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MessagePosté le: Lun 13 Jan - 20:27 (2014)    Sujet du message: ANONYMOUS HACKER WHO EXPOSED THE STEUBENVILLE RAPISTS MAY GET MORE PRISON TIME THAN RAPISTS Répondre en citant


By PBSpot Admin January 12, 2014

Deric Lostutter, the 26-year-old “hacktivist” who leaked the evidence that led to the conviction of two of the Steubenville, Ohio rapists is now facing more time behind bars than the rapists he exposed. The Steubenville Rape Case made national headlines when a video made by the rapists themselves, and their friends, proved that their victim was unconscious and unable to consent.

VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wfuy-vnpWY&hd=1
Instead of giving Lostutter thanks for exposing these criminals, however, the FBI raided his house last April. At first, Lostutter had denied that he was the man in the video, but he decided to come forward after the appalling reaction of the rapists after they were exposed. Lostutter is now facing ten years behind bars if indicted for obtaining tweets and social media posts which revealed the details of the rape as well as for threatening action against the Steubenville rapists and school officials who helped to cover up the crime. Lostutter posted the video to the Steubenville High School football team website, bringing national attention to the case and the cover-up.

Word of Lostutter’s 10-years comes just as one of the rapists themselves, Ma’Lik Richomond, 16, was just released from prison for “good behavior.”

The Richomond family released a statement, following the release, which focused on how hard the past 16 months have been for Ma’Lik. The attorney for Ma’Lik’s rape victim noted there was no apology made to her in that statement.

“Although everyone hopes convicted criminals are rehabilitated, it is disheartening that this convicted rapist’s press release does not make a single reference to the victim and her family — whom he and his co-defendant scarred for life. One would expect to see the defendant publicly apologize for all the pain he caused rather than make statements about himself. Rape is about victims, not defendants. Obviously, the people writing his press release have yet to learn this important lesson,” attorney Robert Fitzsimmons said.

Stay tuned. You will be hearing more about this story.

(Article by M.B. David; image Rolling Stone)

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MessagePosté le: Lun 13 Jan - 20:27 (2014)    Sujet du message: Publicité

PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?
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Inscrit le: 18 Juin 2011
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MessagePosté le: Lun 13 Jan - 23:26 (2014)    Sujet du message: FUTURE COP SAYS PROTESTERS SHOULD BE EXTERMINATED IN "GAS CHAMBERS" Répondre en citant


“I would beat your f***ing ass just for the sheer joy of it”

Paul Joseph Watson
January 13, 2014

A trainee Sheriff’s Deputy posted a threatening Facebook message aimed at Cop Block, an organization which advocates filming police officers, in which the soon to be cop said that protesters should be exterminated in “gas chambers” and that he would beat them up “just for the sheer joy of it.”  


Image: Ron Paul Supporters (Wikimedia Commons).

“While its rare that we receive direct death treats, they must be taken seriously, especially when they come from someone with military training and is about to become a Law enforcement agent / Sheriff,” states a post on the official CopBlock Facebook page.

According to CopBlock, the threats were made by Darren Redding, a former U.S. Marine and a current cadet in training with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department. Redding’s Facebook page has now been deleted, but the messages sent to CopBlock appear at the end of this article.  

“If I had my way, there would be another holocaust with camps and gas chambers full of fucking cunt scabs like you, I hope you die,” stated Redding, adding, “I hope some cop beats your ass next time you’re “protesting” or filming them or whatever. In fact I’m about to start the training academy for the washoe county sheriffs dept in reno, Nevada and I can’t wait to deal with punk ass bitches like you. I would beat your fucking ass just for the sheer joy of it.”

“If you were a law abiding citizen you wouldn’t have any problem with 5-0, but something tells me you were probably being a jackass towards a police officer and you got what was coming to you, and that inspired you to make a page giving a bad name to all law enforcement,” stated Redding, complaining about one of Cop Block’s posts.  

Cop Block responded to the threats by inviting people to contact the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and suggest that they refrain from hiring someone who has expressed a desire to see people who exercise their rights gassed in concentration camps.

Hundreds of other Facebook users responded in the comments section, with one former US Army Ranger stating that Redding should not be allowed to become a police officer.  
“The numbers of the sheriff’s office where he plans to apply should be give out as well as emails for everyone to write to so that this does not just fall through the cracks and be forgotten about. The last thing we need is another out of control officer that will take a dump on people’s rights (or worse),” remarked Kevin Warrick.

While the vast majority of police officers do not espouse such extreme views, this is another example of how a minority of law enforcement personnel, especially those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, are now entering the police force with total hostility towards the American people and complete contempt for the bill of rights.

Screenshots of the original message Cop Block says they received from Darren Redding can be viewed below.  





Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.  

This article was posted: Monday, January 13, 2014 at 11:18 am

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Inscrit le: 18 Juin 2011
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MessagePosté le: Lun 13 Jan - 23:30 (2014)    Sujet du message: DEATH THREAT Répondre en citant


Cop Block ·

Hier, à 16:19 ·

Death Threat: Just received a message from Soldier Darren Redding, a cadet/ future Washoe County Sheriff (775-328-3001) calling for the death of all 86,000 fans of this page.

While its rare that we receive direct death treats, they must be taken seriously, especially when they come from someone with military training and is about to become a Law enforcement agent / Sheriff.

This Vet wants to gas 86,000 people that want police to be held accountable;e for their actions. He is about to become a cop and he calls himself a HERO? --Rob

"if I had my way, there would be another holocaust with camps and gas chambers full of fucking cunt scabs like you."

Here is a screen shot of his message, http://i39.tinypic.com/ra7ngw.png

And the police Department he is about to join "You may want to call and voice your opinion before they hire a someone that wants to kill people" http://www.washoesheriff.com/

"Darren Redding
Your page is pathetic and offensive. The pictures you post and the comments you make seem like you're trying to incriminate and deface ALL police officers, when 99% of them are great at what they do, it's the 1% you should be posting about, not the vast majority you pathetic, ignorant, liberal pussy.

You're just like all the liberals striving for gun control because the actions of a few, insane individuals are fucking it up for the other 99% of gun owners who are responsible with their weapons.

Or let me put it into perspective for a drug using, liberal, hippy pussy like yourself: 99% of people who smoke pot do it responsibly and safely, but 1% of the people who use participate in violent crime, or crash their cars when theyre high and kill others or themselves, but I don't see you posting about how ALL pot smokers should be punished.

If you were a law abiding citizen you wouldn't have any problem with 5-0, but something tells me you were probably being a jackass towards a police officer and you got what was coming to you, and that inspired you to make a page giving a bad name to all law enforcement.

You might as well bad mouth the military and veterans like myself because of those marine scout snipers that pissed on some dead Taliban a few years back. According to your logic that means ALL active duty and veterans are heinous heathens right?

You're a fucking bitch and I hope some cop beats your ass next time you're "protesting" or filming them or whatever. In fact I'm about to start the training academy for the washoe county sheriffs dept in reno, Nevada and I can't wait to deal with punk ass bitches like you. I would beat your fucking liberal ass just for the sheer joy of it.

Suck my fucking dick you waste of breathable air, you should have been aborted. But I guess your mother was a dumb ass waste of life like you. You're the reason that there's no hope for the human race, I can't believe people like you exist, if I had my way, there would be another holocaust with camps and gas chambers full of fucking cunt scabs like you.

I hope you die"


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MessagePosté le: Mar 14 Jan - 00:32 (2014)    Sujet du message: BAN PREOCCUPE PAR L'ESCALADE DE LA VIOLENCE EN ISRAËL, A GAZA ET EN CISJORDANIE Répondre en citant


Préoccupé : mot code pour les amis du parti, que le temps est enfin venu pour la conquête de cette Terre Sainte? Remarquez qu'à toutes les fois qu'une guerre prend place dans un pays, ce cher nazi et secrétaire général des Nations-Unies, est toujours "désolé" et/ou "préoccupé" par la violence qui ne cesse d'augmenter et tout ce que l'on voit, c'est plus de militaires mis en place pour combattre les forces Jihadistes ou groupes rebelles.

Israël est le point central et final de toute cette guerre contre Dieu, l'ONU voulant faire de Jérusalem, une cité internationale, une capitale mondiale afin d'y asseoir le faux messie, cet hybride humain, qui règnera sur les nations, copiant ainsi la seconde venue de Jésus-Christ, au nom de la PAIX et de la SECURITE.

Ne nous laissons pas leurrer; tout est prévu depuis longtemps par les Nations-Unies et par le Vatican pour ce règne de démons qui prend de plus en plus sa place sur cette planète et chaque jour, nous voyons notre planète changer dramatiquement, et ses habitants qui n'ont pas de discernement tombé dans le piège de la pure folie, de la zombibication de l'esprit et du corps.  Le règne de la terreur s'étend dans tous les pays, les tensions ne cessants d'augmenter dans tous les pays.

Je ne rapporte que très peu sur la guerre, bien qu'elle fait rage dans beaucoup de pays, mais la machine de propagande est tellement puissante et mensongère que je ne vois pas tellement l'utilité de la rapporter au quotidien. Je veux, par contre, vous montrer, comment le tout se met en place et par qui, afin d'amener ce grand chaos final, soit disant pour bâtir un monde nouveau. Est-ce le genre de monde dans lequel vous désirez vivre? Ne voyez-vous pas tout ce qui prend place?

Bien que ses démons pensent détenir tous les pouvoirs, eh bien non, rassurez-vous! Dieu ne leur accorde qu'un certain nombre d'années afin d'amener ses grands jugements sur cette planète, car les hommes/femmes se sont laissés séduire par ses entités démoniaques, jusqu'à un point de non-retour. Dieu avait averti TOUTES les nations, via Sa Parole, de ce qui était pour arriver, mais l'homme n'a pas pris garde et a préféré croire aux mensonges de ce grand système de Babylone des temps de la fin, tombant ainsi dans le grand filet du péché, qui mettra son âme et sa destinée éternelle en grand danger. La semence du diable a jeté ses graines d'abominations et d'exécrations contre le Dieu Très-Haut, attirant maintenant le jugement de Dieu sur eux (anges-déchus et Nephilims) et sur tous ceux qui se sont associés à eux tous.

Jérusalem est une terre que le camp ennemi est bien décidé à conquérir, et tout est sur le point de se concrétiser. Suivez ce qui se passe avec John Kerry qui désire que tout soit en place pour le début de 2014. Ce jour, où vous entendrez parler que Jérusalem est officiellement sous le contrôle de la Palestine, eh bien, mes amis, ce sera un jour de grande noirceur sur l'humanité toute entière, car c'est là que sera courroné l'Antichrist, le faux messie, le faux Jésus. Alors, la grande détresse viendra, détresse que l'on fera passer pour une ère de grande PAIX MONDIALE. Le sang des martyrs et les rituels sataniques s'étendront sur tous les pays.

D'autres événéments de grande importance suivront, mais pour l'instant c'est ce qui se met en place. Lisez le livre de Daniel et de l'Apocalypse, le livre d'Ezéchiel et de Jérémie et voyez comment Dieu, par le passé, a dû intervenir contre ses puissances et ses peuples rebelles. Dieu est Amour, mais aussi de Justice et de Colère. Il est terrible de tomber sous la Colère de Dieu. Repentance et obéissance au Roi des rois et au Créateur de toutes choses. C'est la seule issue possible pour notre/votre éternité. Vos bunkers ne vous sauveront pas, pas plus que vos armes contre toutes les armes de cette grande armée de Satan qui est maintenant positionné partout et qui n'attend que les ordres pour semer la terreur et la destruction. Vous ne pourrez rien contre tous ses géants qui vont, un jour ou l'autre, se montrer le bout du nez. Cette guerre est spirituelle, et c'est spirituellement que nous pouvons combattre.

Le Secrétaire général de l’ONU, Ban Ki-moon. Photo: ONU/Eskinder Debebe (Photo d'archive)

24 décembre 2013 – Le Secrétaire général de l'ONU s'est dit mardi préoccupé par l'escalade de la violence en Israël, à Gaza et en Cisjordanie, appelant les parties à exercer la plus grande retenue.

Dans une déclaration transmise par son porte-parole, Ban Ki-moon condamne le meurtre d'un civil israélien […], après des coups de feu tirés aujourd'hui depuis Gaza, et l'attaque à la bombe d'un bus, dimanche, près de Tel Aviv.

Il déplore également la mort d'un jeune enfant, aujourd'hui à Gaza, après le raid de représailles mené par Israël ainsi qu'un certain nombre de dégâts civils enregistrés côté palestinien depuis vendredi.

« Le Secrétaire général rejette tous les actes ciblant les civils et appelle toutes les parties concernées à faire preuve d'un maximum de retenue pour prévenir un autre cycle de bain de sang », indique le porte-parole. « Il juge également essentiel de préserver l'accord de cessez-le-feu de novembre 2012 et de restaurer le calme »

« Le Secrétaire général ne cesse de souligner la nécessité pour les Israéliens et les Palestiniens de rester constants dans leur engagement à réaliser la solution de deux États pour mettre un terme définitif à la violence. »

Après un hiatus de trois ans, les Israéliens et les Palestiniens ont repris des négociations directes en août dernier, grâce aux efforts du Secrétaire d'État américain, John Kerry. De hauts fonctionnaires des Nations Unies, notamment M. Ban, ont souligné l'importance de donner aux pourparlers de paix une chance de porter leurs fruits et pour les deux parties de s'abstenir de toute action susceptible de saper les efforts en vue de parvenir à une solution politique à ce conflit de longue date.


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Le Point.fr - Publié le 16/01/2014 à 11:27 - Modifié le 16/01/2014 à 11:36

  Il faudra plusieurs heures pour déblayer les nombreuses tonnes de "matière végétale" qui ont eu pour effet immédiat... de ralentir la circulation près du quai d'Orsay. © J.Wiels / Le Point

Par Jason Wiels

Voilà qui a toutes les chances d'être l'image du jour. Avec un mois d'avance sur le Salon de l'agriculture, le conducteur d'un poids lourd a déversé ce jeudi matin une quantité impressionnante de fumier devant l'Assemblée nationale, à Paris. En contournant le mélange encore fumant, on pouvait lire sur les flancs du camion "Hollande et toute la classe politique, dehors. Place à la Vie République".

Selon les forces de l'ordre, présentes immédiatement sur place, l'auteur de cet "attentat à la crotte", si l'on ose dire, a été interpellé dans la foulée. Un membre du personnel du Palais-Bourbon, goguenard, résume la situation en quelques mots : "Manquerait plus que les médias titrent : l'Assemblée nationale dans la merde". 


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MessagePosté le: Ven 17 Jan - 19:41 (2014)    Sujet du message: UNE BOMBE BLESSE 28 MANIFESTANTS EN THAÏLANDE Répondre en citant


False flag ou attentat réel? dur de le dire quand nous n'avons personne sur place pour y voir de plus près mais ce qui est important de se rappeler, c'est que tous ses attentats sert à faire augmenter la tension et la sécurité.


  Deux hommes transportent un manifestant blessé par l'explosion.  Photo :  AP

Un engin explosif a fait 28 blessés dans les rangs des manifestants antigouvernementaux thaïlandais et d'autres violences ont éclaté à Bangkok, vendredi, alors que le mouvement de contestation contre la première ministre Yingluck Shinawatra donnait depuis plusieurs jours des signes d'essoufflement.

La police a indiqué que la bombe artisanale avait été lancée par des inconnus sur un cortège d'opposants conduits par leur chef de file, Suthep Thaugsuban, près de l'université Chulalongkorn, dans le centre de la capitale.

Le bilan a été fourni par l'Erawan Medical Center, qui coordonne les hôpitaux de Bangkok. La vie des blessés ne serait pas menacée.

« Suthep n'était qu'à 30 mètres de l'endroit où les assaillants ont lancé leur bombe. » — Akanat Promphan, porte-parole du mouvement de contestation

Le leader de l'opposition, qui a appelé ses partisans à paralyser Bangkok jusqu'à ce que Yingluck Shinawatra se résigne à démissionner, n'a pas été blessé.

Le ministre thaïlandais des Affaires étrangères, Surapong Tovichakchaikul, avait estimé un peu avant l'attaque qu'il « était temps » pour le gouvernement de reprendre le contrôle de Bangkok.

Cette remarque de Surapong Tovichakchaikul, ministre des Affaires étrangères, trahit l'impatience croissante des autorités thaïlandaises face à la mobilisation des opposants qui bloquent l'accès à certains ministères et contrôlent plusieurs carrefours de la capitale.

Interrogé pour savoir si le gouvernement entendait prendre des mesures pour sortir de cette impasse qui dure depuis plusieurs semaines, le ministre a répondu : « Bientôt. Il est temps. Nous devons commencer à faire quelque chose ».

  La première ministre thaïlandaise Yingluck Shinawatra  Photo :  AFP/THAI GOVERNMENT

Yingluck Shinawatra, accusée d'être soumise à l'influence de son frère Thaksin, ex-premier ministre vivant en exil, a dissous le Parlement pour tenter de résoudre la crise politique et convoqué des élections législatives anticipées, qui doivent se tenir le 2 février.

La chef du gouvernement et son parti Puea Thai sont quasiment certains de remporter ce scrutin en raison de la solide implantation dont ils bénéficient dans les milieux
populaires et ruraux, notamment dans le nord de la Thaïlande.

L'opposition, principalement constituée de membres de la bourgeoisie moyenne urbaine et de partisans de la monarchie, a décidé de boycotter les élections et souhaite mettre fin à la domination de la famille Shinawatra sur la vie politique.

Les manifestants ont réussi à paralyser plusieurs ministères et partent chaque jour de camps qu'ils ont érigés à Bangkok vers sept carrefours de la capitale.
Les manifestants pris pour cible

Outre l'engin explosif lancé sur les manifestants, d'autres incidents violents ont été signalés vendredi.

Des centaines de personnes circulant à moto ou dans d'autres véhicules se sont rendues dans le quartier des administrations occupé par les manifestants et des heurts se sont produits.

Le mécontentement semblait se cristalliser vendredi autour du bureau de délivrance des passeports.

« Ils ont dit qu'ils étaient en colère contre les manifestants antigouvernementaux qui bloquaient la circulation là-bas et qui leur interdisaient l'accès aux administrations
gouvernementales, en particulier le service des passeports », a dit le secrétaire général du Conseil de sécurité nationale, Paradorn Pattanatabut.


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MessagePosté le: Dim 19 Jan - 11:12 (2014)    Sujet du message: IAF HITS TERROR TARGETS IN GAZA Répondre en citant



IAF aircraft target terrorist sites in Gaza after rocket explodes in the Sha'ar Hanegev area.

By Elad Benari
First Publish: 1/19/2014, 3:27 AM

IAF airstrike in Gaza (archive)
AFP photo

Israeli Air Force (IAF) aircraft targeted several terrorist sites in Gaza on Saturday night, hours after a rocket attack on southern Israel.

A statement from the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that the aircraft targeted two centers of terrorist activity in southern and central Gaza. Direct hits were identified and all Israeli aircraft returned safely to their bases, said the statement.

Several hours before the airstrikes, a rocket exploded in an open area between two communities in the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council.

There were no physical injuries or damages. The “Red Alert” siren was sounded before the rocket exploded.

“The IDF views any firing at Israeli territory as very serious and will continue to act strongly against anyone who uses terror against Israel,” said the IDF statement which laid the blame for any terrorist activity on Hamas, which rules Gaza.

Tensions have increased with Gaza in recent days. Early Thursday morning, Israeli Air Force (IAF) aircraft targeted a concealed rocket launcher, a weapons storage site and a center of terrorist activity in northern Gaza.

The airstrikes came in retaliation for a rocket barrage which targeted the city of Ashkelon Wednesday night.

Since the IDF’s counterterrorism Operation Pillar of Defense in late 2012, there has been relative quiet in the region, but defense officials have said that the ceasefire with Hamas, brokered by Egypt and the United States following the counterterrorism offensive, is dissolving.


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MessagePosté le: Dim 19 Jan - 11:19 (2014)    Sujet du message: OFFICIALS: GAZA CEASEFIRE IS DEAD Répondre en citant



Defense officials reportedly view Pillar of Cloud
ceasefire as moot, as barrage of rockets closes non-reinforced schools in Ashdod.

By Ari Yashar
First Publish: 1/17/2014, 9:14 AM

Rocket fired from Gaza (archive)

A barrage of at least 6 rockets were fired from Gaza towards Ashkelon on Wednesday, leading the defense establishment to reportedly reconsider the Pillar of Cloud
ceasefire. The barrage also led Ashdod to cancel classes Friday at all schools that are not reinforced against rocket fire.

Five of the rockets were shot down by the Iron Dome defense system Wednesday, with the rest landing in open areas. The IAF responded with airstrikes on various terror sites in Gaza on Thursday.

Gaza has fired 17 rockets at Israel so far in January, making the average one rocket a day this month, reports Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio).

The latest burst of rocket fire has led the defense establishment to realize the cease-fire with Hamas, brokered by Egypt and the US following Operation Pillar of Defense, is dissolving, reported Ma'ariv on Friday.

Deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, whose Muslim Brotherhood has ties to Hamas, is considered by the sources to have had more influence in keeping Hamas in check following the November 2012 counter-terror operation.

In contrast, the defense establishment noted that Defense Minister Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, who has cut illegal smuggling tunnels between the Sinai and Gaza in a siege of the Hamas stronghold, is proving unable to hold Hamas to its promises.

"The mechanism of enforcing agreements with Hamas has weakened exceedingly," revealed a senior source in Jerusalem. "Israel understands that ceasefire agreements can't be relied on as in the Morsi period, the agreements have lost their meaning."

In response to the rain of rocket fire, Ashdod closed schools as noted. The cancellation affected 3,500 students in the coastal city, out of a total 75,000 students.

While attacks from Gaza were down 98% one year after Operation Pillar of Cloud
, the number has recently skyrocketed. A barrage of at least 6 rockets as occurred Wednesday reportedly hasn't happened for some time.

The IDF has warned Hamas that it is willing to step up its response as the terror organization escalates its attacks. Reports show Hamas has been stockpiling long-range rockets, indicating fierce fighting may be looming.


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MessagePosté le: Dim 19 Jan - 12:30 (2014)    Sujet du message: IRS TO GET A ‘LICENSE TO KILL’ ANY GROUPS WHO OPPOSE OBAMMA'S AGENDA Répondre en citant


How they will implement the dead squad


By Joseph L. Parker on January 16, 2014 at 2:45 pm

  Under Barack Obama, Americans continue to suffer violations of their rights, which have been many. On Jan. 13, Forbes published Obama’s top 10 offenses against the Constitution. The authors noted he has continually and blatantly encroached on “the strictures of our founding document,” especially as pertains to the separation of powers.

Number six on Forbe’s list of Obama’s violations was the profiling of conservative organizations by the IRS. The agency compiled a “be on the lookout” (“BOLO”) list to identify groups ”engaged in political activities.” The list contained “buzz words” such as Tea Party, Patriots and Israel. The targeting by the IRS began in 2010 and supposedly ended in May 2013.

It would appear the IRS isn’t through targeting conservatives, according to a recent Washington Times report:

The Internal Revenue Service is getting a special new power: a ‘license to kill’ groups that oppose the Obama agenda. [These powers] will let the IRS destroy certain groups, especially those  connected to the Tea Party, by imposing a tax on their work and messages during  campaign seasons. Even the value of volunteer work could be taxed.

Suspicions point directly to Obama and IRS chief counsel William Wilkins as the ones behind this insidious move. In April of 2012, Obama met with Wilkins in the Roosevelt Room of the White House two days before the IRS “issued its key internal directives” targeting the Tea Party and other conservative groups.

The IRS wants to create a new bureaucratic definition that re-labels those  common voter information activities by re-naming them “Candidate-Related Political Activity,” or CRPA for short. This is actually a gag rule. But the IRS’s new speech restrictions do not  apply to labor unions, trade associations, political parties, or other  non-profit groups such as 501(c)(3)’s, according to the Times.

The impact will be felt the most by Tea Party and conservative groups and organizations that have 501(c)(4) status. Under this agenda, some liberal groups could also be affected but Obama is “notorious for selective enforcement.” This means those friendly to Obama’s agenda would get a pass, while conservatives would be driven out of business.

Groups that would feel the administration’s wrath include the Faith  and Freedom Coalition, Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity, and the  National Rifle Association. Among those that would not are People for the American Way, American  Civil Liberties Union, USAction, and the Democratic Leadership Council.
Here’s how the IRS “license to kill” would work:

Anything that mentions or has any connection to a candidate or public  official is deemed restricted speech (CRPA), even when it otherwise meets the  organization’s goals. Details of all communications must be reported to the IRS  whenever it occurs within 60 days of a general election or within 30 days of  primaries.

The restrictions also apply regarding procedures to select party officers,  such as a precinct, district or state party chairman, plus nominations or  confirmations of an appointed official such as a judge, agency head or cabinet  officer.

These communications must all be reported to the IRS so they can be compiled,  catalogued and taxed. Donations made during those periods would be treated 100  percent as campaign contributions, and taxed.

The IRS would also restrict voter registration drives, candidate forums and debates, voter guides, voting record listings of incumbents and public statements of officers and leaders of (c)(4)s the reference incumbents and candidates.

Unless Congress acts immediately to block these new IRS regulations, they will “deliver a death blow” to as many as 100,000 grassroots non-profits groups that have 501(c)(4) status. It’s these groups that get important information in the hands of the public concerning things like political issues.


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MessagePosté le: Dim 19 Jan - 14:58 (2014)    Sujet du message: IMF OFFICIAL AMONG 21 KILLED IN KABUL RESTAURANT ATTACK Répondre en citant

  • AFP
  • January 18, 2014 5:27PM

Afghan police help an injured man from the scene of the restaurant attack in Kabul. Source: AP

THE IMF's representative in Afghanistan and three UN officials were among 21 people killed in an attack on a Kabul restaurant.

The International Monetary Fund said its resident representative in Afghanistan, Lebanese national Wabel Abdallah, 60, died in Friday's bombing and shooting by Taliban suicide attackers on the popular restaurant.

``This is tragic news, and we at the fund are all devastated,'' IMF managing director Christine Lagarde said in a statement.

``Our hearts go out to Wabel's family and friends, as well as the other victims of this attack.''

Abdallah had been the IMF's resident representative in the country since June 2008, and had worked with the fund since 1993, especially in its Middle East activities.

The official death toll from the attack rose from 14 to 21 on Saturday, with 13 foreigners among the dead, Afghan police said.

``This morning we have checked again and our latest figure is 21 killed, including 13 foreigners and eight Afghans. Five women were among the dead and about five people were injured,'' Kabul police chief Mohammad Zahir told AFP after the attack on Friday evening.

UN leader Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned the strike and a UN statement said other dead from the attack claimed by the Taliban were from international organisations.

``Such targeted attacks against civilians are completely unacceptable and are in flagrant breach of international humanitarian law,'' Ban was quoted as saying by a spokesman.

Ban condemned the attack ``in the strongest terms,'' said deputy UN spokesman Farhan Haq.

``Three United Nations personnel, along with a number of those from other international organisations, are now confirmed dead,'' added Haq.

The United Nations is to take on a leading role in Afghanistan as international troops complete their withdrawal in 2014 and the country builds up to national elections.

It has already tightened security at its bases, and the attack will lead to a new review of staff safety, UN officials said.

Staff and relatives told AFP that the restaurant owner was also killed trying the fend off the attackers.

Taliban suicide attackers killed at least 21 people, most of them foreigners, when one bomber blew himself up outside the restaurant and two gunmen stormed inside, mowing down staff and diners.

The assault on the Taverna du Liban in the upmarket neighbourhood of Wazir Akbar Khan was quickly claimed by Taliban militants fighting against the Afghan government and US-led foreign forces in the country.

Deputy interior minister Mohammad Ayoub Salangi told AFP that two of the attackers forced their way into the heavily guarded restaurant after an initial explosion at about 7.30pm.

"At least 14 people have been killed. One suicide attacker detonated himself outside the restaurant and two others got inside indiscriminately killing people," Salangi said.

Police and government officials said most of the victims were foreigners, but their nationalities were not confirmed. All three attackers died in the assault.

The long-established Taverna has been a regular dining spot for foreign diplomats, consultants, aid workers and Afghans, and is likely to have been busy with customers on Friday, the weekly holiday in Afghanistan.

Like many restaurants in Kabul, it ran strict security checks with diners patted down by armed guards and passing through at least two steel doors before gaining entry.

"I was sitting with my friends in the kitchen when an explosion happened and smoke filled the kitchen," kebab cook Abdul Majid told AFP while being treated for leg fractures in a nearby hospital.

"A man came inside shouting and he started shooting. One of my colleagues was shot and fell down. I ran to the roof and threw myself to the neighbouring property."

Elite security commandos rushed to seal off the small streets around the restaurant as sporadic gunfire erupted for a short time after the blast.

The venue has an enclosed outside seating area which is heated in the harsh Afghan winter, and customers often share a tobacco shisha pipe after their meal.

The Taliban's main spokesman claimed the attack targeted the restaurant deliberately.

"As a result of a martyrdom attack on a foreign restaurant in the Wazir Akbar Khan area of Kabul, a large number of foreign occupiers, most of them Germans, have suffered casualties," spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in emailed statement.

The Taliban often make incorrect claims about death tolls and the nationalities of those affected.



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MessagePosté le: Dim 19 Jan - 18:37 (2014)    Sujet du message: TUNISIE : LA GUERRE DU POUVOIR EST DECLAREE PAR LE QATAR VIA LA CONFRERIE PAN-ISLAMIQUE! Répondre en citant



Actu | Samedi 18 janvier 2014 21:07:20


Par Seif Ben Kheder - L’assaut général a été donné. Tous les signes avant-coureurs sont réunis. La guerre Qatar vs Arabie aura son troisième round sur terre Tunisie, après les deux rings de la Syrie et de l’Egypte. Le mot d’ordre décrété par le congrès de la confrérie est celui de la prise du pouvoir par tous les moyens imaginables, lors des prochaines échéances. Se remettre donc dans l’habit de la légitimité électorale et se préparer à un scénario semblable à celui de l’Egypte. Le statut de victime, en cas de destitution par les forces armées, est capital pour la nébuleuse islamiste, afin de mener à bien les combats de rue auxquels elle s’y prépare activement. Pour ce faire, trois principaux fronts ont été planifiés :


D’abord, une alliance avec toutes les sensibilités politiques opportunistes ou proches des réseaux mafieux des islamistes, est entrain de se mettre en place, afin de tabler sur un taux qui frôlerait les 50% et par conséquent incontestable au niveau des résultats. La liste est connue et facilement devinable. Il s’agit des partis suivants : Ennahdha, Wafa, le front de la réforme, Tahrir, l’alliance démocratique, le parti républicain, le congrès pour la république et le Courant de l’amour. Le projet occidental de la cohabitation entre l’appel de la Tunisie et Ennahdha a été remis à l’après 2014, selon la réalité du paysage politique qui se dessinera à ce moment là.


Il faut savoir que Abderraouf Ayadi a repris le contrôle des « Ansar Charia » et que Marzouki a plus d’influence sur les LPR que Ennahdha. De ce fait, les intégristes au pouvoir ont misé sur le marché des jeunes criminels de la rue sans appartenance idéologique. Des mercenaires à bas prix et non identifiables, par lesquels, les militants soldats d’Ennahdha ne seraient pas aux premières lignes des combats. Tel fut le cas pendant les derniers incidents nocturnes qui ont accueilli ce premier moi du nouvel an. C’était une répétition générale.Par ailleurs, Ennahdha s’est gardée un joker de grande envergure, celui des terroristes professionnels, qui feraient leur apparition au moment crucial des altercations. Une partie d’entre eux est encore installée dans les hauteurs du Nord Ouest, une deuxième qui constitue les cellules dormantes dans les zones urbaines et une troisième qui serait dépêchée depuis les frontières libyennes en cas de besoin.


L’argent des Al-Khalifa coule à flots dans nos contrées. Ghannouchi a investi une bonne partie des budgets qui lui ont été octroyés par le Qatar et les banquiers de la confrérie mondiale dans l’achat des services de certains des cadres de la police, appuyés par leurs syndicats et quelques généraux militaires. Les deux ministères de l’intérieur et de la défense vivent actuellement des tensions internes inédites. La campagne menée par les syndicats procurés par Ghannouchi pour la reconduction de Ben Jeddou a été spectaculaire. Les médias étaient les moins chers à acheter dans ce géant marché de corrompus. En dehors des articles publiés en faveur de ce ministre cité et les plateaux de télé dédiés à l’entretien de sa notoriété, vous pouvez facilement remarquer que plus aucun moyen de communication ne cite les milices par leurs noms ni les terroristes par leurs identités. Dernier sketch en date, la couverture de « Ettounissia » d’une importante marche de l’organisation terroriste « ANSAR CHARIA » organisée à Kairouan a été baptisée par « la marche des opposés à la constitution ». Ne riez pas, Moez Ben Gharbia et Sami Fehri sont très sérieux
.Ceci-dit, le rôle de Ben Jeddou dans la manipulation des prochaines échéances, éventuellement le référendum, serait celui de facilitateur mais pas décisif. Vous imaginez bien que Ghannouchi possède plus qu’un plan B dans sa garde-robe. Il en possède autant que l’alphabet.


- Il y a d’abord l’étape de la constitution qui précède toutes les éventualités possibles pour l’avenir du pouvoir en Tunisie. Dans ce chapitre, les intégristes ont excellé dans les manipulations des négociations et la conception de pièges dans les textes. Tout a été truffé de termes porteurs de plusieurs interprétations qui prendront nos institutions en otage pour l’éternité. Je ne reviendrai pas à l’analyse de ce torchon dans cet exposé, moi qui crie sur tout les toits depuis deux années qu’il serait nul et non avenu puisque émanant d’une assemblée illégitime et hors-la-loi. L’essentiel, donc, pour le bloc des moyenâgeux dans cette étape est d’arriver à forcer son passage par un référendum qui leur permettra de tester tout leur dispositif avant l’assaut final des élections législatives.Dans le cas échéant, l’opposition complice aurait accepté leur texte, espérant naïvement qu’elle serait capable de gagner les élections finales, avec le soutien faussement promis par JACOB et ses amis.

Une fois le torche-cul est passé, par référendum ou non, la ligne d’arrivée ne sera qu’une question de quelques semaines où les scores seraient plus catastrophiques que ceux de 2011, où les forces armées seraient plus affaiblies et divisées, et où la société civile s’afficherait clairement en tant que société anonyme à but lucratif.

Contester les résultats ferait rire toute la communauté internationale, accélérerait l’extraction du gaz de schiste et renommerait notre désert en DESERTEC.

L’Arabie Saoudite dans ce schéma n’a pas beaucoup d’influence comme beaucoup le croit. Politiquement, elle a promis des « Jawaris » à BCE mais sans réel poids. Son premier représentant, Béchir Ben Hassen, l’équivalent du parti égyptien « ENNOUR » a été très vite neutralisé par Ghannouchi en faisant appel à ses frères marocains. Elle vient de désigner son successeur, assez tardivement, en version costard, le dénommé « Ajroudi ». Je vous dispense de mes commentaires sur sa personne et son historique. Les jeux sont faits, sauf dans le cas d’un sursaut populaire en surprise, qui mènerait à la dissolution du quartier des putes et prendrait de court tout ce monde pollué.


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The new intifada? Arabs ambush a police force, hurling fire bombs, cinder blocks and paint.

By Dalit Halevy
First Publish: 1/20/2014, 7:29 AM

Anata attack

 A “third intifada” may not have been officially declared, but conditions on the ground resemble those of the “first intifada” in the patterns of violence and the daring exhibited by the attackers.

The Palestinian Authority encourages what it terms “resistance” or “struggle” – adding the term “by peaceful means.” This is doublespeak, however, for struggle that includes severe violence, and the use of rocks and firebombs with intent to cause severe injuries or death among Israeli civilians and security forces.

A video shot in the village of Anata, north of Jerusalem, shows the difficult conditions under which Israeli security forces operate when they enter Arab concentrations to enforce law and order.

A group of young Arab terrorists can be seen as it awaits the Israeli force, which advances in a convoy of vehicles fitted with protective gear. A firebomb is thrown at one vehicle in an attempt to set it on fire, while cinderblocks are also hurled. Containers with paint are thrown at the windshields of the vehicles to try and block the drivers' field of vision.

VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrChjtPUgGs&hd=1

“Intifada,” an Arabic term meaning “shaking off the yoke,” has been used to describe a violent uprising in 1987-1993 and a murderous terror war in 2000-2009 that killed 1,178 Israelis, 70% of them civilians, in over 20,000 attacks that included 144 suicide bombings. 

Anata has been identified with the Biblical Anatot, birthplace of the prophet Yirmiyahu, or Jeremiah.


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MessagePosté le: Lun 20 Jan - 13:53 (2014)    Sujet du message: DEFENDRE LA VIE : LA PREMIERE URGENCE DE 2014 EN FRANCE ET EN EUROPE Répondre en citant



Une autre société secrète, contrôlé par le Vatican, se cachant des oeuvres humanitaires et caritatives pour contrôler les masses tout en se faisant passer pour une culture laîque.
Ici, nous avons un bel exemple de contrôle, quand nous savons que l'Eglise Catholique est à la tête de cette culture de la mort, dans tous les domaines. Nous avons donc, ici, une association de deux griffes de cette pieuvre géante : le cardinal André Vingt-Trois, archevêque de Paris associé au mouvement Caritas et la fondation Jérome Lejeune associé à l'Opus Dei qui unissent leur force pour une mobilisation pour lutter contre le
projet de loi avec banalisation de l'avortement, changement de la loi sur la fin de vie, plaidoyers pour "l'euthanasie passive". Pendant ce temps, le massacre de milliers d'être humains continuera. Une petite mobilisation par ci, une autre par là, et le peuple tombera dans le panneau encore une fois, manipulé par ses forces de ténèbres, jusqu'à ce que la ruine arrive soudainement pour eux. Vous remarquerez le silence total quand aux rituels sataniques reliés à tous ces meurtres. Rien non plus sur les milliers d'enfants et d'adultes qui disparaissent par milliers et dont on n'entend plus jamais parler. Cette Babylone abominable et corrompue nous montre très clairement le pouvoir exercé sur les masses pour tromper, séduire et mener vers un chemin large, le chemin de la perdition. S'il y a une prise de conscience à faire, c'est de revenir à l'Evangile de la Vérité, là, où le mensonge et la tromperie sont inexistants. De prendre conscience que Dieu nous a tout annoncé d'avance afin que justement, nous ne tombions pas dans le piège de ces agents lucifériens qui s'amusent avec les humains pour les mener à leur perte finale. Combien de pasteurs évangéliques sont aussi complices dans tous ses projets?


La Fondation Jérôme-Lejeune est une fondation française reconnue d’utilité publique qui poursuit les travaux du généticien Jérôme Lejeune, membre de l'Opus Dei1,2, soutenant notamment la recherche sur la trisomie 21.


VIDEO : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xeijfi_l-opus-dei-devoile-1sur3_news et http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xeikr5_les-secrets-de-l-opus-dei-1sur2_new…

Marche pour la Vie à  Paris dimanche 19 janvier Paris, 15 janvier 2014 (Zenit.org) Anita Bourdin

C'est l'heure de la mobilisation des laïcs, en France, pour la défense de la vie humaine, alors que les défis de société sont dans tous les journaux télévisés: projet de loi avec banalisation de l'avortement, changement de la loi sur la fin de vie, plaidoyers pour "l'euthanasie passive". La Marche pour la Vie aura lieu le 19 janvier.

Le cardinal André Vingt-Trois, archevêque de Paris, vient de secouer les consciences, le 10 janvier, au micro de Radio Notre Dame, soulignant les enjeux.

"Il faut que le respect de la vie devienne un enjeu aux élections européennes", estime Jean-Marie Le Méné, magistrat, président de la Fondation Jérôme Lejeune. Il tire le signal d'alarme face à "l’actualité dramatique de la culture de mort" et le manque de réactivité des décideurs.

"La Marche pour la vie du 19 janvier est l’occasion de faire passer le message que ces questions seront au cœur des prochaines échéances électorales", fait-il observer. Et il avertit: "L’avortement est le vaisseau amiral de l’euthanasie."

Un bilan des mobilisations de 2013 et les défis de 2014.

Zenit - L'Année 2013 a été une année charnière en France, faite de coups de boutoirs contre la culture de la vie, d'une mobilisation sans précédent des forces pour la vie et la famille, et de petites victoires: quel bilan feriez-vous?

Jean-Marie Le Méné - Je dresse le bilan contrasté d’une mobilisation populaire très forte qui nous réjouit - contre le mariage homosexuel, la recherche sur l’embryon avec « Un de nous », la résolution Estrela - mais d’une mobilisation faible de la part des autorités politiques et morales qui reste préoccupante.

Parmi les trop rares hommes politiques qui ont participé aux rassemblements contre le mariage homosexuel, un certain nombre n’envisagent pas d’autre issue que d’appliquer la loi puisqu’elle est désormais votée et avouent même qu’ils ne la changeront pas lors de la prochaine alternance politique. Dans le domaine du respect de la vie, c’est pire : l’encéphalogramme est plat. Eveiller des hommes politiques de l’opposition (à part deux ou trois) aux urgences dictées par l’actualité dramatique de la culture de mort, dans notre pays, est une mission qui semble impossible. On peut aussi regretter qu’en dehors de quelques prises de positions individuelles admirables, la communication de l’Eglise de France sur ces questions ne soit pas à la hauteur ni des enjeux, ni des menaces actuelles.

Le résultat est un sentiment paradoxal de grande détermination populaire et de divorce entre le peuple et ses élites. Le peuple se sent abandonné sur ces questions fondamentales depuis des dizaines d’années, victime d’une absence de vision stratégique de la part de ceux qui devraient s’opposer à ce qui porte atteinte à la nature humaine dans le domaine de la vie et de la famille, et orphelin de chefs courageux. C’est bien de se féliciter d’avoir manifesté en masse, mais cela c’est le peuple qui l’a réussi, et lui seul. Quel projet politique pour demain ? Pour le moment, on attend la réponse morale et politique de ceux qui sont en charge formellement du bien commun.

Ce constat est d’autant plus pénible que cela ne se passe pas ainsi à l’étranger.

Qu'est-ce qui se profile en 2014 par rapport à la Culture de la vie, en France, en Europe ? Régression, avancées? Quel est votre pronostic?

Déjouant toutes les prévisions, la première des réformes sociétales à s’abattre sur la France en 2014 ne sera ni l’ouverture de la PMA aux homosexuels, ni la GPA, ni l’euthanasie. Non, le premier sujet de la nouvelle année sera une atteinte maximale à l’intérêt de l’enfant par l’extension des avortements eugéniques et des avortements de complaisance au-delà des limites de la loi Veil, Et ceci dès le mois de janvier ! Qui le sait ? Qui accepte d’en parler ? Qui ose mobiliser ?

Pendant ce temps-là en Espagne, dans un mouvement symétriquement inverse, la première des réformes sociétales à être votée sera la restriction de l’avortement. Pendant ce temps-là en Allemagne, le Secrétaire général de la CDU, même s’il ne souhaite pas encore changer la loi, est cependant capable de critiquer l’avortement dans son pays, et de dire que ça fait du bien de parler du respect de la vie à la société. Nous n’en sommes pas là en France !

Au niveau des institutions européennes, se joue la troisième manche de la résolution Estrela. Après avoir, une première fois, été renvoyée en commission, puis, une deuxième fois, rejetée par la majorité des députés européens, la résolution Estrela, qui vise à faire de l’avortement un droit fondamental, est actuellement l’objet d’un forcing de la part de la Commission européenne auprès des parlementaires. C’est très grave parce que l’avortement n’est pas de la compétence de l’Union européenne mais des Etats membres et que la démocratie est objectivement contournée sur ce point par la Commission.

Il y a donc des avancées, comme le succès de l’initiative européenne « Un de nous », le rejet de la résolution Estrela, le projet de loi espagnol restreignant l’avortement, mais ces avancées demandent à être consolidées. Il y a aussi des menaces nouvelles qu’il faut combattre, comme l’extension de l’avortement en France ou le retour de la résolution Estrela au Parlement européen. Incontestablement, la question du respect de la vie s’européanise. Il faut que le respect de la vie devienne un enjeu aux élections européennes. Ni la classe politique, ni les médias français n’ont encore franchi le pas, ils sont à la traîne par rapport à nos voisins européens. La Marche pour la vie du 19 janvier est l’occasion de faire passer le message que ces questions seront au cœur des prochaines échéances électorales.

En d'autres termes l'heure est plus que jamais à la mobilisation? Quel seront les thèmes mobilisateurs de la Marche pour la Vie?

La première raison de se mobiliser est l’actualité brûlante en France où s’opère en catimini une libéralisation de l’avortement par la suppression de la notion de détresse pour avorter et par l’extension du délit d’entrave à l’information sur l’avortement. En bref, c’est l’avortement pour tous et la liberté d’expression pour personne ! Ce sera la reconnaissance d’un droit et non plus une dérogation au principe du respect de la vie. Et malheur à ceux qui avertiront des dangers de l’avortement, ou tenteront d’en dissuader celles qui se posent des questions, voire qui oublieront d’en parler. Alors que le professeur de droit et constitutionnaliste Bertrand Mathieu y voit un « véritable bouleversement », personne n’en parle !

La deuxième raison de s’opposer cette réforme sur l’avortement est qu’elle constitue l’étalon-or auquel toutes les réformes sociétales sont comparées. Qui peut faire passer l’enfant non désiré peut faire trépasser le vieillard indésirable. Il est inutile de se lamenter des effets dont on continue à chérir les causes. L’avortement est le vaisseau amiral de l’euthanasie.

La troisième raison de manifester est que le contexte européen a changé. Dire qu’on ne peut pas revenir en arrière sur les sujets de société est un mensonge. Le gouvernement espagnol de Mariano Rajoy vient d’adopter, le 27 décembre, un projet de loi qui limitera le nombre d’avortements dans ce pays, notamment par un coup d’arrêt aux avortements eugéniques. Ce texte a été rendu possible grâce aux grandes manifestations pro vie de 2009 sous le gouvernement socialiste de Zapatero. En rappelant l’enjeu politique de l’avortement avec force et sans complexe elles ont permis d’en faire un point majeur du projet de campagne de M. Rajoy aujourd’hui au pouvoir.

Que ceux qui ont des oreilles pour entendre entendent !

Comment participer à la Marche du 19 janvier?

Il faut manifester comme si l’action politique était inutile et agir politiquement comme si la manifestation était insuffisante… Cette manifestation est la première d’une série mais c’est à l’évidence la plus symbolique. Ne pas se laisser imposer en douce une extension de l’avortement conditionne la crédibilité des contestations ultérieures.

La Marche pour la Vie, aux couleurs de l’Espagne (Dress code) c’est dimanche 19 janvier 2014 (départ de la place Denfert-Rochereau à 14h00 (il faut arriver plus tôt que prévu car nous serons nombreux) www.enmarchepourlavie.fr

Le Collectif "En marche pour la vie" regroupe une dizaine d’associations françaises d’aide aux mères en détresse et de défense de la vie de la conception à la mort naturelle. La marche, ouverte à tous, quelles que soient les origines, les convictions philosophiques, politiques ou religieuses s’est imposée depuis quelques années comme la plus grande marche annuelle d’Europe en faveur du respect de la vie.

Quels fruits attendre de cette mobilisation ?

Une prise de conscience plus large que l’avortement est très loin de n’être qu’une question de morale individuelle ou un drame personnel. Il entraîne des conséquences collectives énormes. L’avortement est une arme démographique dont on voit les ravages, une compromission qui dénature la médecine et un bouleversement juridique qui nous fait quitter l’Etat de droit puisqu’il est écrit qu’on peut tuer le plus faible.

(15 janvier 2014) © Innovative Media Inc.


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VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fDPYHcTJvM&hd=1

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"And they have not cried unto me with their heart, when they howled upon their beds: they assemble themselves for corn and wine, and they rebel against me.
Though I have bound and strengthened their arms, yet do they imagine mischief against me.
They return, but not to the most High: they are like a deceitful bow: their princes shall fall by the sword for the rage of their tongue: this shall be their derision in the land of Egypt."  
Hosea 7:14-16


VIDEO : www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcCKdNfYlXk&hd=1


VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmUVYtk4d9g&hd=1


VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfoILJP5p_c&hd=1

Dernière édition par maria le Mar 28 Jan - 16:43 (2014); édité 2 fois
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MessagePosté le: Sam 25 Jan - 14:51 (2014)    Sujet du message: RED ALERT: OBAMA PURGE TARGETS LIBERTY MOVEMENT SPREADS TO FILM MAKERS & CONSERVATIVE ACTIVIST Répondre en citant


VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40q1tnRjbX8&hd=1

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MessagePosté le: Sam 25 Jan - 19:57 (2014)    Sujet du message: GLOBAL MARCH AGAINST CHEMTRAILS Répondre en citant


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MessagePosté le: Dim 26 Jan - 14:46 (2014)    Sujet du message: ROUHANI: IF ISRAEL ATTACKS IRAN, IT WILL RUE THE DAY Répondre en citant




US Secretary of State Kerry tells Al Arabiya US is willing to use military option if Iran reneges on deal with West.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned Israel on Thursday of attacking his country's nuclear facilities, saying Israel will "rue the day" if it does.

"Israel knows very well what the response would be. Israel knows well our regional capability," he told CNN's Fareed Zakaria. "When it comes to practice, the Israelis cannot do that. If they do such a crazy thing, our response will make them rue the day."

On the ongoing nuclear talks with the West, Rouhani insisted Iran would not destroy any of its existing centrifuges "under any circumstances."

"In the context of R&D and peaceful nuclear technology, we will not accept any limitations," Rouhani said.

While Rouhani was displaying a tough front on CNN, US Secretary of State John Kerry told Al Arabiya Thursday that should Iran break its interim agreement with the West and continue enriching uranium, the US will consider using the military option.

"If they broke out, if they decided they were going to throw this agreement away and go start enrichment again, sure they can turn around, but guess what - if they do that, the military option that is available to the United States is ready and is prepared to do what it would have to do," Kerry said.

"I don't think that would last very long. I don't think that's a wise choice for Iran," he added.

On the future of US-Iran relations, Kerry said that if accomplishments can be made on the nuclear issue, Washington would tackle more issues with Tehran, like its support of Hezbollah and its funding of terrorism in the Middle East.

"Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. Iran is sponsoring Hezbollah right now. Hezbollah is engaged in the violence in Syria. We find that very objectionable. And there are other ways in which Iran has supported terror in the region. We don't agree with that, nor do our friends," he said.

"But you have to take it one step at a time. We are focused on the first step, which is the nuclear program. We are prepared to engage with Iran on the other issues," he continued.

When asked if the United States will ask Iran to disarm Hezbollah, Kerry said "absolutely," adding that the US believes Iran "should stop supporting Hezbollah completely and totally."


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MessagePosté le: Dim 26 Jan - 15:23 (2014)    Sujet du message: HCR : QUELQUE 5.500 NIGERIENS FUIENT VERS LE CAMEROUN ET LE NIGER Répondre en citant



Des fillettes dans une école dans la région de Diffa, au Niger, où plus de la moitié des écoliers sont des Nigérians déplacés. Photo: HCR/K. Mahoney

24 janvier 2014 – De récents affrontements entre l'armée nigériane et des groupes insurgés dans le nord-est du Nigéria ont poussé environ 4.000 personnes à chercher refuge au Cameroun depuis la mi-janvier et 1.500 autres au Niger, a indiqué vendredi le Haut-Commissariat aux réfugiés (HCR).

« Une équipe du HCR présente au Cameroun dans la région de l'Extrême-Nord s'est entretenue avec des réfugiés originaires de Banki, une ville juste de l'autre côté de la frontière dans l'Etat de Borno au Nigéria. Les réfugiés ont indiqué que leurs villages ont été bombardés, que plusieurs personnes ont trouvé la mort et qu'au moins deux villages ont été réduits en cendres », a dit le porte-parole du HCR, Adrian Edwards lors d'une conférence de presse à Genève.

Au nord-est du Nigéria, l'état d'urgence est décrété dans les Etats d'Adamaoua, de Borno et de Yobe depuis mai 2013. Les violences incessantes ont déplacé des milliers de personnes. Parmi les personnes ayant fui vers le Cameroun, la plupart se trouvent désormais dans la région de Logone-et-Chari dans la région de l'Extrême-Nord.

Après ce nouvel afflux, plus de 12.400 réfugiés nigérians se trouvent au Cameroun, dont près de 2.200 ont été transférées vers un camp du HCR à Minawao, plus à l'intérieur du pays. « Conjointement avec les organisations partenaires, nous fournissons aux réfugiés des abris, des soins de santé, des installations d'assainissement, l'éducation, des vivres et d'autres aides », a dit le porte-parole.

Au Niger, les nouveaux arrivants de réfugiés ont rejoint la région de Diffa dans le sud-est du pays. « Les réfugiés rapportent avoir fui l'attaque contre une mosquée le 16 janvier dans le village de Gashagar juste de l'autre côté de la frontière. Sept personnes auraient été tuées lors de l'attaque, et sept voitures ont été incendiées ainsi que 60 magasins. Les réfugiés sont accueillis par les communautés locales et la plupart sont des femmes et des enfants. Le HCR envoie des articles de secours », a précisé M. Edwards.

Selon un recensement mené par les autorités et publié en novembre dernier, quelque 37.000 personnes, dont 8.000 Nigérians et 30.000 ressortissants nigériens qui vivaient au Nigéria, ont trouvé refuge dans la région de Diffa depuis mai 2013. Début décembre, le gouvernement du Niger a émis un décret accordant le statut de réfugié temporaire aux Nigérians ayant fui les trois Etats où a été décrété l'état d'urgence au Nigéria.


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MessagePosté le: Mar 28 Jan - 14:47 (2014)    Sujet du message: SUPERBOWL FALSE FLAG “TREASONBOWL” LETTER SENT TO BEFORE IT'S NEWS Répondre en citant



Friday, January 24, 2014 14:20

(Before It's News)

We received this letter yesterday from an anonymous source via US mail.  Before It’s News is just a conduit for your news and we thought this information might be of value to our readers.  Here is the fulltext of this letter, from people who claim to have worked on the design and contruction of the new MetLife Stadium (original jpeg scans of the letter are below the text).  The upside down American flag stamp on the outside of the envelope is an interesting touch. Video report also below.  

The Treason Bowl February 2, 2014 at the Meadowlands Sports Complex


For reasons soon to be obvious to you, I will not introduce myself, nor any of the others who have contributed to this notification. We have been involved with the construction and operation of the new MetLife Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex. Some of our involvement precedes the groundbreaking, and some of our involvement is current.

From here on, I will refer to the upcoming Super Bowl as the “Treason Bowl”.

From the start, from design stages, plans have been made for the stadium, and the American Dream Meadowlands complex, to host a well-planned false flag event, so grand that one would think it was planned in the offices of Josef Goebbles himself. This has been in the works for at least six years.

The highlight of this treason will be the world-wide live television coverage of this abomination of civilization. This promotion of fear and horror is hoped to inspire the masses of the world to willfully submit to the eradication of rights given to us by God.

In the very design of the stadium, spots were planned for the placement of bombs, not to immediately kill the stadium guests, but to entrap the guests. The bomb placements are for the creation of choke points to control the movement of the guests.

Remember, the highlight is the international live broadcast of desperate human suffering. It will first be answered by military-ized police and thug-like New Jersey state police, but to ONLY be resolved by US Army troops from Ft. Dix.

The fix is in; racketeering at its finest hour.

You may notice that the New Jersey State Police Sports Complex Unit has a noticeable high percentage of troopers that are very big, look like thugs, and we assure you – act like thugs. Seven of us have witnessed experiences with them, with varying degrees of rudeness, misery and disgust. There are traitors within this local state police force who will be enabling the apparent foreigners, in the stadium and in the whole complex. It has been harder for us to be exact with numbers of US federal agents in on the false flag fix, but we have confirmed they to be from DHS, NSA, FBI and Blackwater.

For the Treason Bowl, there may be as many as 11 armed “foreign terrorists” in the stadium itself, being another 8 of them in the rest of the complex, including Meadowlands Station.

A heavier-than-air poison gas will be brought in with the C02 canisters that are used by soft drink vendors. It will not be a quick killer as chlorine gas, but rather a gas that causes more physical contortions and suffering, for high-impact live video. This heavier-than-air poison will first target the field level, most notably the athletes on the field. Specific placement of bombs will insure that no one leaves the field level, ala the closed choke points.

False flag Islamic demands will be posted for the release of “freedom fighters” in Guantanamo, but primarily for the exit of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, about the extensively drawn out Afghan occupation by a supposedly mighty military (with untold hundreds of billions of dollars worth of military resources AND high-tech intelligence resources), against an out- manned (and out-gunned) rebel alliance with a mysterious decade-plus bottomless supply of resources -> it’s all about the three pipelines – the now-complete Caspian Sea oil and natural gas pipelines to China and points in between, and the heroin pipeline to developed countries in the west, especially our country. The continuing vagueness of the Afghan occupation should be as obvious as the nose on your face, and should consume your curiosity. The lot of us here are amazed how this realization escapes the most of you. Of course our senses are heightened on this matter, having learned for the past 6 years of the pending evil and doom of the 2014 Treason Bowl.

There were scattered warnings before the successful treasonous coup de tat of Sept 11. The warnings were not heeded, mostly because such a display of treason wasn’t so believable at the time, as much as it is believable now. After that event, those previous warnings were given the status as if they came from the Bellevue nut ward, even though the event itself showed the warnings to be very accurate.

An aside here: one of us has a relative who was one of the many NYFD officers who heard the meticulous floor-by-floor demolition explosives in the World Trade Towers.

The obvious, but never to be explained, breakdown of the tax-payer-financed multi- hundred-billion-dollar-a-year U.S intelligence community is well underway, again.

You must recognize that treasonous orchestrations of such grand scale can only be accomplished with the bottomless pockets of intel agencies, with secrecy as their ally.

Rest assured that “treason” is the correct word for the event. The former military explosives experts of contractor Blackwater will be placing the bombs.

We’re told that the FBI is complete with the fabrication of evidence.

(This reminds me of the NY State Trooper C evidence-fabricating scandal. This time it’s federal, with NJ state police help, and much bigger targets.)

DHS gumshoes have covertly infested the operations of the whole complex, supplying reports as to the progress of the logistics of this fabulous false flag murder fest, and hoping to identify any Meadowlands Complex workers who may be getting savvy to the treasonous ploy of federal agencies, and subversive NJ state police.

The daily security of Met Life Stadium currently is anal retentive and far beyond what our contemporaries at other sports arenas have reported in their facilities.

Specific state police officers are tasked to enable the alleged “terrorists” to their assigned placement for the horrendous and sinister festivities in the first half of the third quarter, when this conspiracy theory will no longer be a theory.

DHS appears to be the overall planners and coordinators, while drawing upon the resources of other federal groups, especially the NSA. The NSA seems to have the planned psychological blueprint for the multiple-day death, horror and hostage event. Psychological operations have been part of their original mission since 1952, to counter the brainwashing of Korean War captives. NSA has always done psycho activities, and blamed the CIA for most of it.

Our hope here is that the Treason Bowl could be abated per this warning. Much depends on high-visibility circulation of this warning. Just the same, you may want to cheer for your favorite team to lose in the conference finals, in triple overtime of course.

Good Night, and Good Luck.

Cc: Broncos, Chargers, Colts, 49ers, Panthers, Patriots, Saints, Seahawks, Village Voice, Newark Star Ledger, World Net Daily, Project Camelot, Truth Out, Rumor Mill News, Common Dreams, Black Listed News, Before It’s News, Quantum Future Group, Centre for Research on Globalization, Cryptome, Paul Craig Roberts, Laura Ingraham, and Mr. Edwin Anzalone.

VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImtfcuGWaoc&hd=1


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MessagePosté le: Mar 28 Jan - 16:11 (2014)    Sujet du message: PARIS: DES HEURTS A LA FIN DE LA MANIFESTATION ANTI-HOLLANDE Répondre en citant

"Ils ne crient pas vers moi dans leur coeur, Mais ils se lamentent sur leur couche; Ils se rassemblent pour avoir du blé et du moût, Et ils s'éloignent de moi.
Je les ai châtiés, j'ai fortifié leurs bras; Et ils méditent le mal contre moi.
Ce n'est pas au Très Haut qu'ils retournent; Ils sont comme un arc trompeur. Leurs chefs tomberont par l'épée, A cause de l'insolence de leur langue. C'est ce qui les rendra un objet de risée dans le pays d'Égypte."
Osée 7:14-16

Il y a tellement de manifestations diverses, à travers le monde, qu'il devient impossible de tous vous les soumettre. Cependant, il me semble pourtant important de vous en soumettre quelques-unes, afin que vous voyez comment évolue toutes ses manifestations, la prise de contrôle de l'Etat sur les populations, sa maltraitance et le non-respect des droits humains universels donnés par le Créateur. En même temps, cela tient les foules loin de tout ce qui se met en place, via les lois et le changement de pouvoir CULTUREL. Ils sont si occupés, qu'ils n'ont pas le temps ni l'énergie pour lire les nombreux documents et lois qui prennent place. Et pour ceux qui tentent de les avertir, car eux prennent le temps, on ne veut pas les écouter. Vous voulez leur dire et montrer ce qui se met en place et qui est confirmé par les prophéties, ah bien, c'est encore pire, et là on vous traite et vous accuse de "conspirateurs", de gens dépassés, accrochés à un vieux livre écrit il y a plusieurs milliers d'années, mais mettez un livre du nouvel-âge dans leur main, ils n'y verront aucun inconvénient et surtout ils ne chercheront pas d'où vient toutes ses doctrines maléfiques. On leur donne du bonbon empoisonné tous les jours et ils en mangent abondamment.

La génération présente, dans la grande majorité qui a rejeté le seul Dieu est en train de perdre tous les acquis qu'elle a accumulé jusqu'à ce jour et tous se battent pour essayer de garder ce qu'ils ont déjà. Ceci est en partie normal, vous direz, mais cette génération ne veut pas ou plus entendre parler du seul vrai Dieu. Trop souvent, ils ont suivi le grand Conseil des méchants, qui aujourd'hui les entraînent dans la perversion la plus totale tout en leur enlevant tout ce qu'ils ont. Ils ne voient pas la ruine finale, trop concentré sur leur petit moi "divin".

Pas un pays n'est épargné. Les humains contrôlés par la propagande de guerre se soulèvent de plus en plus contre leur gouvernement corrompu, ce qui est voulu pour amener toutes ses mobilisations et le grand changement final. Aucun leader n'a le désir de PAIX pour son pays, pour son peuple. Les forces de l'ordre et militaire appliquent les lois du gouvernement, au détriment de la vraie JUSTICE oubliant ainsi le pourquoi ils sont en poste. Le mal et la barbarie augmente de jour en jour, nos grands corporatifs ne cachent même plus leur agenda. Le mensonge est roi et malheur à ceux qui n'y croit pas. Les pièges sont nombreux et tout ce qui est en place se retourne contre le peuple, alors que cette grande famille mafieuse est protégée comme jamais.

Tout ce chaos "organisé" a pour but d'amener les grands changements globaux, décidé par nos chers lucifériens en poste, dans les plus hautes fonctions publiques et religieuses.


VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I6CFM1ATT8&hd=1


VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvNFAq0TNYA&hd=1


VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEz1LKETyco&hd=1

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MessagePosté le: Mer 29 Jan - 00:01 (2014)    Sujet du message: FMR NAVY SEAL BEN SMITH RIPS OBAMA, DROPS KORAN ON GROUND Répondre en citant


Posted on January 27, 2014 by BMartin1776

CAIR, radical islam sympathizing leftists to whine in 3,2..

Fmr Navy SEAL Ben Smith vehemently attacked obama for his marxist beliefs in socialism and communism but also for bending over to radical islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. Smith will of course be attacked by leftist drones, CAIR and islamic radicals for dropping a copy of the Koran on the ground during is speech at the South Carolina TEA Part Coalition Convention. What I see here is a man who took an oath to protect this nation very frustrated with a govt bowing to our enemies. Radical islamists protected by the obama regime destroy and burn Christian churches, attack and kill Christians get a pass, let’s see how long until Smith is under fire for simply dropping a koran on the floor!

VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eMcy_AORrQ&hd=1


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MessagePosté le: Mer 29 Jan - 00:15 (2014)    Sujet du message: DON'T LET THESE BIOLOGIST'S DEATHS GO IGNORED Répondre en citant


List of Dead Microbiologists:

The worlds top anti-virus microbiologists are being killed off. By 2005, 40 were dead. Today, over 100. Many murdered, the rest died under very suspicious circumstances. It is known they were all working on highly sensitive or government-funded research projects tied to bio-weapons and viral pandemics.

Are these silenced ‘whistleblowers’ who knew too much?

Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting any of this?

Died 2006
#80: Lee Jong-woo, age 61. Died: May 22, 2006 after suffering a blood clot on the brain. Lee was spearheading the organization’s fight against global threats from bird flu, AIDS and other infectious diseases. WHO director-general since 2003, Lee was his country’s top international official. The affable South Korean, who liked to lighten his press conferences with jokes, was a keen sportsman with no history of ill-health, according to officials.
Died 2005
#79: Leonid Strachunsky. Died: June 8, 2005 after being hit on the head with a champagne bottle. Strachunsky specialized in creating microbes resistant to biological weapons. Strachunsky was found dead in his hotel room in Moscow, where hed come from Smolensk en route to the United States. Investigators are looking for a connection between the murder of this leading bio weapons researcher and the hepatitis outbreak in Tver, Russia.
#78: Robert J. Lull, age 66. Died: May 19, 2005 of multiple stab wounds. Despite his missing car and apparent credit card theft, homicide Inspector Holly Pera said investigators aren’t convinced that robbery was the sole motive for Lull’s killing. She said a robber would typically have taken more valuables from Lull’s home than what the killer left with. Lull had been chief of nuclear medicine at San Francisco General Hospital since 1990 and served as a radiology professor at UCSF. He was past president of the American College of Nuclear Physicians and the San Francisco Medical Society and served as editor of the medical society’s journal, San Francisco Medicine, from 1997 to 1999. Lee Lull said her former husband was a proponent of nuclear power and loved to debate his political positions with others.
#77: Todd Kauppila, age 41. Died: May 8, 2005 of hemorrhagic pancreatitis at the Los Alamos hospital, according to the state medical examiner’s office. Picture of him was not available to due secret nature of his work. This is his funeral picture. His death came two days after Kauppila publicly rejoiced over news that the lab’s director was leaving. Kauppila was fired by director Pete Nanos on Sept. 23, 2004 following a security scandal. Kauppila said he was fired because he did not immediately return from a family vacation during a lab investigation into two classified computer disks that were thought to be missing. The apparent security breach forced Nanos to shut down the lab for several weeks. Kauppila claimed he was made a scapegoat over the disks, which investigators concluded never existed. The mistake was blamed on a clerical error. After he was fired, Kauppila accepted a job as a contractor at Bechtel Nevada Corp., a research company that works with Los Alamos and other national laboratories. He was also working on a new Scatter Reduction Grids in Megavolt Radiography focused on metal plates or crossed grids to act to stop the scattered radiation while allowing the unscattered or direct rays to pass through with other scientists: Scott Watson (LANL, DX-3), Chuck Lebeda (LANL, XTA), Alan Tubb (LANL, DX-8), and Mike Appleby (Tecomet Thermo Electron Corp.)
#76: David Banks, age 55. Died: May 8, 2005. Banks, based in North Queensland, died in an airplane crash, along with 14 others. He was known as an Agro Genius inventing the mosquito trap used for cattle. Banks was the principal scientist with quarantine authority, Biosecurity Australia, and heavily involved in protecting Australians from unwanted diseases and pests. Most of Dr Banks’ work involved preventing potentially devastating diseases making their way into Australia. He had been through Indonesia looking at the potential for foot and mouth disease to spread through the archipelago and into Australia. Other diseases he had fought to keep out of Australian livestock herds and fruit orchards include classical swine fever, Nipah virus and Japanese encephalitis.
#75: Dr. Douglas James Passaro, age 43. Died April 18, 2005 from unknown cause in Oak Park, Illinois. Dr. Passaro was a brilliant epidemiologist who wanted to unlock the secrets of a spiral-shaped bacteria that causes stomach disease. He was a professor who challenged his students with real-life exercises in bioterrorism. He was married to Dr. Sherry Nordstrom..
#74: Geetha Angara, age 43. Died: February 8, 2005. This formerly missing chemist was found in a Totowa, New Jersey water treatment plant’s tank. Angara, 43, of Holmdel, was last seen on the night of Feb. 8 doing water quality tests at the Passaic Valley Water Commission plant in Totowa, where she worked for 12 years. Divers found her body in a 35-foot-deep sump opening at the bottom of one of the emptied tanks. Investigators are treating Angara’s death as a possible homicide. Angara, a senior chemist with a doctorate from New York University, was married and mother of three.
#73: Jeong H. Im, age 72. Died: January 7, 2005. Korean Jeong H. Im, died of multiple stab wounds to the chest before firefighters found in his body in the trunk of a burning car on the third level of the Maryland Avenue Garage. A retired research assistant professor at the University of Missouri – Columbia and primarily a protein chemist, MUPD with the assistance of the Columbia Police Department and Columbia Fire Department are conducting a death investigation of the incident. A “person of interest” described as a male 6′–6’2″ wearing some type of mask possible a painters mask or drywall type mask was seen in the area of the Maryland Avenue Garage. Dr. Im was primarily a protein chemist and he was a researcher in the field.
Died in 2004

#72: Darwin Kenneth Vest, born April 22, 1951, was an internationally renowned entomologist, expert on hobo spiders and other poisonous spiders and snakes. Darwin disappeared in the early morning hours of June 3, 1999 while walking in downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho (USA). The family believes foul play was involved in his disappearance. A celebration of Darwin’s life was held in Idaho Falls and Moscow on the one-year anniversary of his disappearance. The services included displays of Darwin’s work and thank you letters from school children and teachers. Memories of Darwin were shared by at least a dozen speakers from around the world and concluded with the placing of roses and a memorial wreath in the Snake River. A candlelight vigil was also held that evening on the banks of the Snake River.

Darwin was declared legally dead the first week of March 2004 and now the family is in the process of obtaining restraining orders against several companies who saw fit to use his name and photos without permission. His brother David is legal conservator of the estate and his sister Rebecca is handling issues related to Eagle Rock Research and ongoing research projects.

Media help in locating Darwin is welcome. Continuing efforts to solve this mystery include recent DNA sampling. Stories about his disappearance continue to appear throughout the world. Issues surrounding missing adult investigations have received new attention following the tragedies of 911.

#’s 70-71: Tom Thorne, age 64; Beth Williams, age 53; Died: December 29, 2004. Two wild life scientists, Husband-and-wife wildlife veterinarians who were nationally prominent experts on chronic wasting disease and brucellosis were killed in a snowy-weather crash on U.S. 287 in northern Colorado.

#69: Taleb Ibrahim al-Daher. Died: December 21, 2004. Iraqi nuclear scientist was shot dead north of Baghdad by unknown gunmen. He was on his way to work at Diyala University when armed men opened fire on his car as it was crossing a bridge in Baqouba, 57 km northeast of Baghdad. The vehicle swerved off the bridge and fell into the Khrisan river. Al-Daher, who was a professor at the local university, was removed from the submerged car and rushed to Baqouba hospital where he was pronounced dead.

#68: John R. La Montagne, age 61. Died: November 2, 2004. Died while in Mexico, no cause stated, later disclosed as pulmonary embolism. PhD, Head of US Infectious Diseases unit under Tommie Thompson. Was NIAID Deputy Director. Expert in AIDS Program work and Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

#67: Matthew Allison, age 32. Died: October 13, 2004. Fatal explosion of a car parked at an Osceola County, Fla., Wal-Mart store. It was no accident, Local 6 News has learned. Found inside a burned car. Witnesses said the man left the store at about 11 p.m. and entered his Ford Taurus car when it exploded. Investigators said they found a Duraflame log and propane canisters on the front passenger’s seat. Allison had a college degree in molecular biology and biotechnology.

#66: Mohammed Toki Hussein al-Talakani, age 40. Died: September 5, 2004: Iraqi nuclear scientist was shot dead in Mahmudiya, south of Baghdad. He was a practicing nuclear physicist since 1984.

#65: Professor John Clark, Age 52, Died: August 12, 2004. Found hanged in his holiday home. An expert in animal science and biotechnology where he developed techniques for the genetic modification of livestock; this work paved the way for the birth, in 1996, of Dolly the sheep, the first animal to have been cloned from an adult. Head of the science lab which created Dolly the sheep. Prof Clark led the Roslin Institute in Midlothian, one of the world s leading animal biotechnology research centers. He played a crucial role in creating the transgenic sheep that earned the institute worldwide fame. He was put in charge of a project to produce human proteins (which could be used in the treatment of human diseases) in sheep’s milk. Clark and his team focused their study on the production of the alpha-I-antitryps in protein, which is used for treatment of cystic fibrosis. Prof Clark also founded three spin-out firms from Roslin – PPL Therapeutics, Rosgen and Roslin BioMed.

#64: Dr. John Badwey, age 54. Died: July 21, 2004. Scientist and accidental politician when he opposed disposal of sewage waste program of exposing humans to sludge. Suddenly developed pneumonia like symptoms then died in two weeks. Biochemist at Harvard Medical School specializing in infectious diseases.

#63: Dr. Bassem al-Mudares. Died: July 21, 2004. Mutilated body was found in the city of Samarra, Iraq*. He was a Phd. chemist and had been tortured before being killed. He was a drug company worker who had a chemistry doctorate.

#62: Professor Stephen Tabet, age 42. Died on July 6, 2004 from an unknown illness. He was an associate professor and epidemiologist at the University of Washington. A world-renowned HIV doctor and researcher who worked with HIV patients in a vaccine clinical trial for the HIV Vaccine Trials Network
#61: Dr. Larry Bustard, age 53. Died July 2, 2004 from unknown causes. He was a Sandia scientist in the Department of Energy who helped develop a foam spray to clean up congressional buildings and media sites during the anthrax scare in 2001. He worked at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque. As an expert in bioterrorism, his team came up with a new technology used against biological and chemical agents.
#60: Edward Hoffman, age 62. Died July 1, 2004 from unknown causes. Hoffman was a professor and a scientist who also held leadership positions within the UCLA medical community. He worked to develop the first human PET scanner in 1973 at Washington University in St. Louis.

#59: John Mullen, age 67. Died: June 29, 2004. A Nuclear physicist poisoned with a huge dose of arsenic. A nuclear research scientist with McDonnell Douglas. Police investigating will not say how Mullen was exposed to the arsenic or where it came from. At the time of his death he was doing contract work for Boeing.

#58: Dr. Paul Norman, age 52. Died: June 27, 2004. From Salisbury Wiltshire. Killed when the single-engine Cessna 206 he was piloting crashed in Devon. Expert in chemical and biological weapons. He traveled the world lecturing on defending against the scourge of weapons of mass destruction. He was married with a 14-year-old son and a 20-year-old daughter, and was the chief scientist for chemical and biological defense at the Ministry of Defense’s laboratory at Porton Down, Wiltshire. The crash site was examined by officials from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch and the wreckage of the aircraft was removed from the site to the AAIB base at Farnborough.

#57: Dr. Assefa Tulu, age 45. Died: June 24, 2004. Dr. Tulu joined the health department in 1997 and served for five years as the county’s lone epidemiologist. He was charged with trackcing the health of the county, including the spread of diseases, such as syphilis, AIDS and measles. He also designed a system for detecting a bioterrorism attack involving viruses or bacterial agents. Tulu often coordinated efforts to address major health concerns in Dallas County, such as the West Nile virus outbreaks of the past few years, and worked with the media to inform the public. Found face down, dead in his office. The Dallas County Epidemiologist died of a hemorrhagic stroke.

#56: Thomas Gold, age 84. Died: June 22, 2004. Austrian born Thomas Gold famous over the years for a variety of bold theories that flout conventional wisdom and reported in his 1998 book, “The Deep Hot Biosphere,” the idea challenges the accepted wisdom of how oil and natural gas are formed and, along the way, proposes a new theory of the beginnings of life on Earth and potentially on other planets. Long term battle with heart failure. Gold’s theory of the deep hot biosphere holds important ramifications for the possibility of life on other planets, including seemingly inhospitable planets within our own solar system. He was Professor Emeritus of Astronomy at Cornell University and was the founder (and for 20 years director) of Cornell Center for Radiophysics and Space Research. He was also involved in air accident investigations.

#55: Antonina Presnyakova, age 46. Died: May 25, 2004. A Russian scientist at a former Soviet biological weapons laboratory in Siberia died after an accident with a needle laced with ebola. Scientists and officials said the accident had raised concerns about safety and secrecy at the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology, known as Vector, which in Soviet times specialized in turning deadly viruses into biological weapons. Vector has been a leading recipient of aid in an American program.

#54: Dr. Eugene Mallove, age 56. Died: May 14, 2004. Autopsy confirmed Mallove died as a result of several blunt-force injuries to his head and neck. Ruled as murder. Found at the end of his driveway. Alt. Energy Expert who was working on viable energy alternative program and announcement. Norwich Free Academy graduate.Beaten to death during an alleged robbery. Mallove was well respected for his knowledge of cold fusion. He had just published an “open letter” outlining the results of and reasons for his last 15 years in the field of “new energy research.” Dr. Mallove was convinced it was only a matter of months before the world would actually see a free energy device.

#53: William T. McGuire, age 39. Found May 5, 2004, last seen late April 2004. Body found in three suitcases floating in Chesapeake Bay. He was NJ University Professor and Senior programmer analyst and adjunct professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark. He emerged as one of the world’s leading microbiologists and an expert in developing and overseeing multiple levels of biocontainment facilities.

#52: Ilsley Ingram, age 84. Died on April 12, 2004 from unknown causes. Ingram was Director of the Supraregional Haemophilia Reference Centre and the Supraregional Centre for the Diagnosis of Bleeding Disorders at the St. Thomas Hospital in London. Although his age is most likely the reason for his death, why wasn’t this confirmed by the family in the news media?

#51: Mohammed Munim al-Izmerly, Died: April 2004. This distinguished Iraqi chemistry professor died in American custody from a sudden hit to the back of his head caused by blunt trauma. It was uncertain exactly how he died, but someone had hit him from behind, possibly with a bar or a pistol. His battered corpse turned up at Baghdad’s morgue and the cause of death was initially recorded as “brainstem compression”. It was discovered that US doctors had made a 20cm incision in his skull.

#50: Vadake Srinivasan, Died: March 13, 2004. Microbiologist crashed car into guard rail in Baton Rouge, LA. Death was ruled a stroke. He was originally from India, was one of the most-accomplished and respected industrial biologists in academia, and held two doctorate degrees.

#49: Dr. Michael Patrick Kiley, age 62. Died: January 24, 2004. Died of massive heart attack. Ebola, Mad Cow Expert, top of the line world class. It is interesting to note, he had a good heart, but it “gave out”. Dr. Shope and Dr. Kiley were working on the lab upgrade to BSL 4 at the UTMB Galvaston lab for Homeland Security. The lab would have to be secure to house some of the deadliest pathogens of tropical and emerging infectious disease as well as bioweaponized ones.

#48: LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01 Robert Shope, age 74. Died: January 23, 2004. Virus Expert Who Warned of Epidemics, Dies died of lung transplant complications. Later purported to have died of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis which can be caused by either environmental stimulus or a VIRUS. It would not be hard to administer a drug that would cause Dr. Shope’s lung transplant to either be rejected or to cause complications from the transplant. Dr. Shope led the group of scientists who had an 11 MILLION dollar fed grant to ensure the new lab would keep in the nasty bugs. Dr. Shope also met with and worked with Dr. Mike Kiley on the UTMB Galveston lab upgrade to BSL 4. When the upgrade would be complete the lab will host the most hazardous pathogens known to man especially tropical and emerging diseases as well as bioweapons.

#47: Dr Richard Stevens, age 54. Died: January 6, 2004. He had disappeared after arriving for work on 21 July, 2003. A doctor whose disappearance sparked a national manhunt, killed himself because he could not cope with the stress of a secret affair, a coroner has ruled. He was a hematologist. (hematologists analyze the cellular composition of blood and blood producing tissues e.g. bone marrow).

Died 2003

#46: Robert Aranosia, age 61. Died: December 18, 2003. While driving south on I-75 his pickup truck went off the freeway near a bridge over the Kawkawlin River. The vehicle rolled over several times before landing in the median. Aranosia was thrown from the vehicle and ended up on the shoulder of the northbound lanes. He was the Oakland County deputy medical examiner.

#45: Robert Leslie Burghoff, age 45. Died: November 20, 2003. Scientist. Killed by a hit and run driver that jumped the curb and ploughed into him in the 1600 block of South Braeswood, Texas. The driver was described as a short Hispanic man in his 50s with a slightly rounded face. He was studying the virus plaguing cruise ships.

#44: Michael Perich, age 46. Died: October 11, 2003. Died in one-vehicle car accident. The LSU West Nile research scientist was wearing his seat belt and drowned. He was LSU professor who helped fight the spread of the West Nile virus. Perich, who was known as one of the country’s experts on vector-borne diseases, had most recently led a crusade to keep down the effects of West Nile virus and to get many of the Louisiana’s parishes to work toward forming mosquito control districts.

#43: David Kelly, age 59. Died: July 18, 2003. British biological weapons expert, was said to have slashed his own wrists while walking near his home. Kelly was the Ministry of Defense’s chief scientific officer and senior adviser to the proliferation and arms control secretariat, and to the Foreign Office’s non-proliferation department. The senior adviser on biological weapons to the UN biological weapons inspections teams (Unscom) from 1994 to 1999, he was also, in the opinion of his peers, pre-eminent in his field, not only in this country, but in the world.

#42: Dr. Leland Rickman, age 47. Died: June 24, 2003. Rickman died while on a teaching assignment in Lesotho, a small country bordered on all sides by South Africa. UC San Diego expert on infectious diseases and, since September 11, 2001 a consultant on bioterrorism. He had complained of a headache, but the cause of death was not immediately known. The physician had been working in Lesotho with Dr. Chris Mathews, director of the UC San Diego Medical Center’s Owen Clinic, teaching African medical personnel about the prevention and treatment of AIDS. Rickman, the incoming president of the Infectious Disease Assn. of California, was a multidisciplinary professor and practitioner with expertise in infectious diseases, internal medicine, epidemiology, microbiology and antibiotic utilization.

#41: ‘Dr. Roger’ Died: Summer 2003. ‘Roger’ was pseudonym for this genetics scientist. He was 17 and lived in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 when the unexplained object crashed. He told a woman he worked with in 1977 named ‘Kate’ while employed by the Navy, who he helped to clean up the crash site of the 1947 UFO. He subsequently went to work for the government at this young age and ended up a geneticist working in China Lake for the Navy. Although he lived in fear and hiding soon after he told his story to Kate, he retired in late 1990s or early 2000′s and she saw him again once in early 2002 in San Diego. He told her she was in danger to talk to him and he left the store. In 2003 she received a phone call from his ‘friend’ who said he had been executed in his retirement home in Connecticut. The body had been removed by a black government looking vehicle. The home had been cleaned up and the body removed without any public notices of his death or existence. Many disfigured and abnormal animals were found in the desert near Groom Lake during his time there and after. Kate thought he might have been doing this gruesome experimental work.

#40: Carlo Urbani, age 46. Died: in April 2003 in Bangkok from SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) – the new disease that he had helped to identify. Thanks to his prompt action, the epidemic was contained in Vietnam. However, because of close daily contact with SARS patients, he contracted the infection. On March 11, he was admitted to a hospital in Bangkok and isolated. Less than three weeks later he died. He was a dedicated and internationally respected Italian epidemiologist, who did work of enduring value combating infectious illness around the world.
Died 2002
#39: Roman Kuzmin. Died December 2002. A 24-year-old Russian surgeon studying in Connecticut was fatally struck by a car as he fled a store with three stolen rolls of film, police said. He was studying to be an orthopedic surgeon. Doctors who worked with Roman Kuzmin at Waterbury Hospital said they were stunned to hear of his death Sunday evening and many couldn’t believe the circumstances. Kuzmin left Vladivostok in September to study orthopedic surgical techniques at Waterbury Hospital under a Keggi Othopedic Foundation program. Dr. Kristaps Keggi, who organized the program, said Kuzmin was “very able, very bright – a superb student and a superb individual.”

#38 B: Dr. David R. Knibbs, age 49. Died: August 5, 2002. Respected pathobiologist specializing in electron microscopy.

#38: Steven Mostow, age 63. Died: March 25, 2002. One of the country’s leading infectious disease and bioterrorism experts and was associate dean at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. He died in a plane crash near Centennial Airport. He was known as “Dr. Flu” for his expertise in treating influenza, and expertise on bioterrorism. Mostow was one of the country’s leading infectious disease experts.

#37: Dr. David Wynn-Williams, age 55. Died: March 24, 2002. Hit by a car while jogging near his home in Cambridge, England. He was an astrobiologist with the Antarctic Astrobiology Project and the NASA Ames Research Center. He was studying the capability of microbes to adapt to environmental extremes, including the bombardment of ultraviolet rays and global warming.

#35-36: Tanya Holzmayer, age 46, Died: February 28, 2002: Two dead microbiologists in San Francisco. While taking delivery of a pizza, Tanya Holzmayer was shot and killed by a colleague,

Guyang “Mathew” Huang, 38, who then apparently shot himself. Holzmayer moved to the US from Russia in 1989. Her research focused on the part of the human molecular structure that could be affected best by medicine. Holzmayer was focusing on helping create new drugs that interfere with replication of the virus that causes AIDS. One year earlier, Holzmayer obeyed senior management orders to fire Huang. Huang appeared from behind the deliveryman. He shot Holzmayer several times at close range in the chest and head. As Holzmayer fell in her doorway, Huang ran to a Ford Explorer and drove away. Less than an hour after the shooting, Huang called his wife, according to Foster City Police Capt. Craig Courtin. He told her about the shooting and that he was going to kill himself, then he hung up. Huang’s wife called the emergency services and Foster City police used search dogs to comb the area. They ran into a jogger who had seen Huang’s body lying off the walkway that locals call “The Levee.” He had fired a single bullet into his head.

#34: Dr. Ian Langford, age 40, Died: February 12, 2002. Found dead at his blood-spattered and apparently ransacked home A Russian who was a Senior Research Associate in CSERGE, UK. He was a leading university research scientist working on Global Environment, specializing in links between human health and the environment risk, was. Specialist in leukemia and infections.

#33: Dr. Vladamir ”Victor” Korshunov, age 56. Died: February 9, 2002. Found dead on a Moscow street. Head was bashed in. Korshunov was head of the microbiology sub-facility at the Russian State Medical University. He was found dead in the entrance to his home with a head injury. On Feb. 9 the Russian newspaper Pravda reported that Korshunov had probably invented a vaccine protecting from any biological arm.

#32: David W. Barry, age 58, Died: January 28, 2002. Scientist who co-discovered AZT, the antiviral drug that is considered the first effective treatment for AIDS. Circumstance of Death are unknown.

#31: Dr. Ivan Glebov. Died: January 2002. Russian Microbiologist. Glebov died as the result of a bandit attack. Well known around the world and members of the Russian Academy of Science.

#30: Dr. Alexi Brushlinski. Died: January 2002. Russian Microbiologist. Murdered in Moscow from bandit attack. Well known around the world and members of the Russian Academy of Science.

Died 2001

#29 Dr. Benito Que, age 52. Found: November 12, 2001. Died: December 6, 2001. Found Comatose from what was called a mugging. Died later in hospital. Found in the street near the laboratory where he worked at the University of Miami Medical School. Among Dr. Que’s friends and family there is firm belief that Dr. Que was attacked by four men, at least one of whom had a baseball bat. Dr. Que’s death has now been officially ruled “natural”, caused by cardiac arrest. He was a cell biologist, involved in research on aids, oncology research in the hematology department.

#28: Dr. Vladimer Pasechnik, age 64. Died: December 23, 2001. Found dead in Wiltshire, England, a village near his home. Two different dates have been reported: November 21 and December 23. Death ruled stroke. He had defected from Russia to UK. He had been the #1 scientist in the FSU’s bioweapons program. It was thought he was involved with exhuming the bodies of the 10 London victims of the 1919 Type A flu epidemic. Pasechnik died six weeks after the planned exhumations were announced. On November 23, 2001, Pasechnik’s death was reported in the New York Times as having occurred two days earlier. Pasechnik’s death was made in the United States by Dr. Christopher Davis of Virginia, who stated that the cause of death was a stroke. Dr. Davis was the member of British intelligence who de-briefed Dr. Pasechnik at the time of his defection. Pasechnik was heavily involved in DNA sequencing research. He had just founded a company like three other microbiologists working to provide powerful alternatives to antibiotics. Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik was the boss of William C. Patrick III who holds 5 patents on the militarized anthrax used by the United States. Patrick is now a private biowarfare consultant to the military and CIA. Patrick developed the process by which anthrax spores could be concentrated at the level of one trillion spores per gram. No other country has been able to get concentrations above 500 billion per gram. The anthrax that was sent around the eastern United States last fall was concentrated at one trillion spores per gram.

#27: Dr. Don Wiley, age 57. Vanished: December 16, 2001. Molecular Biologist with Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Harvard University, top Deadly Contagious Virus expert, abandoned rental car was found on the Hernando de Soto Bridge outside Memphis, TN. He was heavily involved in research on DNA sequencing, and was last seen at around midnight on November 16, leaving the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Advisory Dinner at The Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN. Associates attending the dinner said he showed no signs of intoxication, and no one has admitted to drinking with him. Body found floating one month later. Workers at a hydroelectric plant in Louisiana found the body of Don Wiley on Thursday, about 300 miles south of where the molecular biologist was last seen on Nov. 18 at a medical meeting in Memphis. On January 14, 2002 (almost two months later) Shelby County Medical Examiner O.C. Smith announced that his department had ruled Dr. Wiley’s death to be “accidental”; the result of massive injuries suffered in a fall from the Hernando de Soto Bridge. Smith said there were paint marks on Wiley’s rental car similar to the paint used on construction signs on the bridge, and that the car’s right front hubcap was missing. There has been no report as to which construction signs Dr. Wiley hit.

#26: Dr. Set Van Nguyen, age 44. Died: December 14, 2001. Found dead in the airlock entrance to the walk-in refrigerator in the laboratory he worked at in Victoria State, Australia. The room was full of deadly gas which had leaked from a liquid nitrogen cooling system. Room was vented. Working on a vaccine to protect against biological weapons, or a weapon itself. In January, 2001, the magazineNature published information that two scientists, Dr. Ron Jackson and Dr. Ian Ramshaw, using genetic manipulation and DNA sequencing, had created an incredibly virulent form of mousepox, a cousin of smallpox and Dr. Nguyen had worked for 15 years at the same Australian facility. Now for the intriguing part of this story. On Friday, November 2nd, the Washington Post reported: ”Officials are now scrambling to determine how a quiet, 61-year-old Vietnamese immigrant, riding the subway each day to and from her job in a hospital stockroom, was exposed to the deadly anthrax spores that killed her this week. They worry because there is no obvious connection to the factors common to earlier anthrax exposures and deaths: no clear link to the mail or to the media.

#25: Dr. David Schwartz , age 57. Died: December 10, 2001. Murdered by stabbing with what appeared to be a sword in rural home Loudon County, Virginia. His daughter, who identifies herself as a pagan high priestess, and three of her fellow pagans have been charged. He was extremely well respected in biophysics, and regarded as an authority on DNA sequencing. Three teens that were into the occult were charged with murder in the slashing death.


Avishai Berkman, age 50. (no photo)

Amiramp Eldor, age 59 Yaacov Matzner, age 54

All Died: November 24, 2001

Another airplane crash kills 3 scientists. At about the time of the Black Sea crash, Israeli journalists had been sounding the alarm that two Israeli microbiologists had been murdered, allegedly by terrorists; including the head of the Hematology department at Israel’s Ichilov Hospital, as well as directors of the Tel Aviv Public Health Department and Hebrew University School of Medicine. World experts in hematology and blood clotting. Five microbiologists in this list of the first eight people that died mysteriously in airplane crashes worked on cutting edge microbiology research; and, four of the five were doing virtually identical research; research that has global political and financial significance.

#21: Jeffrey Paris Wall, age 41. Died: November 6, 2001. Body was found sprawled next to a three-story parking structure near his office. Mr. Wall had studied at the University of California, Los Angeles. He was a biomedical expert who held a medical degree, and he also specialized in patent and intellectual property.

#16-#20: Five Unnamed Microbiologists. Died: October 4, 2001. Four of Five unnamed microbiologists on a plane that was brought down by a missile near the Black sea on the Russian border. Traveling from Israel to Russia; business not disclosed. 3 scientists were experts in medical research or public health. The plane is believed by many in Israel to have had as many as four or five passengers who were microbiologists. Both Israel and Novosibirsk are homes for cutting-edge microbiological research. Novosibirsk is known as the scientific capital of Siberia. There are over 50 research facilities there, and 13 full universities for a population of only 2.5 million people.

#15: Professor Janusz Jeljaszewicz, Died: on May 7, 2001, cause not disclosed. He was an expert in Staphylococci and Staphylococcal Infections. His main scientific interests and achievements were in the mechanism of action and biological properties of staphylococcal toxins, and included the immunomodulatory properties and experimental treatment of tumors by Propionibacterium.
Died 2000

#14: Linda Reese, age 52. Died: December 25, 2000 three days after she studied a sample from Tricia Zailo, 19, a Fairfield, N.J., resident who was a sophomore at Michigan State University. Tricia Zailo died Dec. 18, a few days after she returned home for the holidays. Dr. Reese was a Microbiologist working with victims of meningitis.

#13: Mike Thomas, age 35. Died: July 16, 2000 a few days after examining a sample taken from a 12-year-old girl who was diagnosed with meningitis and survived. He was a microbiologist at the Crestwood Medical Center in Huntsville.
#12: Walter W. Shervington, M.D., age 62. Died: April 15, 2000 of cancer at Tulane Medical Hospital. He was an extensive writer/ lecturer/ researcher about mental health and AIDS in the African American community.
Died 1998

#11: Jonathan Mann, age 51. Died September 1998, in Swissair Flight 111 over Canada. He was founding director of the World Health Organization’s global Aids program and founded Project SIDA in Zaire, the most comprehensive Aids research effort in Africa at the time, and in 1986 he joined the WHO to lead the global response against Aids. He became director of WHO’s global program on Aids which later became the UNAids program. He then became director of the Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, which was set up at Harvard School of Public Health in 1993. He caused controversy earlier in 1998 in the media when he accused the US National Institutes of Health of violating human rights by failing to act quickly on developing Aids vaccines.

#10: Elizabeth A. Rich, M.D., age 46. Died July 10, 1998, in a traffic accident while visiting family in Tennessee. She was an associate professor with tenure in the pulmonary division of the Department of Medicine at CWRU and University Hospitals of Cleveland. She was also a member of the executive committee for the Center for AIDS Research and directed the Bio-safety level 3 facility, a specialized laboratory for the handling of HIV, virulent TB bacteria, and other infectious agents. .

Died 1994 – 1996

#9: Sidney Harshman, age 67. Died: Dec. 25, 1997, from complications of diabetes. He was a professor of microbiology and immunology. He was the world’s leading expert on staphylococcal alpha toxins.


Mark Purdey, his Lawyer, and Veterinarian working with Purdey Die: CJD doctor Mark Purdey was familiar with the expression “abnormal brain protein.” Purdey’s house was burned down, his lawyer on mad cow issues was driven off the road and died and the veterinarian in the UK BSE inquiry also died in a mysterious car crash. CJD specialist Dr C. Bruton was killed in a car crash just before he went public with a new research paper. The veterinarian on the case also died in a car crash. Purdey’s new lawyer, too, had a car accident, but not fatal. Before Dr. Purdey’s death, he speculated that Dr. C. Bruton (#2 below) might have known more than what was revealed in his paper before he was killed.


Dr. Tsunao Saitoh, age 46. Died: May 7, 1996. Shot and killed, along with his young daughter, in LaJolla, California. He was dead behind the wheel of the car, the side window had been shot out, and the door was open. His daughter appeared to have tried to run away and she was shot dead, also. The hit was compared to other killings of Japanese in this country by muggers. Expert in abnormal proteins in Alzheimer.

#3 Dr. Jawad Al Aubaidi. Died in 1994. A graduate doctor from Cornel, he was hired to head the mycoplasma biowar research project. One of Dr. Aubaidi’s projects was filling payloads of scud missles with mycoplasma strains. In 1995, Dr. Aubaidi was murdered by the Israelis Mussad. His demise, or, neutralization was made to look like an accident. He was killed in his native Iraq while he was changing a flat tire and was hit by a truck.

#2 Dr. C. Bruton, a CJD specialist — who had just produced a paper on the a new strain of CJD — was killed in a car crash before his work was announced to the public. Purdey speculates that Bruton might have known more than what was revealed in his paper.

#1 Jose Trias, Died: May 19, 1994. Trias and his wife were murdered in their Chevy Chase, Maryland home. They met with a friend of theirs, a journalist, before the day of their murder and told him of their plan to expose HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) funding of “special ops” research. Grant money that goes to HHMI is actually diverted to special black ops research projects.

Source: http://www.whale.to/a/dead22.html


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Posted on January 30, 2014 by Utopia: the Collapse

January 2014SYRIA - They arrived with bulldozers and ordered him to leave. When the Syrian restaurant owner asked why, he was threatened with detention. The security forces that had arrived unannounced that morning denied him permission to remove anything from the shop his grandfather had opened. He was forced to leave on foot, his motorcycle left behind. “As I was walking, I looked back and I saw the bulldozer demolishing my shop,” said the man, who’s from the Qaboun neighborhood in the Syrian capital of Damascus. “The shop was opened by my grandfather many years ago. I personally managed the restaurant for eight years. Before my eyes, all of my family’s hard work was destroyed in one second.” The man, Human Rights Watch says, is one of the thousands of Syrians who have seen their homes or other premises razed as part of what it says is a collective punishment by authorities against residents of opposition strongholds. In a report released Thursday, the New York-based rights group says the Syrian government “deliberately and unlawfully” demolished thousands of homes in rebel strongholds in the cities of Damascus and Hama in one year. It says satellite imagery taken over both cities revealed seven areas where neighborhoods have been largely demolished. None of the destruction was caused in combat, it said. Rather, the buildings were destroyed with bulldozers and explosives placed by troops who ordered residents to leave, then supervised the demolitions. “Wiping entire neighborhoods off the map is not a legitimate tactic of war,” Ole Solvang, an HRW emergencies researcher, said in a prepared statement.

“These unlawful demolitions are the latest additions to a long list of crimes committed by the Syrian government.” The 38-page report, “Razed to the Ground: Syria’s Unlawful Neighborhood Demolitions in 2012-2013” was released as government and opposition delegates attended peace talks in Geneva, Switzerland. It said state officials and pro-government media outlets have said the demolitions were part of urban planning efforts or the removal of illegally constructed buildings. However, HRW says the demolitions were supervised by military forces and often followed fighting in the areas between government and opposition forces. Claims of widespread abuses have been routinely leveled by the Syrian government and the opposition during almost three years of conflict in the country, which has killed more than 100,000 people and displaced millions. HRW said that as far as it could determine, there had not been similar demolitions in areas that generally support the government, although it said many houses in those areas were also allegedly built without necessary permits. It published before-and-after satellite images of the destruction, along with witness testimony. HRW said Syrian authorities flattened the districts in the year from July 2012, estimating the total built-up area destroyed at 145 hectares (360 acres) — the equivalent of 200 soccer fields — and said many of the buildings were apartment blocks up to eight stories high. -CNN



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VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErLFiN4FrfE&hd=1

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/31/2014 22:05 -0500

If the stock market were already crashing then it would be simple to blame the dismally sad rash of dead bankers in the last week on that - certainly that was reflected in 1929. However, for the third time in the last week, a senior financial executive has died in what appears to be a suicide. As Bloomberg reports, following the deaths of a JPMorgan senior manager (Tuesday) and a Deutsche Bank executive (Sunday), Russell Investments' Chief Economist (and former Fed economist) Mike Dueker was found dead at the side of a highway in Washington State. Police said the death appeared to be a suicide.

Via Bloomberg,

Mike Dueker, the chief economist at Russell Investments, was found dead at the side of a highway that leads to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington state, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. He was 50.
He may have jumped over a 4-foot (1.2-meter) fence before falling down a 40- to 50-foot embankment, Pierce County Detective Ed Troyer said yesterday. He said the death appeared to be a suicide.
Dueker was reported missing on Jan. 29, and a group of friends had been searching for him along with law enforcement. Troyer said Dueker was having problems at work, without elaborating.
Dueker was in good standing at Russell, said Jennifer Tice, a company spokeswoman. She declined to comment on Troyer’s statement about Dueker’s work issues.

But as Michael Snyder noted recently, if the stock market was already crashing, it would be easy to blame the suicides on that.  The world certainly remembers what happened during the crash of 1929...

Historically, bankers have been stereotyped as the most likely to commit suicide. This has a lot to do with the famous 1929 stock market crash, which resulted in 1,616 banks failing and more than 20,000 businesses going bankrupt.
The number of bankers committing suicide directly after the crash is thought to have been only around 20, with another 100 people connected to the financial industry dying at their own hand within the year.

Dueker had also been a research economist at the St. Louis Fed:

He published dozens of research papers over the past two decades, many on monetary policy, according to the St. Louis Fed’s website, which ranks him among the top 5 percent of economists by number of works published. His most-cited work was a 1997 paper titled “Strengthening the case for the yield curve as a predictor of U.S. recessions,” published by the reserve bank while he was a researcher there.

So, with stocks a mere 4% off their highs, are so many high ranking and well respected bankers committing suicide?


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February 2, 2014 - 3:20 PM

By Mark Fitzgibbons
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"Local officials who abuse zoning authority powers to cower citizens into submission and deprive land owners of Constitutional rights in the enjoyment of their land must be subject to fines and actual damages they cause including attorney fees," Delegate Bob Marshall noted in support of his HB 1219 recently introduced in the Virginia General Assembly.

Marshall introduced his bill in direct response to incidents precipitated by county officials who threatened Virginia citizen farmer Martha Boneta. Boneta gained national attention after she was cited and threatened with $5,000 per-day fines for hosting such 'menacing activities' as a birthday party for eight 10-year old girls without a permit and advertising pumpkin carvings. Virginians rallied at two "pitchfork protests" in support of Boneta.

Marshall said, "I am convinced this harassment will continue until local officials realize they can be held liable in the form of fines and other costs." H.B. 1219 provides that local governments violating constitutional rights through zoning shall pay their victims (1) the amount of the fines they sought to impose, and (2) actual damages including attorney fees.  Local government officials who intentionally violate this law would also be liable.

Martha Boneta said, "I am confident that I would not have been bullied by my county government had this bill been in place earlier, and I ask all Virginians to contact their delegates and senators to support H.B. 1219, which protects all of us."

There is long-time precedent for remedies against government officials who abuse their power to violate the rights of citizens. H.B. 1219's remedies mean Virginians don't need to go broke protecting their rights on their own property.

In addition to authorizing private citizens to files suits for damages, H.B. 1219 allows the Virginia Attorney General to intervene on behalf of victims. It also provides whistleblower protections for government employees who expose violations of this law.

Footnote: HB 1219 also reverses a 1981 Virginia Supreme Court decision giving local ordinances a presumption of constitutional validity.
Editor's Note: Mark Fitzgibbon's is a Constitutional attorney.


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VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u768Wtkqao&hd=1

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by TheTotalCollapse.com on February 2, 2014

A grim report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared the by the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Ministry of Defense is warning that the assassinations this past week of three top Western bankers coincide with Snowden Documents detailing a 15 February 2014 “catastrophe” being engineered by the Obama regime in order to establish some type of new world economic order prior to the coming global meltdown of markets and massive bank failures, some of which have already begun.

Edward Snowden is a computer specialist and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent who with his yet unidentified US military backers obtained nearly two million highly classified top-secret documents from the United States Department of Defense (DOD) run National Security Agency-Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) and was granted temporary asylum in Russia in 2013 after his designation by the Obama regime as the “most wanted man on earth.”

The three Western bankers targeted for elimination by Obama regime “black team hit squads,” this report says, were Deutsche Bank executive Bill Broeksmit, 58, found dead at his home in Chelsea, south west London, on 26 January, JPMorgan Chase & Company vice president in technology operations Gabriel Magee, 39, who died after falling from his London headquarters on 28 January, and chief economist at Russell Investments, and former US Federal Reserve economist, Mike Dueker, 50, found dead at the side of a highway that leads to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington State on 31 January.

The “common link” between these bankers, this GRU report continues, began this past year after two JP Morgan whistleblowers confessed that their bank manipulates the gold and silver markets, which led to this past weeks stunning announcement that Europe’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank, would withdraw from the appropriately named gold and silver price “fixing”, as European regulators investigate the manipulation of precious metals prices by Western banks.

Deutsche Bank executive Broeksmit, called among the “finest minds” in his field, and Russell Investments Dueker, ranked among the top 5 percent of economists by number of works published, this report says, were at the forefront of the European investigation into JPMorgan gold and silver price manipulation and had as their “inside man” JPMorgan tech guru Magee who oversaw his banks computer systems built for this crime.

Critical to note, GRU economic analysts say in this report, is that if the price of gold and silver were to achieve their “honest” level, JPMorgan would collapse as it does not have the reserves needed to equal the “paper” gold it has already sold, and a JPMorgan collapse would then, in turn, implode the entire global economic system.

Even worse, this report continues, JPMorgan crimes have now reached into the motherland itself after the Russian Central Bank (RCB) yesterday was forced to shut down Moscow-based lenders My Bank and Priroda Bank after they were unable to retrieve their foreign deposits from the British multinational banking and financial services company HSBC due to their imposing restrictions on large cash withdrawals on 24 January.

As the United States just reported its worst January stock market in 24 years, this report continues, the Obama regimes master plan of purposefully creating global financial chaos  in order to destabilize enemy countries and create a flight into the US dollar is now failing and has led to the highly influential trends forecaster Gerald Celente to warn people this week that they need to “brace themselves for a disastrous global collapse and riots that will engulf the entire world.”

Not just Celente is issuing warnings either, this report says, but so has too the famous US economist and former Harvard economics professor Terry Burnham who during an interview this past week on PBS NewsHour stated that he was removing his $1 million of life savings from Bank of America because American banks are no longer safe.

This GRU further notes that despite the 6.5% US stock market rally over the last three months, a handful of billionaires are quietly dumping their American stocks . . . and fast.

Most ominous to note in this GRU report are Russian intelligence analysts noting that Snowden’s documents refer to a 15 February “catastrophe” due to occur based upon the US nearing a Black Eagle Trust Fund type “event horizon.”

Though virtually unknown to the American, within two hours of the 11 September 2001 attacks, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) declared a national emergency, and for the first time in US history, invoked its emergency powers under Securities Exchange Act Section 12(k) easing regulatory restrictions for clearing and settling security trades for the next 15 days.

These changes would allow an estimated $240 billion in covert US government securities to be cleared upon maturity without the standard regulatory controls around identification of ownership due to the quickly unfolding Black Eagle Trust Fund plot that would have most certainly destroyed the entire global economic system.

Even more ominous, and, again, virtually unknown to the American people, is that the war the US has been waging for over a decade was, in fact, declared on 10 September 2001 when then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, testifying before the US Congress[function watch() { [native code] } video HERE], stated that he had declared [/url]war on the Pentagon itself over his discovery of over $2.3 trillion missing from their accounts and warning it was a “matter of life and death.”

To if the Obama regime would resort to a 9/11 type false flag attack once again to protect the Western banking system, this report gravely warns, cannot be ruled out as evidence has long proven what German central bank president Ernst Welteke called “terrorism insider trading” relating to this horrific event.

Specifically, the Chicago Board Options Exchange reported to the SEC that four days before the attack an extremely unbalanced number of trades betting United’s stock price would fall were being placed, followed one day before the attack by the US stock options market authorities reporting to the SEC that an equally extraordinary number of trades were betting that American Airlines stock price would fall too.  As to who made these trades, and made tens-of-millions of dollars from them, the world will never know as the Obama regimes SEC admitted in 2010 that they had destroyed all the documents relating to them.

This GRU report further notes that with the New York City headquarters of the SEC destroyed on 9/11 after the mysterious implosion of World Trade Center Building 7, and the equally devastating cruise missile attack on the Pentagon that destroyed its computing accounting system burying forever the information on where the missing $2.3 trillion went, this new “catastrophic event” being planned by the Obama regime within a fortnight of 15 February can be expected to be as worse, and will, most assuredly, “shake the entire world.” 

February 2, 2014 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

Source : http://www.thetotalcollapse.com/15-february-catastrophe-warned-will-shake-e…

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Silent Weapons for quiet wars
Operations Research Tecnical Manual




VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCj1pfxL3fI&hd=1


VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh3l37c_HU4&hd=1

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By Greg Guma
Global Research, February 04, 2014

What’s it like these days in Sochi, the Black Sea resort about to host the Winter Olympics? That depends on who you ask, or if you live there. Sochi is widely known as “Putin’s town,” and, in the run-up to the Games, it has become a boomtown where gleaming residential and office complexes dot a city filled with Stalin-Gothic architecture.

Construction in Sochi

But for the average Sochi resident the Games are largely an inconvenience – in danger of becoming a disaster. Long power and water outages and colossal traffic jams have been caused by Olympic construction. Some residents have been evicted, especially if their homes were in the path of a planned venues. There have also been multiple violations of labor law, along with widespread corruption in the course of Olympic construction, including illegal permission for the building of large private homes and shopping malls unrelated to the Games. And that doesn’t cover the security threats or overkill response.

Yet this is not the first Olympic community to be shortchanged, disrupted, and abused. Take the 1980 Winter Games, which happened shortly after the US and USSR began their face off in Afghanistan. In fact, the Lake Placid Games could easily have become a $150 million disaster movie. But like most of the media gathering in Sochi, ABC, the network with the exclusive US rights to cover the 1980 Winter Olympics, ignored much of the news unfolding outside the official sites. For example, the fact that thousands of spectators missed events they paid premium prices to attend, or were left out in the cold after the athletes were done.

On opening night, to keep from freezing spectators and New York state troopers broke into the VIP lounge near the luge run. The next morning then-Gov. Hugh Carey said that no one would be prosecuted.

By the first weekend, amidst US hopes that the US hockey team would prevail in a finals battle with the Soviets, and that speed skater Eric Heiden might win as many as five gold medals, Olympic officials were on the verge of banning more visitors – for their own protection. “I don’t want to endanger people,” admitted Rev. Bernard Fell, president of the Lake Placid Olympic Organizing Committee (LPOOC).

A tiny upstate New York community, one that had fought hard for the right to host these Games, was instead hosting a regional emergency. And it took even more unpleasant turns over the first few days. Fights broke out over bus rides; to get on an “official” bus you needed the right color ID. People fumed as half-empty vans left them at roadside. Attending as a journalist I watched entire families hitchhike through the snow.

One crowd, catching sight of a van downtown, was refused entry when they tried to board. Surrounding the vehicle, they ended up rocking it angrily. After that a new order went out from the top: drivers should not travel on Main Street in Lake Placid during midday.

In some accounts the sense was conveyed that thousands were stranded on the streets, many on the verge of severe frostbite. But only about ten frostbite cases were reported during Week One, and a mere 4,000 people were kept waiting in the freezing cold at Mt. van Hoevenberg after bobsled and luge events. Some accounts claimed it was 15,000. One driver explained that the real problem was the LPOOC. “They had six years and still couldn’t get it straight,” he said. “After one ski jump there were thousands of people waiting. They sent three buses.”

Gov. Carey authorized a Department of Transportation contract with Greyhound for added services just in time. But then over 30 Canadian drivers expectedly walked off their jobs. They just locked their buses and left. And if any remaining drivers needed some wiper fluid, forget it. Not even local gas stations had any left after the first day of bad weather.

Relations between bus drivers and State Police deteriorated along with the transportation system. When 15 troopers asked to hitch a ride on an “official” van, approval was denied by the LPOOC’s director of operations. With two hours drivers were being ticketed for minor infractions. About 40 drivers got tickets over the next few days.

If the Winter Games were proving nothing else they were confirming widespread suspicions that although the US could certainly put a man on the moon, it had no idea how to run a mass transit system.

1980 US Hockey Team

By the second week war stories about LPOOC incompetence had become a new fad – almost as popular as mixing politics with sports. There was little hope that the US would attend the upcoming Summer Games in Moscow. President Carter, who didn’t attend the opening ceremonies in upstate New York, was taking a hard line on withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. But what about the 1984 Winter Games, scheduled for Sarajevo? After Tito’s death there was no telling what political earthquakes might rock Yugoslavia by then.

“Sarajevo is next.” So said a button circulating in what Olympic officials took to calling the “competition zone.” Maybe so, but “next” could mean anything from another boycott to World War III.

A political subtext emerged in the competition for medals: the US was the underdog, perhaps no longer number one. In fact, the USSR and East Germany were establishing a dominance close to devastating. In the first week each country won 16 medals. The only US wins at that point were men’s and women’s speed skating, including three medals for Heiden.

The Competition Zone was a new concept, a temporary nation, and a virtual police state with its own hierarchy, built to accommodate 1,400 athletes and up to 30,000 spectators a day, plus a media crew of thousands more.

At the low end of the ladder were the ticket holders, enthusiasts who paid $60 per event only to wait hours for a bus. Next were the holders of temporary passes, people like bus drivers and lower-level staff. Some of them had been told they could attend indoor events. But once the Games began the offer was withdrawn.

Athletes had obvious status and value. Yet many were nevertheless lodged in claustrophobic cubicles at the Olympic Village. Their rooms were actually cells for a future youth prison; the bars would be added once the Games were over. Saunas and other recreation facilities would be ripped out. Sometimes even athletes were victims of the transportation system. Take the Soviet team that missed an awards ceremony when they weren’t picked up on time.

Even in the press contingent there were levels of privilege. But most journalists and photographers did find a comfortable home in the Press Center, a converted high school where free drinks flowed and huge TV screens captured the action. Texas Instruments produced summary printouts within minutes of every event. A reporter would have to be blind and illiterate not to fill a newscast or column.

By midday the gym would fill up with writers, who eventually went to work on typewriters provided by Olympia. Upper levels classrooms housed various wire service offices, temporary corporate lounges and Olympic administrative suites. Where were the students? At the Coca-Cola Olympic School learning about metrics, sports medicine and athletic competition. The 200 students displaced for the Games also studied Olympic history and heard lectures from veterans of past competitions.

“It’s an ideal solution,” crowed Project Coordinator Don Morrison, who normally ran the local elementary school. “We don’t make it as rigidly formal as our regular classes.” That turned out to be an understatement. Students mainly attended events and exhibits, while their less-fortunate peers worked as part of the “Olympic family” in jobs ranging for ticket-handling to food service.

No sacrifice seemed too great. Residents of Lake Placid and surrounding towns had their lives seriously disrupted, and saw staggering price hikes and traffic snarls in which a trip to the grocery could take hours. Store owners initially expected to clean up during the mass confusion by hiking their prices. But customers balked at the systematic scalping and sales ended up being more modest than projected.

A new awareness gradually crept into local consciousness. Residents began to feel they were really hostages in their home towns, captives of the LPOOC, a new, un-elected and almost criminally incompetent government.

When the planning for the 1980 Winter Games began, organizers called it “the Olympics in perspective.” This was supposed to be the time when the needs of athletes finally came first. But that promise evaporated once the Games were politicized by the start of Cold War II. When Secretary of State Cyrus Vance urged the International Olympic Committee to move or cancel the Summer Games – only four days before the opening ceremonies – sports lovers rightly began to fear that the competition itself would ultimately be eclipsed. Subsequent events confirmed those fears.

In the end, the LPOOC could not even deliver on its most basic pledge. The 1980 Games were not just out of perspective, they were buried in an avalanche of corporate huckstering, opportunistic politics, and logistical confusion. Should anything different be expected in Sochi?

Greg Guma has been a writer, editor, historian, activist and progressive manager for over four decades. His latest book, Dons of Time, is a sci-fi look at the control of history as power.


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