "progress in religion", a cash reward of roughly 1 Million dollars. Graham in turn endorsed Sir John Marks Templeton's books in "Christianity Today" magazine. Templeton is a universalist (1), just like Moon, preaching/teaching the unity and unification of all world religions. Other recipients of the Templeton award have been Charles Colson (1993) and Bill Bright (1996), founder of Campus Crusade for Christ. Templeton's New Age unification principles and teachings were introduced dramatically into the Christian mainstream by Robert Schuller in 1986, who continues to endorse the man and his doctrines. For decades Graham has offered a confusing doctrinal stance. Billy Graham said, "I found that my beliefs are essentially the same as those of orthodox Catholics. We only differ on some matters of later church tradition. I find that my beliefs are essentially the same as those of orthodox Roman Catholics" (Jan 1978, McCall's Magazine).

In the book "Billy Graham, A Parable of American Righteousness" by Marshal Frady, we see a very different picture of Graham. Frady has spent much time interviewing Graham, and those close to him. He documents that Graham at a New York Crusade refused to allow street people into the crusade because they were dirty, a loathsome violation of every Christian creed toward the poor, to whom the Gospel Jesus made declaration. This is tantamount to the Galatians incident in scripture when Peter, fearing the reproach of certain Judaisers of wealth and status, withdrew himself from associating with gentiles, and the Apostle Paul had to oppose him to his face publicly, "for he was to be blamed" (Galatians 2:11, The New Testament). With the release of the Nixon tapes we see a very shaky, strangely unchristian past for Graham.

He is also quoted as saying, "Pope John Paul II has emerged as the greatest religious leader of the modern world and one of the greatest moral...leaders of this century." (The Saturday Evening Post, Feb, 1980.) Though Graham is stating a fact, how does it reflect on his ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ from a Protestant position?

More examples of a homogenization of the message and messengers for the sake of public appeal. "Pope John Paul II, often called "The Marian Pope," has stirred countless millions of Europeans to have faith in strange, supernatural Marian apparitions which directly challenge the Word of God, the Supremacy and Divinity of Jesus Christ and the Scriptural means of salvation ("Messages From Heaven," Eternal Productions, http://video.labargemedia.com/html/index.htm )"
  In "The Deadly Deception", by Jim Shaw, an ex-33rd degree mason (Masons are believed by many to be associated with the Illuminati, and to be the driving force behind the NWO) p. 104-105, Shaw relates how Graham was present at his ceremony initiating him into the 33rd degree. Only freemasons are allowed to attend these ceremonies. Huffington house refused to publish this book until after Grahams' name was removed, and in place a simple reference to "a well known evangelist" was supplemented. Robert Schuller (Crystal Cathedral/Self-help pulpit guru), Norman Vincent Peale (Positive Thinking apostle), and Oral Roberts (Godfather of the "seed-faith" doctrines in contemporary fundamentalist-charismatic Christianity) are all admittedly 33rd degree Masons. The rites of the Masonic order, the writings of Albert Pike and the requisites for Masonic initiates are distinctly and undeniably counter to Christian doctrine and faith.   He is a supporter of the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches, where a belief in Jesus Christ is a nonessential. He has been quoted in an interview with Robert Schuller that there are 'many paths to God' and he 'respects them all.' Of course, as was mentioned in the previous article, he participated in prayer offered up to the god of Mohammhed (Allah). At that gathering were many Jews, Muslims, Christians and many other faiths gathered together praying to the god of Islam as the God of Abraham -- a distinct moment of "unification".  

Is Billy Graham working toward the goal of a New World Order? Is it merely a matter of decades of compromise with the world, or something more strategic? I wrote to the Billy Graham Evangelical Ministries, to ask what moved him to participate in a prayer to the god of Mohammhed, and to date have received no answer.

Tim LaHaye

Tim LaHaye's relationship with Moon goes back at least 17 years. In 1985 as was reported earlier, LaHaye was addressing several hundred evangelical Christians, the flock he claims to guard and feed, and did he exhort that they draw closer to his God? No, unless his god is the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. He exhorted that they go willingly to jail with the Rev. Moon in demonstration to his imprisonment over tax fraud. (The spin on the story has been that LaHaye and others were supporting Rev. Moon's "religious freedom") While in prison, Moon continued to spout out to the world that he is the anointed messiah, and also at that time, he pronounced a day when he claims he opened heaven. LaHaye visited him and apologized for the actions of the U.S. Government which imprisoned him. Also visiting Moon in prison was the president of one of the groups chaired by LaHaye This was the AFC (American Freedom Coalition) president, Don Sills.(Truth is my Sword' Vol 2, by Bo Hi Pak, 'The Watchman Expositor')   LaHaye is also the founder of the ACTV (American Coalition for Traditional Values). Bo Hi Pak, Moons #1 man, formerly Korean CIA and the operative that was liaison to American CIA, gave a very sizable donation to help steady the new organization, after which, LaHaye agreed to sit as a member of the board of directors for the Rev. Moon sponsored "Christian Voice" group.(Americans United For Separation of Church and State/Feb 2002)


  Kingpins In
The Unholy Alliance

Evangelists & Politicians      
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder, leader & self-proclaimed 'Messiah' to the Unification Church & the world.
Tim LaHaye, evangelist & Christian author of best-selling series "Left Behind."
Beverly LaHaye, wife of Tim LaHaye, author and spokesperson for several Moon funded "Christian" orgs
Paul Crouch, Founder and Chairman of Trinity Broadcasting Network, one of the largest tele-evangelical corporations

Bill Bright, Founder and head of the international evangelical association, 'Campus Crusades for Christ'

Robert Schuller, Pastor and Tele-evangelist from the famous 'Crystal Cathedral' in Southern California.

Rev. Billy Graham, recognized world-wide as one of the most influential evangelical preachers; author and syndicated religious columnist

Pat Robertson, Television Evangelist, Founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network & 700 Club anchor; founder of Operation Blessing; one time presidential candidate
Rev. James Kennedy, founder & pastor of Coral Ridge Ministries, outspoken television evangelist

Rev. James Robison, TV evangelist; Life Outreach International Ministries; associated with many Moon organizations

Ralph Reed, former director of the Christian Coalition and member of the conservative think-tank "Heritage Foundation"

Gary Bauer, Conservative politician and Executive Director of the Christian Coalition; unsuccessful Presidential candidate.

Dr. James Dobson, Pediatrician, author and publisher, head of Focus On The Family, a Christ-centric organization and magazine

Phyllis Schlafly, Christian political activist who says a woman's place is in the home... even though she's not

Jay Sekulow, Christian political activist and attorney involved in family values issues from abortion to parents rights
The highly influential "Left Behind" author was also associated in a group called the Council for Religious Freedom, but when it was made public that this was another Moon front, LaHaye apparently resigned from the group, though his name was not at the time stricken from their membership roster. Though LaHaye resigned, others after him signed on, continuing to bolster its credibility. These include Paul Crouch of the Trinity Broadcasting Network.
  Among the other bizarre goings on within the Moon/Conservative alliance, a young, black Zimbabwean claiming that he is the reincarnation of Moons dead son has also spoken at functions of the American Freedom Coalition. (CRI Journal-CRJ0092A).

Moon himself has revealed that this claim of reincarnation is true.
  The LaHayes were also involved in a meeting sponsored by Moon in 1996, through the Family Federation for World Peace as well as the Women's Federation for World Peace (two Moon sponsored organizations), a 3 day seminar in Washington D.C., from July 31-August 2, along with several other highly visible evangelicals. Beverly LaHaye received between $80-150,000 for speaking at the event. (2) 


In 1999, Tim LaHaye and co-author Jerry Jenkins wrote (3) that the Catholic church was very likely the Great Harlot sitting on the beast in Revelation 17 and 18, their reason being that they believe the Catholic church may attempt to unify the worlds religions, though they wrote differently in their "Left Behind" book series. LaHaye and his family are involved directly with groups sponsored by and in some cases founded upon money from a false messiah whose objective is publicly stated, and loudly at that, for the unification of world religions. So where exactly does LaHaye stand if in doctrine he warns of unification brought about by Rome, and yet associates with the Unification Church?
  Rev. Moon states in his address, 'Life on Earth and in the Spirit World' :   "This is why God created so many different religions: to be training grounds to make a path for every people, culture, custom, and tradition. Religions polish people to be qualified to enter the region of the original homeland. Because of humankind's many different cultural backgrounds, God sought and set the standard of comparison and has been leading the way toward one unified religious world." (4)

This is rather peculiar in light of the apparent diversity of world religions in doctrine, practice and teachings, each with their own sense of exclusivity of one another, sometimes to the very inspiration of holy war.
  According to 'Group Watch,' a cult watchdog organization, Don Sills is another evangelical leader who stated that he would recruit members from a group directly associated with Rev. Moon, CAUSA, to become members of his AFC (American Freedom Coalition) organization. In March of 1988, Sills appeared on Trinity Broadcasting Networks flagship program "Praise the Lord" warning people away from listening to 'cult watch groups', being concerned for the division and fear they may bring. Of course these anti-cult groups tell us that since Moon claims Jesus will worship at Moons feet, and inflicts mind control techniques over his followers, his religion is a cult that should by all means be avoided and certainly watched. Paul Crouch is another who seems to shy away from the overall doctrine espoused on his "Christian" television network, and appears to work for religious unification.     

The Tangled Web Revealed...   The Council for National Policy

We touched on this council in Part 1, but now we shall take a closer look at it and its members. This group was founded by Tim LaHaye in 1981. Again we have shown definite ties between this "Christian" organization and the Rev. Moons openly anti-Christ organizations. This will be addressed later more fully, but this group is also associated heavily with the controversial and cultic Church of Scientology, the John Birch Society (known for its espionage work), and the intelligence community.

(Note: we attempted to get JBS board member lists but the Society returned a response that it was their policy not to reveal names of its board members).
  It was stated by Congressman Woody Jenkins (Newsweek,1981) "I predict that one day before the end of this century the Council [for National Policy] will be so influential that no President, regardless of party or philosophy, will be able to ignore us or our concerns or shut us out of the highest levels of government." In October, 1999 George W. Bush addressed the CNP. His campaign refused to release the full text of his remarks. Why the secrecy??   Beverly LaHaye, as was previously noted, is the wife of Tim LaHaye. She also was and still may be part of the CNP, and also founder of Concerned Women for America. She joined forces with Citizens Council on Human Rights, a group affiliated with Scientology, and Gary Bauer's Family Research Council, which has benefited as well from Rev. Moon organizations and money. This all under the umbrella of social change and "Christian family values" in America. Mrs. LaHaye and Bauer appeared and spoke together in a 1995 rally against psychiatric practices on children. The question is, regardless of a good cause, is it necessary for these evangelical leaders to join forces with Moon, Scientology and the Intelligence community?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that many groups use charitable giving/participation, patriotic associations and demonstrations of community or national good will to obfuscate their true objectives and agenda, or to conceal and deflect attention from their wrong-doing.
  LaHayes group, the Council for National Policy, is just one example of evangelical organizations being filled with Intelligence officers, Moon representatives and Scientology members. To name all the members who were and are involved in the intelligence community and cults would take too long here, but here are just a few; (5)   * Howard Ahmanson Jr. (CNP Board of Governors) Contributed to the Council of Foreign Relations according to their 1990-1993 reports   * Thomas R. Anderson (CNP Board of Governors) Also sits on the board of the Moon front Family Research Council.   * Rep John Ashbrook (CNP Board of Governors) Also a member of Moons front group "Christian Voice".   * Richard Bott (CNP Board of Governors) Former writer for the Moon owned Washington times.   * Jeffrey Coors (CNP Board of Governors) Coors brewing Co.   * Joseph Coors (CNP Board of Governors) President Adolph Coors Company   * Arnaul D'Borchgrave (CNP Member) Editor in chief of the Moon owned Washington times, member of the Council of Foreign Relations(CFR).   * George Gilder (CNP Board of Governors) Program director for Rockerfeller funded Manhattan Institute, friend of David Rockerfeller, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations(CFR).   * Ron Godwin (CNP Member) Former Vice President of Falwells Moral Majority, Sr Vice President of the Moon owned Washington times   * Allan Gottleib (CNP Member) Board Member of Moons front group, the American Freedom Coalition. In 1983 the Moon group CAUSA, founded by Bo Hi Pak, former Korean CIA and liaison to the American CIA, and Moons right hand man, granted Gottleib an all expense paid trip to Jamaica for a CAUSA conference   * J. Peter Grace (CNP Member) Council of Foreign Relations, Knights of Malta, and worked with the CIA to remove classified info concerning former Nazi scientists so that they could immigrate into the U.S., supposedly so they could carry on their work (including mind control projects) here in the good ole U.S.of A.   * Lt. General Daniel Graham (CNP Board of Governors) Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Deputy Director CIA, Military advisor to President Reagan, publicly endorses the Moon owned Washington Times. Also a member of the Moon org, World Anti-Communist League, and board of Directors for Moons CAUSA. Member of the American Freedom Coalition. Vice Chairman for the U.S. Council for World Freedom, which also is closely related to Moons CAUSA. Member too of the Council of 56, Religious Roundtable.   * Robert Grant (CNP Directory) Founder of "Christian Voice", and the American Freedom Coalition, both are Moon sponsored orgs. Graduate of the fuller Theological Seminary, and member of the Religious Roundtable. Bo Hi Pak has praised the union between these Christian organizations and Moonie orgs saying "...it shows what a great since of humor God has." Grants "Christian Voice" claims to be the nations largest Christian lobby, and according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, merged with Moon in 1987.   * Sen. Jesse helms (CNP Board of Governors) also of the Religious Roundtable, endorser of the Moon owned Washington times, and a member of the Council for Foreign Relations(CFR).   * Max Hugel (CNP Member) Former special assistant CIA Deputy Director for Administration, and Deputy Director for Operations   * Jack Kemp (CNP Member) Co Director of Empower American, whose board is dominated by the Council of Foreign Relations(CFR).   * Alan Keyes (CNP Member) Former Ambassador to the United Nations. He was also part of Reagans National Security Team which was dominated by high level Council of Foreign Relations men(CFR).   * Edwin Meese (CNP Executive Committee, CNP President) Former Attorney General, former Chief of Staff   Notice that many mentioned, (as well as many not mentioned) are members of the CFR (Council for Foreign Relations). This is a group espousing the New World Order and have actively and openly worked toward it for decades. Not surprisingly, the man who popularized the phrase "New World Order," George Bush Sr, was also at one time head of the CFR.   A reminder that some of the evangelical members of the CNP have included: Beverly and Lee LaHaye, also associated with Moons CWA group. Gary Bauer, Bill Bright, James Dobson (Focus On The Family), Bob Dugan, Ron Godwin, Robert Grant, Rebecca Hagelin, Bob Jones the 3rd (Bob Jones University), Alan Keyes (Outspoken ultra-conservative black talk show host and author), Dr. D. James Kennedy (noted television evangelist and Pastor), Peter Marshall, Sam Moore of Thomas Nelson Publishing, Pat Robertson (founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and former Presidential aspirant), Rev. Duane Motley, Ralph Reed, Oliver North (formerly with the National Security Council), Phyllis Schlafly (ultra-right columnist and pundit), Rev. Jim Woodall, John Ankerberg (internationally recognized Christian television personality), Rev. E.V. Hill, James Robison, Pat Boone, Larry Burkett, Reed Larson, and many others.(5)   So now we must ask ourselves why are these people associated together under the front of "Christian" organizations? Is it merely coincidence?

To assume such is to be remarkably naive and woefully remiss in learning the lessons of past history. By comparing the members of the CNP and cross referencing them with any large Christian or Moon organization, and many of the politically right-wing PAC (Political Action Committee) organizations, you will find essentially that these organizations are made up of the same people.
  Is this a ruse, to draw evangelical believers and right wing patriots into the NWO? It certainly seems to be. Moon states his goal is to unify the worlds religions thereby unifying the world. Bo Hi Pak states; "We want to awaken the world. We want to turn the tide [so] that this totalitarian, godless system must go....It is a total war. Basically a war of ideas." (6)   These organizations work together tightly, and nearly every major evangelical name that can be named is involved with these apostate organizations, fleecing their sheep in order to help fund these groups; A large number of these "great men of God" can be found living in palatial homes, driving exorbitantly expensive automobiles and owning personal jets and relishing accolades as great teachers of the faith. These men seem more like the Pharisees of Jesus' day, who denied Him as well, yet 40 years later came to their destruction following a false messiah. They speak at each others functions, support one another monetarily, and cause many to believe that they do it in the name of God and in harmony with God's will (many claiming direct divine revelation, inspiration and in some cases unquestionable supernatural authority). The Bible they themselves espouse refers to them as hirelings.  

 For your own research, it is recommend to those of you who can, do a simple Internet search using the following keywords;     LaHaye, Rev.Moon, CIA   Falwell, Moon, Liberty University   Paul Crouch, Rev. Moon,   Hal Lindsey, Rev. Moon   Councel of 56 Religious Roundtable   Concerned Women of America, Rev Moon, Beverly LaHaye   Coalition for Religious Freedom, Moon, LaHaye   CAUSA, Falwell, Moon   Billy Graham, Mohammhed, Washington, Transcript   American Freedom Coalition, Moon, Crouch, LaHaye, 6 Million   Council for National Policy, members

  References/Notes: --

(1) Sir John Marks Templeton, "Discovering The Laws of Life", published by Continuum/1994, 320 pages, 0-8264-0861-3   (2) The Calvary Contender Newsletter, October, 2001. Dave Hunt, The Berean Call, Sept.,1996   (3) LaHaye/Jenkins, 'Are We Living In The End Times?,' 1999, Tyndale House Pub; ISBN: 0842336443   (4) Chung Hwan Kwak, International President, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International, March, 1998   (5) Database of Council for National Policy
Notes: At the leadership levels in both the national office and state chapters, the American Freedom Coalition is closely tied to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church. The Washington Post (March 30, 1988) has even described the AFC as a "Moon sponsored lobbying group. "(34) The links between the two entities are so extensive that they will be discussed here in the Background section as well as in Private Connections. - from "Group Watch" on the CNP

(6) Vol 2, 'My Sword is Truth,' by Bo Hi Pak
  Additional Material Of Interest:

Christianity Today, Week of August 6   CT Classic: With Their Leader in Prison, Moonies Pursue Legitimacy Tim LaHaye and other Christians are helping the Unification Church battle the perceived threat of government intrusion.   By Beth Spring | posted 8/8/01 (This article originally appeared in the September 7, 1984, issue of Christianity Today.) 

 Full acceptance into the mainstream of American religious life is a cherished goal of Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church. Ironically, Moon's recent imprisonment for tax evasion appears to be bringing that dream a step closer to reality.   "Religious freedom" rallies around the country are drawing thousands of unsuspecting Christians into emotionally charged meetings that portray Moon as a persecuted man of God. No ties with the Unification Church are mentioned in promotional mailings. The sponsors are identified as a coalition of Christian leaders including author Tim LaHaye; Robert Grant, of Christian Voice; and Joseph Lowery, of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Greg Dixon and Everett Sileven, leaders of a coalition of independent, fundamentalist churches, are involved as well.   The sponsors view Moon as a persecuted ally in an escalating battle against secular humanism and government intrusion into church ministries. "One person's religious freedom equates to everyone's religious freedom," LaHaye says. "If one person's freedom is robbed, then potentially anyone's religious freedom can be robbed."

Whether Moon is a victim of persecution or a felon is a matter of considerable debate.

There is little doubt, however, that the entire affair is a public relations bonanza for his church.
  Darrel Malcom, senior pastor of Webber Street Church of Christ in Urbana, Illinois, accepted an offer for an expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C., to attend the massive "Pageant for Religious Freedom" on July 25. He learned of the event from two Unification Church members in Urbana. Their involvement gave him pause, but he says he accepted their invitation because he respects LaHaye. LaHaye is cochairman of the Coalition on Religious Freedom, the group that sponsored the event. Malcom says he enjoyed the lavish production, but returned home feeling "a little bit used."   "I felt there was a hidden agenda of trying to buy legitimacy [for Moon] within the Christian community. I'm not ready to grant that."   When Malcom returned home, Unification Church members asked him to consider sponsoring a local rally in support of Moon. "They wanted to meet and discuss getting Christians together," he says. "I said I do not consider their group Christian."   A narrator introduced actors portraying heroes of American religious history. At the end, a melodramatic enactment of Moon's trial and sentencing drew a chorus of boos and hisses for his prosecutor and sustained cheers for Moon.   Following the performance, LaHaye spoke to the audience. "If we have the same percentage of religious freedom attacks in the next 15 years as we have had in the past 15 years, we'll no longer have religious freedom in America," he said. LaHaye did not mention Moon by name.   The evening's dramatic climax came when Moon's daughter, In Jin Moon, choked back tears as she spoke of her father. "I have almost never seen my father sleep. He is always up working and praying. I have never seen anyone so dedicated to America's dream and to God." She read a statement prepared by Moon for the gathering. It referred to America as God's final hope, "his precious jewel which he prepared for the final battle against atheistic communism in the last days."  

Moon's statement emphasized the need for churches to unite-a central theme of Unification teaching. "Here in prison God can use me to awaken America more powerfully than ever before. America's religious communities must be united to preserve religious freedom."   Chris Nauser, a 36-year-old Moonie from Switzerland, viewed the rally as "just one part of the whole development of an awakening" that will sweep the world. He shares the belief of most of Moon's followers that Moon himself is the Messiah. The Unification Church teaches that Jesus Christ failed in his redemptive mission and, before his death, lied about his coming resurrection.

Moonies teach that mankind is in need of physical redemption, which will come by the marriage of an ideal man and woman. The man is to be from Korea-Moon himself.



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Oral Roberts University - new age guru - false prophet

Reasons to Believe Oral Roberts is a Freemason

Oral Roberts (Godfather of the 'seed faith' doctrine) admit 33rd degree Mason



Wood Selected Co-Global Chair and Mills Appointed Global Director

Contact: Jeremy Burton, Oral Roberts University, 918-495-7337

JERUSALEM, Jan. 15, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Empowered21 held the opening session of its Global Council meeting with leaders from around the world at the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem the evening of January 14, 2014. William Wilson, global co-chair for Empowered21 and president of Oral Roberts University laid out the vision for Empowered21 and set the stage for the Global Congress to be held in Jerusalem May 2015. George Wood, general superintendent for the Assemblies of God USA and the chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship was unanimously affirmed by the global council as the new global co-chair --replacing Jack Hayford, chancellor of Kings College. Hayford will move to be an honorary member of the Global Council. Wilson also announced the appointment of Ossie Mills, Executive Vice President for University Advancement at Oral Roberts University, as the Global Director of Empowered21.
"Being selected to serve this esteemed group is a humbling honor," said Wood. "I have committed my life to reaching more people with the salvation message of Jesus Christ and the full power of His Spirit. This new leadership opportunity is exciting for me because we are all working toward this same end as a world conclave of ministry leaders. I pray that God continues to give us wisdom of how to impart the full power of the Holy Spirit to the world and through new generations." 
"I am more energized than ever with the future of the Spirit-empowered movement around the world through Empowered21. The entire Global Council is deeply thankful for the work of Dr. Hayford, who is a father to the movement all over the globe.  Dr. Wood is a wonderful choice to fill the global co-chair position with his international leadership and impeccable integrity," said Wilson. "Ossie Mills is also a great addition to the E21 leadership team as we gear up for this unprecedented conference in Jerusalem in May of 2015. His executive leadership experience and global connections will serve us well."

Wood was elected chief executive officer of the Assemblies of God at the 52nd General Council in August, 2007. In February of 2011 he was selected as the chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship, which represents 66 million believers worldwide and is made up of over 150 fellowships. As general superintendent of the Assemblies of God, USA, part of the largest Pentecostal denomination in the world, he is a member of the denomination’s Executive Leadership Team and Executive Presbytery. The church has over 12,700 congregations in the United States with over three million members and adherents.

Prior to his present position, Wood served the church as its general secretary for 14 years. He was assistant superintendent of the Southern California District from 1988-93. Wood pastored Newport-Mesa Christian Center in Costa Mesa, California, for 17 years. Sermons by Wood may be heard at www.georgeowood.com, more information on the Assemblies of God USA at www.ag.org, and more information World Assemblies of God Fellowship at www.worldagfellowship.org.

"I am honored to serve this important movement which has become very important to the vibrancy of the Spirit-empowered community," said Mills. "The Global Congress in Jerusalem in 2015 is a large undertaking but we serve a massive God. We believe that this event will be a stepping stone for the continued explosion of the work of the Holy Spirit around the world."
Mills will serve the regional cabinets and provide leadership to ensuring a successful global congress with thousand of Christians anticipated to band together in the Holy Land for prayer, worship and teaching. The congress is scheduled for May 19-24, 2015.

Mills has decades of experience in media, management, communications and distribution of for-profit and nonprofit organizations. He has been engaged in leadership roles in television (most recently as an executive vice president at Inspiration Networks), production, marketing, interactive communications, commerce and executive management.

The global council began the meeting with a devotional from Wayne Hilsden from King of Kings Community in Jerusalem and worship led by the churches praise team in English and Hebrew. The opening session concluded with reports from the success of the twelve regional cabinets in promoting the power of the Holy Spirit around the globe. The council meetings were scheduled to continue with numerous events including a local pastors luncheon, excursions to the upper room and the garden tomb, a banquet with government officials along with other business of the council. 
The global council members attending the meeting included: Doug Beacham, general superintendent of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church; Jürgen Bühler, International Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem; Isak Burger, President of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Johannesburg, South Africa; Omar Cabrarra, senior pastor Iglesia Visión de Futuro, Argentina; Ingolf Ellssel, Chairman on the Pentecostal European Fellowship; Jeff Farmer, chair of Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America (PCCNA);David Ferguson; author/developer of the Intimacy Therapy model and founder of Intimate Life Ministries; Alton Garrison, assistant general superintendent of the Assemblies of God; Prince Guteratnam, chair of the Pentecostal World Fellowship and senior pastor of Calvary Church in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Tom Hess, pastor and president of Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations; Hilsden; Arto Hämäläinen, chairman of the Pentecostal European Mission and the World Missions Commission of the Pentecostal World Fellowship. Al Hollingsworth, founder of BOSS; Rob Hoskins, president of One Hope and board chair-elect for Oral Roberts University; Cindy Jacobs; founder of Generals International; Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California; Lawrence Khong, senior pastor of Faith Community Baptist Church in Singapore; Dennis Lindsay, president and CEO of Christ for the Nations; Ron Luce, president and founder of Teen Mania Ministries; Gordon McDonald, bishop for the Pentecostal Holiness Church in Canada; Niko Njotorahardjo, senior pastor of GBI Jl Gatot Subroto; Opoku Onyinah, president of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, and Chairman of the Church of Pentecost; Samuel Rodriguez, Jr., president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference; Matthew Thomas, founder and president of Central India Outreach; Mark Williams, general overseer of the Church of God; David Wells, general superintendent of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada; Wood and Wilson. 

Empowered21 aims to help shape the future of the global Spirit-empowered movement throughout the world by focusing on crucial issues facing the movement and connecting generations for intergenerational blessing and impartation. Their vision is that every person on Earth would have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit by Pentecost 2033. Get more information at www.empowered21.com. Empowered21 is a Kingdom initiative served by Oral Roberts University, www.oru.edu.

The next Empowered21 Global Congress is scheduled for Jerusalem May 19-25, 2015. Get more information or register at www.jerusalem2015.com.


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On n'en parle peu, tout comme les mormons, et ils ne sont jamais mentionnés dans les listes de "religions" du Conseil Mondial des Eglises, mais ces deux groupes sont associés au culte des démons et promouvoient, tous les deux, un évangile trompeur. Voici une petite étude sur les Témoins de Jéhovah, qui nous démontre hors de tout doute, leur affiliation avec les Chevaliers Templiers qui promouvoit, en fin de compte, la doctrine des sumériens, ces anges-déchus, le tout déguisé en christianisme. Le but : toujours le même : garder l'âme des humains loin de la vraie doctrine de la foi.

Lancer une nouvelle religion demande de la logistique
. Il est étonnant de constater que la plupart des réunions des premiers Témoins de Jéhovah se tenaient dans des temples franc-maçons ou sociétés secrètes apparentées. Voici quelques exemples tirés de leurs propres publications:

8 mars 1903 Fort Wayne
Une réunion pour les amis intéressés se tiendra au Hall des "Maccabées"*, 917 Calhoun St. à 10h. Les réunions de l'après midi ... se tiendront au Temple Maçonnique, cor. Wayne and Clinton Sts.
(Speakers Itinaries, Watchtower Bible & Tract Society 1901-1916, page 96)
1903 Convention générale à Atlanta
Toutes les autres réunions se tiendront au Hall des "Knights of Pythias"*, cor. Pryor and Unter Sts.
(Speakers Itinaries, Watchtower Bible & Tract Society 1901-1916, page 96)
1904, Convention de Washington
La convention de Washington se tiendra au Hall des "Odd Fellows"*.
(Speakers Itinaries, Watchtower Bible & Tract Society 1901-1916, page 240)
9 février 1908, Paterson
La session du matin se tiendra au Hall maçonnique.
(Speakers Itinaries, Watchtower Bible & Tract Society 1901-1916, page 383)
11 octobre 1908, Chicago
La réunion matinale aura lieu au Drill Hall, Temple Maçonnique à 10 heures.
(Speakers Itinaries, Watchtower Bible & Tract Society 1901-1916, page 320)
* Maccabées, Knights of Pythias, Odd Fellows: sociétés secrètes maçonniques.

On peut multiplier les exemples au cours de ces années. En général les réunions des "intéressés" ont lieu dans un temple franc-maçon tandis que les réunions ouvertes au public se tiennent dans un lieu plus neutre (Théatre, Opéra).

Il est particulièrement intéressant de constater que ces organisations maçonniques, d'habitude bien discrètes, aient ainsi ouvert leurs locaux à des réunions confidentielles d'une élite d'Etudiants de la Bible.

Un cimetière maçonnique?

Le cimetière où sont enterrés Russell et les premiers responsables de la société des témoins de Jéhovah est aujourd'hui au sein d'un immense complexe maçonnique à Pittsburgh, il n'y a pas de cloture entre les deux. Qu'en penser ? Pourquoi avoir choisi cet aménagement si Russell n'avait aucun lien avec la maçonnerie ? La franc-maçonnerie aurait voulu l'honorer, qu'elle n'aurait choisi meilleur lieu pour conserver à sa vue un mémorial de C.T. Russell. Une pyramide (un des principaux emblèmes maçonniques) de près de trois mètres de haut est dressée dans ce cimetière à la mémoire de Charles Taze Russell.

La Pyramide à la mémoire de Charles Taze Russell.
Dans le fond on aperçoit le "greater Pittsburg Masonic Center".

En s'approchant de la pyramide de Russell on y découvre le nom de l'organisation des témoins de Jéhovah (société de la tour de garde) mais aussi et surtout un étrange symbole dont la présence est inexpliquée.
La croix dans la couronne est le symbole des chevaliers templiers (KT ou Knights Templars):

le plus haut degré de la franc-maçonnerie.

Nota: les franc-maçons n'ont pas l'exclusivité de l'utilisation de ce symbole templier qui est aussi repris par d'autres organisations mystiques (comme la croix gammée n'est pas l'apanage d'Hitler. L'utilisation de symboles occultes doit quand même alerter)

Des symboles franc-maçons dans les publications

Ce même symbole se retrouve dans certaines publications de la société.


Un volume ancien de la tour de Garde, le magazine des témoins de Jéhovah. De 1891 à 1931, Le symbole maçonnique des chevaliers templiers figura sur la couverture de la Tour de Garde.

Une vue en gros plan du symbole (en haut à gauche de la page).

Voici un exemple d'utilisation de ce même symbole dans la littérature des franc-maçons:
image issue du site du rite franc-maçon de York (http://www.yorkrite.com/KTlinks.htm)
Cliquez ici pour voir ce même symbole de l'ordre des Chevaliers Templiers (la croix dans la couronne),
tout au sommet (en haut à gauche) sur l'échelle des différents degrés d'une loge franc-maçonne.

 Disque solaire ailé (ou "WINGES SUN DISK")

Sur plusieurs livres des témoins de Jéhovah se trouve un autre symbole occulte à la présence inexpliquée: le "Disque solaire ailé".

Les origines de ce symbole remontent à la magie de l'Égypte ancienne. Albert Churchward dans son livre "Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man, the Evolution of Religious Doctrines from the Eschatology of Anciant Egyptians" nous dit que le "Winged sun disk" est utilisé par les maçons du 33e degré (degré le plus élevé) et que eux seuls en connaissent le sens.

Dans le volume "Pratical Egyptian Magic", page 107, la description suivante est donnée: "L'emblème de l'élément de l'air consiste en un cercle de type disque solaire entre deux ailes. Dans un rituel de magie, il est suspendu au-dessus de l'autel en direction de l'est et est utilisé pour invoquer le sylphe (génie de l'air dans la mythologie gauloise et germanique), pour lui demander sa protection et sa coopération".

On ne peut que s'étonner de la présence de ce symbole maçonnique "magique" sur des livres à destination des "chrétiens".

Les funérailles du pasteur Russell

Plusieurs symboles occultes et maçonniques sont présents lors des funérailles du pasteur Russell, celles ci sont décrites en détail (mais probablement sans arrière-pensées) dans la Tour de Garde (Watchtower) du 1er décembre 1916, version anglaise:
Le pasteur Russell est mort enveloppé dans une "toge romaine" (NDE: qu'il avait lui même réclamée) le jour d'Halloween, le 31 octobre 1916.
Au pied du cercueil [de Russell] fut placé un pilier brisé ... tandis qu'à sa tête étaient une "croix et une couronne"
(Watchtower Vol XXXVII December 1, No 23 A. D. 1916--AM 6045)

Voici comment le "pilier brisé" est défini par le rite maçonnique de York:
Les maîtres maçons savent que la colonne brisée marque la tombe .. de quelqu'un qui était un responsable de la maçonnerie.
source: http://www.yorkrite.com/RAM/365.htm

Lieu d'inhumation d'un Maître maçon: une vierge pleure au-dessus d'une colonne brisée ... La colonne brisée est celle d'un des principaux protecteurs de la maçonnerie. sa mémoire est enregistrée dans le coeur de chaque maçon.

Illustrated History and Cyclopedia of Freemasonry, Robert Macoy. Masonic Publishing Co. New York: 1896. page 445.

Note: il est parlé de l'autre symbole maçonnique "la croix dans une couronne" plus haut.

Le déroulement des obsèques de Charles Taze Russell ne tient pas du hasard : dans ses dernières volontés publiées dans la Tour de Garde du 1° décembre 1916 Charles Taze Russell signale avoir donné à sa sœur M. M. Land et aux filles de celle-ci, Alice et May toutes les consignes qu'il voulait faire respecter.

La famille Russell

Charles Taze Russell n'est pas le seul de sa famille a avoir eu des liens avec les Knights Templars (KT) et la franc-maçonnerie. La famille de C.T. Russell comprend de nombreux membres éminents des Franc-Maçons et sociétés secrètes ... Voici quelques exemples tirés du livre "10,000 Famous Freemasons".

NDE: Le nom de famille "Russel" est relativement commun et le degré de parenté n'est pas indiqués dans cette liste de noms que nous reproduisons: il convient donc d'être prudent quant à son utilisation.
  • William Huntington Russell - fondateur de l'ordre des Skull & Bones (1) (société secrète occulte dont le nom légal est... "Russell Trust". Cette société maçonnique est sortie de l'anonymat depuis qu'il est devenu public que les 2 présidents George Bush étaient membres des Skull and Bones).
  • John Russell - fondateur de la fraternité des Soeurs d'Isabella (DOI) Mai, 1897 New Haven, Conn. (2)
  • Harvey D. Russell - Franc-Maçon et Knight Templar dirigeant de la loge de Pittsburgh, PA Beaver Valley Lodge No. 8412
  • William H. Russell - Franc-Maçon actionnaire du Pony Express (3)
  • George William Russell (1869-1935) - membre dirigeant de la loge Théosophe (Nouvel age) de Dublin. A écrit des articles dans le périodique theosophique "The Irish Theosophist". Initié dans la Loge d'Isis (rites sexuels). Ami de William Butler Yeat, dirigeant du "Golden Dawn" (4)
  • Archibald D. Russell (1811-1871) - Franc-Maçon diplomé de l'Univ. d'Edinburgh (écosse). Il fut actif pour créer diverses organisations aux USA.
  • Benjamin Russell (1761-1845)- Franc-Maçon et Journaliste. (5)
  • Charles H. Russell - Governeur du Nevada, 1950-58, Franc-Maçon du 32º, aussi membre du Rite de York , et Shriner. (3)
  • J. Stuart Russell - Franc-Maçon, éditeur de journaux, "deputy chairman" de la Fed. Reserve Bank in Chicago. (5)
  • Lee M. Russell (1875-1943) - Franc-Maçon and Lt. Gov. of Miss. 1916-20. (5)
  • Louis A. Russell (1854-1925) - Franc-Maçon, organiste d'une église Presbyteriene, Newark, N.J. (5)
  • Richard B. Russell (1861-1938) - Franc-Maçon, juge, editeur & businessman. (5)
  • Richard B. Russell, Jr. - Franc-Maçon et Gouv. de Georgie, 1931-33 et Sen. de Georgie depuis 1933. (5)

  1. Sutton, Antony. America’s Secret Establishment. Billings, MT: Liberty House Press, 1986, pp. 5,6,8,35, 86-67, 100, 212, 253.
  2. Schmidt, Greenwood. Encyclopedia of American Institutional Fraternal Organizations. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1980, p. 84.)
  3. Denslow, 10,000 Famous Freemasons, Vol.4, p.82. et New Age Magazine (June, 1963) p. 45
  4. Boylan, Henry. A Dictionary of Irish Biography. NY: St. Martins Press, 1988, p. 345; voir aussi Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects, Time-Life, 1989, p. 154.
  5. Denslow, 10,000 Famous Freemasons, p. 80

  6. http://nicodemes.blogspot.fr/2011/02/temoignage-mes-recherches-sur-lhistoire.html
  7. http://v.i.v.free.fr/l.htm

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Message vidéo du pape pour un rassemblement anglican

Rome, 25 février 2014 (Zenit.org) Anne Kurian

« Echangeons cette étreinte spirituelle et laissons le Seigneur finir l’œuvre qu’il a commencée... car le miracle de l’unité a commencé », affirme le pape François dans un vidéo-message pour le rassemblement d'une communauté anglicane au Texas.

« Chers frères et soeurs, excusez-moi parce que je parle en italien et non pas en anglais. En réalité je ne parlerai ni en italien, ni en anglais mais ‘avec le langage du coeur’ » : c'est avec ces paroles, prononcées en anglais, que le pape introduit un discours informel de sept minutes, improvisé et filmé artisanalement sur un… téléphone portable !

Le pape a en effet été filmé par l’évêque anglican Tony Palmer, membre de la Communion des Eglises anglicanes épiscopaliennes (CEEC), qu’il appelle « son ami » – connu à Buenos Aires – et qu’il a rencontré le 14 janvier dernier au Vatican.

Le message vidéo a été diffusé le 20 février au cours du rassemblement du groupe anglican charismatique « Kenneth Copeland Ministries » et publié sur la plate-forme de vidéos Youtube.

Le pape y parle d’abondance de cœur, « comme un frère », avec « le langage du cœur, simple et authentique », un langage qui a « une grammaire spéciale », dotée de « deux règles », explique-t-il : « Aime Dieu par-dessus tout et aime l’autre parce qu’il est ton frère et ta sœur. »

Avec ces deux règles, le chrétien « avance », ajoute le pape qui adresse aux participants un « salut joyeux et nostalgique ».

Un salut joyeux, précise-t-il, parce que « cela me donne de la joie que vous soyez réunis pour louer Jésus-Christ, l’unique Seigneur, pour prier le Père et recevoir l’Esprit », c’est un signe que « le Seigneur travaille dans le monde entier ».

Mais, poursuit le pape, tout comme les familles humaines qui sont parfois divisées, les chrétiens sont « un peu, permettez-moi ce mot, ‘séparés’ », à cause des « péchés » et des « malentendus de l’histoire ».

Sur cette « longue route de péché communautaire », le pape estime que la faute revient « à tous », car tous les chrétiens sont « pécheurs » et « un seul est Juste : le Seigneur ».

La « nostalgie » pousse à désirer que « cette séparation finisse et que soit donnée la communion » : le pape exprime la nostalgie de « cette étreinte », dont parle la Bible, « quand les frères de Joseph, affamés, sont allés en Egypte pour pouvoir manger » et « ont trouvé quelque chose de plus que de la nourriture : ils ont trouvé leur frère ».

Tout comme la famille de Joseph « avait de l’argent, mais ne pouvait se nourrir d’argent », ainsi les chrétiens ont « tous de l’argent, l’argent de la culture, de [leur] histoire et de [leurs] traditions religieuses », mais ils doivent « se retrouver comme frères et pleurer ensemble comme Joseph » : « les larmes de l’amour sont des larmes qui unissent ».

Le pape invite à « faire grandir la nostalgie » afin qu’elle « nous pousse à nous trouver, à nous embrasser et à louer Jésus Christ, comme unique Seigneur de l’histoire » : « Avançons, nous sommes frères… échangeons cette étreinte spirituelle et laissons le Seigneur finir l’œuvre qu’il a commencée, car c’est un miracle : le miracle de l’unité a commencé ».

Citant « Les fiancés » de l'écrivain italien Alessandro Manzoni, le pape ajoute : « Je n’ai jamais vu le Seigneur commencer un miracle sans le finir bien. Il finira bien ce miracle de l’unité ».

Il remercie les participants de leur écoute et de l’avoir « laissé parler le langage du cœur » et il demande leur prière : « Je prie pour vous, je le ferai, mais j’ai besoin de vos prières. Prions le Seigneur afin qu’il nous unisse tous. »

« Je vous demande de me bénir et je vous bénis, de frère à frère. Je vous embrasse, merci », conclut le pape.
(25 février 2014) © Innovative Media Inc.


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Urges Leaders to Foster Communion

Rome, March 07, 2014 (Zenit.org)

The Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has spoken to the three leaders of the ordinariates established for former Anglicans who wanted full communion with the Church.

Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller spoke with the ordinaries in Rome about the delicacy and importance of their task "in these first key years" in the ordinariates' existence.

Cardinal Müller told the ordinaries that, because the unity of the Church was the ostensible reason for the establishment of the ordinariates, effective communion would be a principal measure against which ordinariate communities would be judged. "You will come under scrutiny from many quarters", he said. All eyes are upon you"!

Cardinal Müller's comments were made to the three ordinaries – Mgr Keith Newton of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in the UK, Mgr Jeffrey Steenson, Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter in the United States and Mgr Harry Entwistle, Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross in Australia – when they visited him in Rome [on 18 February] in the days running up to his being created a Cardinal.

The ordinariates are the structures, akin to dioceses, which allow former Anglicans to enter the full communion of the Catholic Church, bringing with them much of their Anglican heritage.

Cardinal Müller said: "Anglicans will be interested in how well you are able to make a home in the Catholic Church that is more than just assimilation, while Catholics will want to know that you are here to stay, strengthening our ecclesial cohesion rather than setting yourselves apart as another divisive grouping within the Church...It is your delicate, but all-important task both to preserve the integrity and distinctiveness of your parish communities and, at the same time, help your people integrate into the larger Catholic community".

Turning his attention to the importance of the sacred liturgy as the expression of communion, Cardinal Müller said that the ordinaries' role in this regard was critical. "By ensuring that the sacred liturgy is celebrated worthily and well, you further the communion of the Church by drawing people into the worship of God who is communio". He said that the sacred liturgy was also the "privileged place" for encountering Anglican patrimony, which was how ordinariate parishes and communities distinguished themselves, bearing witness to the faith in the diversity of its expression.

"In this sense, the celebration according to the approved Divine Worship [or Ordinariate Use] texts is both essential to the formation of the identity of the ordinariate as well as being a tool for evangelisation", Cardinal Müller said.

The Prefect went on to issue a word of warning about the potential problems caused by the "new media", particularly through blogs. He said that some of the ordinariate clergy and faithful wrote blogs, which, while being a helpful tool of evangelisation, could also "express un-reflected speech lacking in charity". The image of the ordinariate was not helped by this, he said, and it fell to the ordinaries to exercise vigilance over these blogs and, if necessary, to intervene.

Cardinal Müller said that, in responding to the Holy Father's invitation to serve as Ordinary, each of the three men had demonstrated great courage and deep faith and that their journey had called for considerable personal sacrifice. "I want you to know that I have spoken to our Holy Father, Pope Francis, about the ordinariates and the particular gift they are to the Church. The Holy Father is following the development of the ordinariates with great interest", he said.

The ordinaries' visit to Rome – three years after the first of the three ordinariates was established in 2011 – was the first time three of them had all met together. The US and Australia ordinariates were established in 2012.



(March 07, 2014) © Innovative Media Inc.


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Mar. 10, 2014 8:19am Billy Hallowell

A non-denominational megachurch pastor reportedly stunned his congregation this weekend when he announced that he and his wife are converting to Catholicism.
Image source: Word of Life

Pastor Ulf Ekman told his congregation Sunday that he and his wife are converting to Catholicism (Image source: Word of Life)

Ulf Ekman, pastor and founder of Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden, told parishioners Sunday during his sermon that he and his wife, Birgitta, have experienced a theological change-of-heart, Charisma News reported.

On Ekman’s ministry website a statement titled, “Pastor Ulf Ekman to Be Accepted Into the Catholic Church” provides details on the preacher’s conversion, stating that “a process of many years of prayer and reflection” preceded the decision to embrace the Catholic faith.

“For Birgitta and me, this has been a slow process were we have gone from discovering new things, to appreciating what we have discovered, to approach and even learn from our fellow Christians,” Ekman is quoted in the release. “We have seen a great love for Jesus and a sound theology, founded on the Bible and classic dogma.”

The statement went on to explain that the couple found solace and intrigue in the Catholic Church’s “sacramental life,” while also revering what Ekman called “a solid structure for priesthood.”

While his Protestant views had previously led to critiques of the Catholic Church, the pastor said that, after studying the faith, he realized that many of those criticisms simply weren’t valid. The release emphasized that the conversion was the result of “a personal journey.”

“This led us to the realize that it was actually Jesus Christ who led us to unite with the Catholic Church,” the pastor continued.

From anger to sadness and confusion, people are responding to Ekman’s theological switch in a variety of ways, according to the Alethia blog and think tank. That said, it may not be entirely surprising to some, as Alethia’s Andreas Glandberger, who runs Alethia, noted that the pastor has taken “steps toward Roman Catholicism since 2007,” Charisma News reported.

Watch Ekman tell his congregation about the conversion here (go to the 25:00 mark to hear his specific comments about Catholicism).

The announcement comes after Ekman, who founded Word of Life about 30 years ago, announced his retirement in March 2013 as senior pastor at the church. Word of Life has around 3,300 members.

(H/T: Charisma News)

Featured image via Word of Life


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Sous-titres français

Doug Batchelor analyse la récente déclaration du Pape aux charismatiques (sous-titres français)
Message du Pape François à Kenneth Copeland, leader charismatique américain

Le Protestantisme est-il fini ?

Doug Batchelor analyse la déclaration de Tony Palmer lors de l'Assemblée annuelle des pasteurs charismatiques du ministère de Kenneth Copeland en janvier 2014. Lors de cette assemblée, l'évêque anglican Tony Palmer diffusa un message vidéo où le Pape François encourage à revenir vers Rome. En route vers une Eglise mondiale conduite par le Vatican !

VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcfZxX6uk58&hd=1

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MessagePosté le: Mer 26 Mar - 00:50 (2014)    Sujet du message: ORTHODOXES DE GRECE : LE PAPE RENCONTRE UNE DELEGATION DE L'APOSTOLIKI DIAKONIA Répondre en citant


"Une occasion pour relancer l'engagement oecuménique"

Rome, 25 mars 2014 (Zenit.org) Anne Kurian |

« Une occasion pour relancer l’ENGAGEMENT OECUMENIQUE et les relations de collaboration avec le Saint-Siège » : c’est le titre de L’Osservatore Romano, qui commente la rencontre du pape François avec une délégation de l’"Apostolikí diakonía", hier, 24 mars 2014.

L’"Apostolikí diakonía" est l’organisme oecuménique chargé de la promotion d’activités pastorales, culturelles et éditoriales pour le compte du saint Synode de l’Église orthodoxe de Grèce. Une délégation est en visite à Rome du 21 au 26 mars, sous la conduite du directeur général, Mgr Agathanghelos, évêque de Fanarion.

Au programme : des visites aux basiliques Saint Pierre et Saint Paul-hors-les-Murs et des rencontres avec le cardinal Kurt Koch, président du Conseil pontifical pour la promotion de l’unité des chrétiens, ainsi qu’avec les responsables de la Librairie éditrice vaticane.

L’« Apostolikí diakonía » a également rendez-vous avec les responsables de la Bibliothèque apostolique vaticane, avec lesquels l’organisme collabore pour la coédition de manuscrits grecs.

L’Osservatore Romano rappelle que différents projets de collaboration culturelle entre le Saint-Siège et l’Apostolikí diakonía ont été réalisés depuis la visite de Jean-Paul II à Athènes en 2001. Il cite notamment « le programme d’été de connaissance du grec moderne et de la culture orthodoxe », à Athènes, où chaque année des étudiants catholiques des universités pontificales « sont hébergés gratuitement ». L’été prochain marquera la Xe édition de ce programme.

Dans un entretien avec Zenit, en 2006, Mgr Agathanghelos expliquait : « Nous sommes unis par une tradition commune, la théologie, la succession apostolique, nos opinons sur la bioéthique, les droits de l’homme, la paix dans le monde. Nous avons vécu 1000 ans ensemble ; puis 1000 autres années nous ont séparés. Notre histoire a connu des moments tragiques. Nous nous sentions souvent blessés. Mais cela ne veut pas dire qu’aujourd’hui nous ne puissions pas vivre comme des frères. »

Il plaidait pour « une collaboration entre les Eglises » en organisant notamment des visites mutuelles pour « permettre de surmonter les préjugés ».

Avec Hélène Ginabat pour la traduction
(25 mars 2014) © Innovative Media Inc.


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Vesākha (Pali;Sanskrit: Vaiśākha, Devanagari: वैशाख), Wesak or Vesak, also known as Buddha Purnima



Message du CPDI pour la fête de Vesakh

Rome, 24 avril 2014 (Zenit.org) Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran

"Chrétiens et Bouddhistes: promouvons ensemble la fraternité": c'est le thème du message adressé aux Bouddhistes, pour la fête de Vesakh, par le cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran et par le P. Miguel Angel Ayuso Guixot, MCCJ, respectivement président et secrétaire du Conseil pontifical pour le dialogue interreligieux.

Le message dit notamment: "Nous, bouddhistes et chrétiens, nous vivons dans un monde trop souvent déchiré par l'oppression, l'égoïsme, le tribalisme, les rivalités ethniques, le fondamentalisme religieux et la violence. Un monde où « l'autre » est considéré et traité comme un être inférieur, une non- personne ou quelqu'un à craindre et, si possible, à éliminer. Cependant, nous sommes appelés, dans un esprit de coopération avec tous les pèlerins de bonne volonté, à respecter et à défendre notre humanité commune dans la diversité socio-économique, politique et religieuse."

Cette fête de Vesakh se célèbre cette année le 13 mai. Communément appelée « fête des moissons », elle célèbre la naissance, l'éveil et la mort - Paranirvana - du Bouddha. Ces trois événements auraient eu lieu, selon la tradition bouddhique, le même jour. La communauté bouddhiste - la Sangha - se réunit ce jour-là pour méditer sur ces trois moments de la vie du Bouddha afin de puiser de nouveau à la source de son inspiration.

Chrétiens et Bouddhistes: promouvons ensemble la fraternité

Chers Amis bouddhistes,

1. Au nom du Conseil Pontifical pour le Dialogue Interreligieux, j’ai le plaisir de vous adresser, une fois encore et où que vous soyez de par le monde, mes meilleurs vœux à l'occasion de votre fête du Vesakh.

2. Nos vœux s’inspirent cette année du message de pape François pour la Journée mondiale de la Paix 2014, intitulé : La fraternité, fondement et route pour la paix. En effet, le pape François y observe que « la fraternité est une dimension essentielle de l’homme, qui est un être relationnel. La vive conscience d’être en relation nous amène à voir et à traiter chaque personne comme une vraie sœur et un vrai frère ; sans cela, la construction d’une SOCIETE JUSTE, d’une PAIX SOLIDE ET DURABLE devient impossible » (n ° 1).

3. Chers amis, votre tradition religieuse est marquée par la conviction que les relations amicales, le DIALOGUE, l'échange de dons, le partage harmonieux et respectueux des points de vue conduisent à une attitude de bonté et d'amour qui, à son tour, engendre des relations authentiques et fraternelles. Vous êtes également convaincus que la source de bien des maux est l'ignorance et l'incompréhension qui, fruits de la cupidité et de la haine, conduisent à leur tour à la destruction des liens de fraternité. Malheureusement, « l’égoïsme quotidien qui est à la base de nombreuses guerres et de nombreuses injustices », nous empêche de voir les autres « comme des êtres faits pour la réciprocité, pour la communion et pour le don ». (Message pour la Journée mondiale de la Paix 2014, n. 2). Cet égoïsme conduit inévitablement à percevoir les autres comme une menace.

4. Nous, bouddhistes et chrétiens, nous vivons dans un monde trop souvent déchiré par l'oppression, l'égoïsme, le tribalisme, les rivalités ethniques, le fondamentalisme religieux et la violence. Un monde où « l'autre » est considéré et traité comme un être inférieur, une non- personne ou quelqu'un à craindre et, si possible, à éliminer. Cependant, nous sommes appelés, dans un esprit de coopération avec tous les pèlerins de bonne volonté, à respecter et à défendre notre humanité commune dans la diversité socio-économique, politique et religieuse. Ancrés dans nos croyances religieuses différentes, nous sommes appelés, en particulier, à dénoncer ouvertement tous les maux sociaux qui nuisent à la fraternité ; à guérir les autres de ce qui les empêche de grandir dans la générosité désintéressée, à être les réconciliateurs qui brisent les murs de division dans la société, et à promouvoir une véritable fraternité entre les individus et les groupes.

5. Notre monde d'aujourd'hui est témoin du sentiment croissant de notre humanité commune et de la recherche globale d’un monde plus juste, paisible et convivial. Mais la réalisation de cet espoir dépend de la reconnaissance de valeurs universelles. Nous espérons que le DIALOGUE INTERRELIGIEUX, en reconnaissant les principes fondamentaux de l'éthique universelle, puisse aider à promouvoir un sens renouvelé de la profonde unité et de la fraternité entre tous les membres de la famille humaine. Véritablement, « chacun de nous est appelé à être un ARTISAN DE PAIX, qui unit au lieu de diviser, qui étouffe la haine au lieu de l’entretenir, qui ouvre des chemins de DIALOGUE au lieu d’élever de nouveaux murs ! Dialoguer, se rencontrer pour instaurer la culture du dialogue dans le monde, la culture de la rencontre » (Discours du pape François aux participants à la Rencontre internationale pour la paix organisée par la Communauté de Sant'Egidio, 30 septembre 2013).

6. Chers amis, pour bâtir un monde fraternel, il est essentiel que nous unissions nos forces pour accompagner les personnes, surtout les jeunes, à rechercher toujours davantage la fraternité, ce savoir-vivre ensemble fraternellement, ce courage de construire encore la fraternité. Nous prions pour que la célébration de la fête de Vesakh soit une occasion de redécouvrir et de promouvoir à nouveau, en particulier dans les sociétés divisées, la fraternité. Permettez-moi de vous renouveler nos cordiales salutations et nos vœux les meilleurs pour une joyeuse fête de Vesakh!

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, Président

P. Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot, MCCJ, Secrétaire

[Texte original: anglais]

(24 avril 2014) © Innovative Media Inc.


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'Christian Churches Together in the USA' launches Wednesday with 36 denominations and more than 100 million churchgoers represented.

By Jane Lampman, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor / February 7, 2007

In a time of deep religious division and tension, many American churches are joining in a fresh bid for greater Christian unity. After five years of discussion and prayer, church leaders are to meet Wednesday in Pasadena, Calif., in the official launch of an ecumenical body – Christian Churches Together in the USA (CCT). Its mission: "to grow closer together in Christ in order to strengthen our Christian witness in the world."

Related stories

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In its inclusiveness, CCT offers a striking contrast to religious dissension in the political arena. The group involves churches from all five Christian "families" – Catholics, Evangelicals and Pentecostals, Mainline Protestants, Orthodox, and racial or ethnic churches – and represents the broadest ecumenical fellowship ever formed in this country.

"Not everyone is in the tent, but it's a major step forward," says the Rev. Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, general secretary of the Reformed Church in America and chair of CCT's steering committee. Thirty-six denominations and national organizations have joined, representing about 100 million churchgoers. Eighteen more groups are in the decisionmaking process or participating as observers.

Recognizing that historical divisions have fostered misperceptions and even hostility, and that this has weakened Christian influence, the CCT seeks better understanding and a common voice on important societal issues.

And they aren't wasting time. The agenda for this week's three-day gathering focuses on how the various "families" understand evangelism, and on reaching a consensus on a specific proposal for a poverty initiative.

"There is a strong realization that if we as Christians are to be effective in the world we need to be a common voice," says Bishop Stephen Blaire of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Stockton, Calif. "And addressing poverty is integral to the work and witness of being a Christian."

Ecumenism has a lengthy history in the United States. The National Council of Churches was founded in 1950 (a forerunner in 1908), and includes mainline Protestant, Orthodox, Anglican, and African-American denominations. But the Catholics never joined, and Evangelicals opted for their own National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), which made a rule that members could not also be part of the NCC.

The NCC has emphasized social justice issues, and many Evangelicals have criticized them for being too liberal. The Evangelicals focused on bringing people to Christ and on matters of personal morality.

But times are a-changing, and signs of a new convergence are multiplying. Some prominent Evangelical leaders and churches have added HIV/AIDs and environmental concerns to their agendas.

"There's a large group of Evangelical and 'midway Christian' groups that are understanding we can't simply deal with what we used to call spiritual issues," says the Rev. Kurt Fredrickson, associate professor of ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Calif., the largest multidenominational evangelical seminary in the US. "There's almost a holistic sense of who we are as people and how we are in the world, so we have to deal with poverty, injustice, and the environment."

The poverty initiative under consideration this week, which highlights child poverty, is likely to have a political component. CCT plans to hold its 2008 meeting in Washington, D.C. "That might be an occasion to speak to society and the political world and ask for some commitment on reducing child poverty," says Mr. Granberg-Michaelson.

Still, some Evangelical, Pentecostal, and African-American churches have shied from participating in CCT. The Southern Baptist Convention, the biggest US Protestant denomination, sent an observer to a couple of meetings, but has not signed on.

'It's amazing to get this representation [in CCT]," says Dr. Fredrickson. "Yet it's not a surprise that some Evangelical or charismatic groups aren't there, because many determine who's in and who's out on doctrinal issues. They stick to themselves."

CCT defines its theological criteria simply, welcoming any denomination or national group that worships the triune God and believes "in the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Savior according to the Scriptures." The group also will take all its decisions by consensus.

National faith-based organizations, such as Bread for the World and World Vision, may join, but may not represent more than 20 percent of CCT.

"We have several Evangelical and Pentecostal groups that have not previously been involved who are very enthusiastic," says Granberg-Michaelson.

Bishop James Leggett of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church is one of the five CCT presidents. As for the largest Pentecostal churches, the Church of God in Christ, a historic predominantly black church, is sending an observer, and a dialogue is under way with the Assemblies of God.

The launch of CCT was postponed a year in hopes of bringing historic black churches into the gathering. Two major African-American churches have joined, and a few others are sending observers.

The Rev. William Shaw is president of the 7.5-million-member National Baptist Convention, USA Inc., which also belongs to NCC and the Baptist World Alliance. "This new thrust has a voice that is considered conservative in many ways, but it isn't the voice of what is the popular image of conservative evangelicalism," says Dr. Shaw, who is also a CCT president. "I'm hopeful this group will be a strong voice for the unity of the church, but also a strong voice for human rights and the addressing of inequities that have existed within our country for a long time."


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MessagePosté le: Sam 7 Juin - 20:04 (2014)    Sujet du message: JOEL OSTEEN TALKS ABOUT VISIT WITH THE POPE Répondre en citant


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j65tSPJZutQ


ROME – Joel Osteen, pasteur de l’église de Lakewood Mega, était dans le groupe de politiciens et de chefs religieux qui ont rencontré le pape François a Vatican.

Selon les rapports, Osteen faisait partie d’une délégation organisée par la Fondation internationale qui s’efforce de promouvoir l’œcuménisme et les relations interconfessionnelles. Sénateur Mike Lee (R), un mormon, Gayle Beebe, président de Westmont College en Californie interconfessionnel, le pasteur Tim Timmons, fondateur de la Côte Sud Community Church également en Californie, ont été parmi ceux qui ont rencontré le pape, avec Osteen, selon Christian Nouvelles.

«Je me sentais très honoré et privilégié», a dit Osteen la station de télévision Clic 2 Houston. «C’était incroyable. Et même revenir à cette partie du Saint-Siège, il ya tellement d’histoire dans l’endroit où nous étions. Sentez-vous un profond respect et de révérence pour Dieu.”
Chef Lakewood également rencontré d’autres responsables du Vatican au cours de sa visite, notamment le cardinal Pietro Paroli, secrétaire d’Etat du Saint-Siège.

Avant la réunion, Osteen assistait à la messe sur la place Saint-Pierre au milieu d’une foule de 100.000 personnes.

“Après cela, [le pape] a passé une heure et demi à travers la foule avec la papamobile, saluant les gens”, a déclaré Osteen le Houston Chronicle. «C’était très émouvant de voir le Pape proche des gens.”

Osteen a déclaré aux journalistes qu’il croit le message du pape est celui de l’unité.

“J’aime le fait que le pape a fait une église plus inclusive», at-il dit. “Juste essayer de faire le plus petit église, mais essaie de le rendre plus grand, à embrasser le monde entier. C’est un message dont je m’identifie”, a déclaré Osteen.

Mais d’autres ont exprimé leur tristesse à la récente réunion de Osteen avec le Pape au Vatican, en disant que l’œcuménisme est loin d’être biblique.

Source: Noticias Cristianas

Chrétiens s’il vous plait, n’accepte pas l’œcuménisme, C’est ça ce qu’on appelle le nouvel ordre mondial, Une seule religion mondiale pour adorer la bête….. Je vous le dis en vérité cette génération ne passera pas avant que tout cela n’arrive.


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MessagePosté le: Dim 8 Juin - 18:36 (2014)    Sujet du message: SEN. MIKE LEE, DIRK KEMPTHORNE, JOEL OSTEEN MEET WITH POPE FRANCIS AT VATICAN Répondre en citant



By Mark A. Kellner, Deseret News National Edition

Published: Thursday, June 5 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT
Updated: Thursday, June 5 2014 4:47 p.m. MDT

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, left, shakes hands with Pope Francis during a meeting with the pontiff on Thursday, June 5, 2014, at the Vatican. Lee was part of a delegation of political and religious leaders from the United States. In the middle is U.S. Senator Dirk Kempthorne, R-Idaho.

Sharon Lee


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MessagePosté le: Ven 20 Juin - 00:07 (2014)    Sujet du message: CHURCH LEADERS MEET AND AGREE TO ADVANCE PEACE ON KOREAN PENINSULA Répondre en citant


Participants attending the Korea consultation offer prayers for peace on the Korean Peninsula.

19 June 2014

In a first meeting since 2009 and since the 2013 appointment of a new leader for the Korea Christian Federation (KCF) of North Korea, an international group of church leaders from 34 countries, including North and South Korea, met near Geneva, Switzerland, to seek ways to advance RECONCILIATION and PEACE on the peninsula.

The group agreed in a communiqué released at the end of their meeting on Thursday to seek new initiatives to advance PEACE, such as increasing visits between churches in North and South Korea, inviting younger people around the world to become involved in working for PEACE on the peninsula and calling for an annual day of prayer for PEACE on the peninsula.

The group also recommends promoting annual ecumenical meetings and consultations involving Christians from both countries in conjunction with the day of prayer.

The meeting was sponsored by the World Council of Churches (WCC) and included leaders from the KCF and the National Council of Churches of Korea (NCCK) in South Korea. It was held at the Bossey Ecumenical Institute. =  The Korea National Council of Churches, the largest ecumenical agency in the country, is supported by the main Protestant denominations http://www.unitingworld.org.au/about/our-overseas-partners/asia/national-co…
The meeting was a continuation of discussions held between the churches from North and South Korea that began in 1984, called the Tozanso Consultation, and a follow up to a statement from the WCC 10th Assembly held in Busan, South Korea, 30 October - 8 November, 2013, calling for a new era of ecumenical engagement in the search for PEACE and RECONCILIATION on the Korea peninsula.

"The tragedy of division of the Korean Peninsula requires a human and spiritual fellowship and reorientation," Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit said. "This Bossey Consultation has shown that the fellowship of churches (WCC) can provide this."

"We are ready to follow up the mandate from the 10th Assembly to work together for PEACE and for RECONCILIATION," he said.

The event, called the International Consultation on Justice, Peace and Reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula, 17-19 June, was convened on the 30th anniversary of the Tozanso Consultation and included worship services, presentations and discussions on a variety of issues related to the division of the two countries and separation of churches, and a joint eucharistic worship service.

"I believe this gathering of brothers and sisters of churches of various countries is a manifestation of the strong desire and will to pool efforts and actively contribute to the cause of PEACE and REUNIFICATION on the Korean Peninsula," said Rev. Kang Myong Chol, chairperson of the KCF in his remarks to the group.

"Since Emmanuel God will always be with us and lead us to the road of JUSTICE and PEACE, the ecumenical cause...will surely be achieved under the special divine protection and grace of our Lord," Kang said.

The communique called for an increased role by the WCC and churches around the world promoting PEACE on the peninsula. A larger international ecumenical consultation is to be organized in 2015, marking the 70th anniversary of the division of the Korean Peninsula.

One element of the communiqué is the recommendation that the WCC encourage its nearly 350 member churches around the world to observe the Sunday before 15 August each year, starting with 10 August 2014, as a "Sunday of Prayer for the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula."

The WCC will be releasing in multiple languages a joint prayer from the KCF and NCCK for peace and reconciliation of the Korean Peninsula that can be used for the Sunday of Prayer. The WCC will also be promoting annual ecumenical meetings and consultations in conjunction with the day of prayer.
The communiqué also asks for the creation of opportunities for young people and women, as well as leaders and decision makers from all parts of the world, to visit both parts of Korea.

"We gather here because this year is the 30th anniversary of Tozanso consultation," said NCCK general secretary, Rev Kim Young Ju. "It means one generation has passed with the Tozanso consultation, which was a pioneer of the peaceful reunification movement."

"Now a younger generation of South and North Korea, as the successor of this movement, has to show the vision of the future," he continued. "We have to provide theological background, a training programme and spiritual resources for a younger generation."

A testimony by Gil Won-Ok, a surviving victim of the Japanese military sexual slavery during World War II, set an important context for the group's quest for JUSTICE and PEACE not only on the Korean Peninsula but in the region, and for the role of women in building PEACE for Korean and the region.

Gil’s testimony reminded the group "of the importance of recognizing and affirming the role of women as active participants in peacemaking, as all too often they are the ones who suffer the most during wars. True PEACE cannot be realized without their participation and contribution," the communiqué said.

The group also underlined the need for developing resources to counter the current discourse of "hate generated in the media which perpetuate enemy images and division."

Communiqué of the Bossey Consultation

WCC Assembly Statement on Peace and Reunification of the Korean Peninsula

WCC member churches in the Republic of Korea

Read also: WCC announces international consultation about reunification of Korean peninsula (WCC press release of April 2014)


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"But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.
For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.
 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.
 Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness."
1 Thessalonians :1-5


08 November 2013

Adopted by the WCC 10th Assembly as part of the Report of the Public Issues Committee.

“For he is our peace; in his flesh he has made both groups into one and has broken down the dividing wall, that is, the hostility between us.” (Eph. 2:14)

We, the delegates of the 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC) meeting in Busan from 30 October to 8 November 2013, bear witness to the suffering of the men, women and children of the one Korean people through decades of violence caused by war and hostility that have left them divided into two nations.

Division, war and the suffering contradict God’s will for the fullness of life. Therefore, we call upon the churches of the world, and upon those holding social, economic, political and governmental power, to pursue a lasting and sustainable peace with justice that will reunify and reconcile the people of Korea.

The central theme of our assembly is a simple prayer, “God of life, lead us to justice and peace.” It is our prayer that the vision and dream of all Koreans, their common aspiration for healing, reconciliation, peace and reunification may be fulfilled.

New Challenges to Reconciliation and Healing
The present situation in the Korean peninsula prompts us to a renewed engagement in efforts to work for peace and justice throughout the region and for the reunification of a divided Korea. Despite many positive developments in the world during the post-Cold War era, the North East Asia region still contains the world’s heaviest concentration of military and security threats. Four of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, who are also recognized nuclear weapons states, have military bases in this region. There are even signs of an emerging “new Cold War”, as the geopolitical map of North East Asia shows new shifts in the balance of power. New tensions are arising with the intensified political, economic and military presence of the United States in the region; and three other “power poles”, China, Japan and Russia, also are active in this region.

Changing geopolitical dynamics among the four major powers could stifle the aspirations and hopes of the Korean people for peace and reunification. Increasing arms build-up in several Asian countries make this one of the fastest-growing regions for military spending in the world, including nuclear arms and high-tech weapons of mass destruction.

The peace we envision is a condition of justice embracing the whole of life and restoring harmony among neighbours. We are convinced that it is the right time to begin a new process towards a comprehensive peace treaty that will replace the 1953 Armistice Agreement and secure just and peaceful relations among nations in the region while normalizing relations between North and South, and facilitating Korean reunification.

As delegates representing 345 churches and some 560 million Christians around the world, we are prepared to renew our support for peace and reconciliation, and to encourage and assist the national and international leaders whose efforts are indispensable.

Our Faith Commitment to Peace with Justice
As a global body of believers in Jesus Christ, we confess our sins in having given in to the powers and principalities of the world in their wars and military conflicts full of hate and enmity, armed with nuclear arsenals and weapons of mass destruction targeting humanity and the whole of God’s creation. Also we lament our failure to adequately acknowledge the Korean people’s long suffering, caused by external powers fighting for colonial expansion and military hegemony.

We hereby join the Christians in Korea in their confession of faith in Jesus Christ, who came to this world as our Peace (Ephesians 2:13-19); who suffered, died upon the Cross, was buried, and rose again to reconcile humanity to God, to overcome divisions and conflicts, and to liberate all people and make them one (Acts 10:36-40); who, as our Messiah, will bring about a new Heaven and new Earth (Rev. 21-22).

With this confession, we join in firm commitment with the Christians of Korea, both North and South, especially in Korean churches’ faithful actions to work towards peace, healing, reconciliation and reunification of their people and their land.

Faith and Hope in Action
Ever since its 1st Assembly in 1948 and the Korean conflict that followed, the WCC has felt the pain of Korea’s division and to some degree has found it reflected in tensions among members and partners. We are well aware of the challenges and obstacles on the pathways to peace. We recognize the painstaking effort of Christians in Korea, both North and South, and recall the continued and sustained efforts of the WCC and its ecumenical partners in accompanying the people of the Korean peninsula.

In the midst of an extremely difficult situation, the Korean churches’ ecumenical witnesses and prayers have been pivotal. Such faith in action led them to new horizons of hope with prayers. The Tozanso Consultation, organized by the WCC Commission of the Churches on International Affairs (CCIA) in 1984, was held at a time when it was difficult for the Korean churches to openly discuss the issue of Korean reunification. The Tozanso Consultation was the first attempt by the WCC to bring Christians from a wide spectrum of member churches worldwide together with Christians from Korea, to look at some of the issues raised by the division of the Korean peninsula. The WCC initiative helped to address the issues of the division of Korea and Korean reunification as means to strengthen the Korean people’s struggle for peace with justice.

In 1988 the decisive Declaration of Korean Churches for National Unification of the Korean People and Peace in the Korean Peninsula set 1995 as the Year of National Jubilee for the churches in North and South, and affirmed the five principles of: 1) self-reliant unification, 2) peaceful unification, 3) national unity through trust and cooperation, 4) democratic unification by people's participation, and 5) North-South relations based on a humanitarian approach.

We recognize the value of ecumenical engagement in advocacy initiated by the WCC addressing peace and reconciliation as well as denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Those initiatives provide avenues for North and South Korean church leaders as well as church and ecumenical partners from Asia, North America and Europe to come together within the setting of a common platform. The Ecumenical Forum on Peace, Reconciliation and Reunification of the Korean Peninsula, coordinated and facilitated by the WCC/CCIA with the participation of churches in Asia, Europe and North America in addition the churches in South Korea and the Korean Christian Federation in North Korea has provided additional and frequent opportunities for mutual dialogue and interactions on peace and reunification. Although progress has been made at various levels, there is still a long way to go to accomplish the mission of peace and reunification on the Korean peninsula.

We recall that major WCC events in the past have been venues for historic meetings of church leaders of North and South, starting with the Moscow central committee meeting in 1989 and including WCC assemblies in Canberra (1991), Harare (1998) and Porto Alegre (2006). Various other international consultations held subsequently with the participation of churches from North and South Korea lent further authenticity to ecumenical advocacy on peace and reunification of the Korean peninsula. The international consultation organized by the CCIA in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the Tozanso process in October 2009 helped to provide new impetus for working towards the goal of witnessing for peace, justice and unity, and it encouraged dialogue and participation for all who have been affected by the tragedy of division. In addition, visits to North Korea by the WCC general secretaries in 1999, 2009 and 2013 have lent credence to the commitment of the WCC and its member churches in supporting the churches in North and South Korea seeking peace and reunification.

We are conscious of the fact that the prevailing geo-political context of the Korean peninsula warrants that the ecumenical movement develop new ways of accompaniment and engagement. As the WCC has been accompanying the churches and people in the Korean peninsula in their struggle to achieve peace with justice and reconciliation, and reunification of the divided Korean peninsula, it is imperative that every effort continue to be taken in providing common platforms for both North and South Korean churches to meet together, with a particular focus on younger generations.

We also discern signs of hope and a framework that would enable the Korean peninsula to embrace peace with justice and fullness of life. On the Korean peninsula, shared human security and human rights must become a greater priority than divisive, competitive and militarized national security.

 The threat of nuclear weapons has long been recognized, and now serious questions are raised concerning all nuclear energy. With many in the world, the churches share the conviction that a world without nuclear weapons is both necessary and possible. Our shared hope for a nuclear-free world would not only be for the people of the Korean peninsula but for all people in the world, renouncing nuclear weapons and working together for their complete dismantling, leading other regions and showing the way. Hope and possibilities such as these motivate the churches to make greater efforts to work for peace and reconciliation on the Korean peninsula in response to God’s promise to lead us towards justice and peace as hallmarks of God’s reign.

“For he is our peace; in his flesh he has made both groups into one and has broken down the dividing wall, that is, the hostility between us.” (Eph. 2:14)

The Way towards Healing, Reconciliation and Peace
During the sixty long years since combat ceased in the Korean War, through the Armistice Agreement of July 27, 1953, the two Koreas, the USA and China have nevertheless continued in a technical state of war with defensive military build-ups including the stockpiling of nuclear weapons. The current situation proves the urgent need for a peace treaty to replace the 1953 Armistice Agreement.

Fresh and decisive action is required to enact a peace treaty. A process towards a peace treaty is crucial for the Korean peninsula and in the entire North East Asia region, as well as contributing to the process of building a nuclear weapon-free peace zone in this region. The peace treaty must be discussed and agreed by the parties to the Armistice Agreement and the countries related to the Armistice Agreement. We believe that a declaration of the end of the Korean War shared by stakeholders will accelerate the agreement’s conclusion and contribute to mutual trust and confidence-building among them. Participants in the Six-Party Talks (SPT) previously promised to hold peace forums in order to convert the prevailing armistice system into a concrete peace system. We strongly urge South and North Korea, the USA and China to ensure the keeping of this promise. At the same time, the USA and Japan should stop imposing blockades and sanctions against the North, while China should act in its facilitator’s role in order to resume dialogues, including the Six-Party Talks.

Taking into consideration the continuing humanitarian crisis in the North, we urge the international community to initiate humanitarian support to the people while cooperating with the North in projects for its sustainable development. It has become clear that economic sanctions serve primarily as instruments for punishing the people of a country, especially the poor in any society. Therefore, we question the ethical principles as well as the strategic effectiveness of economic sanctions imposed on North Korea. It is in this context that we raise concern about the UN Security Council Resolutions against North Korea. Opportunities for economic exchanges between the North and other countries in the world must be resumed. This will open new avenues for effective economic collaboration. Above all, this will facilitate active engagement through dialogue to normalize relations. The UN should also initiate efforts for peace-building across the Korean peninsula and lift the existing economic and financial sanctions.

The way forward - Recommendations
We believe that peace-building in a globalized and interdependent world is a shared responsibility of sovereign states, the United Nations and civil society groups including the churches. Affirming the Christian calling to be peacemakers and responding to the faith witness of the Korean churches, which have proclaimed the Jubilee among the Korean people, the member churches of the WCC, gathered in Busan, Republic of Korea for the WCC 10th Assembly from 30 October to 8 November 2013, together affirm the following:
  1. Realizing that as we pray with and for the peoples of Korea the churches and ecumenical partners have a specific responsibility toward working together for peace and reconciliation in the Korean peninsula with renewed energy, in close partnership and transparent relationships with each other and with the churches and Christians in both North and South of Korea, the National Council of Churches in Korea and the Korean Christian Federation. We, therefore, commit ourselves to:

a)      Embody the spirit of the Tozanso process including courage, caring, communication, confession, conciliation and commitment;
b)      Pray with the peoples and churches of Korea by designating the Sunday before 15 August as the “Sunday of Prayer for the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula”;
c)      Provide a wide ecumenical platform for young generations both in North and South Korea to meet together in order to envision a desirable future of the Korean Peninsula;
d)      Organize solidarity visits to churches in North and South Korea that can serve as peacemakers and bridge builders. A first visit can be organized as early as 2014, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the historic Tozanso International Consultation; and
e)      Continue accompanying the churches of Korea by providing common platforms for churches and Christians from both North and South to meet together in order to advance towards reconciliation and peace. We recognize that a historically symbolic moment for such initiatives could be found in 2015, the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Korea.
  1. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to take actions to:
a)      Work with our governments to mandate the United Nations Security Council to initiate new efforts for peace-building across the Korean Peninsula and to lift the existing economic and financial sanctions imposed on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea;
b)      Embark upon a universal campaign for a peace treaty to replace the Armistice Agreement of 1953, bringing an end to the state of war;
c)      Call upon all foreign powers in the region to participate in a creative process for building peace on the Korean peninsula by halting all military exercises on the Korean peninsula, by ceasing their interventions and reducing military expenditures;
d)     Ensure the complete, verifiable and irreversible elimination of all nuclear weapons and power plants in -North East Asia, by taking steps to establish a Nuclear-Free World and simultaneously joining the emerging international consensus for a humanitarian ban on nuclear weapons in all regions of the world, so that life is no longer threatened by nuclear dangers anywhere on earth;
e)      Urge the governments in both North and South Korea to restore human community with justice and human dignity by overcoming  injustice and confrontation, and to heal human community by urgently addressing the humanitarian issue of separated families, by establishing a sustainable process allowing confirmation of the whereabouts of family members and free exchanges of letters and visits, and by offering the support of international agencies where necessary; and
f)       Work with the governments of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Republic of Korea in providing international cooperation to maintain a truly Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and transform it into a zone of peace.

The following delegates and entire delegations wished to register their dissent that the statement does not include a concern of special relevance to the Korean peninsula, namely the plight of conscientious objectors to military service:

Evangelical Church in Germany
Waldensian Church
Church of the Brethren
Church of the Brethren in Nigeria
Eglise du Christ au Congo - Communaute mennonite au Congo
Mennonite Church in Germany
Mennonite Church in the Netherlands
Friends United Meeting
Canadian Yearly Meeting
Ms Eun-Young Lee, Korean Methodist Church
Ms Alison Jane Preston, Anglican Church of Australia
Rev. Sarah Campbell, United Church of Christ
Rev. Kelli Parrish Lucas, United Church of Christ

Download : PIC 02_3 ADOPTED Statement on Peace and Reunification of the Korean Peninsula.pdf


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MessagePosté le: Sam 28 Juin - 14:27 (2014)    Sujet du message: POPE MEETS COPELANDS, ROBINSONS TO MEET PRIVATELY / NORTH TEXAS EVANGELICALS MEET WITH POPE FRANCIS Répondre en citant


Ajoutée le 27 juin 2014

What does this all mean?

James and Betty Robison, co-hosts of the Life Today television program, and Kenneth Copeland, co-host of Believer's Voice of Victory, met the Roman Pontiff at the Vatican on Tuesday. The meeting lasted almost three hours and included a private luncheon with Pope Francis.

VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7pEARyP6CA



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MessagePosté le: Mer 2 Juil - 17:11 (2014)    Sujet du message: QUEEN OF ALL Répondre en citant

Commentary by Roger Oakland
Understand The Times International: Roger Oakland Ministries
For printer friendly version, please click here

It was a highly newsworthy item. Secular news agencies around the world reported on this very religious matter. A rift between Roman Catholics and Anglicans was soon to come to an end.

A document titled Mary: Hope and Grace in Christ was finally published after six years of discussion. Centuries of Anglican dissent over the Roman Catholic view of Mary would soon be history. According to an article titled “Anglicans invited to take Catholic view of Mary,” a major step towards reunion with the Mother of All Churches was about to be accomplished. Quoting from the document:

"There is no continuing theological reason for ecclesial division" over the role of the Virgin Mary. "We do not consider the practice of asking Mary and the saints to pray for us as communion dividing," it says. The document also describes private devotions inspired by apparitions of Mary as "acceptable [1]


But there was more. The document stated that the infallible dogmas of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption – the teachings that Mary was herself conceived “without sin” and that on death she was “assumed” body and soul into Heaven – are consistent with the teachings of Scripture. [2] The article said that the Mary: Hope and Grace in Christ document was not intended to be authoritative but to be the basis for discussion. The authors of the document admitted openly to the hope that the Roman Catholic Church and Anglicans will recognize a “common faith” concerning Mary. [3]

The article also reported that Catholic Bishop Malcolm McMahon, a member of the committee that drafted the document, said that “Mary need no longer be considered an obstacle to unity between Anglicans and Catholics. He said, “What we have done is put down a paving stone on the road to Christian unity.” [4]

Speaking of Christian unity, we hear a lot about this subject these days. Especially since Pope Benedict XVI came on the scene as the head of the Roman Catholic Church. He announced that unification of Christianity is a priority. But as one can easily see, unity when the Roman Catholic Church is involved means embracing Roman Catholic dogma and tradition. If the Anglicans are willing to embrace “Mary” as the mother of the one true church, what about other denominations. Are there any signs this could happen?

The answer to that question should be evident. In case you have not read it, check out - Time magazine, March 21, 2005. This is what you will read on the cover: “Hail Mary – Catholics have long revered her, but now Protestants are finding their own reasons to celebrate the mother of Jesus.” Then flip over to page 61 and read the subtitle: “She was there at the Cross. Yet Protestants seldom talk about Jesus’ mother at Easter – or at most other times. But they are starting to now.”

So, I would like to make a prediction based on current events and the facts. Anglicans have already joined arms with Roman Catholics to embrace an extra-biblical “Mary.” I don’t think it will be too much longer when more of the “separated brethren” sign a pact with Rome and come home as well.  


[1] http://www.sermonindex.net/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=5630&fo… [2] Ibid.
[3] Ibid.
[4] Ibid.   



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MessagePosté le: Jeu 3 Juil - 00:58 (2014)    Sujet du message: THEY MOCKED GOD ON INTERNATIONAL NATIONAL TELEVISION (TBN) Répondre en citant


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgF8tRGUWDQ

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MessagePosté le: Ven 11 Juil - 00:15 (2014)    Sujet du message: LES EGLISES VONT POURSUIVRE LEUR "PELERINAGE DE JUSTICE ET DE PAIX» DANS LE MONDE Répondre en citant


"Et tous les habitants de la terre l'adoreront, ceux dont le nom n'a pas été écrit dès la fondation du monde dans le livre de vie de l'agneau qui a été immolé."
Apocalypse 13:8


Membres du COE

Le Comité central a accepté une demande de réadmission, en tant qu’Église membre du COE, de l’Église réformée hollandaise d’Afrique du Sud qui s’était séparée du Conseil en raison de désaccords fondamentaux sur la politique suivie à l’ère de l’apartheid. Les demandes d’admission formulées par le Synode de Blantyre de l’Église presbytérienne d’Afrique centrale au Malawi et par le Conseil des Églises baptistes du Nord-Est de l’Inde ont également été acceptées. Les décisions définitives d’admission seront prises par le Comité central lors de sa prochaine session, dans deux ans.



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MessagePosté le: Ven 11 Juil - 00:25 (2014)    Sujet du message: LE PASTEUR TRAETTINO ET LE PAPE FRANCOIS PRIENT POUR L'UNITE Répondre en citant


 Le pape rendra sa visite au pasteur évangélique de l'Eglise de la Réconciliation

Rome, 10 juillet 2014 (Zenit.org) Anita Bourdin 

L'amitié de Jorge Mario Bergoglio et du pasteur évangélique italien Giovanni Traettino a commencé en 2006: le pasteur lui a rendu visite au Vatican le 18 juin dernier, et le pape lui rendra sa visite, probablement le 26 juillet, à Caserte, au sud de Naples. Le pape invite les catholiques à "prier pour que le Seigneur nous donne l’unité": prier entre catholiques et avec d'autres chrétiens.

Giovanni Traettino, 60 ans, pasteur depuis 1968, est responsable de l’Eglise évangélique de la Réconciliation de Caserte.

Le pape François a reçu le pasteur Giovanni Traettino, mercredi 18 juin, à Sainte-Marthe, au Vatican.  Il a ensuite évoqué leur rencontre dans sa catéchèse du mercredi sur l’unité  de l’Eglise.

Lors de la visite au Vatican, le pasteur et le pape ont échangé des publications et ils ont prié ensemble, avant de dialoguer sur la nécessité de l’unité des chrétiens.

Dans sa catéchèse, le pape a raconté cette rencontre : « Je vais vous raconter quelque chose : aujourd’hui, avant de sortir de chez moi, j’ai passé quarante minutes, plus ou moins, une demi-heure, avec un pasteur évangélique et nous avons prié ensemble et recherché l’unité. »

« Un entretien informel, très fraternel », a commenté le pasteur en ajoutant : « Je me sens moi aussi très engagé dans ce processus, mais e sont les hommes, à la fin qui jouent un rôle important dans le parcours de la fraternité authentique. Notre souhait est que aussi dans des moments comme celui-ci, ils jouent un rôle dans le processus d’unité que nous voulons tous. »

Ils se connaissent depuis une rencontre entre les pasteurs évangéliques de Buenos Aires et de l’archevêque, le cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, en 2006.

« Le cardinal a toujours manifesté une sensibilité pour le dialogue avec nous, encourageant nos réflexions communes et stimulant les catholiques pour l’unité » des chrétiens.

Dans sa catéchèse du 18 juin, le pape a insisté sur la recherche de l’unité en disant : « Les divisions entre nous, mais aussi les divisions entre communautés : chrétiens évangéliques, chrétiens orthodoxes, chrétiens catholiques, mais pourquoi sommes-nous divisés ? Nous devons chercher à apporter l’unité. »

Il avait ajouté cette exhortation en direction des catholiques et des familles: « Mais nous devons prier entre nous, catholiques, et aussi avec les autres chrétiens, prier pour que le Seigneur nous donne l’unité, l’unité entre nous. Mais comment aurons-nous l’unité entre chrétiens si nous ne sommes pas capables de l’avoir entre catholiques ? de l’avoir dans nos familles ? Tant de familles se disputent et sont divisées. Cherchez l’unité, l’unité qui fait l’Église. L’unité vient de Jésus-Christ. Il nous envoie l’Esprit-Saint pour faire l’unité. »

(10 juillet 2014) © Innovative Media Inc.


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MessagePosté le: Ven 11 Juil - 00:28 (2014)    Sujet du message: ITALIE : VISITE DU PAPE FRANCOIS A UNE COMMUNAUTE EVANGELIQUE Répondre en citant


Troisième visite du pape un samedi Rome, 10 juillet 2014 (Zenit.org) Anita Bourdin 

Le pape François effectuera uen visite privée à Caserte, en Campanie (la région de Naples), probablement le samedi 26 juillet, annonce le porte-parole du Saint-Siège, le P. Federico Lombardi.

Le pape a en effet rencontré à Rome un groupe de pasteurs évangéliques le mois dernier, dont un pasteur dont il est ami depuis l'époque de Buenos Aires.

Il a confié à cet ami qu'il souhaitait se rendre en visite à son église, à Caserte.

Le P. Lombardi annonce une visite "tout à fait privée", "extrêmement simple et rapide", et "au cours de la matinée". 

Ce sera le troisième samedi que le pape utilise pour des visites en Italie avec Cassano le 21 juin, Campobasso et Isernia, le 5 juillet, alors qu'il ne cache pas qu'il souffre de ne pas pouvoir sortir du Vatican.

(10 juillet 2014) © Innovative Media Inc.


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 17 Juil - 01:09 (2014)    Sujet du message: POPE POSES WITH WEALTHY TELEVANGELISTS Répondre en citant


Posted on July 7, 2014

Photo taken from Kenneth Copeland Ministries blog site [1] and from Catch the Fire, Revival Magazine, “Unity in Diversity”, Left to right—Carol and John Arnott, Rev Brian Stiller, Kenneth Copeland, Pope Francis, Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher, Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, James and Betty Robison, Tony Palmer. A similar photo with the same persons was published by Trunews.com [2]

When Pope Francis sacked the German “Bishop of Bling” Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst of Limburg last October for spending $43 million of church funds for his residential complex, and denounced the “idolatry of money,” self-indulgence and “insidious worldliness” within the church, we were hopeful.

And in May, when the pope condemned “profiteers” and “climbers” and “people who follow Jesus for money,” calling for a “poor church for the poor,” we applauded.

But now the Pope has met with several televangelists who engage in the same kind of excesses he’s been preaching against, and we wonder why.


JULY 7th, 2014

Dallas, TX—Televangelist watchdog group questions Pope Francis’ decision to pose with wealthy… televangelists.

When Pope Francis sacked the German “Bishop of Bling” Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst of Limburg last October for spending $43 million of church funds for his residential complex, and denounced the “idolatry of money,” self-indulgence and “insidious worldliness” within the church, we were hopeful.

And in May, when the pope condemned “profiteers” and “climbers” and “people who follow Jesus for money,” calling for a “poor church for the poor,” we applauded.

But now the Pope has met with several televangelists who engage in the same kind of excesses he’s been preaching against, and we wonder why.

Known for his humility, Francis turned down the normal papal residence for a more humble one nearby. He drives a Ford Focus and recently lamented that “it hurts my heart when I see a priest or a nun with the latest model of car.”

So why is he being cozy with these televangelist “bishops of bling?”

At a meeting in June, the pope greeted Kenneth Copeland of Kenneth Copeland Ministries and James Robison and his wife Betty of Life Outreach International. Other guests were Tony Palmer, former director of Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Africa and current bishop & international ecumenical officer of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches; Geoff Tunnicliffe, head of Worldwide Evangelical Alliance; and John and Carol Arnott of the Toronto Blessing “holy laughter” movement.

In January, Palmer brought a personal video message of brotherly unification from the pope to one of Copeland’s leadership conferences. In his address, Pope Francis urged believers to set aside differences. (See the Pope toward the end of this longer video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA4EPOfic5A)

If Pope Francis is offering his blessing on their activities, he’s either not the Francis we’ve come to expect, or he is lacking the facts.

Trinity Foundation has been investigating religious fraud for decades and was directly involved in a Senate investigation on religious organization’s abuse of donor money.  From 2005 through 2011, the foundation submitted 38 reports to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee on abuses by religious not-for-profit organizations.

We hope Pope Francis will consider what our investigations have uncovered about some of his guests:

• Kenneth Copeland and his wife Gloria live in a 20,000-square-foot lake-front mansion near Fort Worth, TX.  They regularly fly one or the other of their two expensive jets and other airplanes around the world, including regular trips to their multi-million chalet-style mansion in Steamboat Springs, Colo.

• Tony Palmer, a former employee of Copeland, is ordained with the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC), a small offshoot unrelated to the main Episcopal denomination.  The CEEC also ordained Gene Ewing, creator of St. Matthew’s Churches, who for decades has been running a direct-mail operation sending out gaudy, gimmicky letters (with prayer cloths, holy water from the Jordan and holy oil) promising riches and healing for anyone desperate enough to send in their money.  Ewing, dubbed “God’s Ghostwriter”, routinely wrote similar garish letters for other evangelists using every trick to milk desperate people out of their money.  The mailings still take in millions of dollars every month, though the group has lost its tax-exempt status several times.

• A cursory search of property records show James and Betty Robison live in a “modest” Texas home appraised by Tarrant County tax-assessors at $742,800.   They also own one or more multi-million-dollar homes in Silverthorne, Colo., and have access to their large Robison ministry ranch and lodge in East Texas built with donor money.

We can only hope Pope Francis used his time with these Christian leaders to school them in the meaning of humility.

Trinity Foundation President Ole Anthony says it’s past time for churches to require real financial accountability from one another. “After all, shouldn’t religious groups be leading the way regarding integrity?”

The foundation’s six-year investigation of televangelists in partnership with the U.S. Senate Finance Committee ended when Sen. Chuck Grassley passed the problem along to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, whose self-policing recommendations were compromised by including on the panel representatives with ties to ministries that are among the most egregious offenders.

Corrective legislation or action by the IRS has been lacking. So Anthony is calling for religious leaders to come together to work out real solutions to the plague of religious fraud and excess in the church.

You can find out more about TFI and the fight for financial accountability on our website here: http://trinityfi.org/about-us/

Members of the media are welcome to contact Pete Evans at 214-827-2625, ext 200 or pete@trinityfi.org for more information.


[1] Photo from http://kennethcopelandministries.org/2014/06/kenneth-copeland-reports-in-ab… and http://revivalmag.com/article/unity-diversity#.U6sm413XyxI.facebook
[2] A reverse image similar photo was published by www.trunews.com courtesy of Robison’s Life outreach organization,  http://www.trunews.com/trunews-exclusive-pope-francis-meets-evangelical-del…


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MessagePosté le: Mar 22 Juil - 03:40 (2014)    Sujet du message: BISHOP TONY PALMER DIES IN MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT. Répondre en citant


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDp3McVHKDU

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MessagePosté le: Sam 9 Aoû - 18:52 (2014)    Sujet du message: UPDATE ON BISHOP TONY PALMER'S FUNERAL / A FEW THOUGHTS FROM THE REQUIEM MASS CELEBRATING THE LIFE OR RT REV ANTHOLY PALMER - 4th 1966 - 20th JULY 2014 Répondre en citant



VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgoQdAcKDpE


Nice article or good fable but where are the pictures of the ceremony and why the silence around this death at their church? A man so close to the Pope and the new world religion order would receive more than just l little article who can't be verify.

I attended the requiem of the late Bishop Tony Palmer at St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church in the City of Bath on the 6th August. Canon David Ryan the parish priest at St. John’s ( a truly beautiful and Spirit filled believer) kindly gave me a place to stay in the presbytery so that I didn’t have to rush back home after the funeral or seek more expensive accommodation in the city.

I arrived after a rather long and tedious journey by train from Bexhill-on Sea to Bath, arriving  a couple of hours before the funeral. (A special word of sincere thanks goes to my dear friends in the USA, Vivian Ruth Sawyer and Thomas Nolan who helped finance my attendance).

St. John the Evangelist church is situated in the city centre five minutes from the railway station, so I had time to rest and eat some pizza, which the house keeper had kindly prepared, before other guests started arriving. The Requiem was purposefully arranged to be at 4p.m. to enable the funeral cortège to get through the heavily congested city centre roads, many of which had road works in progress.

Bishops and priests from the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches arrived an hour or so before the start of the requiem mass, along with guests from other churches locally and from around the world. Bruno Ierullo and Steve Long the senior Pastor of Catch the Fire Church in Toronto came and represented John and Carol Arnott who had recently been with Bishop Tony and Pope Francis at a meeting in the Vatican of a number of Charismatic Evangelicals from North America.

I felt a little like a lion in a den of Daniels, but my fear diminished as we greeted one another and shared our stories as to why we were there and how Bishop Tony had been influential in all our lives. In one way or another his life and vision had touched each of us individually. I found myself completely at home with these brothers and sisters in Christ who were encourager’s and enablers in so many ways.

(Tony’s family arrived about a twenty minutes before the start of the mass;  Emiliana his wife and their two children, Daniele and Gabriella, along with Tony’s sister and other relatives and close friends).

We all shared and discussed different matters and I was able to share the vision of the Companions of Jesus and found all responded favourably. In fact I found again here just as I had done with Tony, that we shared a common vision for unity in the Body of Christ. Bishop David Carr OSL and his brother Bishop Anthony Carr OSL spoke to me about the Order of St. Leonard and were interested in how the Companions of Jesus is a Non-Denominational Order with a very similar vision. (A quote from the OSL website reads, “The primary goal of the OSL was, and is, to bring together all Christians, regardless of differing denominations and streams, without leaving their distinctive groupings, in to a unified fellowship for prayer, mission and to help the disadvantaged.”).

I have forgotten some names of the many who I spoke with,  Fr. Steve Hughes, Revd. Esther Squire, Fr.Giles and Bishop James of the CEEC along with a number of local Anglican priests who knew Tony.

Fr. David our wonderful host led us out to greet Tony’s mortal remains as they arrived at the entrance to the Church. Fr. David told us he would like us as ministers to lead the procession up to the sanctuary and for us to remain at the front either side of the altar in the choir stalls. Fr David confessed that he would have loved us to be able to con-celebrate with him, but for now this was impossible. He found he had to remember his vow of obedience to the diocesan bishop and knew we would understand.

Fr. David told us that because Tony was not a Roman Catholic he had to ask his bishops permission to celebrate the requiem and though Tony’ s wife and children are Roman Catholics, permission still had to be given for the requiem. The bishop agreed but said that Tony could not be buried as a bishop as he was not a Roman Catholic bishop. However, Pope Francis said he should and could be buried as a bishop…and so that put an end to that little bit of ecclesiastical nonsense!

The Church was packed and though the Ark Community had wanted to have the funeral to go out live on streamed TV over the internet, there were too many technical problems. The church of St. John the Evangelist is a magnificent building in the centre of Bath, but like so many old monolithic structures it is suffering from age and is in need of a number of repairs. The church this week was full of scaffolding which trellis like covered one side of the church from ground to ceiling, from entrance right up to the sanctuary where the Tony’s Coffin was placed at the foot of the sanctuary in front of the altar.

As I sat with my fellow brother and sister ministers looking down from the choir stalls to the side of the altar, I was struck by the prophetic vision that was before us. I saw Tony’s coffin next to the trellis of iron girders and heard that call to St Francis of Assisi and more recently to Tony Palmer, a call to go and repair the brokenness of The Church. There in this building, in such need of repair, was a picture…of the Body of Christ, The Church of God. There in the coffin lay the remains of a man who like our seraphic father Francis had heeded the call to ‘go and repair my house which as you can see is in ruins’.

Other too heard that call this day and so it is for each of us to continue on this road which The Lord calls us to and which Tony helped re-lay, a road that draws brothers who have been too long divided, together again in Christ Jesus.

The requiem was beautiful, the liturgy fitting for such an occasion, the music was uplifting led by the Vineyard Church Fellowship and the music ministry of St’ Johns church. Daniele and Gabriella both spoke lovingly and passionately of their father. Emiliana read out a letter from Pope Francis that was both touching and profound.

Tony’s mortal remains were taken to the Eyre Chapel Crypt, at Perrymeade Catholic Cemetery, in Bath.

In part of the message Pope Francis sent to the conference of Charismatic Evangelical Christians in the USA through Bishop Tony, Pope Francis said, “ I am speaking to you as a brother. I speak to you in a simple way. With joy and yearning. Let us allow our yearning to grow, because this will propel us to find each other, to embrace one another. And together to worship Jesus Christ as the only Lord of History.”

I pray that we will work and walk together in the power of The Holy Spirit and that the blessing promised in Psalm 133 will be ours.
Pax et Bonum

Michael Daly. CJ

8th August 2014


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MessagePosté le: Mar 12 Aoû - 22:56 (2014)    Sujet du message: CHRETIENS EVANGELIQUES : "LE PAPE EST ALLER TROUVER SES FRERES" Répondre en citant


Visite privée chez le pasteur Giovanni Traettino à Caserte

Rome, 12 août 2014 (Zenit.org) Pape François 

« Le pape est allé trouver ses frères ! », affirme le pape François en visite dans une communauté évangélique italienne. Il encourage à marcher « sur ce chemin de l’unité », en « cherchant Jésus » car « quand on marche en présence de Dieu, on trouve cette fraternité ».

Deux jours après sa visite pastorale du samedi 26 juillet 2014, le pape François s’est rendu une seconde fois à Caserte, le 28 juillet, pour une rencontre privée avec le pasteur évangélique Giovanni Traettino, avec lequel il s’est lié d’amitié lorsqu’il était archevêque de Buenos Aires.

Le pape est arrivé en hélicoptère à Caserte vers 10h15 et, après un entretien personnel chez le pasteur, il a rencontré la communauté de l’Église évangélique pentecôtiste dans les locaux, encore en construction, de l’église pentecôtiste de la Réconciliation.

Cette rencontre, introduite par le pasteur Traettino, a commencé par des chants alternés avec trois témoignages ; puis le pape François a prononcé un discours, dans lequel il a indiqué « le chemin de la sainteté chrétienne : tous les jours, chercher Jésus pour le rencontrer et tous les jours se laisser chercher par Jésus et se laisser rencontrer par Jésus ».

Le pape a encouragé les chrétiens à avoir « l’audace d’aller de l’avant en présence du Seigneur Jésus », mettant en garde contre la tentation de rester « immobiles » ou de « tourner en rond » : les chrétiens qui se « regardent trop » prennent « le chemin de la division ».

Au contraire, l'œcuménisme cherche « à faire en sorte que la diversité soit plus harmonisée par l’Esprit-Saint et devienne une unité », a-t-il ajouté.

Il a aussi invité à « toucher la chair du Christ », c'est-à-dire « aller dans les périphéries, là où il y a tant de personnes dans le besoin… Besoin de Dieu aussi. On ne peut prêcher un Évangile purement intellectuel : l’Évangile est vérité, mais il est aussi amour et il est beauté ». En outre, « la vérité est une rencontre entre des personnes », a-t-il souligné.

Enfin, le pape a demandé pardon au nom de l’Église pour les persécutions perpétrés par des catholiques contre des évangéliques dans l'histoire : « Je vous demande pardon pour ces frères et sœurs catholiques qui n’ont pas compris et qui ont été tentés par le diable ». = Et qu'n est-il de cette nouvelle inquisiton qui a pour but de faire la guerre aux saints, qui se passe sous nos yeux?

Discours du pape François

Bonjour, frères et sœurs,

Mon frère, le pasteur Giovanni, a commencé en parlant du centre de notre vie : se mettre en présence de Jésus. Puis il a parlé de « marcher » en présence de Jésus Et c’est le premier commandement que Dieu ait donné à son peuple, à notre père Abraham : « Vas, marche en ma présence et sois sans reproche ». Et le peuple a marché : parfois en présence du Seigneur, souvent pas en présence du Seigneur. Il a choisi les idoles, les dieux… Mais le Seigneur a de la patience. Il a de la patience avec son peuple en marche. Je ne comprends pas un chrétien immobile ! Un chrétien qui ne marche pas, je ne le comprends pas ! Le chrétien doit marcher ! Il y a des chrétiens qui marchent, mais pas en présence de Jésus : il faut prier pour ces frères. Pour nous aussi quand, à certains moments, nous ne marchons pas en présence de Jésus parce que nous sommes pécheurs nous aussi, tous ! Si quelqu’un n’est pas pécheur, qu’il lève la main… Marcher en présence de Jésus.

Des chrétiens immobiles : cela fait du mal, parce que ce qui est immobile, qui ne marche pas, se corrompt. Comme l’eau immobile, qui est la première à se corrompre, l’eau qui ne coule pas… Il y a des chrétiens qui confondent marcher et « tourner en rond ». Ils ne sont pas en train de marcher, mais d’errer et ils tournent de ci de là dans la vie. Ils sont dans le labyrinthe et ils tournent en rond, ils tournent en rond… Il leur manque la parrhèsia, l’audace d’aller de l’avant : il leur manque l’espérance. Les chrétiens sans espérance tournent en rond dans la vie ; ils ne sont pas capables d’avancer. Nous ne sommes assurés que quand nous marchons en présence du Seigneur Jésus. Il nous illumine, il nous donne son Esprit pour que nous marchions bien.

Je pense au neveu d’Abraham, Jacob. Il était tranquille, là-bas, avec ses fils ; mais à un moment, la famine est arrivée et il a dit à ses fils, à ses onze fils, dix d’entre eux étant coupables de trahison, d’avoir vendu leur frère : « Allez en Égypte, marchez jusque là-bas pour y acheter de quoi manger, parce que nous avons de l’argent, mais nous n’avons pas de nourriture. Prenez de l’argent et achetez-en là où on dit qu’il y en a ». Et ils se sont mis en marche, et au lieu de trouver de la nourriture, ils ont trouvé un frère ! Et c’est très beau !

Quand on marche en présence de Dieu, on trouve cette fraternité. En revanche, quand nous nous arrêtons, nous nous regardons trop entre nous, nous prenons un autre chemin… mauvais, mauvais ! Le chemin des commérages. Et on commence : « Mais, tu ne sais pas ? – Non, non, je ne te connais pas. Je connais ceci, cela… - J’appartiens à Paul. – Moi à Apollo. – Et moi à Pierre »… Et c’est comme cela que ça commence, c’est comme cela qu’a commencé dès le début la division dans l’Église. Et ce n’est pas l’Esprit-Saint qui crée la division ! Il fait quelque chose qui ressemble, non pas la division. Ce n’est pas le Seigneur Jésus qui crée la division ! Celui qui crée la division, c’est précisément l’Envieux, le roi de l’envie, le père de l’envie : ce semeur de zizanie, Satan. Celui qui s’immisce dans les communautés et crée des divisions, toujours ! Dès les premiers temps, dès les premiers temps du christianisme, il y a eu cette tentation dans la communauté chrétienne. « J’appartiens à celui-ci. – Moi, j’appartiens à celui-là. – Non, moi je suis l’Église, toi tu es une secte »… Et ainsi, celui qui nous gagne à lui, c’est le père de la division. Non, le Seigneur Jésus a prié pour l’unité (Jean 17) !

Que fait l’Esprit-Saint ? J’ai dit qu’il fait autre chose qui peut peut-être nous faire croire que c’est la division, mais ce n’est pas cela. L’Esprit-Saint fait la « diversité » dans l’Église. La première Lettre aux Corinthiens, au chapitre 12. Lui, il crée la diversité ! Et vraiment, cette diversité est si riche, si belle. Mais ensuite, le même Esprit-Saint fait l’unité et c’est ainsi que l’Église est une dans la diversité. Et pour utiliser un belle parole d’un évangélique que j’aime beaucoup, une « diversité réconciliée » par l’Esprit-Saint. Il fait les deux : il crée la diversité des charismes et ensuite il fait l’harmonie des charismes. C’est pourquoi, les premiers théologiens de l’Église, les premiers Pères – je parle du IIIème ou du IVème siècle – disaient : « L’Esprit-Saint est l’harmonie », parce que c’est lui qui fait cette unité harmonique dans la diversité.

Nous sommes à l’époque de la mondialisation ; réfléchissons à ce qu’est la mondialisation et à ce que serait l’unité dans l’Église : peut-être une sphère où tous les points seraient équidistants du centre, tous égaux ? Non ! Ceci, c’est l’uniformité. Et l’Esprit-Saint ne fait pas l’uniformité ! Quelle figure pouvons-nous trouver ? Pensons au polyèdre : le polyèdre est une unité, mais dont toutes les parties sont différentes ; chacune a sa particularité, son charisme. Voilà l’unité dans la diversité. C’est sur ce chemin que nous, chrétiens nous faisons ce que nous appelons du nom théologique d’œcuménisme : nous cherchons à faire en sorte que cette diversité soit plus harmonisée par l’Esprit-Saint et devienne une unité ; nous cherchons à marcher en présence de Dieu pour être sans reproche ; nous cherchons à aller chercher la nourriture dont nous avons besoin, pour trouver notre frère. C’est notre chemin, c’est notre beauté chrétienne ! Je fais allusion à ce qu’a dit mon frère bien-aimé au début.

Il a ensuite parlé d’autre chose, de l’Incarnation du Seigneur. L’apôtre Jean est clair : « Celui qui dit que le Verbe n’est pas venu dans la chair n’est pas de Dieu ! Il appartient au diable ». Il n’est pas des nôtres, c’est un ennemi ! C'était la première hérésie – nous utilisons ce mot entre nous – et c’était cela que l’apôtre condamnait : l’idée que le Verbe ne soit pas venu dans la chair. Non ! L’incarnation du Verbe est à la base : c’est Jésus-Christ ! Dieu et homme, Fils de Dieu et Fils de l’homme, vrai Dieu et vrai homme. Et les premiers chrétiens l’ont compris ainsi et ont dû beaucoup lutter, beaucoup, beaucoup, pour maintenir cette vérité : le Seigneur est Dieu et homme ; le Seigneur Jésus est Dieu fait chair. C’est le mystère de la chair du Christ : on ne comprend pas l’amour du prochain, on ne comprend pas l’amour du frère, si on ne comprend pas ce mystère de l’Incarnation. J’aime mon frère parce que lui aussi est le Christ, il est comme le Christ, il est la chair du Christ. J’aime le pauvre, la veuve l’esclave, celui qui est en prison… Pensons au « protocole » sur lequel nous serons jugés : Matthieu 25. Je les aime tous, parce que ces personnes qui souffrent sont la chair du Christ et pour nous qui sommes sur ce chemin de l’unité, cela nous fera du bien de toucher la chair du Christ. Aller dans les périphéries, précisément là où il y a tant de besoins ou, pour le dire mieux, il y a tant de personnes dans le besoin, tant de personnes dans le besoin… Besoin de Dieu aussi, elles ont faim, non pas de pain, elles ont beaucoup de pain, mais de Dieu ! Aller là-bas pour dire cette vérité : Jésus-Christ est le Seigneur et c’est lui qui te sauve. Mais toujours aller toucher la chair du Christ ! On ne peut prêcher un Évangile purement intellectuel : l’Évangile est vérité, mais il est aussi amour et il est beauté ! Et c’est cela la joie de l’Évangile ! C’est précisément cela, la joie de l’Évangile.

Sur ce chemin, nous avons si souvent fait comme les frères de Joseph, quand la jalousie et l’envie nous ont divisés. Ils ont voulu tuer leur frère – Ruben a réussi à le sauver – et ensuite le vendre. Notre frère Giovanni a parlé lui aussi de cette triste histoire. Cette triste histoire lorsque l’Évangile était vécu par certains comme une vérité et qu'ils ne se rendaient pas compte que derrière ce comportement, il y avait des choses qui n’étaient pas belles, qui ne venaient pas du Seigneur, une mauvaise tentation de division. Cette triste histoire, où l’on faisait comme les frères de Joseph : des dénonciations, des lois contre les autres : « c’est contre la pureté de la race… ». Et ces lois étaient validées par des baptisés ! Parmi ceux qui ont rédigé ces lois et persécuté, dénoncé nos frères pentecôtistes parce qu’ils étaient « enthousiastes », presque « fous », il y a eu des catholiques… Je suis le pasteur des catholiques : je vous demande pardon pour cela. Je vous demande pardon pour ces frères et sœurs catholiques qui n’ont pas compris et qui ont été tentés par le diable et qui ont fait comme les frères de Joseph. Je demande au Seigneur de nous donner la grâce de reconnaître et de pardonner… Merci !

Notre frère Giovanni a dit ensuite quelque chose que je partage totalement : la vérité est une rencontre, une rencontre entre des personnes. La vérité ne se fait pas dans un laboratoire, elle se fait dans la vie, en cherchant Jésus pour le trouver. Mais le plus beau, le plus grand mystère, c’est quand nous trouvons Jésus, nous nous rendons compte qu’il nous cherchait le premier, qu’il nous a trouvé le premier, parce qu’il arrive avant nous ! Moi qui suis espagnol, j’aime dire qu’il nous « primerea ». C’est un mot espagnol : il nous précède, il nous attend toujours. Il est avant nous. Et je crois qu’Isaïe, ou Jérémie – j’ai un doute – dit que le Seigneur est comme la fleur d’amandier, qu’il est le premier à fleurir au printemps. Et le Seigneur nous attend ! C’est Jérémie ? Oui ! C’est le premier qui fleurisse au printemps, il est toujours le premier.

Cette rencontre est une belle rencontre. Elle nous remplit de joie, d’enthousiasme. Pensons à cette rencontre des premiers disciples, André et Jean. Quand le Baptiste disait : « Voici l’Agneau de Dieu, qui enlève les péchés du monde ». Et ils suivent Jésus, ils restent avec lui tout l’après-midi. Et ensuite, quand ils sortent et qu’ils rentrent chez eux, ils disent : « Nous avons entendu un rabbin »… Non ! « Nous avons trouvé le Messie ! ». Ils étaient enthousiastes. Certains riaient… Pensons à cette phrase : « De Nazareth, peut-il sortir quelque chose de bon ? ». Ils ne croyaient pas. Mais eux, ils avaient fait une rencontre ! Cette rencontre qui transforme ; tout vient de cette rencontre. C’est le chemin de la sainteté chrétienne : tous les jours, chercher Jésus pour le rencontrer et tous les jours se laisser chercher par Jésus et se laisser rencontrer par Jésus.

Nous sommes sur ce chemin de l’unité, entre frères. Certains seront étonnés : « Mais le pape est allé chez les évangéliques ! » Il est allé trouver ses frères ! Oui ! Parce que – et ce que dis maintenant est la vérité – ce sont eux qui sont venus les premiers me trouver à Buenos Aires. Et il y a ici un témoin : Jorge Himitian peut raconter l’histoire de leur venue, lorsqu'ils se sont rapprochés… Et c’est ainsi qu’a commencé cette amitié, cette proximité entre les pasteurs de Buenos Aires, et aujourd’hui ici. Je vous remercie beaucoup. Je vous demande de prier pour moi, j’en ai besoin… au moins pour que je ne sois pas trop mauvais. Merci !

Traduction de Zenit, Constance Roques

(12 août 2014) © Innovative Media Inc.


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MessagePosté le: Ven 15 Aoû - 18:28 (2014)    Sujet du message: STUDY REVEALS MOST AMERICAN POATORS SILENT ON CURRENT ISSUES DESPITE BIBLICAL BELIEFS Répondre en citant

Baldwin is right about his writting, but you have to know that Baldwin is a high freemason and he's also connect to this christian mafia. His job is to lead the sheeples to the revolution, not to the biblical repentance and the laws of the Lord. The religious religious leaders don't want to loose their 501 c3 tax exempt. By that they become governmental agency and have to obey to their government. Most of the christians churches are also infiltrate by the devil agents. You just have to see the day of National prayer who take place each year and you will see that the churches and the government are so close connect. How can a church be protect by the Lord when she's walking with the devil himself?


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1Ayj7du590


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbQDrSt-1cQ

August 14, 2014 | Heather Clark

Most pastors believe that the Bible addresses the current issues of the day, but few speak about them from behind the pulpit, according to a recent study from a prominent research organization.

George Barna was a guest on the American Family Radio program “Today’s Issues” on Thursday, where he explained a research project that he has been working on for the past two years. 

In his study, Barna’s organization asked pastors across the country about their beliefs regarding the relevancy of Scripture to societal, moral and political issues, and the content of their sermons in light of their beliefs.

“‘What we’re finding is that when we ask them about all the key issues of the day, [90 percent of them are] telling us, ‘Yes, the Bible speaks to every one of these issues,” he explained. “Then we ask them: ‘Well, are you teaching your people what the Bible says about those issues?’ and the numbers drop…to less than 10 percent of pastors who say they will speak to it.”

Barna’s group also polled pastors about what factors they use to gauge whether or not a church is successful.

“There are five factors that the vast majority of pastors turn to,” he outlined. “Attendance, giving, number of programs, number of staff, and square footage.”

“What I’m suggesting is [those pastors] won’t probably get involved in politics because it’s very controversial. Controversy keeps people from being in the seats, controversy keeps people from giving money, from attending programs,” Barna said.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin, a radio broadcaster and former presidential candidate, commented on the study in an article published on Friday entitled Odds Are that Your Pastor is Keeping the Truth from You Instead of Preaching It. He opined that Barna’s research shows that most pastors deliberately choose not to speak on the issues of the day despite knowing that the Bible speaks to them.

“That 90% of America’s pastors are not addressing any of the salient issues affecting Christian people’s political or societal lives should surprise no one,” he wrote. “It has been decades since even a sizable minority of pastors have bothered to educate and inform their congregations as to the Biblical principles relating to America’s political, cultural and societal lives.”

“Please understand this: America’s malaise is directly due to the deliberate disobedience of America’s pastors—and the willingness of the Christians in the pews to tolerate the disobedience of their pastor. Nothing more! Nothing less!” Baldwin continued. “When Paul wrote his own epitaph, it read, ‘I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.’ (II Timothy 4:7) He didn’t say, ‘I had a large congregation, we had big offerings, we had a lot of programs, I had a large staff, and we had large facilities.’”

“It is time for Christians to acknowledge that these ministers are not pastors; they are CEOs. They are not Bible teachers; they are performers. They are not shepherds; they are hirelings,” he said. “It is also time for Christians to be honest with themselves: do they want a pastor who desires to be faithful to the Scriptures, or do they want a pastor who is simply trying to be ‘successful?’”

Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/2014/August14/145.html#XLigOXR5jAhD3jtf.99


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MessagePosté le: Mar 19 Aoû - 01:09 (2014)    Sujet du message: THE "CHRISTIAN MAFIA" AKA "THE FELLOWSHIP" Répondre en citant


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbQDrSt-1cQ

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MessagePosté le: Mar 19 Aoû - 01:13 (2014)    Sujet du message: UPDATE ON BISHOP TONY PALMER'S FUNERAL Répondre en citant




Bob Mitchell

il y a 1 semaine (modifié)
Latest: There was a Requiem Mass for Tony Palmer at the church in Bath. The reason the streaming live video couldn't be shown was I am told caused by Technical difficulties. Here is the full report from someone I know who left our fellowship and became a monk of some sort linked to Rome . http://michaeldalycj.wordpress.com/tag/tony-palmer/

Bob Mitchell
il y a 6 jours
+Maria Leroux I even contacted the coroner and they told us he is definitely dead and the body was released to the family. The only mystery if there is one is the crash itself. Where is the third vehicle the police want to find that was around at the time? Why was the young driver who hit Palmer on the wrong side of the road? The young driver  was said to have been drunk at the time............at 6:50 a.m.?

Maria Leroux
il y a 6 jours
TY for the infos. Let it know if you find more.

Ben Farmer
il y a 1 semaine
I worry that they are setting this man up to be one of the false two witnesses. Dead or alive the Jesuits could do that with technology.
Come out of Babylon Gods people. Exodus 34:19
Wake and watch for Yeshua. Mark 13:33-37
God is Love and I love God. 1 John 4:8-10

deb phillips
il y a 5 jours
What two false witnesses are you talking about? There will be two witnesses that should be Enoch and Elijah. They aren't false so please tell me who you are talking about.

Marco Arecibo
il y a 6 jours
17 days between passing and burial do seem strange.

Darren Swan
il y a 6 jours
I'm thinking about going over if I'm well enough, its only 10 miles from me but I'm pretty bad at the moment, I want to go and ask and see as I've been slating the pope, him and Copeland pretty bad of late....on!y to be waiting for major surgery at the same hospital he supposedly died at haha....talk about a heart stopper!

Joi Hill
il y a 1 semaine
I was a follower of Ken Copeland for 35 yrs. Financially and faithfully....until all this. I cried for a week. Now I thank God my eyes were opened.

Darren Swan
il y a 1 semaine
This is extremely baffling, he could not of been as close to the pope and Kenneth Copeland and have a funeral without his 'spiritual fathers' present and have this amount of confusion and huge lack information...of course its only those who are awake to what's happening are aware of it, to the billions of those asleep, unbelievers in Christ and the nwo etc they would have zero idea or interest anyway. Spooky that seven days later that iPhone app said the gates of hell will open. I'm having surgery at southmeade in a few weeks, will try and find out more. Crazy


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MessagePosté le: Mar 19 Aoû - 01:42 (2014)    Sujet du message: IS TONY PALMER, THE FRIEND OF THE POPE REALLY DEAD? NEW EVIDENCE SAYS THAT HE IS ALIVE. Répondre en citant


VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H8RZBxp1FI
Here is the link to that phone call made to the hospital..You decide for yourself. TONY PALMER ( UPDATE ) (delete twice on YT)

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