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MessagePosté le: Jeu 17 Jan - 17:29 (2013)    Sujet du message: OBAMA REVIVES TALK OF U.N. GUN CONTROL Répondre en citant


United Nations headquarters

NRA guests warn international treaty would strip 2nd Amendment rights
Posted: November 14, 2009
7:05 pm Eastern
By Drew Zahn
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Gun rights supporters are up in arms over a pair of moves the White House made last month to reverse longstanding U.S. policy and begin negotiating a gun control treaty with the United Nations.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton first announced on Oct. 14 that the U.S. had changed its stance and would support negotiations of an Arms Trade Treaty to regulate international gun trafficking, a measure the Bush administration and, notably, former Permanent U.S. Representative to the United Nations John Bolton opposed for years.

Two weeks ago, in another reversal of policy, the U.S. joined a nearly unanimous 153-1 U.N. vote to adopt a resolution setting out a timetable on the proposed Arms Trade Treaty, including a U.N. conference to produce a final accord in 2012.

"Conventional arms transfers are a crucial national security concern for the United States, and we have always supported effective action to control the international transfer of arms," Clinton said in a statement. "The United States is prepared to work hard for a strong international standard in this area."

Gun rights advocates, however, are calling the reversal both a dangerous submission of America's Constitution to international governance and an attempt by the Obama administration to sneak into effect private gun control laws it couldn't pass through Congress.

Bolton, for example, told Ginny Simone, managing editor of the National Rifle Association's NRA News and host of the NRA's Daily News program, "The administration is trying to act as though this is really just a treaty about international arms trade between nation states, but there's no doubt – as was the case back over a decade ago – that the real agenda here is domestic firearms control."

He continued, "There's never been any doubt when these groups talk about saying they only want to prohibit illicit international trafficking in small arms and light weapons, it begs the whole question of what's legal and what's not legal. And many of the implications of these treaty negotiations are very much in their domestic application. So, whatever the appearance on the surface, there's no doubt that domestic firearm control is right at the top of their agenda."

Brian Wood, disarmament expert for Amnesty International, explained in a Bloomberg report why his organization and others are pushing for the U.S. to join Arms Trade Treaty talks. Wood said the U.S. is the largest conventional arms trader in the world and the unregulated trade of conventional arms "can fuel instability, transnational organized crime and terrorism."
"All countries participate in the conventional arms trade and share responsibility for the 'collateral damage' it produces – widespread death, injuries and human rights abuses," said Rebecca Peters, director of the International Action Network on Small Arms in an Agence France-Presse interview. "Now finally governments have agreed to negotiate legally binding global controls on this deadly trade."

But Bob Barr, a former U.S. representative and presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party, explained in a separate interview with the NRA's Simone how a treaty that looks like it's all about fighting international crime will necessarily lead to erosion of Second Amendment gun rights:

"Even though [treaty advocates] all say, 'We are not going to involve domestic laws and the right to keep and bear arms, that won't be affected by all this,' that's nonsense," Barr said. "There's no way that if you buy into something like this and a treaty is passed regulating to ensure that firearms transfers internationally don't fall into the hands of people that the U.N. doesn't like, there's no way that that mechanism will work unless you have some form of national regulation and national tracking."

Bolton not only agrees with Barr's assessment but also sees the treaty as an Obama administration end-run around the Constitution:

"After the treaty is approved and it comes into force, you will find out that it has this implication or that implication and it requires the Congress to adopt some measure that restricts ownership of firearms," he said. "The administration knows it cannot obtain this kind of legislation purely in a domestic context. … They will use an international agreement as an excuse to get domestically what they couldn't otherwise."

Clinton's October statement of support for the treaty negotiations was filed with a caveat that the Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty operate under the consensus rule of decision-making, essentially that its provisions be adopted unanimously.
"Consensus is needed to ensure the widest possible support for the treaty," she stated, "and to avoid loopholes in the treaty that can be exploited by those wishing to export arms irresponsibly."

But Bolton warned gun owners not to think the consensus rule will stop the treaty from passing.

"Consensus at the U.N. is a way of saying unanimity, everybody agrees, but in fact, the U.N. in the last eight years could have been very close to consensus on exactly this kind of treaty but for the Bush administration," Bolton said. "So I don't think her comment about consensus offers Second Amendment supporters any consolation, because absent the United States, nobody is really going to put up an objection to this."

Citizens wishing to speak out on the issue can contact the State Department or the National Rifle Association.


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 17 Jan - 17:29 (2013)    Sujet du message: Publicité

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Inscrit le: 18 Juin 2011
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MessagePosté le: Jeu 17 Jan - 17:33 (2013)    Sujet du message: BAN PRESENTS NEXT STEPS TO MOVE AHEAD ON PLAN TO RID WORLD OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS Répondre en citant


A nuclear test

8 December 2009 – Highlighting recent progress in efforts to achieve nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged nations to build on the momentum, laying out a number of steps to move the process forward.

Speaking at a meeting in New York focusing on his five-point action plan to rid the world of nuclear weapons, Mr. Ban cited “encouraging” developments over recent months, including the renewed commitment by the leaders of the United States and Russia, a breakthrough in the Conference on Disarmament, and the “historic” Security Council summit in September.

“We need to sustain this momentum, and build on it,” he stated, noting that the review conference for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), to be held in May 2010, is just a few months away. “Now is the time.”

The Secretary-General’s action plan, presented in October 2008, begins with a call for the parties to the NPT to pursue negotiations on nuclear disarmament, either through a new convention or through a series of mutually reinforcing instruments backed by a credible system of verification.

In addition, it is based on the following key principles: that disarmament must enhance security; be reliably verified; be rooted in legal obligations; be visible to the public; and must anticipate emerging dangers from other weapons.

My Action Plan on Nuclear Disarmament and Nuclear Non-proliferation is founded on a fundamental principle: nuclear disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation are mutually reinforcing and inseparable,” Mr. Ban stated. “They should be pursued in tandem.”

To build on recent momentum and “move the ball forward,” Mr. Ban urged States to facilitate the adoption of agreed measures on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, and encouraged them to consider the proposal by Costa Rica and Malaysia for a nuclear weapon convention.

Second, noting that the Security Council Summit should not be a one-time event, he encouraged the 15-member body to meet annually, at the Foreign Minister level, to discuss nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament.

“The Council’s nuclear-weapon States might also wish to consider the adoption of a joint declaration for the 2010 NPT Review Conference addressing nuclear disarmament issues,” he suggested.

He also called for greater efforts to advance the rule of law in the field of disarmament, and to enhance transparency and accountability. Lastly, he called for complementary measures while pursuing nuclear disarmament.

The world should pursue several related measures, including eliminating others weapons of mass destruction; combating WMD [weapons of mass destruction] terrorism; and bans on missiles, space weapons. We also must not lose sight of conventional weapons disarmament.”

In addition, he encouraged Member States to consider convening a session of the General Assembly to examine the impact of armed violence on development at next September’s summit meeting on the set of anti-poverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


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Inscrit le: 18 Juin 2011
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MessagePosté le: Jeu 17 Jan - 17:38 (2013)    Sujet du message: OBAMA-LAUTENBERG-GUN GRAB Répondre en citant



White House Gun Agenda Puts You On The Terror Watch List

We warned America that Obama's 'support' for the Second Amendment was empty rhetoric. Now Holder's disclosure has confirmed it. Obama was lying, and now gun rights may be dying.

Obama said "I'm not going to take your guns away" and "Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear...I think people can take me at my word."

Right now, I wouldn't take Obama's word if he said it rains a lot in Seattle.

Obama sent Holder to detail his support for a national gun owner registration scheme and authorizing the government to ban firearm possession for any person by merely adding that person's name to the terror watch list.

Fax NOW - Get Your Name Off The List
STOP Lautenberg's Attorney General Gun Grab
Select Here to Reject AG Gun Ban and Fax All 99 Senators

Apparently, law-abiding gun owners have nothing to fear unless they own sport-utility rifles, semiautomatic shotguns, handguns and any other firearm that Obama and his anti-gun attorney general don't like.

Attorney General Holder aggressively detailed the Obama anti-gun agenda in Holder's public statements before the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Holder wants national, permanent gun registration system.
Holder wants new federal authority to prohibit any person on the federal watch list (reported to be 400,000 names) from buying guns and supports confiscating guns from those on the list who possess them.

The latest Rasmussen poll shows waning support for stricter gun laws.

Among Americans polled, 75% said the Constitution guaranteed the right to own a gun. The percentage of "yes" answers was higher among Republicans (92%) and lower among Democrats (64%). Among others, 71% answered yes. And, 57% of those polled cited fear of increased government restrictions as the reason for a spike in gun sales.

Obama and the White House have now publicly joined Lautenberg as he seeks to ban guns from 1,000,000 US citizens on a secret FBI terrorist watch list.

Lautenberg' bill S.1317 would give the Attorney General Holder the discretion to block gun sales to people on terror watch lists. We must defeat this bill from giving extraordinary powers to limit gun sales to the Attorney General.

Fax NOW - Get Your Name Off The List
STOP Lautenberg's Attorney General Gun Grab
Select Here to Reject AG Gun Ban and Fax All 99 Senators

Lautenberg To Reveal Names on Secret List

The names of the people on the watch list are secret, and Lautenberg said he was frustrated by the F.B.I.'s refusal to disclose to investigators details and specific cases of gun purchases beyond the aggregate data.

Gun hater Lautenberg requested the gun grab study from the Government Accountability Office. He is using statistics, compiled in the report that is scheduled for public release next week to invade US citizen's privacy and put more restrictions on the Second Amendment.

Lautenberg said he wanted a better understanding of who is being allowed to buy guns.

How you ask? Trial by innuendo and misinformation that has put 1,000,000 Americans and maybe even you on a terrorist watch list without your knowledge by saying: people placed on this government's terrorist watch list can be stopped from getting on a plane or getting a visa, and will also be stopped from buying a gun.

Lautenberg wants gun purchases stopped for just being on the list. Current law states federal officials must find some other disqualification of a would-be gun buyer, like being a felon, an illegal alien or a drug addict.

The government's consolidated watch list, used to identify people suspected of links to terrorists, has grown to more than one million names since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. It also has drawn widespread criticism over the prevalence of mistaken identities and unclear links to terrorism.

Obama - Holder - Lautenberg Must be Stopped
Fax NOW - Get Your Name Off The List
STOP Lautenberg's Attorney General Gun Grab
Select Here to Reject AG Gun Ban and Fax All 99 Senators

Lautenberg and the Gun Grabbers in the Senate are now tying to use the GAO to justify putting Americans on a secret gun ban list.

Obama - Holder - Lautenberg Motives

Motives for his latest gun ban to are twofold:

First, he is taking small steps to enact gun control legislation.

Second, eradicate the gun culture altogether.

All that seems to be on the minds of the Anti-Gun Senators and at the offices of gun control extremists is figuring out how to invade your privacy to erode and eventually destroy the right, and the means, of self-defense.

We must Stop the Anti-Gun Coalition and get ready for the biggest gun control fight of the year from coast to coast. We can not do that without your support.

Stand up against this attack! Stand up for the right to not only defend yourself, but to defend your family, your children, your friends, and your classmates!

Like all other threats against our freedoms, we must rise and defeat this bill from giving extraordinary powers to limit gun sales to the Attorney General.

In order to stop Lautenberg and his fellow gun-grabbers- -we need to let the Congress know with thousands of faxes telling them to leave guns alone.

Americans like you who understand what our Founding Fathers envisioned for our nation...and who are willing to fight to defend our Constitution and for what it stands.

So please, help the Citizens Committee and me defeat those who wish to gut and trash the United States Constitution.

Help me flood the U.S. Senate with a sea of FAXES big enough to drown each and every Senator willing to vote away the Second Amendment.

Please, send your Donation and FAX TODAY!
Fax NOW - Get Your Name Off The List
STOP Lautenberg's Attorney General Gun Grab
Select Here to Reject AG Gun Ban and Fax All 99 Senators

Keep calling your Senators today, toll free numbers include 1-877-851-6437 and 1-866-220-0044, or call toll 1-202-225-3121 AND REGISTER YOUR OUTRAGE at ongoing efforts to take guns away!
CALL PRESIDENT Obama, 202-456-1111 and 202-456-1414 expressing your disdain and ABSOLUTE REJECTION of all GUN BANS.


NOTE: We need TENS OF THOUSANDS of faxes and PHONE CALLS and EMAILS delivered to ALL Senators right away!

For our projects to be successful, we must count on the voluntary financial support from individuals like you who care.

Your contribution of $20 or $25 is urgently needed today.
Your donation for just $10 will help so much. If you can afford to send $50 or $100 or more it would truly be a godsend.

Remember, protecting our freedom is not inexpensive.

But then, it's impossible to put a price tag on freedom.

SELECT HERE to DONATE NOW. The rights you save may be your own!

Together, we can preserve the Constitutional rights our Founding Fathers intended our people to have forever.

For more information about CCRKBA go to http://www.ccrkba.org/
Thank you. I know I can count on you.


Alan Gottlieb
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail to:
The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
12500 NE Tenth Place
Dept Code 3364
Bellevue, Washington 98005

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is one of the nation's premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States. Contributions are not tax deductible. The Citizens Committee can be reached by phone at (425) 454-4911, on the Internet at http://www.ccrkba.org/ or by email to InformationRequest@ ccrkba.org .

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MessagePosté le: Jeu 17 Jan - 17:48 (2013)    Sujet du message: U.N. TO BAN YOUR GUN'S !!! Répondre en citant


VIDEO :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDMeDmV0ufU&feature=player_embedded

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Inscrit le: 18 Juin 2011
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MessagePosté le: Jeu 17 Jan - 17:55 (2013)    Sujet du message: FROM OUR COLD DEAD HANDS Répondre en citant


Posted by RJ on December 19, 2009 at 7:42am

By Mary Starrett
December 18, 2009

Made popular a decade ago when NRA president Charlton Heston held up a rifle and uttered a shortened version of the the slogan, “I will give up my gun when they peel my cold, dead fingers from around it,” these words were first used in 1976 and appear to have originated with the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Since then, words to that effect have become a rallying cry for those defending the Second Amendment.

Ironically, Heston , though undoubtedly well intentioned, had become the spokesman for an advocacy organization which has worked against gun owner’s interests a good deal of the time.

The NRA, while purporting to defend firearm ownership has a long track record of initiating and promoting legislation which has diluted the guarantee our Founders considered critical to maintaining liberty.

And so, solid pro-gun rights Americans have helped the NRA grow into a well-financed machine that has been grinding up the 2nd Amendment ever since. While writing checks and displaying NRA decals, well meaning folks have trusted an organization they believed had their best interests in mind. Lack of vigilance caused that and lack of vigilance will continue to keep the NRA the overstuffed fox guarding the Bill of Rights henhouse.

Gun owners are not the only ones who’ve been duped when it comes to an issue of grave importance.

Americans who acknowledge the fundamental right of a pre-born person to life have similarly been hoodwinked. Pro-lifers supporting National Right to Life and its state affiliates have labored under the delusion that these organizations have been bucking the baby-killing culture. Not so. Notre Dame Law Professor Emeritus and national pro-life leader, Charles E. Rice, called Right to Life a "barnacle on the pro-life ship of state" and a "frequent embarrassment to the pro-life cause." He summed up the mission statement of the gargantuan National Right to Life as "an organization (that) has rarely met a compromise it did not like.”

Time and again Right to Life has lobbied against pro-life bills, anti- abortion legislation and personhood bills at the state and national levels.

One example was the organization’s aggressive lobbying against the South Dakota abortion ban.

Leslee Unruh, a long-time member of Right to Life said, "We were shocked... that National Right to Life lobbied against this bill. In effect, they aborted the right to life bill."

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, who drafted the South Dakota abortion ban, said,

“This organization has lost the moral authority to lead the pro- life cause."

With pro-lifers like this, who needs pro-choicers? With the Judas Iscariot kissing the unborn's cheek with their pro-life rhetoric and stabbing them in the back with their actions, the butchers of God's children have found the perfect accomplice.”

Once again we have handed over our trust and our money to an organization which has betrayed our confidence...because we weren’t paying attention.

Another area, in which we’ve willingly handed off responsibility, is the education of our children. After decades of watching America’s students lag behind countries such as Russia and the Czech Republic, while education spending continues to rise to ridiculous levels,it’s not hard to understand why the taxpayers who’ve carried a back breaking tax burden have thrown up their hands in disgust.

Of the 21 countries participating in the Third International Mathematics and Science Study, American high school seniors outperformed only students from Cyprus and South Africa.

One recent Oregon Board of Education decision to award high school diplomas to students who can’t speak English, can’t read English, can’t write in English but who can speak, read and write in a “language other than English” illustrates what the so-called “experts” have led us to. Oregon State board Chairman Duncan Wyse said “if (students) can demonstrate mastery in another language and you’re on course in learning English, it makes sense.”

“Makes sense”?

A research study done by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) showed our high school graduation rate – 73 percent – is one of the lowest among the industrialized nations; This, despite increasingly obscene amounts of money we’re told are necessary to turn things around.

The “experts” we entrust our children and our money to have brought us to this abysmal ranking. And still we continue to load our kids onto yellow transport busses that take them to ever more expensive government re-education camps.

Likewise, those who believe in limited, Constitutional government who’ve supported the GOP have just started waking up to the fact that the Republicans have, despite being in control of both houses of Congress and the White House for years failed to advance any meaningful agenda shifts in areas such as illegal immigration, abortion, education or spending. And to make matters worse, Republicans have outspent the Democrats each time they were in control of the White House and /or Congress.

The Democrats have similarly been betrayed. If the left of center crowd had Hope there’d be a Change in Washington DC in areas such as war, corporate cronyism, nepotism, scandals and coverups, those hopes were certainly dashed by the Obama machine. Former GOP presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul noted the continuation of the Bush war policy by the “peace candidate” has upset many:

“The President’s stated justifications for sending more troops to Afghanistan and escalating war amount to little more than recycling all the false reasons we began the conflict. It is so discouraging to see this coming from our new leadership, when the people were hoping for peace...

Indeed continually seeking out monsters to destroy abroad only threatens our security here at home as international resentment against us builds. The people understand this and are becoming increasingly frustrated at not being heard by the decision-makers. The leaders say some things the people want to hear, but change never comes.”

Paul, who endorsed Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin in 2008, has become the standard-bearer for people all across the political spectrum who see a return to limited, Constitutional government as the only hope for America.

Collectively, we’ve been lax in vetting the information we’re fed and we’ve been far too trusting of those we put in charge of championing issues that frankly can mean the difference between life and death to our republic. In other words, we haven’t had our guns or our rights pried from our cold, dead hands, we’ve willingly spread our fingers open and handed our rights away all the while laboring under the delusion that other, smarter, more adept “experts” had our backs.

The lesson for all of us is to look behind the curtains of advocacy groups, organizations and political parties to see if those pulling levers are walking the walk or merely talking a good game. Or as George W. Bush tried so hard to say and failed miserably at conveying, “There's an old saying in Tennessee. I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee, that says: "Fool me once, shame on, shame on you...if fooled, you can't get fooled again.”

Mary Starrett was the Constitution Party candidate for Oregon governor in November, 2006, a TV news anchor and talk show host for 25 years and a radio talk show host for 5 years.

Executive Director, Oregonians for Life, Board of Directors, Christian Family Adoptions.

She is currently the Communications Director for the Constitution Party. The Constitution Party is the fastest-growing minor political party (www.ballot-access.org) and is made up of Americans who believe a return to constitutional government is imperative.

E-Mail: mstarrett@constitutionparty.com .


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 17 Jan - 18:07 (2013)    Sujet du message: LA FUSILLADE EN FINLANDE RELANCE LE DÉBAT SUR LES ARMES Répondre en citant


HELSINKI (AFP) - 01.01.2010 12:54

Photo fournie par la police finlandaise du suspect dans l'affaire de la fusillade à Espoo, le 31 décembre 2009

La Finlande en deuil s'interrogeait vendredi sur sa législation sur les armes au lendemain du carnage d'un ex-amant jaloux qui a tué son ex-compagne et quatre de ses collègues de travail, dans un pays plusieurs fois frappé par des tireurs fous ces dernières années.

AFP / Lehtikuva -

Des véhicules de police et des ambulances devant le centre commercial d'Espoo, le 31 décembre 2009 dans la banlieue d'Helsinki

Les quatre victimes de la fusillade sont des employés du supermarché Prisma où travaillait l'ex-compagne du meurtrier présumé, un Albanais du Kosovo qui vivait en Finlande depuis une vingtaine d'années.

AFP/Lehtikuva - Martti KainulainenLa Finlande en deuil s'interrogeait vendredi sur sa législation sur les armes au lendemain du carnage d'un ex-amant jaloux qui a tué son ex-compagne et quatre de ses collègues de travail, dans un pays plusieurs fois frappé par des tireurs fous ces dernières années.

L'enquête policière s'oriente vers un scénario d'une vengeance personnelle d'Ibrahim Shkupolli, le suspect de 43 ans d'origine kosovare, qui s'est donné la mort jeudi après avoir semé la terreur à Espoo, près d'Helsinki, dans un centre commercial bondé à quelques heures du réveillon.

Les policiers finlandais ont établi que l'auteur de la fusillade a délibérément choisi ses victimes, trois hommes et une femme qui travaillaient dans le même supermarché que son ex-compagne, et n'a pas tiré sur des passants inconnus.

"Les raisons sont avec certitude des raisons d'ordre sentimental, sûrement la jalousie ou d'autres problèmes que les deux (ex-concubins) ont eu depuis plusieurs années", a déclaré à l'AFP Tero Haapala, inspecteur en chef du Bureau national d'enquête criminelle finlandais, en charge du dossier.

"C'est assurément la principale raison du meurtre de l'ex-compagne, mais pourquoi il a tué les quatre autres, nous ne le savons pas encore", a-t-il ajouté.

Ibrahim Shkupolli, un Albanais du Kosovo qui vivait en Finlande depuis 20 ans, avait interdiction depuis l'an passé de se rendre au domicile de son ex-compagne de 42 ans, de même que sur son lieu de travail, dans le deuxième plus grand centre commercial de Finlande.

Le pays nordique, un des Etats européens le moins densément peuplé avec une longue tradition de chasse, est un des pays avec le plus fort nombre d'armes par habitant au monde.

Le débat sur les armes a surgi sur le devant de la scène après deux fusillades sanglantes en 2007 et 2008. En novembre 2007, un jeune de 18 ans avait tué huit personnes dans un lycée avant de se suicider. En septembre 2008, un étudiant de 22 ans avait tué dix personnes, également dans un lycée, avant de se donner la mort.

Une nouvelle loi, qui serre la vis sur l'attribution des permis de port d'armes, notamment chez les jeunes majeurs, doit être adoptée au printemps.

Mais le Premier ministre Matti Vanhanen a reconnu que le drame soulevait de nouvelles questions sur la circulation des armes.

"L'incident tire l'attention sur la grande quantité d'armes de poing dans notre pays. Il est nécessaire d'avoir une vaste coopération dans notre société pour éviter ce genre de tragédies à l'avenir", a-t-il réagi jeudi soir dans un communiqué.

Ibrahim Shkupolli, déjà plusieurs fois condamné en 2003 et 2007 pour port illégal d'armes, n'avait pas de permis pour le pistolet utilisé dans la fusillade jeudi.

Les journaux finlandais ont souligné la facilité avec laquelle il a pu accéder à une arme et entrer dans un bâtiment dans lequel il était banni.

"Avec le recul, il aurait été possible de gérer la situation de manière différente, mais sur la base des informations du moment, la police et le système judiciaire ont accordé (au tireur) l'attention qu'il méritait", a dit Tero Haapala à la télévision MTV3.

Des témoins ont raconté comment les coups de feu tirés jeudi ont créé la panique dans le centre commercial d'Espoo, où se trouvaient près de 4.000 personnes, les gens se jetant au sol et se ruant vers les sorties.

Ambulanciers et policiers dépêchés sur place ont alors retrouvé les cadavres de 4 employés du supermarché. Selon la police, toute la fusillade a eu lieu en six minutes. Un peu plus tard, le corps de l'ex-compagne d'Ibrahim Shkupolli était retrouvé chez elle.

Après des heures d'alerte pour mettre la main sur le tireur en fuite, la police a retrouvé Ibrahim Shkupolli mort à son domicile après avoir retourné son arme contre lui.

© 2010 AFP


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 17 Jan - 18:11 (2013)    Sujet du message: « ARRÊTEZ! » : APPEL DE BENOÎT XVI AUX GROUPES ARMÉS DU MONDE ENTIER Répondre en citant


Angélus du 1er janvier 2010

ROME, Vendredi 1er janvier 2010 (ZENIT.org) - « Arrêtez ! » : Benoît XVI appelle les groupes armés du monde entier à renoncer à la violence, leur faisant entrevoir le retour en eux de la « joie de la paix ».

Benoît XVI a lancé cet appel depuis la fenêtre de son bureau, interrompu par les applaudissements nourris de milliers de visiteurs rassemblés place Saint-Pierre, en dépit de la pluie, avant la prière de l'angélus de ce vendredi 1er janvier 2010.

« En ce premier jour de l'année, je voudrais adresser un appel aux consciences de ceux qui font partie de groupes armés, quelle que soit leur nature. A tous et à chacun je dis : « Arrêtez-vous, réfléchissez, et abandonnez la voie de la violence ! ». »

Le pape en appelle à leur « courage » en disant : « Sur le moment, ce pas pourra vous sembler impossible, mais si vous avez le courage de l'accomplir, Dieu vous aidera, et vous sentirez la joie de la PAIX - que vous avez peut-être oubliée depuis longtemps - revenir dans vos cœurs ».

Anita S. Bourdin


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 17 Jan - 18:13 (2013)    Sujet du message: L'ANNÉE 2010 PROPICE AUX NÉGOCIATIONS SUR LE DÉSARMEMENT, SELON BAN Répondre en citant


Ban Ki-moon.

8 janvier 2010 – Le Secrétaire général de l'ONU, Ban Ki-moon, s'est engagé vendredi à poursuivre ses efforts en faveur d'un monde dénucléarisé, notant qu'un certain nombre d'événements ces derniers mois constituaient une bonne base de départ dans les négociations à venir, notamment celles relatives au Traité sur la non-prolifération des armes nucléaires (TNP).

Il a rappelé que le désarmement et la non-prolifération figuraient parmi ses priorités.

« Aujourd'hui, il y a une nouvelle fenêtre d'opportunité s'agissant du désarmement et de la non-prolifération », a-t-il déclaré à l'occasion d'une table-ronde à l'ONU avec les responsables d'institutions oeuvrant dans ce domaine. « Je suis convaincu que nous sommes capables de parvenir à notre objectif commun d'un monde libéré des armes de destruction massive », a-t-il ajouté.

Participaient notamment à cette table ronde les responsables de l'Agence internationale de l'énergie atomique (AIEA), de l'Organisation pour l'interdiction des armes chimiques, et de la Commission préparatoire du Traité d'interdiction complète des essais nucléaires.

Le Secrétaire général a rappelé que la Conférence sur le désarmement devait reprendre dès ce mois-ci à Genève. Le mois prochain, il y aura le sommet « Option zéro » à Paris et une conférence sur la sécurité à Munich. En avril, un sommet sur la sécurité nucléaire est prévu à Washington, et en mai la conférence d'examen du TNP. Par ailleurs, M. Ban estime que l'Organisation pour l'interdiction des armes chimiques continue de faire des progrès significatifs.

Ban Ki-moon a relevé toutefois que le TNP faisait face à un certain nombre de défis. « Une issue favorable, a-t-il dit, renforcerait la confiance non seulement dans le traité mais aussi en faveur de l'effort collectif mondial pour parvenir à un monde libéré des armes nucléaires ».

Il a aussi indiqué qu'il continuerait cette année de rechercher des appuis pour son « Plan d'action pour le désarmement nucléaire et la non prolifération ». Présenté en 2008, ce plan en cinq points appelle les Etats parties au TNP à poursuivre les négociations sur le désarmement atomique, soit au travers d'une nouvelle convention ou par une série d'instruments se renforçant mutuellement et s'appuyant sur un système crédible de vérification.


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Tennessee State Guard commander Richard Hamblen said it's his Second Amendment right as part of a militia to convert assault rifles into fully automatic weapons. The Sixth US Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed.

By Warren Richey Staff writer / December 30, 2009

A former commander in the Tennessee State Guard has lost an appeal to overturn his conviction for trying to provide his soldiers with homemade machine guns for possible use in defending the state.

More guns equal more crime? Not in 2009, FBI crime report shows. On Wednesday, a federal appeals court in Cincinnati threw the case out of court.

“Whatever the individual right to keep and bear arms might entail, it does not authorize an unlicensed individual to possess unregistered machine guns for personal use,” said the three-judge panel of the Sixth US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Richard Hamblen was arrested in 2004 by federal firearms agents and charged with possession of nine unregistered machine guns.

Second Amendment argued

At trial and in his appeal, Mr. Hamblen argued that he and his soldiers had a Second Amendment right as members of the state militia to possess military-grade weapons. He said Tennessee’s state guard arsenal included only 21 M-16 rifles for 3,500 volunteer soldiers.

Concerned that his unit, the 201st Military Police Battalion, might get called into active duty, Hamblen obtained gun conversion kits to make semi-automatic rifles into fully automatic rifles. At least one machine gun was used in a training exercise.

Confronted by federal agents, Hamblen told the truth. He showed the unregistered machine guns to the authorities and informed them that he was merely exercising his Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

“I wasn’t really consciously setting out to challenge the law and authority, but I figured I’d be on good constitutional footing,” he said in an interview. “It seemed like a good idea at the time – would I do it again? No.”

Hamblen, who runs a mirror and glass business in Memphis, was convicted and served 13 months in prison. He says he’s spent roughly $50,000 on legal fees.

Hamblen had asked the Sixth Circuit judges to endorse his view that all gun control laws are unconstitutional. “If a person can afford to buy it, they can have it,” he says.

Supreme Court has said gun rights may be limited

It is a position that runs counter to the majority view in the US Supreme Court’s 2008 gun rights ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller. In that case, the court struck down a ban on handguns in Washington, D.C., and declared that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms. But the high court went on to suggest that individual gun rights are not unlimited and could be subject to reasonable regulations.

Both the Eighth Circuit in St. Louis and the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco have held that individuals do not enjoy a Second Amendment right to possess unregistered machine guns.

Hamblen is not impressed by these rulings. “If the founders had intended for there to be reasonable restrictions on the Second Amendment they would have put that in the language [of the amendment],” he said. “They were certainly capable of writing ‘unreasonable’ into the Fourth Amendment when it talks about unreasonable searches and seizures.”

Hamblen says he’s not surprised that he lost at the appeals court. But he says he is surprised that he’s received no help from gun-rights advocates. “They are treating me like I’m a skunk at the picnic,” he said.

As for his case, he plans to fight on. He says his lawyer is preparing a final appeal, a petition to the US Supreme Court. “Why stop now? I’ve already done the hard part. I’ve already done my time,” Hamblen says. “All they can do is say no.”


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Uncommon Sense

In October unbeknownst to most of us, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the Obama administration would reverse the Bush administration’s opposition to the UN’s proposed International Small Arms Treaty. This will clear the way for the treaty to reach a vote by the U.N. General Assembly. Seven countries, led by the British, are trying to restart U.N. efforts to restrict imports and exports of small arms. The goal is to “regulate the global arms trade” and “prevent the illegal transfer of guns.”

John Duncan, Britain’s ambassador for multilateral arms control and disarmament, describes the UN’s disarmament committee as launching point for a global treaty. The British believe their very stringent gun laws are the right direction for all countries. Now they intend to use the United Nations to bring their gun control model to the United States.

The irony of this effort is that since virtually banning guns in 1997, the UK has watched violent crime skyrocket by as much as 77% in some studies. The British Mail Online reports, “In the decade following [the election of the Labor Party] in 1997, the number of recorded violent attacks soared by 77 percent to 1.158 million – more than two every minute.” As a result the U.K. now has the highest violent crime rate in the European Union.

So what could this treaty require of its’ signatories, here is a quick overview according to The National Association For Gun Rights:

“If passed by the UN and ratified by the U.S. Senate, the UN “Small Arms Treaty” would almost certainly FORCE national governments to:

Enact tougher licensing requirements, making law-abiding citizens cut through even more bureaucratic red tape just to own a firearm legally;
CONFISCATE and DESTROY ALL “unauthorized” civilian firearms (all firearms owned by the government are excluded, of course);
BAN the trade, sale and private ownership of ALL semi-automatic weapons;
Create an INTERNATIONAL gun registry, setting the stage for full-scale gun CONFISCATION.

Disguised as legislation to help in the fight against “terrorism,” “insurgency” and “international crime syndicates,” the UN Small Arms Treaty is nothing more than a massive, GLOBAL gun control scheme. To the petty dictators and one-worlders who control the UN, the U.S. isn’t a “shining city on a hill” — it’s an affront to their grand totalitarian designs for the globe. These anti-gun globalists know that so long as Americans remain free to make our own decisions without being bossed around by big government bureaucrats, they’ll NEVER be able to seize the worldwide oppressive power they crave.

Ultimately, the UN’s Small Arms Treaty is designed to register, ban and CONFISCATE firearms owned by private citizens like YOU.” So Patriots, here is yet another plan designed to usurp your rights which we need to defeat in 2010.

The gun-grabbers in the Obama administration and at the U.N. do not want us to have time to react and mobilize gun owners to defeat this radical treaty which if ratified steps on our 2nd Amendment rights. They (the UN) have been unsuccessfully trying to ram the “Treaty on Small Arms” down our throats since the mid-1990s. But this time they have an administration that appears willing to play along. The risk is high and the stakes are higher!

Wake up, America! Attempts to thwart our freedoms should be no surprise the anti-gun attitude of the current administration. We must turn the heat up on the U.S. Senate now before it’s too late! It takes 67 Senators to vote to ratify a treaty. Every freedom loving citizen needs to contact their Senator and tell them to vote against any attempt to ratify this treaty. This is just another attempt to give the U.N. jurisdiction over U.S. policy. On the heels of Obama’s recent Executive Order to provide Interpol with diplomatic level immunity from U.S. law and Constitutional behavior this is another slap in the face to our sovereignty.

You can sign the NAGR’s internet petition at: http://www.nagr.org/UNpetition1.aspx?pid=n1a

Restore the Republic, Reject Global Governance!


Citation :
“…to disarm the people is the best and most effective way to enslave them…” – George Mason

“The Constitution of most of our states (and of the United States) assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed and that they are entitled to freedom of person, freedom of religion, freedom of property, and freedom of press.” – Thomas Jefferson


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 17 Jan - 20:18 (2013)    Sujet du message: ALEX JONES TURNS PEACEFUL GUN RIGHTS DEMONSTRATION INTO CHAOS Répondre en citant


Posted by RJ on January 31, 2010 at 11:02am



Source: Daily Paul.com

Bill Cooper was right about A.J, What is the best way to control the opposition? To be a leader of it. ( Comment from American Resistance Radio) - Alex Jones is an enemy agent in my opinion he is there to discredit the patriots by helping feed the mainstream medias effort to make the true Americans look like morons and paranoid lunatics therefore effectively drawing attention away from the blatant and illegal disregard of our 2nd amendment right by the ATF and the rest of the federal government

Alex Jones oversteps the line here. A group of people including http://www.libertyrestorationproject.org/ organized an event to protest and defend their 2nd ammendment rights and A.J decides to speak over them and even calls some of them nasty names. Keep in mind that these people reached out to A.J and asked him if he would be a speaker at the event and he told them NO!

He then decides to attempt to take over the event. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_X-CV...

Updated : New Video : This video thread has been deleted twice and I dont know why, this video shows where A.J yells in the face of an organizer of this event to GET THE HELL OUT OF MY FACE here is the video that keeps getting deleted : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdJ4zh...

Here A J claims Catherine has a hard on for him, as she tries to talk with him all he does is try to belittle her. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWM17w...

Updated : This comes from one of the people at the protest : Originally Posted by pfarley

There was NOT just one agenda at the event Monday.

The legitimate rally was organized to call attention to a 2nd amendment infringement issue. Organizers were extremely deliberate in aiming to focus the message on points relevant to firearm rights and the issue at hand. The organizing groups have worked very hard to establish good media relationships and they had blasted out to numerous media outlets some precise talking points in a well-crafted press release. The media vans were positioned across the street from the police station by 3:30 when I arrived - multiple media trucks had their booms up ready to run live broadcasts on the 5pm news.

Now let me tell you what I observed about Alex.

Alex swaggered up to the protest area with an entourage of 8 or 9 people (mostly his videographers) at just a couple of minutes past 5 oclock. The first thing I noticed was that it looked like he was wearing makeup so I thought Oh, I guess Alex is here to get some footage for an upcoming NWO film. But then it became apparent to me he was there to do more than that

He looked directly at the *legitimate* rally organizer already speaking on the police department steps. He positioned himself directly in front of the ongoing rally (between the rally and the media trucks) and began bullhorning *extremely* loudly about how the Media are LIARS!! Mainstream media is nothing but BS!! Yadda yadda. Now, youd think Alex - with all his years of experience - would realize the effect this would have. It, of course, resulted in cancellation of all the LIVE broadcasts.

They couldnt air live. Period. If he had actually been yelling about gun control issues, maybe they could have.

Alex could have chosen to jump right into the 2nd amendment issues, if his agenda was to bring attention to the problem of gun control. But he didnt. That stuff became mixed in here and there later.

For two hours, Alex stayed on a maniacal trajectory insulting numerous people at the event - including his fans, including Catherine Bleish, and including the director of the Texas Libertarian Party. He was a grotesque caricature of himself, IMO.

Mostly I was heartbroken that he would trash the hard work of the organizers by neutralizing the press coverage they had at-the-ready.

And then theres the fact that Alex over-spoke an excellent lineup of planned speakers. In the lineup were two local attorneys who have been examining the specifics of the gun show shutdown case that prompted the rally, Catherine Bleish (Liberty Restoration Project), Robert Butler (Director of the LP Texas), and Darwin Boedecker (the owner of the gun store that was shut down).

Organizers tried to work with Jones, first by offering him his choice of speaking positions in the lineup — then, when Alex declined their speaking invitation, by moving their rally (again, already in progress) about 20 feet away to another corner of the pavilion in front of the PD building. Guess what Jones did. Yep, went up the steps so he could bullhorn within 20 feet of them again.

The whole scene involving AJ was reprehensible.

Alex Jones bombards the Texans for Accountable Governments

Alex Jones bombards the Texans for Accountable Governments APD protest obnoxiously and tell Liberty Restoration Projects Exec Dir. Catherine Bleish, "You Gotta Hard On for Me"


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MessagePosté le: Jeu 17 Jan - 20:20 (2013)    Sujet du message: CANADA : REÇU POUR FINS D'IMPÔT EN RETOUR DE DON Répondre en citant


Si vous désirez vous départir légalement de vos armes à feu antiques, modernes ou militaires en accord avec la nouvelle loi sur les armes à feu, vous pouvez en faire don au Musée de l'arme et du bronze. En plus d'aider le Musée à compléter ses collections, vous obtiendrez en retour un reçu pour fins d'impôt.

Le Musée de l'arme et du bronze inc. est enregistré auprès de l'Agence des Douanes et du Revenu du Canada à titre d'organisme de bienfaisance.

Il est permis au Musée de l'arme et du bronze d'émettre des reçus de charité pour les dons qu'il reçoit en argent et/ou en biens, permettant ainsi aux donateurs de bénéficier d'avantages fiscaux.

Afin d'établir la juste valeur marchande (JVM) d'un bien proposé à notre musée, une évaluation devra être effectuée par un évaluateur professionnel reconnu. Le donateur sera alors réputé avoir effectué un don pour une valeur représentant la juste valeur marchande (JVM) du bien ainsi établi et sera admissible à un crédit d'impôt calculé à partir de cette valeur.



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Posted on June 8, 2008 by pjmiller

This is a pretty good little message. Though it was written 10 years ago, it may be helpful for someone today. I had to smile while reading through some of the things people will say in hopes of condemning others for using their God given discernment; Only because I’ve had these same things hurled at me by brothers and sisters in the Lord..

From SpiritWatch:


1998 by John Green

“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed…” – Noah Webster of Pennsylvania An Examination of The Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution, Philadelphia, 1787

“[W]hen the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man, who was governor of Pennsylvania, to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly, but weaken them, and let them sink gradually.” — George Mason of Virginia: Virginia’s U.S. Constitution ratification convention, 1788

As history has shown, it is a common tactic for the oppressing force to gain control of a nation by seizing the means by which individuals might defend themselves. Once the citizenry are disarmed, it is a relatively easy matter to exert complete tyrannical control. It seems to me that the same principal holds true in the spiritual realm.

The New Testament is replete with warnings of false teachers and teachings, of lying signs and wonders, and of corrupt men who would seek to draw followers after themselves. God has not left His people defenseless. He has indwelt us with His Spirit of Truth, provided us with the example of Christ, His teachings, the teachings of the apostles, and all the other writings found in the Bible. There is a gift of the discerning of spirits given to some, but more importantly, there the ability to test all things and to be discerning, which is the responsibility of all believers. If the believer is to be armed against the deceptions of the enemy, and to remain free from his oppressive regime, then he must exercise discernment with continual vigilance. If this defensive weapon is seized and taken from you, then you are easy prey for any who would desire to take you captive.

Because of these things, it is very disturbing to me to observe a trend in the Body of Christ today. This trend is to scorn and belittle those who would exercise their God-given self-defense weapon of discernment. Those who would obey scrïpture and “test all things” are mocked and ridiculed and labeled ‘Pharisees.’ It seems that the Church has fallen prey to the pluralistic, non-judgmental mindset of our present age. The one unpardonable sin is to question someone’s belief, or dare to say that it might be wrong. These new leaders demand you climb on the bandwagon, and if you cannot agree, then you must remain silent at all costs. They call for us to experience now, and evaluate later. Adam and Eve had no experiential knowledge of good and evil. The Serpent called their attention to the attractiveness and desirability of the fruit, and enticed them to experience for themselves. In their later evaluation, they knew that they had been wrong to ignore what God had said on the matter, but by then the damage had been done.

Those who would remove the defensive weapon of discernment are binding the hands of the Church. They are preparing God’s people for the slaughter. Why are they doing this? Why would they want to expose millions to the myriad deceptions of the enemy with no protection. Why do they take away what the Father has given? The Church is becoming a slaughterhouse slick with the spilled blood of saints who have been seduced by false teachers. The faithful plod forward to the killing floor, their trusting eyes fixed on their leaders. Error and deception runs rampant. Charlatans rule the bestseller list. Pseudo-knowledge is dispersed around the world, speeding through electrical synapses. Make no mistake. It is a battle, and much is at stake.

Let us examine the logic (or lack of it) behind what some of these leaders are saying:

“You have to experience it yourself before you judge it.” This is pure nonsense. It is the method the Mormons use to get people hooked in (pray about the Book of Mormon and see if you get a ‘burning in your bosom’). You don’t have to experience suicide to know that it is bad for you. Christians are never commanded to authenticate a questionable spiritual experience by submitting themselves to it.

“If you don’t jump in the River, then you may miss out on the move of God.” If you don’t exercise your duty to test everything and hold on to what is good, then you may be deceived. God is not in a hurry. If you are walking with Him, seeking to please Him, then He will guide you into all He desires for you. Just because someone proclaims something is a move of God, doesn’t make it so. Beware of the salesman who pushes you to make a decision on the spot. He may have something to hide.

“God offends the mind to reveal the heart.” I don’t know what this is, but it is not scrïpture. It is true that God’s ways may be offensive to human wisdom. Often though, this quote is used to say that if you are offended by something going on in the Church, then your heart isn’t right. The real issue is, are you offended because what is going on is unscrïptural? If so, then stand fast.

“Don’t oppose what is going on, in case it turns out to be a move of God.” This is the argument used by Gamaliel in Acts chapter 5. Although this argument worked in favor of the apostles, it must be pointed out that Gamaliel was a Pharisee making a pragmatic argument. His was not a directive from the Lord on how believers should conduct their discernment. If something is not from God, ultimately, it is true that it will not succeed. In the time that it takes for a false movement to runs its course however, many lives will be damaged, and many souls deceived and damned. Look at the phenomenal growth and apparent success of Mormonism. Christians rightly oppose Mormonism on a basis that it twists and deviates from scrïpture. Things which occur within Christianity should receive no less scrutiny. Or consider the works of Satan. We know that he will not succeed, but we certainly do not sit back and allow him to do his work unhindered. When souls are at stake, we cannot afford to sit back and do nothing.

“Don’t you want more of God in your life?” This is a sneaky one. Of course, any sincere Christian realizes that they need to grow closer to God, and they desire to do so. This should not lead us to embrace everything that comes down the pike however. Part of growing closer to God includes obeying His commands to test and be discerning. The desperation of some Christians reminds me of King Saul turning to the witch of Endor. He wanted an answer at any price. The price he ended up paying was his own destruction.

Look for yourself. See how many times the New Testament references false teachers, false teaching. Using your concordance, look up the commands to discern and test, to not be deceived. Shake off the chains of those who would seek to bind you. Exercise your “Right to bear arms” as a believer.

The healthy soul, like the healthy blood system, has it’s proper proportion of white and red blood cells. The red corpuscles are like faith: they carry the life giving oxygen to every part of the body. The white cells are like discernment: they pounce upon dead and toxic matter and carry it out to the drain. In the healthy heart there must be provision for keeping dead and poisonous matter out of the life stream. A.W. Tozer


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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 17:41 (2013)    Sujet du message: PRESIDENT SIGNS BILL THAT ALLOWS GUN-SLINGING AMTRAK PASSENGERS TO BE LOCKED IN BOXES Répondre en citant


December 16, 2009

President Signs Bill That Allows Gun-Slinging AMTRAK Passengers to be Locked in Boxes

Harry Houdini made a career escaping from locked boxes. So did David Copperfield and Doug Henning.

And now you can add AMTRAK passengers packing heat in their luggage to that list of escape artists.

It sounds absurd. But President Obama actually signed a bill into law Wednesday that would require passengers who carry firearms aboard AMTRAK be locked in boxes for their journey.

It’s a mistake. But for now, the clerical error is the law of the land.

Earlier this week, Congress sent the president a massive spending bill that funded dozens of federal departments. Tucked into the transportation section of the legislation are safety requirements for AMTRAK customers who carry firearms on board the government-backed train system. The bill Congress passed mandates that passengers with firearms declare they have weapons with them in advance and stow them in locked boxes while on the train.

The bill text was correct when the House approved the legislation last week and the Senate followed suit Sunday. But somewhere in between, the language that referred to putting the guns in locked boxes morphed into stuffing “passengers” into locked boxes.

Aides to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) became aware of the problem Wednesday night as the House voted on its final slate of bills for the year. Pelosi’s staff tried to negotiate with Republican aides to see if they would agree to change the text of the bill without revoting the entire piece of legislation. But it was all for naught as Mr. Obama had already signed the measure into law.

It’s clear the typo alters the intent of the legislation. But no one quite knows the origin of the mistake.

Senior Congressional sources familiar with the error suggested the problem may have been introduced in the “enrolling” process of bills. Once both the House and Senate approve the final version of a bill, the text of the legislation is sent to an “enrolling clerk” who actually copies the bill onto parchment paper. The parchment version of the package is then sent to the White House for the president to sign into law.

The misfire is fixable. But probably not until early next year. The House late Wednesday completed what it expects to be its final session of the year. The Senate remains in session debating health care reform. But both the House and Senate would have to agree to a technical correction of the text that missed its mark. And, the law states that AMTRAK has six months to implement the policy. So it's unlikely that any gun-toting passengers would have to travel in a box.

The error is reminiscent of $289 billion farm bill President Bush vetoed in May, 2008. In that instance, both houses of Congress inadvertently sent Mr. Bush an incomplete bill, leaving out a 35-page chunk. The president then vetoed an incomplete bill. Congress discovered the error when lawmakers attempted to override the president’s veto.

In that case, House re-passed the entire farm bill and overrode Mr. Bush’s veto.

“This bill is one of the most-passed bills we’ve done,” quipped House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) at the time.

The rules to allow AMTRAK passengers to carry weapons with them are new. Airline passengers have long been permitted to transport weapons in checked luggage. But AMTRAK banned firearms from its trains after September 11th. Only police officers are now allowed to board AMTRAK trains with guns.

Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) and Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) are the primary advocates of the AMTRAK gun provision.


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Communiqué de presse


Département de l’information • Service des informations et des accréditations • New York


(Texte adapté de l’anglais)

New York, 16 février (Bureau des affaires de désarmement) - - Le Bureau des affaires de désarmement des Nations Unies organise, par le biais de son Centre régional pour la paix et le désarmement en Asie et dans le Pacifique, situé à Katmandou, au Népal, un séminaire intitulé « Renforcer la coopération internationale et régionale pour prévenir, combattre et éradiquer le commerce illicite des armes légères et de petit calibre en Asie de l’est et du sud-est », qui se tiendra à Bangkok les 18 et 19 février prochains. Cette initiative des Nations Unies a reçu le soutien financier des Gouvernements de l’Autriche, du Japon et de la République de Corée.

Ce séminaire est le deuxième d’une série de trois séminaires sous-régionaux organisés sur le thème « Combattre le commerce illicite d’armes légères et de petit calibre en Asie et dans le Pacifique », le premier, qui a eu lieu à Katmandou en juin dernier ayant été destiné aux sous-régions d’Asie centrale et du sud.

Le principal objectif du séminaire de Bangkok est de sensibiliser sur l’importance et le caractère urgent de la lutte contre le commerce illicite des petites armes et des armes de petit calibre, tout en renforçant la coopération sur cette question entre États des sous-régions d’Asie de l’est et du sud-est. Ce séminaire doit aussi permettre d’identifier des domaines où une assistance pourrait être utile aux États pour leur permettre de renforcer leurs capacités, notamment pour les aider à élaborer ou renforcer leur législation nationale, à améliorer leur système de contrôle des licences de transfert d’armes, ou encore les aider à renforcer les organes qui font appliquer les lois de lutte contre le commerce illicite des petites armes.

Des représentants de 15 pays des deux sous-régions vont participer à ce séminaire, ainsi que des organisations internationales et régionales, comme l’ONU, INTERPOL, l’Organisation mondiale des douanes et l’Association des nations de l’Asie du sud-est (ANASE), et des organisations de la société civile.

Pour obtenir davantage d’information sur ce séminaire, veuillez contacter, au Centre régional des Nations Unies pour la paix et le désarmement en Asie et dans le Pacifique, Taijiro Kimura, Directeur, ou Roman Hunger, Coordonateur spécial, au numéro de téléphone suivant: + 977 1 501 0257 ou encore par fax au numéro: + 977 1 501 0223, ou par courriel à l’adresse: info@unrcpd.org.np

* *** *


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19 January 2010


Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York


Following is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s video message to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva today, 19 January:

Madam President, excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

It is a pleasure to greet the members of the Conference on Disarmament as it begins its 2010 session. I had planned to be with you personally. But the tragedy in Haiti has made that difficult. Thank you for your understanding.

I believe that 2010 can be a historic year for progress in disarmament and non-proliferation. My hope is based not on wishful thinking, but on real opportunities for concrete action.

We have seen critical support from leaders of key nuclear-weapon States, renewed engagement of the Security Council, and ongoing initiatives from the international community, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), and civil society. I urge the Conference to recognize the importance of this moment, and demonstrate to the world its continuing relevance, especially in strengthening the rule of law in the field of disarmament.

Last year, you broke a long-standing gridlock by adopting a programme of work. This year, I urge you to put aside differences and focus on the global interest -- in particular, the compelling need for binding legal norms and the vital role of the CD (Conference on Disarmament) in building them.

I hope you will agree on a work programme as soon as possible, hopefully during this first session. This would send a positive signal and help build momentum in the run-up to the NPT (Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons) Review Conference and beyond.

For my part, disarmament and non-proliferation will remain a priority. I will continue to build support for my Action Plan and do everything in my power to advance our efforts towards a world free of weapons of mass destruction.

Please accept my best wishes for the success of your work.

* *** *



Security Council Advanced Thematic, Disarmament, Civilian-Protection Work
Even as Conflicts in Africa, Middle East Topped 2009 Agenda


Secretary-General, in Meeting with Heads of Nuclear, Chemical Non-proliferation
Agencies, Cites ‘New Window of Opportunity’ for Disarmament


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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 17:55 (2013)    Sujet du message: U.S. DEPT. OF EDUCATION BUYING SHOTGUNS. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Répondre en citant


03-10-2010 • www.fbo.gov

Remington Shotguns

Solicitation Number: EDOOIG-10-000004
Agency: Department of Education
Office: Contracts & Acquisitions Management
Location: Contracts (All ED Components)
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Notice Details Packages Interested Vendors List Note: There have been modifications to this notice. You are currently viewing the original synopsis. To view the most recent modification/amendment, click here

Opportunity History
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Original Synopsis
Mar 08, 2010
10:39 am
Mar 11, 2010
10:16 am
Solicitation Number:
EDOOIG-10-000004 Notice Type:
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation Synopsis:
Added: Mar 08, 2010 10:39 am

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) intends to purchase twenty-seven (27) REMINGTON BRAND MODEL 870 POLICE 12/14P MOD GRWC XS4 KXCS SF. RAMAC #24587 GAUGE: 12 BARREL: 14" - PARKERIZED CHOKE: MODIFIED SIGHTS: GHOST RING REAR WILSON COMBAT; FRONT - XS CONTOUR BEAD SIGHT STOCK: KNOXX REDUCE RECOIL ADJUSTABLE STOCK FORE-END: SPEEDFEED SPORT-SOLID - 14" LOP are designated as the only shotguns authorized for ED based on compatibility with ED existing shotgun inventory, certified armor and combat training and protocol, maintenance, and parts.

The required date of delivery is March 22, 2010.

Interested sources must submit detailed technical capabilities and any other information that demonstrates their ability to meet the requirements above, no later than March 12, 2010 at 12 PM, E.S.T. Any quotes must be submitted electronically to the attention of Holly.Le@ed.gov, Contract Specialist (Contract Operations Group), with a concurrent copy to Sherese.Lewis@ed.gov, Contracting Officer (Contract Operations Group).

The following clauses are applicable to this requirement:

52-212-1 Instruction to Offerors - Commercial Items
52.212-2 Evaluation - Commercial Items
52.212-3 Offeror Representations and Certifications - Commercial Items
52.212-4 Contract Terms and Conditions - Commercial Items
52.212-5 Contract Terms and Conditions Required Implementing Statutes or Executive Orders - Commercial Items

In accordance with 52.212-2, the fill-in applicable to this requirement is below:
52.212-2 Evaluation-Commercial Items.

As prescribed in 12.301(c), the Contracting Officer may insert a provision substantially as follows:
Evaluation-Commercial Items (Jan 1999)
(a) The Government will award a contract resulting from this solicitation to the responsible offeror whose offer conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Government, price and other factors considered. The following factors shall be used to evaluate offers:
(i) Technical Capability
(ii) Price
In accordance with 52.212-5, the following clauses are applicable to this requirement:
52.225-1 Buy American Act - Supplies (February 2009)
52.232-33, Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer-Central

New equipment only; no remanufactured products. No partial shipments
Offer must be good for 30 calendar days after submission.
Offerors must have current Central Contractor Registration (CCR) at the time offer is submitted. Information can be found at http://www.ccr.gov./

This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 12, Acquisition of Commercial Items. The Government will award a commercial item purchase order to the offeror with the most advantageous offer to the government. All offerors must submit their best price and delivery capabilities.

Place of Delivery:
U.S. Department of Education
Office of Inspector General
c/o: Gary Pawlak, Special Agent
500 West Madison Street - Suite 1414
Chicago, IL 60661


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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 17:56 (2013)    Sujet du message: GERMAN SOLDIER ADMITS THEY'RE HERE FOR GUN CONFISCATION Répondre en citant


March 11, 2010

A reader of this web site and listener to Steve Quayle's and Hawk's radio shows, who grew up in Bozeman, called here to report. He lives in Vegas now. This past Sunday he was in WalMart and encountered inside a group of six fully uniformed German soldiers. He walked over to them and asked politely. “What are you doing on American soil?”

In a heavy accent the German said he wasn’t obligated to disclose that information. He then said, “I know why you are here and I’ll tell you. I just want you to confirm it. You are here to assist in the confiscation of firearms from American citizens”.

The German nodded yes. He told the German not to do it, just go home because it won’t go well for you and your friends. He just walked away.


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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 18:01 (2013)    Sujet du message: EVANGELICALS SUPPORT NUCLEAR REDUCTION Répondre en citant


Contact: Glen Stassen, Ph.D., Professor of Christian Ethics, Fuller Theological Seminary, 626-304-3733, gstassen@fuller.edu; Rev. Paul Alexander, Ph.D., Professor of Theology and Ethics, Co-founder, Pentecostals & Charismatics for Peace & Justice, Azusa Pacific University, 626-815-5434, palexander@apu.edu

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- Evangelical college presidents, denominational executives, pastors, veterans, professors, and missionaries are encouraging the Obama administration and Congress to engage in diplomacy with Iran and North Korea and to reduce US nuclear arsenals. Citing scrïpture, Jesus, and foreign policy experts such as George Shultz, they claim "overcoming the nuclear threat requires international cooperation" and "nuclear weapons are a moral threat" that must eventually be eliminated. For emphasis they provided Atomic Fireballs with their statement, saying "Atomic Fireballs are great candy, but terrible foreign policy."

Their historic Matthew 5 Project statement, which "calls on our nation to be willing to talk with and listen to antagonists," offers strong support for the "new START" treaty. The statement was sent to President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Clinton, Secretary of Defense Gates, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and all 535 members of Congress.

Arguing that "Jesus is the realist," the evangelical statement recognizes that even though "The United States has crucial disagreements with Iran, Jesus does not say talks should be refused until we approve of the conduct of the adversary." The statement also refers to the policy recommendations of George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, Sam Nunn, and other conservative national security experts who are now recommending the elimination of nuclear weapons.

"Nuclear weapons are a physical threat to the survival of human life on earth. Prominent national security experts have recently called for reducing and abolishing reliance on nuclear weapons, by verifiable international agreement, in order to enhance national security. This cannot be accomplished unilaterally; it requires international cooperation and verification."

The statement and broad scope of endorsements reveal the growing sentiment among American Evangelicals that the reduction and eventual elimination of nuclear weapons is both theologically necessary and politically possible.

After laying out their biblical, theological, and political cases, the statement culminates in a call to action that encourages American churches to engage in interfaith and international dialogue and to "urge international cooperation in continued step-by-step reductions, working toward ways to verify abolition of nuclear weapons worldwide."

The Matthew 5 Project is an Evangelical effort to promote international cooperation and reduce nuclear weapons through careful analysis of political realities and sound biblical and theological arguments.


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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 18:03 (2013)    Sujet du message: BAN CONSTATE UN ÉLAN ENCOURAGEANT DANS LE MONDE EN FAVEUR DU DÉSARMEMENT Répondre en citant


Ban Ki-moon.

19 avril 2010 – Les récents engagements de la communauté internationale pour lutter contre le terrorisme nucléaire lors du Sommet de Washington la semaine dernière sont encourageants pour la mise en œuvre de politiques globales de désarmement et de non-prolifération, a estimé lundi le Secrétaire général de l'ONU, Ban Ki-moon, à l'ouverture d'un débat sur le désarmement et la sécurité mondiale à l'Assemblée générale de l'ONU.

« Il y a un élan encourageant dans le monde en faveur du désarmement et de la non-prolifération », a dit M. Ban. « Nous voyons des actions concrètes des gouvernements et une forte mobilisation de la société et un puissant appel ici dans cette Assemblée générale ».

« Nous devons regarder les relations qui existent entre désarmement et les autres défis globaux. Le monde est surarmé et le développement sous-financé », a affirmé le Secrétaire général, notant que la somme déboursée chaque année dans le monde dans le commerce d'armes dépassait les 1.000 milliards de dollars.

« Ces priorités doivent être inversées », a-t-il plaidé. « En accélérant le désarmement nous pouvons libérer les ressources nécessaires pour combattre le changement climatique, l'insécurité alimentaire et réaliser les Objectifs du millénaire pour le développement (OMD) ».

Le développement de politiques globales de désarmement est aussi l'opportunité de « renouer avec le multilatéralisme », a estimé M. Ban. L'Assemblée générale et le Conseil de sécurité de l'ONU doivent renforcer leurs rôles notamment au travers du Traité sur la non-prolifération des armes nucléaires, a-t-il ajouté.

Selon le Secrétaire général, le désarmement doit « à la fois concerner les armes de destructions massives et la régulation des armements conventionnels ».

Le président de l'Assemblée générale de l'ONU, Ali Treki a également souligné combien « le désarmement et la non-prolifération sont mutuellement liés », dans un discours prononcé à l'occasion de l'ouverture des débats.

« Les effets néfastes et déstabilisants du transfert non régulé d'armes conventionnelles requièrent une réponse urgente », a ajouté M. Treki.

« Les armes légères entre de mauvaises mains détruisent des vies », a renchéri Ban Ki-moon. « J'encourage l'Assemblée générale à continuer à renforcer la mise en œuvre du Programme des Nations Unies d'action relatif aux armes légères et parvenir à progresser jusqu'à un Traité sur le commerce des armes », a dit le Secrétaire général.


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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 18:06 (2013)    Sujet du message: OBAMA EYES GLOBAL GUN CONTROL AND MARTIAL LAW, CRITICS SAY Répondre en citant


By NWV News writer Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
May 10, 2010
© 2009 NewsWithViews.com

While most news media outlets and the American people are engulfed in news coverage regarding the economy, the 2010 elections, the Gulf oil spill and other stories, little if any news coverage exists about two major actions being considered by President Barack Obama and progressive lawmakers.

First, news of a increased role for the military within the United States is being totally ignored or suger-coated by the media, according to conservative observers. And second, apparently the United States will sign-on to an International Gun Control Plan http://www.reuters.com/article/politicsNews/idUSTRE59E0Q920091015 , backed by Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Numerous occurrences in the United States -- both scheduled events and emergencies -- require the Department of Defense to coordinate, integrate, and synchronize its homeland defense and civil support missions with a broad range of U.S. federal agencies, according to a congressional report obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

In response to congressional inquiry, the Government Accountability Office http://www.gao.gov/ examined the extent to which the Defense Department has identified "clearly defined roles and responsibilities for DOD entities to facilitate interagency coordination for homeland defense and civil support missions."

"In other words, how can the Army or Marines usurp the authority of local police officers and citizen volunteer groups during a so-called emergency," cautions former New York police detective and intelligence officer Sid Franes.

"Why would I be surprised? Obama has no regard for Constitutional authority and therefore he'll disregard it's provisions and the subsequent laws such as Posse Comitatus," he added.

The report to congress articulated to its federal partners the DOD entities' approach toward interagency coordination, and adopted key practices for managing homeland defense and civil support liaisons.

The GAO reviewed numerous DOD policy and guidance documents and interviewed officials from DOD and its partner agencies, including the departments of Homeland Security, Justice, Health and Human Services, and Agriculture; and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

DOD has many strategy, policy, and guidance documents on interagency coordination for its homeland defense and civil support missions; however, DOD entities do not have fully or clearly defined roles and responsibilities, according to the report submitted to the U.S. Congress.

Overall, the GAO analysts found:

* DOD makes great effort to communicate with its federal partners through conferences and other forums and multiple documents, but it lacks a single, readily accessible source for its interagency partners to find needed information about its processes. The 2008 National Defense Strategy notes that a unified "whole-of-government" approach to national security issues requires "that federal partner agencies understand core competencies, roles, and missions, and the National Response Framework highlights the value of using a common concise partner guide for this purpose."

* DOD's communication approach, however, relies largely on personal relationships that are subject to frequent rotation of both DOD and non-DOD personnel. DOD identified over 30 documents that embody its approach and processes for interagency coordination. A concise and readily accessible partner guide would provide incoming personnel from both DOD and other agencies information that could enhance their mutual understanding and facilitate a unified and institutionalized approach to interagency coordination, stated the report.

* DOD has taken some actions to adopt key practices for managing homeland defense and civil support liaison personnel, but it has not fully implemented these practices. "Key practices include situational awareness, staffing-needs assessments, position descrïptions, training, and performance assessments," wrote the GAO officials.

* DOD could optimize its use of liaisons if it fully implemented current DOD human capital policies and issued policies and guidance for the remaining key practices, according to GAO officials.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is pushing for the United States to become a party to a global gun control law. And President Obama appears to be sympathetic to such an international power-grab.

Last week, the Obama Administration took its first major step in a plan to ban all firearms in the United States. The Obama Administration intends to force gun control and a complete ban on all weapons for US citizens through the signing of international treaties with foreign nations," according to journalist Joan Sharon.

By signing international treaties on gun control, the Obama administration can use the U.S. State Department to bypass the normal legislative process in Congress. Once the U.S. Government signs these international treaties, all US citizens will be subject to those gun laws created by foreign governments.

These are laws that have been developed and promoted by organizations such as the United Nations and individuals such as radical billionaire George Soros and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"The laws are designed and intended to lead to the complete ban and confiscation of all firearms," according to Sharon.

"The Obama administration is attempting to use tactics and methods of gun control that will inflict major damage to our 2nd Amendment before US citizens even understand what has happened," she added.

Critics believe Obama will appear before the public and tell them that he does not intend to pursue any legislation in the United States that will lead to new gun control laws, while cloaked in secrecy, his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is committing the US to international treaties and foreign gun control laws.

"We will wake up one morning and find that the United States has signed a treaty that prohibits firearm and ammunition manufacturers from selling to the public. We will wake up another morning and find that the US has signed a treaty that prohibits any transfer of firearm ownership. And then, we will wake up yet another morning and find that the US has signed a treaty that requires US citizens to deliver any firearm they own to the local government collection and destruction center or face imprisonment," Ms. Sharon stated.


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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 18:07 (2013)    Sujet du message: SOME 60 COUNTRIES COMMIT TO CUTTING ARMED VIOLENCE Répondre en citant


by Staff Writers
Geneva (AFP) May 12, 2010

Sixty countries, including Brazil, Britain and Australia, signed up on Wednesday to a series of commitments to cut and prevent armed violence, which kills more than 2,000 people a day.

"By these commitments, governments take a much greater direct involvement in the broad spectrum of initiatives to combat armed violence. This is an important deliverable of this meeting," Jonas Gahr Store, Norwegian Foreign Minister, told AFP.

The so-called Oslo Commitments on Armed Violence were initiated by Norway and the United Nations Development Programme at a meeting with supporting states in Geneva Wednesday.

The non-binding agreement commits countries to monitor the impact of armed violence and recognise the rights of victims of armed violence to obtain care and rehabilitation.

It also requires states to make armed violence prevention strategies at the international, regional and national level.

Store said the commitments were important because they were "part of a broader chain of disarmament with a humanitarian motivation."

"We had a process to ban anti-personnel landmines. We had a process to ban cluster munitions. They were easy to identify, armed violence is a broader concept.

"But in all three dimensions, the normative function is important -- that we create norms and standards," he said.

Although the United States attended Wednesday's meeting, it was present only as an observer and did not endorse the commitments.

Russia and China were not present.

Store pointed out that the anti-personnel landmines and cluster bombs treaties were often criticised for not having the support of large countries.

However, the fact that more than 100 countries have signed up to those treaties was enough to create norms, he said.

"So a whole market for these products has taken quite a different direction -- trade in these products has gone down significantly," he said.

"While we would wish to have all the big states in, the fact that they are not in should not dissuade us from going forward, because gradually they may consider coming on board."


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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 18:10 (2013)    Sujet du message: REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT ON THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF NEW START TREATY Répondre en citant

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release March 26, 2010


Press Briefing on START Nuclear Treaty

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room
10:47 A.M. EDT

VIDEO : http://www.whitehouse.gov/photos-and-video/video/press-briefing-start-nuclear-treaty-20100326

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody. I just concluded a productive phone call with President Medvedev. And I’m pleased to announce that after a year of intense negotiations, the United States and Russia have agreed to the most comprehensive arms control agreement in nearly two decades.

Since taking office, one of my highest priorities has been addressing the threat posed by nuclear weapons to the American people. And that’s why, last April in Prague, I stated America’s intention to pursue the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons, a goal that’s been embraced by Presidents like John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

While this aspiration will not be reached in the near future, I put forward a comprehensive agenda to pursue it -- to stop the spread of these weapons; to secure vulnerable nuclear materials from terrorists; and to reduce nuclear arsenals. A fundamental part of that effort was the negotiation of a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia.

Furthermore, since I took office, I’ve been committed to a “reset” of our relationship with Russia. When the United States and Russia can cooperate effectively, it advances the mutual interests of our two nations, and the security and prosperity of the wider world. We’ve so far already worked together on Afghanistan. We’ve coordinated our economic efforts through the G20. We are working together to pressure Iran to meet its international obligations. And today, we have reached agreement on one of my administration’s top national security priorities -- a pivotal new arms control agreement.

In many ways, nuclear weapons represent both the darkest days of the Cold War, and the most troubling threats of our time. Today, we’ve taken another step forward by -- in leaving behind the legacy of the 20th century while building a more secure future for our children. We’ve turned words into action. We’ve made progress that is clear and concrete. And we’ve demonstrated the importance of American leadership -- and American partnership -- on behalf of our own security, and the world’s.

Broadly speaking, the new START treaty makes progress in several areas. It cuts -- by about a third -- the nuclear weapons that the United States and Russia will deploy. It significantly reduces missiles and launchers. It puts in place a strong and effective verification regime. And it maintains the flexibility that we need to protect and advance our national security, and to guarantee our unwavering commitment to the security of our allies.

With this agreement, the United States and Russia -- the two largest nuclear powers in the world -- also send a clear signal that we intend to lead. By upholding our own commitments under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, we strengthen our global efforts to stop the spread of these weapons, and to ensure that other nations meet their own responsibilities.

I’m pleased that almost one year to the day after my last trip to Prague, the Czech Republic -- a close friend and ally of the United States -- has agreed to host President Medvedev and me on April 8th, as we sign this historic treaty. The following week, I look forward to hosting leaders from over 40 nations here in Washington, as we convene a summit to address how we can secure vulnerable nuclear materials so that they never fall into the hands of terrorists. And later this spring, the world will come together in New York to discuss how we can build on this progress, and continue to strengthen the global non-proliferation regime.

Through all these efforts, cooperation between the United States and Russia will be essential. I want to thank President Medvedev for his personal and sustained leadership as we worked through this agreement. We’ve had the opportunity to meet many times over the last year, and we both agree that we can serve the interests of our people through close cooperation.

I also want to thank my national security team, who did so much work to make this day possible. That includes the leaders with me here today -- Secretary Clinton, Secretary Gates, and Admiral Mullen. And it includes a tireless negotiating team. It took patience. It took perseverance. But we never gave up. And as a result, the United States will be more secure, and the American people will be safer.

Finally, I look forward to continuing to work closely with Congress in the months ahead. There is a long tradition of bipartisan leadership on arms control. Presidents of both parties have recognized the necessity of securing and reducing these weapons. Statesmen like George Shultz, Sam Nunn, Henry Kissinger, and Bill Perry have been outspoken in their support of more assertive action. Earlier this week, I met with my friends John Kerry and Dick Lugar to discuss this treaty, and throughout the morning, my administration will be consulting senators -- my administration will be consulting senators from both parties as we prepare for what I hope will be a strong, bipartisan support to ratify the new START treaty.

With that, I’m going to leave you in the able hands of my Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, as well as Secretary of Defense Gates and Joint Chief of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen. So I want to thank all of you for your attention.


10:53 A.M. EDT


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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 18:12 (2013)    Sujet du message: CONFÉRENCE DU TNP - L'ONU ADOPTE UN PLAN DE DÉSARMEMENT DU PROCHE-ORIENT Répondre en citant


Agence France-Presse
Hervé Couturier
28/05/2010 21h47

La déléguée américaine, la sous-secrétaire d'Etat chargée du contrôle des armements et de la sécurité internationale Ellen Tauscher (photo), a déclaré que les Etats-Unis s'engageaient à oeuvrer au succès de cette conférence.

NEW YORK - La conférence de suivi du Traité de non-prolifération nucléaire (TNP) est parvenue vendredi à un accord, le premier depuis 10 ans, portant notamment sur le désarmement et sur la création d'une zone exempte d'armes nucléaires au Proche-Orient.

La conférence a adopté par consensus une déclaration finale de 28 pages qui prévoit quatre plans d'action sur chacun des trois piliers du Traité - désarmement, vérification des programmes nucléaires nationaux pour assurer qu'ils sont pacifiques et usage pacifique de l'énergie atomique - ainsi que sur le Proche-Orient dénucléarisé.

Sur ce dernier point, le document prévoit l'organisation en 2012 d'une conférence internationale, «à laquelle tous les Etats de la région sont censés participer et devant mener à l'établissement» d'une telle zone, ce qui implique la présence d'Israël et de l'Iran.

La déléguée américaine, la sous-secrétaire d'Etat chargée du contrôle des armements et de la sécurité internationale Ellen Tauscher, a déclaré que les Etats-Unis s'engageaient à oeuvrer au succès de cette conférence.

Mais elle a aussitôt ajouté un bémol: «Nous notons toutefois que notre capacité à y parvenir se trouve sérieusement amoindrie du fait que le document final singularise Israël dans sa section consacrée au Proche-Orient, ce que les Etats-Unis regrettent profondément.»

Une nuance reprise par le président américain Barack Obama, qui a salué, dans un communiqué, un accord «équilibré et réaliste» tout en se disant «fortement» en désaccord avec le fait de singulariser Israël.

Le document affirme qu'¨il importe qu'Israël adhère au traité et place toutes ses installations nucléaires sous les garanties globales de l'AIEA" (Agence internationale de l'énergie atomique).

En revanche l'Iran n'est pas mentionné nommément, alors que les Occidentaux souhaitaient qu'il soit montré du doigt pour être en violation de résolutions de l'ONU exigeant qu'il suspende ses activités nucléaires sensibles et prouve le caractère civil de son programme nucléaire.

L'Egypte et l'Iran avaient mené campagne pour qu'Israël soit spécifiquement invité à rejoindre le TNP, ce qui signifierait que l'Etat hébreu renonce à son arsenal nucléaire, et pour qu'il accepte la création d'une zone sans armes nucléaires au Proche-Orient.

Un responsable américain a émis des doutes sur les chances que la conférence sur le Proche-Orient dénucléarisé voie le jour.

«Je ne sais pas si la conférence aura jamais lieu», a déclaré Gary Samore, conseiller à la Maison Blanche sur la non-prolifération. Les Etats-Unis ne veulent pas qu'elle échoue, mais ne la co-parraineront, comme ils l'ont promis, que «si les conditions sont réunies», a-t-il dit.

Selon M. Samore, le vice-président américain Joe Biden et le conseiller pour les affaires de sécurité nationale, le général Jim Jones, avaient dit aux ambassadeurs arabes à Washington que s'ils insistaient pour mentionner nommément Israël dans la déclaration du TNP, cela ¨rendrait beaucoup plus difficile pour Israël de venir à cette conférence.»

Israël, qui s'oppose à la création d'une zone sans armes nucléaires au Proche-Orient tant que la paix n'y règne pas, n'a jamais reconnu posséder l'arme atomique. Les Etats non nucléaires l'accusent d'échapper injustement aux mécanismes de vérification prévus par le TNP en n'en étant pas signataire.

L'ambassadeur d'Egypte à l'ONU, Maged Abdelaziz, a salué la conférence TNP pour «avoir enclenché un processus concret de mise en oeuvre de la résolution de 1995 sur le Proche-Orient». La conférence TNP de 1995 avait pour la première fois appelé à la création d'une telle zone.

Entré en vigueur en 1970, le TNP a servi de directive mondiale pour limiter la prolifération des armes nucléaires.

Le secrétaire général de l'ONU, Ban Ki-moon, a salué le «succès» de la conférence.


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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 18:13 (2013)    Sujet du message: TNP: ADOPTION PAR L'ONU D'UN PROJET DE DÉSARMEMENT Répondre en citant


Je rappelle aux nouveaux lecteurs que derrière ce plan de désarmement nucléaire, se cache en fait le désarmement des populations. Voir les articles déjà mis sur ce lien. La semaine dernière Hillary Clinton a signé le bill pour mettre en place le plan de désarmement des populations. Les armées qui entrent présentement aux États-Unis serviront à faire avancer ce programme de dominance globale. La situation est donc critique non seulement aux États-Unis mais dans plusieurs pays, car plus aucune arme ne sera tolérée de la part des gouvernants. Nous pouvons donc craindre une montée de violence et de nombreuses guerres civiles prendre place à travers le monde car les résistants à cet ordre nouveau ne se laisseront pas faire.

(médias) 31/05/2010

Les 189 pays membres du Traité de non-prolifération des armes nucléaires (TNP) ont signé au siège des Nations unies un projet détaillé de désarmement progressif, annonce lundi la British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Au cours du dernier jour de la conférence de suivi du TNP qui a duré un mois, les signataires du Traité sont parvenus à un consensus sur le texte définitif de la déclaration.

Selon le projet, les puissances nucléaires reconnues (la Grande-Bretagne, la Chine, la Russie, les Etats-Unis et la France) espèrent accélérer le processus de réduction des armements atomiques.

Un appel à organiser en 2012 une conférence sur la création d'une zone sans armes nucléaires et sans armes de destruction massive au Proche-Orient est également inclus dans le texte du document.



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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 18:15 (2013)    Sujet du message: UN RIGHTS CHIEF URGES PROBE INTO ARMY GUN SEIZURE OPERATIONS IN UGANDA Répondre en citant


High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay

6 June 2010 – United Nations human rights chief Navi Pillay today urged Ugandan authorities to investigate violations of human rights during army operations to disarm residents of the remote north-eastern region of Karamoja, saying the exercise was often violent and had led to loss of life.

Ms. Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, called for “fair, transparent and impartial” investigation into three incidents earlier this year she said were particularly violent and had led to the deaths of many civilians including of women, children and elderly people.

“All officers in positions of command during the execution of these three incidents should be removed immediately from Karamoja,” Ms. Pillay said, at the end of her four-day visit to Uganda where she attended the review conference of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Ms. Pillay told a news conference in Kampala that she was aware that the Ugandan Government's aim in Karamoja was to disarm trouble-makers and to stop the wholesale theft of cattle, an intention she said was as “responsible and laudable” as the desire to develop the region.

“However, I believe that the overall approach both to development and to disarmament has been flawed and to some extent counter-productive,” Ms. Pillay said.

She said community leaders in Karamoja, most of whom are eager to see an end to the cattle-rustling and a successful disarmament programme, have been largely excluded from the disarmament process, and they and their communities have grown increasingly disillusioned by heavy-handed efforts to force them to shift from their traditional cattle-raising to farming.

Karamoja is a largely barren region and prone to drought and not suited to agriculture, she said.

“Imposed development that involves a radical break with tradition almost always fails, and I urge the Government to rethink its approach to the much-needed development of Karamoja,” Ms. Pillay said.

“Even more damaging has been the general approach to disarmament, which has involved soldiers rounding up – and sometimes mistreating – large groups of people indiscriminately, leading to a climate of fear, rather than one of cooperation,” she said.

The particularly violent incidents she singled out include one in early January which involved at least one helicopter gunship as well as ground forces. The raid left at least 13 people confirmed dead, including six children and youths, two women and two elderly people.

A second attack on a village on 22 January, also involving troops and a helicopter, led to at least six more deaths, Ms. Pillay said, while a third incident on 24 April, resulted in 10 confirmed deaths, including five children and youths and two elderly men, with up to 25 more believed dead.

“I welcome the fact that a commission of inquiry was set up to investigate the April attack (though not, as far as we are aware, the ones in January). However, it would be preferable for a commission to be independent of the UPDF [Ugandan military] to ensure a fair, transparent and impartial process,” she said.

Ms. Pillay thanked the Government of Uganda for facilitating the work of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in the country.

She described Uganda as a pioneer in the recent history of international justice, having been the first country in the world to refer a situation to the ICC.

“It is my fervent wish that the three surviving LRA [Lord's Resistance Army] leaders for whom ICC arrest warrants have been issued will very soon be captured and prosecuted,” she said.

“The nature and quantity of the atrocities committed by the LRA in northern Uganda have caused a trauma that will take years to heal, and I am concerned that the very difficult processes of reconciliation, rehabilitation and reintegration are not fully under way.

“The good news is that three-quarters of the Ugandans displaced during the long and dreadful conflict with the LRA have gone home. However, some 240,000 remain in camps. The important National Reconciliation Bill, which includes elements dealing with reparations as well as legal provisions on victims' rights, has not yet been tabled in Parliament, and I urge those in a position to do so to expedite its passage, as the people in the north need every bit of help they can get,” Ms. Pillay said.

She deplored the fact that an entire generation of young people had been denied an opportunity to acquire education or vocational training during the two decades when the LRA was active in northern Uganda.

“Single mothers, many of whose partners were killed by the LRA or who bore children as a result of rape, are deprived of access to land and property rights because they do not have a male relative. This is impractical and inhumane, and I urge the authorities to abolish this discriminatory practice without delay,” Ms. Pillay added.

She called for a massive effort to inject new life and opportunities into the ravaged north, and to give those reclaimed from the LRA a real chance to rebuild their lives.


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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 18:17 (2013)    Sujet du message: ILLINOIS: CHICAGO CITY COUNCIL PASSES TOUGH GUN LAW Répondre en citant


The Chicago City Council on Friday approved what city officials say is the strictest handgun ordinance in the United States. The 45-to-0 vote came four days after a Supreme Court ruling made it almost certain that the city’s existing ban on handguns would be overturned. The court ruled that Americans have a right to own a gun for self-defense. The new ordinance bans gun stores in Chicago and prohibits gun owners from stepping outside their homes, even onto their porches, with a handgun. It will take effect in 10 days.


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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 18:20 (2013)    Sujet du message: WORLD FREE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS ADVANCES SECURITY FOR ALL, BAN TELLS HIROSHIMA FORUM Répondre en citant


27 July 2010 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called for further progress on the global disarmament agenda, stressing that getting rid of nuclear weapons is the best way to ensure security for all.

“Let us be clear: the only guarantee of safety, and the only sure protection against the use of such weapons, is their elimination,” Mr. Ban said in a message to the Hiroshima Conference for the Total Abolition of Nuclear Weapons by 2020.

“Nuclear disarmament is often dismissed as a dream, when the real fantasies are the claims that nuclear weapons guarantee security or increase a country’s status and prestige,” he noted.

“The more often countries make such claims, the more likely it will be that others will adopt the same approach. The result will be insecurity for all.”

The three-day conference is organized by Mayors for Peace – which unites more than 4,000 mayors and other city officials with the common goal of a nuclear-weapon-free world – and includes representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), cities and national governments, as well as concerned citizens.

Mr. Ban noted that the timeline in the 2020 Vision Campaign initiated by the Mayors for Peace to achieve the elimination of nuclear weapons is especially important.

He also voiced deep admiration for the survivors of the atomic bomb attacks on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who are known as hibakusha, and their determination to tell the world about their experience of the horrors of nuclear weapons.

The Secretary-General urged all leaders, especially those of nuclear-weapon States, to visit both cities – which were reduced to rubble in the August 1945 attacks that also claimed hundreds of thousands of lives – to see first-hand the impact of nuclear weapons.

Next month Mr. Ban will participate in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony, becoming the first UN Secretary-General to do so.

“I myself will go there in 10 days’ time for this year’s peace memorial ceremony, at which I will appeal for urgent steps to advance the disarmament agenda,” he told the gathering.

He recalled his own five-point plan, which was first put forward in October 2008 and offers a practical approach to eliminating nuclear weapons. It begins with a call for the parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to pursue negotiations on nuclear disarmament, either through a new convention or through a series of mutually reinforcing instruments backed by a credible system of verification.

The plan also urges the Security Council to consider other ways to strengthen security in the disarmament process; measures to strengthen rule of law, accountability and transparency; and progress in eliminating other weapons of mass destruction and limiting missiles, space weapons and conventional arms – all of which are needed for a nuclear-weapon-free world.


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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 18:23 (2013)    Sujet du message: L'ONU SALUE L'ENTRÉE EN VIGUEUR DE LA CONVENTION SUR LES ARMES À SOUS-MUNITIONS Répondre en citant


Ces « armes ignobles » qu'eux-mêmes et les pays membres fournissent à leur groupes rebelles qui sont sous leur ordre afin de créer chaos et insécurité partout dans le monde afin d'y implanter leur régime militaire.

Les bombes à sous-munitions causent des ravages chez les civils.

30 juillet 2010 – La Convention sur les armes à sous-munitions, signé par 94 États à Oslo (Norvège) en décembre 2008, entrera en vigueur dimanche 1er août. Pour le Secrétaire général de l'ONU, Ban Ki-moon, ce nouveau traité qui introduit pour la première fois dans le droit international des dispositions précises sur l'assistance aux victimes civiles, est une « avancée majeure » pour débarrasser le monde de ces « armes ignobles ».

« Cela va nous aider à lutter contre l'extrême insécurité et les souffrances causées par ces armes terribles, notamment parmi les civils et les enfants », a dit Ban Ki-moon dans un communiqué publié vendredi.

Signé à ce jour par 107 Etats, la Convention d'Oslo interdit l'emploi, la production, le stockage et le transfert des bombes à sous-munitions (BASM), qu'elle définit comme « une munition classique conçue pour disperser ou libérer des sous-munitions explosives dont chacune pèse moins de 20 kilogrammes, et comprend ces sous-munitions explosives ».

Larguées par voie aérienne ou tirées par voie terrestre, les BASM dispersent leurs sous-munitions sur de larges zones, mais 5 à 40% d'entre elles n'explosent pas au contact du sol. Actives pendant des années, elles continuent à tuer ou blesser des civils, en particulier des enfants tentés de les ramasser.

Ces bombes ont été particulièrement utilisées pendant la guerre du Vietnam, dans les Balkans, en Iraq en 2003 et au Liban en 2006. Selon la Coalition contre les armes à sous-munitions (CMC) qui regroupe environ 300 organisations de la société civile originaires de plus de 80 pays, l'un des pays les plus touchés est le Laos, où 300 personnes en moyenne sont encore tuées ou blessées chaque année par des bombes à sous-munitions larguées pendant la guerre du Vietnam. C'est ce qui a poussé ce pays à accueillir en novembre prochain la première réunion de suivi de la Convention d'Oslo.

Toujours selon la Coalition contre les armes à sous-munitions, le stock mondial s'élèverait aujourd'hui à plus d'un milliard de bombes, dont l'essentiel dans les arsenaux des grandes puissances militaires comme la Chine, la Russie, les Etats-Unis et Israël, qui n'ont pas signé la Convention jusqu'à présent. Vingt-deux des 29 Etats membres de l'OTAN ont en revanche signé le texte, dont le Royaume Uni, l'Allemagne et la France qui possèdent chacun des stocks estimés à 50 millions de BASM.

Pour Ban Ki-moon, l'entrée en vigueur de la Convention d'Oslo dimanche « traduit non seulement la répulsion collective dans le monde envers ces armes ignobles, mais aussi le pouvoir de la collaboration entre les gouvernements, la société civile et les Nations unies pour changer les comportements et les politiques face à une menace pour tous les êtres humains ».

« Une telle coopération sera cruciale maintenant que nous allons chercher à appliquer la Convention, y compris dans le domaine de l'assistance aux victimes », a-t-il ajouté dans son communiqué.

Car outre l'interdiction de l'emploi, de la production, du stockage et du transfert de ces armes par les Etats parties, la Convention d'Oslo comporte aussi plusieurs obligations pour les Etats parties, notamment dans le domaine de l'assistance aux victimes, une première dans le droit international.

Si dans un délai de huit ans après avoir ratifié la Convention, les Etats sont tenus d'avoir détruit leurs stocks et dans un délai de dix ans, d'avoir enlevé de leur territoire les bombes à sous-munitions abandonnées qui n'auraient pas explosé, ils sont aussi obligés de prendre en charge les victimes de BASM sur leur territoire ou dans des zones sous leur contrôle.

La Conventions énumèrent des mesures précises qui leur incombent de mettre en œuvre : fournir des soins médicaux, une réadaptation physique, un soutien psychologique et une insertion sociale et économique aux victimes. Ils doivent également évaluer les besoins domestiques dans les zones touchées et élaborer des plans et mobiliser des ressources pour y répondre.

« J'appelle tous les Etats Membres de l'ONU qui ne l'ont pas encore fait à signer et ratifier sans délai la Convention », a conclu Ban Ki-moon.

Dans un communiqué diffusé vendredi, le Directeur du Service de la lutte anti-mines de l'ONU (UNMAS), Max Kerley, a également exprimé sa satisfaction de voir la Convention d'Oslo entrer en vigueur, deux ans seulement après son élaboration définitive et le début des adhésions des Etats membres.

« C'est une étape majeure pour l'agenda mondial du désarmement. Les bombes à sous-munitions causent des dommages humanitaires et socio-économiques considérables », a-t-il souligné, rappelant que l'UNMAS en voyait quotidiennement les traces dans les pays où il intervient.

« A la lumière du succès de la Convention d'Ottawa sur l'interdiction des mines anti-personnelles, nous ne pouvons qu'espérer que la Convention d'Oslo aura autant de soutien de la part des pays touchés par ces armes que des pays qui les utilisent, afin de mettre un terme aux pertes inutiles de vies de civils innocents », a conclu Max Kerley.


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MessagePosté le: Ven 18 Jan - 18:26 (2013)    Sujet du message: CANADA : ENREGISTREMENT DES ARMES D'ÉPAULE - LES CHEFS DE POLICE EN CAMPAGNE Répondre en citant


Par Radio-Canada,
http://www.radio-canada.ca/, Mis à jour le: 23 août 2010 10:26

Les délégués réunis au congrès de l'Association canadienne des chefs de police (ACCP), tenu lundi à Edmonton, se sont prononcés très majoritairement en faveur du maintien intégral du registre national des armes à feu.

Au cours de la rencontre, les chefs de police de partout au Canada ont notamment pris connaissance d'un rapport soulignant l'importance de ce registre. Ce registre, conclut le document, est un outil qui s'avère efficace.

Les chefs de police prévoient maintenant lancer une offensive médiatique pour s'assurer qu'il ne sera pas aboli.

La campagne de relations publiques qu'ils comptent mener mettra les chefs de police de partout au Canada dans le camp des opposants au projet de loi privé C-391, déposée par la députée conservatrice Candice Hoeppner, qui préconise d'exclure l'enregistrement des armes d'épaule.

Le président de l'association et chef de la police de Toronto, Bill Blair, a indiqué que la campagne serait également menée auprès des politiciens « abolitionnistes ».

Le rapport, qui devait être rendu public après la rencontre, a été présenté par le surintendant Brad Doucette, de la police d'Edmonton. Le document devait originalement être présenté par l'homme qui a coprésidé le comité l'ayant produit, soit le surintendant en chef de la Gendarmerie royale du Canada (GRC), Marty Cheliak.

M. Cheliak, réputé pour être un défenseur du registre, a été remplacé par la GRC comme directeur du Programme canadien des armes à feu (PCAF). La police fédérale a argué que M. Cheliak ne répondait pas au critère de bilinguisme nécessaire au poste qu'il occupait et lui a ordonné de suivre des cours de français.

Les partis d'opposition à Ottawa y ont vu une manoeuvre destinée à écarter du chemin un opposant au projet de loi de la députée Hoeppner. Les conservateurs soutiennent depuis longtemps que le registre, créé par le gouvernement libéral de Jean Chrétien en 2002, est coûteux et inefficace.

Selon M. Blair, le registre fait l'objet d'inquiétudes légitimes au départ, notamment en raison d'un coût d'implantation qui a atteint 1 milliard de dollars. Il souligne cependant qu'opérer le registre ne coûte maintenant que 4 millions de dollars.

« C'est un peu frustrant, franchement, parce qu'il y a beaucoup d'idéologie » dans ce débat, a dit M. Blair à la CBC. « Je crois qu'une bonne partie du ressentiment entourant le registre vient d'anciennes préoccupations liées à sa mise en place ».

Actuellement, les autorités utilisent les données du registre environ 11 000 fois par jour à travers le Canada.

Selon le calendrier actuel, le vote sur le projet de loi privé C-391 doit avoir lieu cet automne à la Chambre des communes.

Néanmoins, une recommandation d'un comité visant à tuer le projet doit faire l'objet d'un vote aux Communes le 21 septembre prochain, le lendemain de la reprise de la session parlementaire.

Lors de l'adoption du projet de loi en deuxième lecture, en novembre 2009, près d'une vingtaine de députés néo-démocrates et libéraux avaient voté avec l'ensemble des conservateurs.

Radio-Canada.ca avec Presse canadienne et CBC .


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